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Fetish Porn Stories

Foster Parents Are Truly The Best


Hi, I'm Thomas (Tom) Foster. And yeah, I am a foster host parent. I have lots of short stories to share, let me know if you're interested. Apparently my kind of stories are not allowed. Pity. ;) Here's one that is: Just to give you some idea of what I'm talking about. The other day I met up with a former foster-raised guy who is now in college. We talked about the "good ol' days" and all the things we did as a family together. My former wife was a huge fan of spoiling the c***d and not sparing the rod so to speak. I couldn't help but think about him and her as my cock twitched in my jeans. H… Read more

Posted by charlesmslutz 21 minutes ago 103

Why I Think That I'm A Sissy


Yes, I think that I am a sissy. With this story, I would like to share my thoughts on being a sissy, why I think that I am a sissy, what this means for me, how my journey has been so far and how I might continue it. Please note that my thoughts and opinions expressed in here are subjective, of course. There might be varying ideas regarding some terms that I use in here, and that´s alright. :) To understand my concept of being a sissy, I have to say that being a sissy for me personally involves things like femdom, humiliation, foot fetish and my tendency to be submissive anyway. I’m aware th… Read more

Posted by Horny-Sissy-Slut 21 minutes ago 28

Bad santa....and helpers


Ho ho ho.... We had decided to have a silent christmas this year, my wife and I. A long year had passed, with different problems in personal life and professional life. We packed our stuff drove into the mountains, enjoyed christmas music, cold weather and snow. We arrived to our cabin quite in the evening the 23.des, dark and cold, but plenty of time to get the heat up. After getting our stuff in house and making a big fire in the stove we sat down and enjoyed the life and wine. Listening to a storm building up outside. Sitting there we heard knocking on the door. My wife went t… Read more

Posted by nyskjerrig_mann 5 hours ago 854 80%

My wife is kinkier than me

FetishFirst TimeGroup Sex

Since I convinced my wife to have sex outside of our marriage she has become very creative in how and where she gets her eggs scrambled. For example, one fall night she and I were in the den doing nothing , she left the the room and returned wearing her long winter coat. I asked her where she wanted to go. She opened the coat to show me she was completely naked under it, she said let's find me a cock to fuck. I grabbed the keys to my four wheel drive and we headed to the power line trail. There's always some guys hanging out at the lake so I figured she could get lucky there. As we came of… Read more

Posted by woreout 8 hours ago 1,277 100%

Quickie: Mortha's Heat


This is a word for word copy paste of an ERP I had with my favourite subby slut. If people seem to enjoy/request this kind of content I'll add more as I have a literal archive. Tags: Futa (of course <3), breeding, transformation, stomach distension/bulging. Mortha strode through the establishment with her freshly purchased slave in tow, the girl already collared with her leash wrapped firmly around Mortha’s wrist. The orcess was a familiar sight in the station of Lust and the patrons parted like the red sea as the two and a half metre tall behemoth moved to the secluded room sh… Read more

Posted by Nashala 8 hours ago 199

My traveling wife


The times, they are a-changing.....yes they are. Not many years ago, women stayed home, and men worked. And some lucky men traveled on business, stayed at hotels, drinks in the bar and happy life. Back then, women where not ask me why. I have traveled the world like this, and in my opinion, it is boring and a lot of wasted time. So, when my wife got a new job, high salary and a lot of travel, I tried to warn her. But she wanted to try, and who was I to say no? And, quite honest, I was happy too. When she travels, I can do what ever I want, which basically is nice things li… Read more

Posted by nyskjerrig_mann 9 hours ago 1 1,259 60%

Sie kennen nur ihre eigene Befriedigung…


Die Messages im Chat waren eindeutig: Gesucht wurde ein Bi-Mann ohne Berührungsängste. Ein kurzer Videoausschnitt zeigte die beiden beim Ficken. Sie kniete auf allen vieren, während er von hinten in sie eindrang. Ihre festen Brüste wackelten, ihr schlanker heller Körper bewegte sich im Rhythmus der Stösse vor und zurück. Von seinem Schwanz sah man leider nur wenig, allerdings schien er ziemlich Kraft in seien Fickstösse zu legen. Nun also stehe ich vor ihnen. Nackt. Trix, so heisst die Frau, hat sofort verlangt, dass ich mich ausziehe. Ihr Mann Röbi sitzt dazu auf dem Sofa, schaut gespannt z… Read more

Posted by Thunbi 10 hours ago 103

Aunty Jean - The strict one


I crawled out the door and, still naked, I made my way down to the laundry to get a mop and bucket. After filling the bucket with warm soapy water I returned upstairs to my bedroom to find that my Aunty had gone. She had left me a note; it read: 'Wear this.........AND ONLY THIS!!! After you have completed your chores stand in the corner facing the wall and wait!' The note was pinned to a white satin apron, edged with lace. Underneath the apron was a set of clean sheets. I balked at the idea of wearing the apron but after recent events, and the possible consequences that could ensue, w… Read more

Posted by tbd66us 11 hours ago 1,864 100%

Meister - T - Pranger mit Outing


Meister – T – Erziehungsplattform Mann – Frau – Sissi – Paare Frau und Mann Aus dem Leben eines Meisters Der Pranger mit „Outing“ Der "Sündenbock" - als Pranger - Handgefertigtes Einzelstück Der „Pranger“ – „ die Selbsbestrafung“ - „ die Öffentliche Vorführung“ – „das eigene Outing mit Text und Bild “ - „die öffentliche Selbsterleichterung des Gewissens“ – sind reizvolle Möglichkeiten für viele Männer und Frauen, die dieses als sexuelle Stimulans empfinden, um sic… Read more

Posted by Meister-T 14 hours ago 132 100%



WHY ALL ADMINS WILL RESIGN SOON? The main answer is simple, like the last time: Because they are clearly completely incompetent! That is main reason and already sufficient on its own for the demotion of all team of admins, real soon, IMHO. Don't You agree? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However, the situation is far worse: The second is much more serious: Because they commit clear CRIMES, mainly stealing other peoples property, in my case: many stories, of which I DO NOT HAVE A… Read more

Posted by Poet-PETER 14 hours ago 13 45,724 27%

diana's first nude walk in Public

First TimeVoyeurFetish

My name is diana, I am a slave and I am owned by Pacemen, this is a short story about something I did way back, I have been directed to write this true event by my Master. After completing high school, I started off at Uni of NSW and shared a unit at Cronulla with 2 gf's from school, I had not long turned 18 & they were the same age. We all got a long very well and often helped each other with our Uni work. We enjoyed a few drinks on Friday & Saturday nights & sometimes we brought a guy home with us and that all worked out great. Towards the end of January Sydney was hit with a… Read more

Posted by Pacemen 15 hours ago 560 100%

The Slapping Game


This one is a little big different. It's not even really about our adventures in this whole cuckolding/hotwife thing. It's more about us exploring our sexuality as a couple and trying new things. **The Slapping Game** We were driving home from grocery shopping and stopped at a red light. (I know... that's one hell of a sexy start! wait until I tell you about the deal on sliced jalapeno-jack cheese!) We were driving to meet with some friends and this was supposed to b… Read more

Posted by cthulhuCouple 20 hours ago 424

A little sundress spells cuckold

FetishGroup SexVoyeur

July 4th my wife and I were invited to spend the day at the lake with a bunch of friends. One of my best friends, Danny has a forty seven foot house boat on Allatoona lake and he said we could come party on it then watch the fireworks over the lake that evening. I was packing our big cooler with beer while my wife Andrea was getting ready. I was already wearing what I thought perfect for a hot day on the water, tan cargo shorts a white wife beater and flip-flops ,but Andrea called from our bedroom to come back there. When I entered the room is saw Andrea standing in front of the big mirror… Read more

Posted by woreout 21 hours ago 3,452 67%


FetishFirst TimeMasturbation

CONFESSIONS PT 6 These are confessions and stories people have sent me. Do you have a confession of something you did, or something you'd like to do? Private Message it to me and I'll post it. Don't worry about spelling, grammar, etc. ====== CONFESSION COMPILATION OF SHORT REPLIES I'VE RECIEVED FROM VARIOUS READERS ====== nice i had an older 20 something girl at work that would change in the girls bathroom but at the end of the day i was the last one out and went in the bathroom to see what goodies i could find i found her bras and panties and she must be like your girl ne… Read more

Posted by PantieLoverCotton 22 hours ago 1 737 100%

tranny tart ride

FetishGay MaleAnal

hey - so my imagination runs wild when i am in tranny mode and i can't help to think about hard cock to suck and fuck - i am so addicted to my gender bent life style that i have these yearnings for erotic entertainment as fem fatale - get my franny on and pleasure other cd lovers - whether they dress or not - always great to gobble gay dick in crotchless pantyhose but naked men can be so very sexy with their fleshy bodies and their sweet boners just begging to be satisfied so after a ride around town with my bud and maybe a little head in secluded lot but not too much as i have further plans… Read more

Posted by frannieph 23 hours ago 2 535 100%

The Guitarist – The Bürgermeister’s Party.


The Guitarist – The Bürgermeister’s Party. It’s July, our last gig is in Munich, southern Germany. Traditionally the band has a break but not this year. Just as we were unpacking for our final night and large slightly portly man, around 50 asks ‘who’s the boss’. We all point to the drummer. He takes the Drummer off to a quiet corner and in 15 minutes he gathers us together for a meeting. The portly gentleman in an expensive suit remains close by but out of ear shot. The drummer explains, “He wants to book us for a gig and is prepared to pay big bucks.” I’m not taking any notice but the othe… Read more

Posted by CanoePirate 23 hours ago 1 567 67%

Un voyage qui change tout

FetishLesbian SexSex Humor

Je détestais toujours autant descendre à Marseille et la décision de mon patron avait été si rapide que j’y allais avec une voiture de location. Avant la sortie de Dijon, je me suis arrêté sur une aire de stationnement pour pisser un coup mais j’en ai profité pour me branler aussi vu que je m’étais disputé la veille avec ma femme. Je suis retourné à la voiture et j’ai claqué la porte et j’allais enfoncer la clé dans le démarreur que quelqu’un a frappé à la vitre. Encore un casse-pied ou un agresseur, ai-je pensé avant de tourner la tête mais c’est une femme que j’ai vue. Une jeune femme qui de… Read more

Posted by helene2012 1 day ago 201

After Hours

AnalFetishLesbian Sex

Lesbian, Finger Fucking, Insertion, Anal play Trudy is left in charge of a restaurant clean up with a new nerdy employee after hours. Trudy can’t resist Georgia’s young shapely body. She wants to push the geek girl to new sexual limits but what is she unleashing? You know you want to be anywhere but here. You know you still have too much cleaning to do before you can leave. You know you are resentful towards your boss for rushing off and giving you the responsibility of locking up. You notice young Georgia, who only got the job at Marty’s Restaurant this week is just cleaning t… Read more

Posted by janus2017 1 day ago 764 100%

Der Schuhverkäufer

FetishInterracial SexGroup Sex

Vor ein paar Jahren machten wir eine Rundreise durch Kalifornien. Wir, das sind meine Frau Steffi und ich Jan. Steffi ist eine groß gewachsene geile Frau mit langen schwarzen Haaren, dicken Silikontitten, langen Beinen und einem herrlichen geilen Arsch. An einem der letzten Tage waren wir in einem Vorort von San Francisco in einem Motel abgestiegen. Wie es für Frauen normal ist wollte Steffi gern noch in einem Center schoppen. Es war schon spät am Nachmittag als wir ankamen. In einem bekannten Kaufhaus waren wir in der schuhabteilung unterwegs. Natürlich fand Steffi gut aussehende Schuhe, di… Read more

Posted by Bonnyundclyde00 1 day ago 223

Jana Teil 2A) - Sie nimmt den Vibrator zur Hand...

Group SexHardcoreFetish

Längst kreisen ihre Gedanken nur noch darum, wie so eine Party wohl ablaufen würde. Wie viele Männer da sein werden. Nackt, angezogen, oder vielleicht oberkörperfrei? Ihre Gedanken formen sich zu einer Fantasie. Sie malt sich im Detail aus wie es sein könnte. In Ihrem Tagtraum ist sie im Sommer bei strahlendem Sonnenschein auf einer Finca auf Mallorca. Sie liegt im Innenhof auf einer Liege nur mit einem ultraknappen Bikini bekleidet und genießt die Sonne. Der Bikini besteht eigentlich fast nur noch aus Fäden und zeigt mehr als er verdeckt. Ein gut aussehender Kellner kommt zu ihr und fragt "… Read more

Posted by domleone 1 day ago 118