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Office Meeting

You sit at your desk, one hand typing on your office computer, the other ducked below your desk fidgeting on your phone. Occasionally you shift down to reply to the strangers on pornhub. As you do, you notice moist pool at the base of your underwear. You curl your wrist press it against yourself and softly nudging at your pussy. Just to feel something, wishing it was your fingers, or much better yet a fucking thick cock. You occasionally force yourself to peer up, to see if others are noticing. Everyone seems distracted, clattering away on their own machine. One peer of eyes however was looking at you, darting away on contact. It was John, the straight cut hair, typical guy. You dismissed any importance, you often found him staring around the room, often at you.
You looked back your work and typed some more, but moments later had your eyes down at your phone, smiling at the comments and messages you were receiving. Slowly you spread your legs and pressed your wrist harder against yourself, feeling it brush your panties up along against your pussy. You notice you're face entered a grimace, and quickly peered around the room again. John was watching you again, this time he didn't flick his eyes away. They were staring dead straight at you. A rush of warmth fill your cheeks, you instantly turn away and turn your phone to lock. You lift your hand to the keyboard and start typing rapidly, producing incoherent non-sense on the screen.
Your breathing became a slow deliberate sputter. "there's no way he noticed you" you repeat in your head. "He's...too far to see anything I was doing clearly, and definitely couldn't have seen the screen...Could have he?" You attempt again to type some more to your monitor, only jabber came out. You give up and close the screen, forgetting to save your work and walk off away. You walk down the corridor, still conscious of your blushing face you go to the conference room, no is ever there. You pull a chair out and take a seat. You then rub your cool hands against your flushed cheeks.
You hear a clatter at the door and it slowly opens. You see John at the frame, staring at you, unflinching as he swings the door shut behind him. Once the door clicks shut, a long silence lingers. Your deliberate breath as well as his, is all that is audible. Two breaths later, you start to speak, "Why are you here?" "I was just. Wondering what you were doing, you seem distressed." you reply quickly, "Well I was fine thank you very much." John takes a step towards you and says, "Are you sure? You seemed so agitated. By the way, here's this." He extends is hand, forwarding your phone. "Thanks" you whispered. Checking the phone was indeed locked.
You peer back up at him, he's still staring at you, smiling. He places a hand at your shoulder and says, "I'm guessing you don't want to tell anyone?" He then starts to rub his thumb into a circle at your collar bone. You instantly feel an explosion of blush panic to your face. You try to reply, but "I. Um..." is all you mutter. John glides his fingers up along your shoulder and against your neck. His cool fingers tickle against your neck. "Don't worry" He says, "it can be our little secret". Curling his fingers around your neck, he lifts your chin and lowers down. Suddenly his lips are around yours. You thrust your hands against your chest to push him away, but the hard muscle forces you coil down against his shirt and grip a hold, tugging him in.
You feel his hand drift down your shoulder, gently caressing your tricep before curling around your back, snaking is his arms around you. You do the same, caressing is his hard-pressed chest before trailing your arms around to his back, although placing your arms under his. You immediately feel his cool fingers slip underneath the back of your dress and dive beneath your underwear strap. His hand slowly descends and takes hold a firm grip of the flesh of your butt cheek. Meanwhile his other hand ascends and cups at your side, under your ribs.
He seems to push you, so you stagger to his lead, finding your hip pressed against the side of the conference room table. You immediately read his intention as he withdraws his hand from your rear. You do a jump and he guide you onto the table before taking you by the neck and drawing you in for a deep and intense kiss. His breath draws in yours, your heart thumbs in your ears. You tie your legs around his waist and draw him tight. You feel a bulge at his front, his breath draws the last of your lungs.
You haul your head away just to gasp a lungful and he tugs at your hair, arching your neck back and tears harsh kisses into the base of your neck. You in recoil and grind yourself against his body, the bulge rubbing at the fabric of your underwear. You demand more. You tug at his pants, attempting to haul his trousers down, but the belt holds them firmly at his hip. You hear a cling, a clatter and an unmistakable ‘zip’. You grin upward at the ceiling as the warm spongy flesh brushes against your inner thigh. You move to take it in your hand, and find the warm thick cock drooped at the thigh. Curling your fingers around it, you realise how thick it is, your fingers cannot reach your thumb. You glide your hands along the skin, eventually touching thumb to finger, this thing is a two-hand job. However, you realise quickly, that will not be necessary.
His hands flick yours away, before flicking at the strip of underwear underneath you. His fingers brush hastily your pussy, which now lays bare. You sit waiting, staring down at your stomach and the top of his unbuttoned trousers where skin opens bare, the base of his cock is visible and you watch as bears in towards you. The touch was one strong sensation, but the burst was another. It burrows into you slowly, digging away at your pussy, forcing you to moan. You successful supress it to a whimper instead of a scream. No one should find out. You face your head to the door to see your boss walking into the room. He immediately goes to slam the door behind, but catches the door handle before t it booms shut and gently eases it closed. You tell John to stop, he turns. He seems to smile and nod, but continues to plunge himself into you. You stare at John eye-gaped, you place your hand on his shoulder to push yourself away when you notice your boss Adam, begin attacking his own belt buckle.
John moves his mouth by your ear and whispers, “You wanna keep your job, don’t you? Then do what he says”. He then kisses you behind your ear. You see Adam softly graze his hand down his leg, or what you thought was his leg. You notice the long bulge stiffen against the fabric of Adam’s trousers. ‘I'll do whatever he wants’ you think to yourself. Adam tosses his belt from his trousers, it rattles as it hits the floor, “Don’t worry, the door is locked now. No one else will disturb us.” Adam says. John’s cock grinds out from you, you feel the head scrapping along the walls along with the rest of his fat piece of wood. John continues this motion, a not too slow, nor too fast, perpetual grind, with each thrust pulsating tingles throughout your body. John also continues his attack at your neck, although now to the base near your shoulder. Meanwhile, Adam steps towards you, and grazes a hand through your hair on the opposite side to John. Adam then begins to twist at the top button of your blouse. You leave him to do so, reaching down and groping his appendage attempting to burst out from your trousers. It’s not as thick John’s but it’s longer, maybe 10 inches, or even more. John’s thrust intensifies, and a flame seems to swell in your body and an ache echoes from your groin. John’s cock pounds the ache and you wail in response, pinching at Adam’s cock and clawing at John’s shoulder.
Your chest begins to burst open as Adam flutters his hand down your blouse. Adam then lurches his hands around your back and starts fidgeting with your bra-strap. Adam’s cock pulsates in your hand, the blood thumping against your palm. You relax your grip and tug down at your trousers, with no belt, they drop with ease. You peer down at his crotch; his dick, covered by his boxers, still shows the outline of his long slong, you immediately wiggle your fingers underneath his boxer straps and draw the snake out. Almost simultaneously, Adam works your bra and hauls on it, drawing it down your arm, letting your puppies loose. It didn’t take long before they were snatched up though and played with.
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