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Wife learns that many BBC heads are better than on

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“I can’t believe you were doing that! What in the fuck were you thinking?” I was standing in the front yard screaming at my boyfriend, Rob. We were at a party with his basketball buddies, at the house of one of the guys. We had been out on the patio by the pool having drinks and talking; having a really nice time. Rob had excused himself to use the restroom, but when he hadn’t returned after 15 minutes I started to worry, so I went to check. That’s when I walked into the master bedroom and found Rob kissing Suzanne, one of the girls that was always hanging around the team. I stormed out to th… Read more

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I Surrendered My Man Card - To Another Man!

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I was watching Cyreel Pavlovic's videos, where she sucks hard black cock and her face is literally dripping with cum, and I was thinking: there's not a closet queen alive who wouldn't trade places with her in a heartbeat. I know, because I spent the first 32 years of my life fantasizing about being a cock sucking sexy whore - just like Cyreel Pavlovic. But my stupid side was ashamed of what I wanted to do with other men, and that kept me deep in the closet from puberty until I finally decided to become the woman I was born to be. I began secretly crossdressing soon after the onset of pubert… Read more

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The First time Jayne and I met

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I first met Jayne when she was the then girlfriend of one of my rugby mates. Dave was 21 had his own flat, was stunningly good looking, good at rugby, had a great body and abs, did I mention he also got all the girls as well! Were we jealous? Of course we were, but he still put the guys first, and we did have the use of his flat if we needed to if you get my drift…! Jayne was then 17, going on 25 and frankly put up with a load of cr*p from 3 rugby guys. They had been going out for some time, and we often all crashed at Dave’s place after a game. Being rugby players we weren’t shy around each… Read more

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The Curious Adventures of Teaganella Presents:

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A Requiem of My Dreams For the readers who have followed the Curious Adventures of Teaganella Presents, from the beginning, then you know what happened in the last episode. And for the ones who read the Babysitter, part I and II, those two stories are more fiction about myself, yet with the non-fiction influence of my older sister and the lifestyle I witnessed in our house. I must make it clear that whatever happened in the Babysitter series, did not happen to me. What happened in the last episode of the Curious Adventures of Teaganella, did not happen either. It was only a dream. So for the… Read more

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It was only meant to be a coffee.... Pt.1

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"Hey, are you nearly here?" "Yeah, just walking down the road now, i can see the coffee shop sign, i wont be a sec." Said Dani. "Okay, well dont be long! bye, bye bye bye." I replied I was waiting near the window at one of the tall tables and sat on a comfy bar stool, sipping coffee and waiting for Dani. We had never met before, id had a little crush on her for ages! I wont go into the back story of how we met, but it had been a few years of talking more and more till i finally plucked up the courage to ask her to meet me. I was in her neck of the woods with work, so thought id ask on the off… Read more

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Wife finds my Porno Sites OWNED

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Honey we have to talk I found some disturbing things in your computer today when I went to use it because mine was broken. after I log onto your computer I saw your favorites porn sites not just regular porn sites but chicks with dicks gay sites and girls with strap-ons fucking guys. so is that what you're into you like seeing dicks up men's asses and maybe your ass. that explains why you're not interested in fucking my pussy anymore you're too busy watching this disgusting porn. well mister it's time for you to learn who's going to be doing the fucking from now on. But Honey I'm not gay I can… Read more

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A young sissy’s beginning, part 5.

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Again, I waited for that older boy to finish his practice at his schools field. I waited off to the side, but made sure he saw me. He would know why I was there. I had discovered a deep need inside my self, sexual and erotic. A deep need to service cock and it’s wonderful semen; to be submissive. Although I didn’t want to be a girl, I loved to be “girly.” I loved to wear my sisters panties under my jeans and found it incredibly exciting and sensual to suck cock while wearing them. I was young, very young and every experience was new, thrilling and expanded my sexual world.This encounter would… Read more

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Wife Your My Bitch NOW OWNED!

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It's amazing how hard it is to think logically when you're horny. I had the house to myself for the entire morning, a rarity anymore, and I was finally able to spend plenty of time in front of the computer searching my favorite porn sites. On a day like this, when I know my wife will be gone for hours and there is no chance of being disturbed, I like to take my time with things. I grab my lube, strip down and watch video after video, browse through stories, look at pictures, and try to make my pleasure last as long as possible. Of course, the longer this time lasts, the more I begin to indul… Read more

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Perfect Girl - Part 4 ( And then there were three)

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Angela’s middle finger slid between her velvety slit. She groaned softly as it caressed her glistening pink folds. With her index finger she eased her lips apart revealing her moist flaps and shiny erect bud. I was transfixed. As she teased her pussy she tweaked and stroked her erect nipples, seductively running her finger tips over the small perfectly formed mounds. She looked at me blue eyes sparkled enticingly, beckoning me closer. I edged towards her, spellbound by the gentle rhythmic movements of her hands across her semi naked body. My resolve was shattered, doing the ‘right thing’ was… Read more

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Thank You Bitch! Owned

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I am a mid 30's fairly attractive male who has always been Bi-Curious. I prefer women but have always wanted to suck a cock. My biggest fantasies are a MFM threesome and to be used and dominated by a group(female or male). I have seen many guys sucking other guys off and getting it up the ass at Adult Bookstores but have always chickened out. Well, one night I got up the courage and decided to go down to the Adult bookstore. I got out of the car and went inside. I got some tokens and went back into the arcade. It was very busy tonight and I heard some guys talking about a couple who had just… Read more

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New GF Dominates Me!

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I met a woman online about 5 years ago who seemed willing to dominate me. It is a fantasy I have had for years and have been looking for a woman to dominate and use me. Janet asked me to meet her first at a local Adult Store. She wanted to pick out some things for me to buy her. Janet seemed a little nervous when I met her there but when she saw I was nervous and submissive she perked right up. She then yelled "your my bitch and don't forget it". Everyone in the store turned around as she pushed me to the floor and made me crawl along side her. Janet is about 5'7", around 160lbs, long blond… Read more

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Wife come's home Early Busted

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Last night my wife Janet was out on the town with friends and wasn't due back until after midnight so I thought I would try a few new masturbation ideas and fantasies I had. I grabbed my wife’s 7" rubber cock and lube. I have used this once before and love the way it felt. I have always had fantasies of having my wife use a strap on me. I set up my video camera (not sure why) and proceeded to lube my ass up and slowly insert the large rubber cock. Once in it felt good and I started fucking it nice and fast. I was masturbating while bouncing up and down on the cock and I decided that I wanted… Read more

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Evans alpha dad and sissy me

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Growing up I was always one of the slimmest boys of the group. I've always been the white boy of the bunch & the only with blue eyes. People I attended school with were mostly Native American and naturally had large statures. I however was mixed, my father being a white man and mother native had me turn out to be a smaller, white boy with blues AND with minimal body hair predominantly involved with Native American genetics. I also had a somewhat feminine figure especially my legs which sometimes even I adored. So you can imagine the attention I got from both genders of all ages and s… Read more

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True Stories: I'm attracted to older men and

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I'm currently a resident of Colorado I am originally from the deep south I have always for some strange reason had a serious attraction to older men. I don't want to lose my anal virginity but I do want to hold a large penis jerk it off even.. I have never been in an athletic shape in my entire life Always had a chubby build and I have even had women tell me I have a perfect shaped ass. When I was in high school I can never for get this I went to the mall in these basketball shorts that were really comfy but I will admit my ass poked out like bright colors at a funeral. I was a Junior and I… Read more

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I didnt knew my regional director was into this all i tough about was my promotion once it was Christmas i had met him maybe 4 times, he was the regional director and wasnt here that much i was tipsy about to leave the party when he salute me shook my hand with his big black hand ''congrats for the raise boy'' ''thanks Ed'' ''im going out where do yo live?'' we were in his bmw he was nice and cool for a 50yr old ''this gonna sound weird but im divorced and i like cute white boy likes you very much'' looking at him looking nervous saying these words ''sorry im not thinking str8 ''… Read more

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Fucked by a Women Lesbian

First TimeLesbian Sex

I can't believe this is really going to happen, it seems it's been consuming my mind for so long now, never really thought I would ever act out these fantasies, but tonight the fantasy becomes reality. As she enters the room she tells me how I make her feel how I look so incredible tonight, she tells me over and over she can't believe how much my body excites her and brings her alive. "I never thought another woman would do this to me", she says. Her breasts are so firm and her nipples so hard. "I want to feel all of you", she tells me as she stares into my eyes. "I want to touch you so… Read more

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Fiends with Benefit on Phone with Mai

First Time

-it was during the year 2012 when i randomly meet her on skype -nus muas 16 xyoo xwb and from Laos 52 but came to lives in California in 2011 -she only have 1 ex and its from Laos and shes not a virgin -we chatted on skype for a few days then i decided to spike things up -i always started nice and joked about random things to make a girl laugh so she can be comfortable with me -i kept on doing stretches and sexy moaning noises and she easily got turned on - i got her address and treated her out to eat pho then took her out to shopping -i joined her inside the changing clothes room and she was… Read more

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How I met my exhibitionist wife

VoyeurFirst TimeMature

How I met my exhibitionist wife (the one in the pics and videos) I had been on assignment in a southern state for several months and already had a reserved seat at the Holiday Inn bar. Every night I would get reasonably drunk and refresh my infatuation with the piano bar singer. She was exceptional for such an unexceptional place and I missed a life changing fork in the road with her but that is another story. I had been separated from wife 2 for some time, living with my boss and good friend in California. One night I took my assigned seat and the guy to my left started up a conversation… Read more

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I'm just Not Gay, I'll take the Bet!

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"How about that guy?" My girlfriend was pointing at a guy walking up to the door of the rest area. I'd lost a bet, and she takes paying off bets very seriously. I'd bet her that she couldn't get me off by giving me a blowjob in less than 10 minutes. I was so sure I'd win. See...she'd given me lots of blowjobs. And don't get me wrong, they all felt great! But I'd never come from one unless I sort of 'helped'. That is, if I thought about certain extra-kinky fantasies, or if I talked dirty to her, or if I helped it along by stroking myself. If I simply laid there and let her suck, I never even g… Read more

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I'd love to watch you suck his Cock Really?

First TimeGay MaleFetish

I was driving back home with my wife. We'd been naughty...very naughty! And very out of character for us. But a few days back, we'd been watching TV in bed, and a soft-porn flick came on Cinemax. We watched it, and groped and petted each other during the show. It was typical for Cinemax, decent enough looking women, not showing anything besides tits, ass, and an occasional beaver shot, if you are quick enough to see it! This one had a guy in it that was, according to my wife, pretty hot! I had to agree with her...he did have a pretty toned physique. "I'd love to watch you suck his cock!" Ja… Read more

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