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My s****r

She was singing in the shower again. Boy did I hate hearing her sing in there when she knew I was waiting on her. There was always my parents' shower, but we tended to leave that one alone for whatever reason. So I stood there, waiting, pacing and generally worrying about whether I'd make it out to my job this morning. Sure I didn't have to be there right on time seeing as how I was running my own thing during the summer for a while now, but it was the principle of the thing. I had commitments, and she was headed god knows where this morning. Believe me, this was not the first time.

Judging... Continue»
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Meet me

Ariving outside the hotel room you reach for the door but your hand stops in mid-air just before it can knock. You become supremely aware of the wide variety of things you can sense and feel. The harshness of the corridor light... The loud fast beating of your heart in your chest... The quick shallow gulps of your own breath... Still, you hesitate as if not daring to turn the fantasy into reality - hardly believing that only an short time and a brief taxi ride ago you were sitting in your own room and suggesting once again that I head off into the night towards you. This night however you were... Continue»
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The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 1.

Death is not only the mother of beauty as the poem goes but also the mother of opportunity...

So it was with the passing of a favorite Aunt who left this mortal realm one damp Autumn morning in October. The mourning days passed as my mother grieved for a beloved s****r as her life became fond memories told as stories to those of us left behind. Time waits for no one. Life moves on. And with the reading of my Aunt's will, my life changed in ways I could never have imagined even in my wildest dreams.

Here is that story.


A few days after her funeral, I found myself standing outside ... Continue»
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My First Experience -true story

I'll have to be careful about exactly when this happened in my life but it was before HS, and like the title says it was my first real experience with a girl. I'd seen plenty of adult mags and enjoyed jacking off any chance I got during those years, but had never experienced the feel and touch of a real girl. One summer I was at a good friends house and he had relatives coming in from Dallas for the weekend. He and his s****r were talking about the two cousins coming and said they were prudes and not much fun. They arrived shortly after lunch and we all started hanging out and talking abou... Continue»
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Missing Summer Swimming

I was recalling one of my favorite times swimming with my first boy I ever had sex with. We were both younger, loved to run with each other and swim together. He had a swimmers body, mostly from jogging but obviously from swimming as well. Mostly smooth with the exception of a narrow trail leading to his nice cock.

After some jogs, sometimes we would shower together to clean up prior to hitting my pool when nobody else was home. We would takes turns lathering each other up, caressing but saving ourselves for later, leading up for later. We would then towel each other off, rubbing our s... Continue»
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Becoming a CockSucker Gay

"Hey, do you want some help?"

I looked up and saw a large man towering over me.

"Excuse me?" I asked him.

"Well, I could spot you if you wanted to do more than just free weights," the man offered.

I looked up at the guy. He looked huge! Especially with me sitting on the bench.

The guy easily stood over six feet tall. Maybe six feet four inches, a couple of inches taller than me. And he was easily larger than me. But not by a lot. I may be only 18, but I've been lifting weights for the past two years fairly religiously. I had seen this guy around the gym but never really tal... Continue»
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Caught by my daughter part 2

PART 2 – DISCOVERY Discussion about bodies

I thought, wow, where do I begin? How do you teach a beautiful mature daughter about sex? This is something that her mother should be teaching her, not her father, but here we were, me naked and her just standing there looking at my rock-hard erect cock. I took a deep breath and said “OK, this is awkward but let’s begin, I think that since I am totally naked I think that you should join me, are you comfortable in taking your clothes off too?”

Melissa blushed and was a little taken aback by my request. She looked at me then looked again at my... Continue»
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Sex Party


1992 or so.

At the Comms company I used to work for, there was a large social group, and much disposable income
which was mostly exchanged for booze.

There was a man called (We shall call him) Robert Cakewell, which is near enough, and he was married to Linda,
she was a lot younger than he was. He looked like Robert Mitchum. He often had parties, and those in the know
whispered about these parties, in corners.

They would apparently start innocuously enough, but for those who stayed the course, late into t... Continue»
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Caught by my daughter



OK, I have to admit it, I am a porn addict. I simply adore pornography, every kind, every flavor, every color, every sexual orientation. From the days of Playboy and Hustler to the present internet age, I have been enjoying getting my cock out and jerking off to porn. I love it. Every chance I get I get on the computer and search for new pictures and videos. Most of the time I hunt for women, however recently I have been enjoying some men and boys. I get my cock out and jerk away.

My wife does not know of my addiction, she thinks I am her ... Continue»
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A Little Twist at My Last Massage ...... By BigSof

I have a really bad back from an auto injury several years ago and have been getting massages to relieve some of the discomfort I have. The problem with that is I, like so many people with injuries, have an addiction. I’m not talking about pain killers… I am now addicted to massages! Now I know some of you are laughing thinking I am trying to 'be cute', but I am telling you, I could get a massage right now and 1 hour later if given the chance I’d do it again, and again, etc. The overall feeling of serenity and calmness you feel is my addiction. Of course any time you get a 'Happy Ending' that’... Continue»
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My s****r Makes Me So Jealous

My s****r Makes Me So Jealous

My s****r Maggie has always been the girl that I most wanted to be with. We played together and we even bathed together when we were young. We played doctor to explore our new found sexuality. We teased each other all the time.

Maggie would rub her tits into my back while I was getting things out in the kitchen, she would rub her ass onto my crotch if I was sitting in a chair, and she would grab my cock whenever she got the opportunity.

I would do similar things to her. If she were bent over I would rub my crotch into her fine ass. I would slip my arm... Continue»
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Pool and Shaft Cleaning

Getting My Pool Cleaned & My Shaft Noticed
Originally written by by Bigsoftee ... Reposted by now known as Bigsoftee34609

I have always been an exhibitionist but it’s only since I became a “senior citizen” that I began to take it a little further. I guess getting some reassurance from a lady that she has seen a flash of my junk can be somewhat rewarding to an old fart like me. While I do use Viagra and other performance pills my PSA tests show I am in good health and don’t’ need them. I just use them to stay harder longer. But lately my psychological being has me in doubt as to whether or ... Continue»
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Step s****r

I had never felt anything sexual towards Amelia before. Sure she was a babe by anyone’s standards, 5’9, blonde hair and a tight body. Amelia was one of those few girls that were skinny but at the same time, had an amazing ass and great tits. I’d say they were around 36c or bigger and seemed to defy gravity.

Her legs were long and tanned to perfection, further adding to her appeal. She had done some modelling throughout her mid teens but her mum Veronica wanted her to focus on school and avoid some of the nastier sides of modelling.

And no, before you ask it, I'm not gay. The reason I di... Continue»
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Just A Kiss.

They had made a bet when they won, she'd get a kiss. He didn't think they would win. She did. So they made that bet.

They didn't talk about what kind, so when they won, and he kissed her on the cheek, maybe he thought that was it.

It wasn't.

During the evening of celebration, she prepared to make her exit.

She said good night, and put something in his hand, and whispered in his ear as she hugged him goodbye.

"So I can claim my prize later," she said.

She felt herself blushing so she left without looking back to see his reaction. She wasn't normally that forward. But she f... Continue»
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Bi Oral.... first time.

I had always wanted to suck a cock, and it was just that, because I never fancied anal, and then, years ago I got my chance when I had a weekend stop over in Portsmouth UK, it was a guest house near some place called Alexander Park or Gardens... the place was run by a obviously gay male, slim, slightly balding, short, and very camp, as I was the only guest he started hitting on me a flirting as soon as I signed the book, and he was pressing all the right buttons because as soon as he started I got an erection.... and it was visible in my pants. He showed me up to my room, I dumped my case on t... Continue»
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My s****r, My Cum Slut

My s****r, My Cum Slut

This story is a complete work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18.

How did this all start you ask? How did my s****r become my cum slut? Well, it all started when I was 24. My younger s****r, Kristen, was 19. We had never been super close, but we had some mutual friends and we got along well. I had begun to notice how sexy my little s****r had grown up to be. She was shy and never had many boyfriends. I knew she wasn't a virgin, but I also knew she was never really popular with the guys. It's a shame too. She had long, black curly hair, a nice ... Continue»
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First time with my Alpha cock

  I started sucking cock about 30 years ago and got pretty good at it. I still blow several of those guys i started with to this day. I occasionally picked up strangers at bars when i went out and i would blow them in their car or we would get a motel room. Then one night about 5 years ago i was extremely horny. it was a rare occasion that i didnt have a cock at all that day. I went out to a bar with one thing on my mind find a guy and blow him. That night i met Clark, we started talking and after awhile i said i wanted to blow him and he said lets do it. I said theres a motel a few block... Continue»
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Wife blows stranger in truck

I received a call from my wife while she was sitting at a bar in Sarasota. She told me that this older guy was hitting on her. This didn't surprise me because she is very outgoing, vocal, chatty and has a lot of tattoos. She is 38 and he was 50-60. She said he wouldn't leave her alone. He bought her a few drinks and they did shots together. She said they were having a good time. To her surprise he whispered to her and told her he needed to get off and all it would take is for her to suck him with her great full lips. This didn't scare her off because she attracts odd people with her tattoo's ... Continue»
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My first big cock

He was Italian. He had huge hands with long, thick, meaty fingers. I unbuckled his jeans and slid them down his hips, keeping my eyes on the long, thick bludge that had been growing down his right leg ever since he had asked me if I wanted to see it and then told me to get onto my knees. I was straight-I was sure of it; but yet here I was: getting ready to suck another man’s cock and hoping, no, praying, that he’d make a move to fuck me. This is the single desire that one side of me had held onto ever since that fateful late night in the parking lot.

That night was the first night I suc... Continue»
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First time Part 2

My first time--part 2

"Oh you want more, huh?" he asked.

I was tasting the drip of cum I had just licked off this man's cock, my little mind was spinning and I couldn't even really answer, I just nodded my head in response to his question.

"That was so hot, I can't believe you took my whole dick. You are so tiny. My dick is almost as big as your arm."

He was looking down at the limp skinny 90 pound body laying on his bed, cum oozing from my ass and running down the crack, pooling on the sheets under me. "Are you ok k**? Did I hurt you? You look like you liked it."

"Uh-huh", I sa... Continue»
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