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Shy wife's first solo meet and greet

First TimeFetishVoyeur

So ever since we've started in the lifestyle, we done things together. Whether it was a group chat with potential playmates or the actual playdate, I (husband) was always present. Partly because it made my wife more comfortable with me being there, and partly because I just really like seeing everything from start to finish. My wife is very shy and gets extremely nervous whenever we meet anyone, so me being there helps her with breaking the ice, as well as just making her feel safer about meeting a stranger. For me, this has always been about the two of us doing something crazy and fun togethe… Read more

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Just A Game - Part 1 "Ecchi"

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At school I was always model of the class since I am one of the most silent student among others. I think I am just as observant as I am right now instead of craving more for attention. Even though I was very observant and curious about life I was a late bloomer for my age. The boys in our class talks about things that I don’t really have any idea but I am a naturally a good friend so I just laugh with them even though I don’t get the message. Like others, it is a self preservation approach so others wouldn’t see me as stupid. Even though I heard my classmate joke around with names and stories… Read more

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A Lust for the Perverted (Bestiality, Taboo)

TabooFirst Time

Even my hubby doesn’t know about this encounter. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I had gone upstairs, ran my bath went in to our room and stripped off and no one being in the house I wandered round in my birthday suite. I hadn’t even noticed him. We were looking after him while his owner, my hubby’s friend was overseas for 6 months. He was Great Dane appropriately named Goliath. I must admit at first I was a little uneasy about his size and my hubby mainly looked after him. However, after 3 months or so, I had gotten use to him being around. After my bath, I felt sexy and put on my… Read more

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Mom has the answer

TabooVoyeurFirst Time

Mom's arms rocked back and forth with the dice in her hand. My eyes flashed to her cleavage as it bounced with the movement. I could only look for a moment. She was my mom after all. Mom dropped the dice on the Monopoly board, "Eight! One - Two -" She counted up to eight. "Boardwalk! I'll buy it!" She smiled at me brightly and counted out four $100 Monopoly dollars. "Oh great." I said sarcastically. "Now you have the Monopoly. It starts with a couple houses and pretty soon you'll have hotels up. This game is pretty much over." I counted my properties with a bummed look on my face. Mom rea… Read more

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Mom has the answer part2

VoyeurTabooFirst Time

I groaned into her tit. Mom's hand slid up and down my cock faster every time I pulled her nipple into my mouth. My hands were helping now and squeezed her tits together and into my face. She pushed out her chest for me. It urged me to suck even harder on her nipples. I was devouring her huge tits and we were both loving every minute of it. "Darrell... you're good at this... you're gunna make me cum just from this. I want to make you feel good, baby. Oooh... let mommy help you with this hard cock of yours." I looked upto Mom's face from her tits, her head was back. She was moaning at my fren… Read more

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My mom's big boobs

TabooMatureFirst Time

It was a hot summer, a warm afternoon in August. As I came home, I shouted... " MOM! I'm home...." I glanced at the kitchen. But she was not there. So I walked towards garden. And I saw her. She was in the pool, swimming. "Hi mom! I'm home..!" I said. Mom looked at me and said " Hi Honey! How are you?" - "What a hot day, isn't it?" I asked. - "Yes hon. The pool is cool. Why don't you join me?" Mom said. I looked at my mom and laughed. "Mommy I don't have any bathing suit. I can't swim. I think I must buy one tomorrow." At that moment mom did something so erotic that made my cock excite… Read more

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A mother's dilemma.

First TimeMatureTaboo

Joan Simmons was a 48-year-old mother of two, who had been married to John Simmons for the last 22 years. In the beginning they had a wonderful sex life and frequently made love two or three times a night, although over the last five years it had been more like once a week. Joan was not one to complain although she did miss the physical contact from her husband. Both are c***dren were now in their late teens Robert being the oldest at 19 and James Younger by three years. Reasonably comfortably off, the Simmons family lived in a large four-bedroom house; the master bedroom and ensuite bathroo… Read more

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My hot busty neighbor is a real nympho !

HardcoreTabooFirst Time

I always wondered what my neighbor would be like if her husband wasn't around and I finally found out ! I was just sitting on my patio on a hot summer day when I heard the neighbors come out the door of their apartment next door to sit on their patio and I could tell by the conversation that they didn't realize I was sitting within earshot and could hear every word that was said. I had loved the awesome busty body of the wife from the first time I saw her sunbathing a few years ago but we have not really met officially . So I heard her saying to her husband that she was planning to get caught… Read more

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Claire two

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from one [She sat back on the sofa and opened her legs, exposing her womanhood. I knelt between her thighs and gently eased my cock into her vagina. I pushed ever so slowly. She was breathing fast. I moved in and out and then had to pull out and I stroked myself and came globs of cum onto her tummy. “Why did you stop Sam?” She said, looking hurt. “I don’t want to get you pregnant. “Oh!” Claire said, almost crying. She sat up and hugged me. “I won’t get pregnant I’m on the pill; have been for a year”. “You knew this would happen all the time!” “Yes, I hoped it would.” I leaned over and… Read more

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My Mother’s Friend II

MatureMasturbationFirst Time

After Deb and I had sex the first time (I won’t call it love...yet, but there was a lot of like there), to say I followed her around like a love sick puppy would be an understatement. She’d taken a virgin boy and made him a … well certainly not a confident, mature, well rounded lover, but I was quite an enthusiastic young fella. The second time was almost two weeks after the first. I’d been over to the house numerous times, sitting in the kitchen in the morning, holding hands and kissing and a little petting, but nothing beyond that. The weekend arrived and so had Indian Summer. The temper… Read more

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Loving Wife Becomes a Slut Ch. 01

VoyeurFirst TimeMature

Often in the throes of passion I had suggested to my wife that I wanted to see her naked on a beach, legs open, people gazing at her wet glistening cunt but had given up all hope until that fateful year. It all began with bedroom sex talk, the sort couples have where one is serious and the other gets turned on by the chat but has no intention of ever actually taking it further than chat. Then one chance set of events set things moving. We were on a holiday with friends in Spain who had hired a large private villa with a pool. Our friends had all gone out walking and were not due back for hou… Read more

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True story: married Mormon fucked in mattress stor

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

I recently got divorced having had to move out I was looking for a mattress. I went to one of our local mattress stores in the store clerk there was with someone. I was forced to look around the store for a while without help. The girl there noticed me and said she would help me when she was finished up with this customer. So I’m going bed to bed laying on them trying to figure out what I liked while I waited for her. The whole time that she was helping that person I noticed that she was watching me. Finally when she came to me she was all smiles and seemed excited to talk to me. She had… Read more

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Teen sucks his best friends cock.

First TimeGay Male

All I could think about was sucking Tim's cock. It happened after a school party. We had got ahold of some beer and being young, we got pretty intoxicated quickly. I had fantasies about sucking cock before, ever since a saw a "Playgirl" magazine years earlier. The men looked so sexy posing with their hanging cocks. I was drawn to the images of their dicks. So, when the chance to see one for real arouse, I acting on it. It all seemed pretty innocent at first, but maybe subconsciously I made it happen. Tim and I stumbled into his room late that night after the party. We couldn't stop laughing… Read more

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The Lady from church

First TimeMature

Hey all this outta freak some folks out. I have been going to church with a thai girl i met at a fast food joint. Well there has been an older woman. By older i mean 60 to 62. Shes about 4'11" taĺl with huge tits and dressed like a queen every sunday. Well last week her house burned down. So i offered to let her use my basement suite. So low and behold saturday night the tap in the tub stuck open. I answered my basement door to her knock. She was dressed in her housecoat with a towel wrapped around her underneath. Crying the tub wont stop filling. So i put on my house coat and came down. With… Read more

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Only 21 Once part 2

AnalFirst TimeInterracial Sex

From the last part ---- Now be a good girl and show us you can handle a blow job.” I put my hands behind my back and grab the shot glass with my mouth, Rob ties my hands together as I swallow the drink. I feel the sour taste of a not fully dissolved pill hit the back of my throat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Inside I begin to panic, I’m wasted and now I’ve consumed a date-**** d**g. This night is going to be the worst night of my life. My face contorted and I wanted to go and throw up to see if that woul… Read more

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Willing Seduction

First TimeGay MaleAnal

I stood in front of the building and could hear the music coming from inside. I had thought about this many times, but had never mustered the courage (or something) to actually do it. I don't know why today was any different, but here I was. Each time I had completed my preparation ritual of complete shower, total body shave and meticulous hygiene habits. Before getting dressed in the insanely tight pair of jeans I bought in a moment of weakness for just this occasion, I slid into the black lace panties that felt wonderful against my smooth cock. I put on my pressed oxford shirt and sprayed on… Read more

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Annette- First one

First TimeMatureHardcore

After 21 years of nearly non existent sex life ( maybe 4-5 times a year) with my wife ... I decided i needed to explore and finally enjoy sex as much as I love sex. in 1999, i decided to check out the singles, sex to meet sites. I created a profile and posted on a couple and one was -here- AdultFriendFinder. After I say about 2-3 months I got a response and we began to talk back and forth on AdultFriendFinder chat and then by emails. In our conversation - I could tell she wanted sex and that sex was not a lot in her life. Annette advised she was on the pill. Her name was Annette and she was… Read more

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Open Minded Niece 4 - Mitch's Younger Cousin

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

It was really so close when Mitch and I parted after that memorable assisted hand job that we did. Just the nick of time my sister in law might probably caught us together without my short. And I was just about to finish wiping her hands and cleaning off the semen that was all over her palm . “Tito your penis shrunk! Mitch said with a giggle” “Mitch—-?” Her mother calling beneath the stairs? “Mitch -sleep,..” I said softly and then grab my shorts and used tissues. I saw Mitch hurried on her bed and move under her sheet facing away from me. I open the door quietly and run naked to the next ro… Read more

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How I Started Porn

First TimeVoyeurFetish

“How did you get into doing porn?” I kind of shrug, feeling puzzled. To tell the absolute truth, I hadn’t a clue. I turned over to my boyfriend, and asked if he knew how we started. Another shrug. Although we were incredibly open with each other sexually, and we’d only started letting the world into our bedroom a mere week earlier, neither could say how it happened. It just sort of did. Our biggest kink was knowing people were watching us fuck. We squealed as our video views hit 10,000, then 20,000, eagerly awaiting the next milestone. “You know 20,000 people have gotten off watching us,” h… Read more

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Open Minded Niece III

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

"Tito you are shooting drops a bit again "Spread it with your thumb" While she hold my cock I guide her thumb to use it to just spread it lightly "Can I touch your balls now?" An eager request. "Yes of course, but gently ." I said. "Feel so soft, not like your penis so hard." A complement from her. "You can use both your hands now. Your right on my penis and your left on my balls." teaching her "Am I doing correctly?" she asked again. "Yes, your hands really feels good." Trying to control myself. "Are you going to shoot me soon?"she ask the question that gave me a irregular sigh. "I want too.… Read more

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