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I wanted to thank him pt. 1

I wanted to thank him for all he done for me in the last couple months, all the times he’d taken me out to dinner when I was broke and the money he loaned me for rent after I got ripped off. Now here we were back at his place after a busy morning of running errands around town. I wasn’t sure if he was gay or if I was, for that matter, but I had a feeling he might be. The hugs goodbye were warm and comfortable and lasted maybe little longer than they might with a platonic friend. On a couple of occasions, his handed had wandered a little lower down my back and there seemed to be some intention ... Continue»
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First Time

A few people have been asking me for more stories about Roxy, so I'd better tell a few. This one is about the first time I fucked her.

I actually met her for the first time because her flatmate was an old girlfriend of mine that had decided we should get back together and as I had no one else on the go at the time I thought why not. I agreed to meet Dorothy, that was her name obviously, and we had gone back to her flat as she told me Roxy was out, and obviously I thought I was odds on for a shag. Needless to say it didn't work out as I thought and Dorothy told me she didn't want to rush thi... Continue»
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TEENAGE MEMORIES - My first cock

It was 1974 and I was only 14, but I’d been wanking for around 6 months and had fucked Josephine a couple of weeks prior, the day before I’d been memorized as I’d watched two boys sucking and wanking each other off behind the boiler room at school so I was up for a good wanking session when mum and dad announced they were going out.

‘Fantastic’ I thought a long slow wank as I laid on my bed. “Uncle Frank is coming to sit with you” I groaned, I was old enough to be left on my own, but there was no point in arguing. Half past seven there was a knock on the door and dad opened it to Frank, we ... Continue»
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Weekend Job 2

That week I was surprised by what had happened with Geoff. I did not know if I was gay. I loved what we had done and found Geoff so sexy but I still knew I fancied girls. There was no internet and not many places I could find out about bi sexuality. I did know whenever I thought about the afternoon I got hard and wanked myself silly.
I went to work on the Saturday unsure what to expect. I opened the door to the unit and saw Geoff. He was naked apart from tight briefs showing the outline of his cock. My heart seemed to miss a beat as I took in his impressive body. My cock began to get hard.
H... Continue»
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Sag es nicht meinem alten Herrn

Peter ist vom Beruf Altenpfleger und ist bei einem privaten ambulanten Pflegedienst tätig.
Mit seinen 55 Jahren sieht er noch gut aus. Das dunkelblonde Jahr ist immer noch voll, keine Geheimratsecken, keine grauen Strähnen. Der kleine Bauch steht ihm eigentlich sehr, wenn Peter auch etwas anderes manchmal darüber denkt, wenn er sich nackt im Spiegel sieht. Wenn er sich aber genauer im Spiegel betrachtet, so denkt er immer, dass er für sein Alter doch noch recht gut aussieht. Die paar Falten die er hat stören nicht wirklich.

Er liebt seinen Beruf, er kommt mit verschiedenen Menschen zusammen, ... Continue»
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The Clearing

"Meet me at the clearing in the woods, and show your meat." said the note slipped to me by my friend. It was a warm day in May and school was nearly out for the summer. Of course, I had no idea what he meant by "show your meat", but I planned on being there.

The clearing was a small area in the middle of a heavily forested location near our community. no one ever went there. It was the place that we would go and look at porn magazines after school. If I was lucky, I would jerk out a quick load when no one was around. I had fantasized about a buxom lady walking through the woods completely n... Continue»
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My Sister

Holy fuck. I thought, as I swiped my thumb across my sisters iphone revealing yet another nude selfie. This one was from above as she held her blonde hair up and pouted in that stupid duck-face way that teenage girl do these days.

Claire was three years younger than me. She was eighteen and she was the biggest pain in my ass you could imagine. She was the 'it' girl in her high-school and she walked around like the world owed her a fucking debt of gratitude with her short skirts and her blonde hair and her fake tan.

Don't get me wrong, I understood why she acted like this, she was hot, ... Continue»
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My Mom

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my mother. I am 24 years old, a good looking guy and perfectly "normal" by anyone's standards. I am a college graduate and work for a large investment bank. I am 6'1 180 pounds with blue eyes and short brown hair. I have had the same girlfriend since my freshman year in college. She is a real cutie, a typical southern belle if you will. Despite my typical upbringing and lifestyle, I have always had a thing for my mother. I've had a ton of girlfriends over the years but for some reason, my mother was always the object of my desire. It started during... Continue»
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Patricia and her son

Patricia Jackson looked at the clock on the kitchen wall, it was after
10.30 am, and her son, Andy had still not gotten out of bed, Patricia was
becoming increasingly concerned about her s*******n year old son's
laziness since he returned from college over two weeks ago, he spent most
of the day in bed and most of the night sitting up watching television,
no doubt watching some dirty movie she thought to herself angrily, he
should have got a summer job like the rest of his friends, and done
something positive with his time.

Patricia knocked on Andy's bedroom door, it was now after ... Continue»
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I Take a Girl's Virgin Ass.

I Take a Girl's Virgin Ass.

It was frosh week back in 2014 and it was a crazy time on campus. I was a junior and even though classes didn’t start for another week, I was there early volunteering by running events for the freshmen. My own frosh was a crazy time; you had teenagers away from home for the first time running around in the late August heat drinking everything in sight, and I was excited to be back at one, though in a different role.
In a way that always seems to happen in large groups, I noticed one girl immediately. Th... Continue»
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Me and My Brother

This is a true story

A couple of years ago, when I was still living a home, I was just learning how fun it was to dress up. I was only 15 at the time. I had bought a dress from a charity shop super cheap, some girl’s underwear from a super market, and had “borrowed” my older sisters wig (she had a lot of wigs). One day when I thought the house was empty, I got naked, then put on the underwear (I stuffed my bra with socks), the dress and the wig.

I had just put everything on and was checking myself out in the mirror, when I started from hearing noises from the next room. It was my... Continue»
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Das erste Mal mit seiner Mutter, Teil 2

Das erste Mal mit seiner Mutter, er kommt hinter Mamas Geheimnis 02/ 00
Roman in mehreren Teilen, heute Teil 02

Klaus ging natürlich wieder zu Marion, die sich im Club Ines nannte und wieder machten sie ein geiles Rollenspiel und eine Stunde später war er glücklich, ausgelaugt und zufrieden, ja auch 100€ von seinen 200€ war er los, sogar eine Zusatznummer hatte sie ihm geschenkt und so fuhr er mit einem Lächeln nach Hause.
Peter war auch schon zu Hause angekommen und er wurde neugierig, schaute sich in ihrem Zimmer um und staunte nicht schlecht, als er ihre Dessous fand... Continue»
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Exciting times in the female toilet...

I posted this on my blog some time ago, lost my nerve and deleted it... now I want to write it again.

One afternoon when I was in university, I was about to join a lecture in a very old building. First I needed to visit the toilet which was in the basement.
As I exited the toilet, I noticed that the female toilet entrance was directly across the hallway. It was very quiet - not many people came down here apart from between lectures. I realised that I could easily see when the female toilet was empty, and sneak in for a look.
The first time, that was all I wanted to do.
One day, I worked ... Continue»
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My Aunt Meg

In our family being naked was never a problem for any body. I was at my Aunt Meg's house and was not surprised when I pulled back the shower curtain to find Aunt Meg sitting on the toilet peeing. She was completely naked. "I was about to join you, so glad you came to stay again this summer. I dried myself off standing in front of her and then threw my towel on my back like a cape. "glad to be here too Meg, you look good." I said as I leaned in to kiss her. "Wow you have grown up, you are a man now." She said as she reached and held my balls in her hand as if she was weighing them. I had gone t... Continue»
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I'm his Bitch Now! Blacken

I had just about given up on ever finding a man that would treat me like the slut whore I am. I am five feet two inches tall, 140 pounds, long brown hair, brown eyes, 36D, and a completely shaved cunt. Unfortunately a lot of men are not into BBW's and the ones that are, are not usually into what I need. They just don't understand my need to be treated like nothing more than a piece of fuck meat. I need to be called dirty filthy names, and also be forced to degrade myself, and tell you what a dirty cunt I am.

I can't help what turns me on sexually. I am your every day person, and I am als... Continue»
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White BBW Crave Black PT1

"Thank goodness it's Friday", Tammy said to her self, as she walked into her apartment. After a long day at work, all she wanted to do was soak in a nice hot bath. 

As she walked to the bathroom, she began taking off her clothes. She was a pretty woman, 39 years old, 5'2, 165lbs, 38D, and her pussy was completely shaved. She was a BBW, and very proud. If you didn't like the way she looked, then don't look, was her attitude.

By the time she got to the bathroom, she was naked. She turned on the water, and plugged the bathtub. She poured in bath salts, to help her relax. Dipping her hand in... Continue»
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This is a true story about how my first wife trick

We, Nancy and I had been married about two years when we moved to Alaska for work and to see if we wanted to live there. Juneau was the place, I was a VW mechanic and she worked for the phone company. It did not take us long to make some friends, my friends were mostly into fishing and hunting, her friends were into partying. The group of party friends she introduced me to were a lot of fun, drinking late into the night playing cards and just generally having a good time. One Saturday night we went to Joy and Bob’s for a BBQ and to hang out. I did not know that this was part one of her plan. A... Continue»
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Mandira’s Journey from Traditional Wife to Sexy Sl

Mandira and Abhishek are a beautiful couple based in Bangalore. Mandira is 32, a beautiful, innocent and traditional housewife and Abhishek is 36, working in one of the companies in Bangalore. Abhishek got married to Mandira at the age of 30 who is from his native village. They have 2 k**s as well, elder son is studying in UKG and second son is still very young, Mandira is still breastfeeding the second k**.

Mandira is a very beautiful housewife, had a somewhat fair complexion, 5′ 2″ height, has got very long, black hairs and always used to apply red kumkuma to the parting of her hair above... Continue»
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Honey I Lost That was the DEAL Blacken

I realized now the seriousness of my wife's situation as I peered through the half open door into the other room of the large suite, the sounds emanating from there as well only added to my fears. It all started as just another step in our adventures as newbie's in the swinging world and somehow had led us to where we were now.

My wife Sally and I had offered to be present and help out at one of the Internet's famous gangbangs for married women in Las Vegas. Sally had always avoided black men for partners in our adventures, but at the same time was mesmerized by their bodies and the size ... Continue»
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A New Erotic Experience for the Husband

Ravi took the elevator for his apartment at the twenty first floor. As he punched the keys another white European women entered the lift, wearing a wet bikini. She punched the eighteenth floor and started rubbing her wet hairs with the towel hung over her shoulder. Ravi gawked her curvaceous body and watched her ample ass barely covered by the tiny bikini bottom.

“You must be a regular swimmer,” he commented.

“Ahmm… No… Swims sometimes when I am free,” she smiled.

“But your perfect body tells me that you are…”

She laughed out loud at the complement and Ravi also grinned. Soon they ... Continue»
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