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Party Sexting - The Game

Party Sexting - An Adult Game

Any number of people can play this game, but we suggest 4 to 8. Sitting comfortably in a circle, each is issued a card (one color for men, a different color for women) on which they write their name. These cards are then placed in two separate containers (one for each color).

To begin the game, the host picks a card (either sex at start-up). That person then picks a card for a player of the opposite sex. This forms the playing couple, who are given a computer pad or smart phone that can take photographs. The couple then goes to a private room, from whic... Continue»
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Why Anna Hated Martin

Why Anna Hated Martin

"Why don't we ever see Martin any more?" Bonnie asked her mother. She was driving her b*****r Bobby and her mother Anna back from a party, and was just trying to make conversation to stay awake. "We're cousins and all, and we see our other cousins when their parents come to visit. But we never see Martin any more!" She paused and then continued, "I mean, it's not like I'm crazy to see him or anything. He was always staring at my body and I could tell what was on his mind!" She glanced at her mother and then checked the rear view mirror: yes, it looked like her b*... Continue»
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Miss Debling Part 1

My entire life I never actually had a sexual experience with a girl. I had come close numerous times, especially being in college. But in reality I was a 21 year old virgin. I had dated numerous girls at school, but i never got to home base. Until one day while home for spring i discovered that my parents had gotten a new neighbor while i was away. While sitting on the front porch i saw what had to be the most beautiful woman i had ever seen in my life. She had nice blonde hair, a body like a goddess and smile that would make any man melt. She was also wearing a silk robe which made her look... Continue»
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Master Mark

As I was getting used to my new post-divorce freedom, I found myself experimenting more and more with men.
I started using gay chat lines, and probably quite annoyingly for guys on there, was a little bit of a time waster, in as much as I arranged to meet guys twice and just didn't turn up. On day that all changed.
Master Marks message just said "Mark, special interests" I was intrigued and sent a voice message to ask what particularly he was into.
His response scared and excited me both at the same time, he said he was a dominant man into humiliating guys with bondage, spanking, tit tort... Continue»
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Dee Maple - The Principal Daughter - A

“Principle Jerroti will receive you know” looking sternly at me Rebecca the secretary pointed to the mahogany door with a opaque square window in the center, the initials G.M.Jerroti where inscribed on top. Gordon Mathew Jerroti was our dear principal and for some reason he arrange a meeting with me.
I was curious and scared, in 6 months we will graduate from and move on and this meeting was unexpected. I slowly opened the door “close it behind you” said Rebecca - Ok bitch i will i thought, didn’t like her attitude. The room was filled with sun light from the big open windows behind Jerroti ... Continue»
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Invited in

I'm 28 yrs old. I've been married for 7yrs already. My marriage turned into a sexless one I was very unsatisfied. I would spend most days lurking on the internet looking at pron and masturbating every free chance I had. Jerking off on regular basis would give me the release I needed but it still wasn't enough. I longed for the touch of a woman.

I put out ads on CL and AFF. In the beginning I had no luck but I wasn't discouraged. I knew at some point my luck had to change. It had just had to. My home life wasn't getting any better and I was desperate. Sure enough my luck did finally turn ar... Continue»
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My wife my fantasy true in a wedding party

First start off by describing my wife. She is 32yrs old a beautiful woman. 5'1" tall 110 lbs nice big ole' breast with a bubble butt, and very sexy calf muscles. I love her legs. She is some what of a conservative girl. Doesn't really show off her body much. But it is hard not to notice, when she has on yoga pants on! She is in every sense " a woman in the streets but a freak in the sheets."

As far as our sexy life I can't complain. She is always open to trying new things. As long as they're not to crazy, open to anal when in the mood, and loves to suck cock. She truly loves every inch of my... Continue»
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Mala's Story

Mala was again having differences with Kapil. This was nothing new. Mala never had a healthy married life from day one of her marriage. She had to go through immense pressures from her in laws and under all situations, Kapil stood by his parents. Moreover Kapil was always the dominating kind when it came to sex. He used to f***e Mala to do things which she never wanted including several uncomfortable positions and anal sex. In order to let things cool off, she along with her two daughters left his house and went to her parent's place

Mala and Kusum were best friends and nothing was hidden b... Continue»
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Getting back to IT. part 2

To continue my story. Friday night came with me feeling both excited and nervous. I had done this before planned for a naughty night. You know gotten a sitter, warned my s****r I had company coming over, and double checked with my man of what he wanted. However this was almost like the first time. Maybe because I've know this guy so long, or that he thought I was cheating.
I took a few pics and sent them to J letting him see what I was wearing. I got very sexy response back and the promise of giving me my reward when I was done. I do look so forward to J reclaiming me when I'm a good naughty... Continue»
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The Nymphs and the Dentist – by SBarak1

The Nymphs and the Dentist – a Story by SBarak1

This is story #5 in the Nymph series. It follows ‘You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden’, ‘The Return of the Nymphs ‘The Nymphs and the Morning After’ and ‘The Nymph’s Proposition. Although this story stands alone reading the previous stories provides the background. Please enjoy.

It was a Sunday night. The Nymph’s were at my place. It was becoming a regular occurrence. They liked to be here to pursue their ‘research’, as they called it, to establish their porn web site. They didn’t have a lot to show for their efforts yet. Although ... Continue»
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the waitress

The picture hanging in Carole's bedroom looked good. She'd originally thought to hang it in the living room but having a painting of herself wearing nothing but a white shirt was a little too far, even if the only people who might see it were her friends. She adjusted the frame slightly and stepped back to look at it again. The picture directly below it on the floor was a larger photograph of San Diego that had hung there for years. Now that a smaller picture took its place she could see the marks where the original had been.

Looks like a fresh coat of paint is needed.

Carole glanced in ... Continue»
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Daughter cheats with BBC introduces Mom

My middle daughter who is 20 called me in such a state. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had been unfaithful to her boyfriend. He graduated this past May and got a job in Pittsburgh so they were in a long distance relationship. It had been bothering Nikki and she was having a difficult time with many boys trying to get her to go out with them especially a black guy at school.

She told me that she had finally decided to go out with the black boy dancing. She said she had a great time and when he brought her back to her apartment one thing led to another and they had sex. She said... Continue»
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The wifes neice

So my wife's neice was having a bad day a few weeks ago and asked if she could come over and talk. I told her that her aunt was at work tonight. She says that's ok just wanted someone to talk to. So I told her I would be home in a few.

My wife's neice is a very pretty ssbbw. She is over 6ft. Very strong. Very sweet and a sexy voice. She is 19.

I get home and jump in shower to clean before she comes over. As I'm in the shower I hear something but figured it's the dogs. I get done walk out to the kitchen to grab a drink then to bedroom to get dressed. After I get dressed I com out to livi... Continue»
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The Lapdance bar ...part1

The Lapdance bar

The Cork from the champagne bottle rattled across the table as Andy opened the 2nd bottle,
" Champagne ladies?"
"Oooohhh yes please" came the reply
Katie sat watching the bubbles as they came up the side of the glasses, she looked across the table at the redhead that they had chosen for a private lap dance, her figure was good , tight long legs and breasts only slightly smaller than her own, she was called 'Crystal' obviously her stage name, she was wearing a lace out fit that had criscrossing bows at the back and was ever so slightly see thru. Katie looked at the shape... Continue»
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The Taylors

The Taylors Chapter 1

A year ago I married a beautiful black woman. She was every thing a man could want smart, funny, very sexy and sexual. Just how sexual I later found out. But first I must give you some background on my f****y.

This is not my first marriage I was married to a lovely white Russian woman and we had an even lovelier baby girl who now just turned fifteen years old. Her mother went back to Russia leaving me and Beth to fend for ourselves. Beth was just 10 at the time and I watched my baby grow up to be quite a stunner 5'4 inches tall and 105 pounds with just th... Continue»
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My slut employee must be punished

You have been working for me for five years. I have trusted you with my most sensitive secrets. I treated you with the respect and dare I say love. Though I never came right out with thoughs feelings. I know you could tell. You are very special. What possessed you to steal from me? You took the thousand dollars in our petty cash to shop for clothes. Are you fucking k**ding me! If you needed money all you had to do was to ask. Only 2 people know about this me and my secretary. Then I find out that you are not following the dresscode policy. You have on numerous occasions wore clothing speci... Continue»
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Britney Spears & Kaley Cuoco Have Some Fun

Dear diary, November 12, 1999

This is awfully hard to write, but I just gotta’. I’ve never been
so confused or excited in my life. I’ve always been the "good
girl", but now I’ve been soooo bad! Last month at the video shoot
for "crazy" me and Kaley Cuoco got a chance to hang out for a
while. On Saturday
we hung out at my hotel suite and got a chance
to talk about life. We have a lot in common. Were both young,
(although she’s a bit older than me). We both have made a lot of
money, and I mean a LOT of money, and we both have really weird
lives. I thought I was the only on... Continue»
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Under Tori's Butt

This is a story about butt-style facesitting and a male who craved it for years. Sometimes, the things we want most come with problems we never imagined. This is not a sex or penetration story but rather one focused more on ass-adoration.


Tori Rollins was a cute and popular girl with short brunette hair, bright brown eyes, and a compact gymnast-like body which included a very round, compact gymnast-like butt. Since I had been a butt watcher from c***dhood, her bottom was something I noticed---often.

I wasn't confident in my youth. I was too afraid o... Continue»
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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 2

This is part 2 of a story of taboo sex being discovered by some and encouraged by others. Stop here if that is a problem if not enjoy. Here is a link to Part 1

The next evening was the first opportunity that Elly and Ron got to talk.

"Honey, are you feeling ok?" He asked as they sat to watch TV.

"I'm feeling fine. Dr. Monica said I might be little tender for a day or two but that would be about it. I'm sorry I scared you last night." Elly said.

"Yeah I was scared but you looked terrified but I sup... Continue»
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1st time shared

The First Time..........

We hadn't gone out for a while so we had decided to go into our local town and have a few drinks. We had been in a few pubs and the drink was flowing. We were just deciding whether or not to go into the club for a bit or if to call it a night. It wasn't that late and the club seemed to have quite a good buzz about it so we ventured in.

That simple choice changed our lives for ever. Let me explain. Me and my girlfriend had always had some pretty extreme fantasies but one of them was to for me to watch her being fucked by a complete stranger.

The thought of her ... Continue»
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