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nita gives me a surprise

This time Anita had flown away from town on a boring business trip, according to her own words. Those days I stayed at home, going each morning to my office and coming back in the early evening.

On the fourth night I received a picture from my sweet wife on my cell phone. I could see her holding up her huge black dildo. She was sitting on the bed in her hotel room and her legs were spread wide. The text said:
"I'm horny, I can't wait until coming back home… what could I do…?”

I answered her I suggested to push the tip of that dildo against her wet pussy and rub it slowly up and down her clit, but not sliding into her…

Two pictures followed my answer: in the first Ana was licking up the side of her thick black dildo and winking at the camera. The second she had the head in her mouth as she looked up at the camera, as if her lips were wrapped around my cock.

I replied I was wishing to lick and suck her all over…

Suddenly a torrent of pictures came back on my phone.

Ana was lying in the bed; her tiny thong pulled to the side. Her juicy pussy lips were wrapped tightly around the black dildo that was half way inside of her wet cunt.
In another picture taken from behind, her round firm ass was up in the air, her thong still pulled to the side and the dildo balls deep in her pussy, as her hand was slapping her sweet nice ass cheeks

More and more pictures of the dildo at various depths in her extremely wet hole came later. She was rubbing her clit with it all the way in her; from the look on her face she was clearly enjoying an intense orgasm...

The last pictures showed a giant wet spot on the sheets below her and the black dildo had her juices dripping off of it.

We chatted for a bit before deciding to go to bed. Ana finally said she had a surprise for me when she got home on the next day. This got me excited enough that I jerked off before closing my eyes until next morning.

On the morning I went to my office and my sexy wife messaged me several times, telling me about how horny she was and how she couldn't wait to get fucked when she came home.
Finally my workday ended, I returned home and waited for my sweet wife and her announced surprise.

But then in the afternoon, she messaged me saying that her flight was delayed and that she would be home a bit later than previously expected.

I decided that I would watch some porn, as I waited for her.
Just as the main sex scene was about half over, I looked up and saw Anita standing there watching with me. I had no idea how she got in so quickly and quietly, but those questions were instantly erased from my mind when I saw what she was wearing.

She was dressed like an absolute slut: an extremely tight leopard print strapless dress. It hugged every curve of her body, ending just below her big round ass and cutting low into her sweet round boobs. She was standing on a pair of black stiletto heels. Her lips were colored bright red and her hair was clearly done by a professional.

I thought I was going to explode just from staring at her dressed like this…

I got up off the couch and walked towards her. I couldn't wait to get my hands all over her curvy body. But then she pushed my hands away and told me that I couldn't touch her until I got my surprise…

“I am too horny; I need a black dick tonight… this is my surprise for you…”

She took my hand and led me to the door. Once we got in the car, Ana drove to a nightclub in the wrong side of town, where we knew she could find some black cock she wanted that night…

Ana took a drink from the bar and told me to wait there; she would not be long. Then she disappeared onto the dance floor.

I stood there looking at her working her way through the crowd. She seemed to have finally found someone who interested her, as she stopped moving around and started dancing.

Some minutes later there was a slight break in the crowd. Just enough for me to catch a glimpse of what was happening there.
Anita was grinding her ass all over some guy, who I couldn't quite see.
All I could see through was his hands reaching around her from the back and groping her round boobs from behind.

A few more songs played and suddenly Ana slipped out of the crowd right in front of me. Her cleavage was running even deeper than before and the bottom of her ass cheeks was hanging out of her skirt.
From behind her a very muscular black guy came out of the crowd. He was a real giant; wearing baggy jeans and a football shirt.

Dressed like this, the black guy looked like a total street thug.
Anita just said: “we are leaving..."

My sexy wife led the way out of the club; her new friend followed behind her, as she walked purposely swinging her hips and making her ass bounce.

Once we got to the car Ana "accidentally" dropped the keys to the ground.
She bent over slowly to pick them up and her dress slowly rolled up exposing her smooth white ass. A tiny black lace thong was the only thing left in the way of her showing off her pussy to the world.
My wife held this position for a second longer than needed and then received a brutal hard slap on her ass cheeks from her new friend.
She let out a soft moan and stood back up; but she did not fix her dress.

Ana threw me the keys, not saying a word and jumped in the back seat, as her new friend followed her...

We started heading home. I positioned the rear view mirror so I could see what was happening in the back; but it was pretty dark.

There was no kissing, but a lot of groping. I could hear Anita moaning as the black guy fondled her round boobs. He reached down and started to rub her wet pussy through that tiny thong.

"Your tight married pussy is so wet, baby… You're a sweet little slut…”

Ana looked at me in the mirror and said:
"I just can't wait to try your hard huge black dick, babe…”

There was more moaning and groaning from both sides; until my sweet wife suddenly cried: "Oh my…! That thing of yours is so huge…!"

Her friend replied, "Come and get a nice taste of a big black cock, bitch."

Then I could see my wife´s head bobbing up and down. There were wet sloppy sucking noises and some occasional gags.

I pulled into our driveway and turned around to see what I had been missing. The black bastard had a fistful of her blond hair and was making her head go down deeper onto his cock.
I could see Ana's makeup was running down her face and her eyes were red. She was clearly gagging, but had no indication that she wanted to stop.

He slowly pulled her head up off of his cock. Inch by inch his thick black cock slid out of my wife's mouth. It was shining from all of the spit left behind. Iy was at least ten inches long and very thick.
The black guy whispered: “Not so bad for a white married slut…”

There was a popping sound as he pulled the head of his cock from her mouth. Ana tried to go back down and continue sucking, but he pulled her by the curly hair and said she would get more inside.

Once we were inside, the black man addressed me for the first time, ordering me to get a drink and sit down to enjoy the show…

Then Anita walked to the center of the room and announced that this was going to be the surprise she had prepared for me that night…
With that she turned on music and began to dance; slowly and seductively moving her hips, bending over for giving us glimpses of her sexy body.

She walked up close to her new black friend and sat in his lap. She started slowly to grind into him as she peeled her dress off. Her black lace thong soon was revealed, as she stripped off. It was now completely soaked.

Standing up, she took one step forward and dropped to her hands and knees. She began shaking her bare ass cheeks for the black guy.

Her friend stood up and took his clothes off, showing his nine inches dick still hard and shiny from fucking Anita's face earlier. He walked around to her, with his cock pointing directly at her hungry mouth.

Then he grabbed the back of my wife`s head and slowly slid his dick into her mouth; closing his eyes as he felt her wet red lips around his cock head.

She began to choke as her lips got closer to his heavy balls. But the man continued to push his dick even deeper. With one last thrust of the hips his balls slapped her chin. Ana gagged and tried to pull away but he held her there tightly.
Then pulled his cock out and slapped her ass cheeks very hard.

“Do you want to feel this real man`s dick in your slut married pussy…?”
He asked smiling as he grabbed his cock and slapped her face with it.

"I want your huge black cock in my pussy so badly…”
Anita sobbed, showing a pure primal lust in her beautiful brown eyes.

Then she received another hard slap on the ass. The black bastard grabbed my wife`s hair and dragged her to the couch; making her get down on all fours, with her nice round ass up in the air.

Ana assumed the position and he grabbed her tiny black thong, ragging it to pieces. My wife turned around and looked at me, whispering:

"Honey, I hope you enjoy this as much as I am going to…”

I smiled to her. That guy was treating her like a total slut and she loved it.

Her friend walked up behind her and grabbed his huge cock. He smacked it on her ass cheeks a few times showing off its weight. He began pushing the head of his heavy hard cock against her wet pussy lips. He rubbed it up and down, causing Ana to close her eyes and moan with pleasure.

Suddenly he pushed his black dick deep into her, one long hard stroke.
The smile instantly disappeared off of Anita's face as her mouth dropped wide open. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she stopped breathing.

A low guttural moan escaped her lips. Her muscles contracted and convulsed uncontrollably as her body was rocked by an intense orgasm. Her friend just stood there holding his cock as deep inside her as he could while she shivered and came crying in both lust and pleasure…

When her orgasm subsided, her black lover just asked:
"You are really a good black cock slut…”

Ana moaned, cried and begged him for more, as she moved her round hips backwards, in an attempt to keep that hard dick inside her wet cunt.

Then he slowly withdrew his cock from her dripping wet pussy until only the head was inside. And he slammed the full length of it back inside her so hard, that Ana grunted loudly at the assault.

He grabbed her hips firmly and started pounding her from behind. Pulling his cock nearly all the way out and slamming it in balls deep with every thrust..
Soon Ana's grunts and moans turned to screams of pleasure. She took the full assault on her pussy with a sexy look of ecstasy on her face.

He fucked her hard and fast for another ten minutes before my sensual wife had another body wrenching orgasm. However, this time while she screamed and came her friend did not let up. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back while continuing to slam his giant black cock deep into her stretched wet cunt. He continued pounding away fiercely as my wife yelled out how much she loved his hard black dick.

Once her second orgasm had subsided, her arms gave out. She buried her face into the couch while her round ass stayed and then he repositioned himself slightly to get even deeper into her stretched out pussy. When his hard black cock entered her again, Ana yelled out like a bitch in heat…

He continued to slam into her for another ten minutes, while slapping her ass hard, never slowing down. He called her every filthy name and she loved it…
He began to slow down. I thought he was finally about to cum after fucking her hard and fast for nearly a half hour. But I was wrong…
He pulled out and sat down on the couch; ordering Ana to sit on his cock and show him how a little white slut rode a black dick…

Without any hesitation, my sweet wife straddled him and slowly sank down onto his erect dick. She presented her firm boobs to his mouth and he began to suck and bite on her nipples. Ana finally sat on his lap, with that huge black dick buried deep and she moved her hips back and forth.

He gave her a firm slap on the ass cheeks to set her off. Anita slowly lifted her body up until she almost removed the cock from her pussy and then slammed down quickly. He smiled with pleasure.

"Tell me how much you love this black dick… tell me, bitch!” He yelled.

"I had never felt so good… please; make me your black cum slut…!”

Ana cried in tears, as she moved faster on his slap.

Then I just sipped my whisky and relaxed myself.
That black bastard had an incredible stamina and my slut wife still was horny as hell. Both of them would fuck for ages…

That night would be really a long one for me…
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