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Missy Part III

Missy found that she couldn’t stop thinking about sex and not just with Alec. Every man she saw she found herself wondering about how big their cock was or how good of a fuck they would be. It was having an effect on her and not negatively. She was becoming more open, more personable, flirtier. She suddenly became aware of just how unhappy she had been for all those years and she vowed to make up for it.

Her pussy salivated as she drove home. Missy had been extremely horny all afternoon and wanted nothing more than to ride Alec’s cock to one mind shattering orgasm after another. She stoppe... Continue»
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Gran, Pat and ME

Several years ago…13 actually, my grandmother started me on the road to perversion in a direction I had never thought of before. It all started innocently enough right after my divorce from my first wife and… well here is what happened.


Gran called me and said that her friend Pat was going to be calling and needed some help. I remembered Pat. Growing up, Pat had often gone on vacation with Gran while Grandpa Jim was off making his fortune. Pat was more my parents age and I always thought she was just a fox!... Continue»
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I’m an old guy that has been bi-curious for many years. I’ve thought about acting on my desires for a long time. But, to date, I’ve only done some touching in adult arcades. Friday night, I was fantasizing about being with a guy. I got up and looked at some online advertisements. But, they all seemed to hardcore for me. I went back to bed.
Surprisingly, I woke up Saturday morning all worked up about being with another guy.

I decided I had nothing to loose from trying a post and sat down to figure out a good approach. I was having a hard time coming up with a subject. Then I remem... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 1)


Stacey's adult life was defined by the events of one night. She was staying at the home of her husband's college friend. The friend and his wife had a 1-year-old baby, so Stacey agreed to babysit while the rest went out. There was a car accident and all three were killed. Stacey and her husband had already agreed to adopt the c***d if something happened to the parents, so Stacey adopted the young Mason. She overcame the pain of losing her husband by focusing all her attention on taking care of the baby. Soon after the adoption, she began lactating and fed the baby from her own bre... Continue»
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The Sluts' Spring

This text is actually a work in progress. My objective is to be able to collect enough adventures to be able to complete these novels in order to reunited them in a whole book. English isn't my first language so, feel free to bring some corrections or suggestions if ever you feel like it. I would sincerely appreciate some help and feedback.

First things first - Who am I ?

I wanna taste every flavors, I wanna feel every shiver.
Sex is my playground.

We're a quite unconventional couple. I ... Continue»
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My wife's piss

My ever increasing obsession with my eyes wife peeing probably started nearly 15 years ago while on holiday in Greece.
We'd taken a pedal boat out into the bay and she got caught desperately needing a pee. With nothing else to do she discreetly parted her legs , pulled her swimsuit aside and let her golden piss flow out into the bottom of the boat. God I felt a twinge in my trunks like no other. Although later that night probably after a drink I confessed to being turned on by it we never really acted on it. I put it down to a my feeleings of disgust.
Fast forward to May of this year and m... Continue»
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Only One


I was stood in the kitchen preparing dinner for myself and my boyfriend Tristan since he had to work on this glorious sunny day. Tristan is a lot older than me by a good couple of years, you see Tristan is in his late 50's where as I am in my early 20's. You would think with an age difference like that the sex would be terrible by my word is it anything but! Just take last Saturday for example; I was day off from University, he had the day off from work and we had nothing but mind blowing sex....................


Tristan sat on his knees at the foot of ... Continue»
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Fingered at the bar

I had been worried that my new dress was too short. It was a gift from my boyfriend Sam, who I had been seeing for about 4 weeks. It was a typical little black dress, very short,and split to show off cleavage. But it was a size to small, and showed too much of my 36d tits, and barely covered my ass.
I had decided I wouldnt be wearing it again after a few catty comments from my friends, but after a few cocktails,a few beers, and every man in the pub devouring me with their eyes, I decided I would keep it for nights out on the pull. Well, Sam was unlikely to stay around too long. None of my ... Continue»
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we eat regularly at a f****y restaurant. The 'Hostess' was an attractive, tallish, long dark haired girl
with a beautiful smle, and appeared in her late 20's. We safe flirted back & forth with nothing really in mind, until
one day, she rubbed accidentally into me. I gave her a quick 'that felt nice' look back at her. she understood, and gave me a
faint smile. She always told me..your funny!

One day, she wore a low cut top, that showed off the tip of her assets. Being in a f****y restaurant, she had to be careful how she dressed. Got to keep your job and obey your company dress code no ma... Continue»
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Call Center Blowjob

Story by Priya

Tonight was the final night of my work week here for my call center job at the office in Kolkata, India. I essentially answer the phone to answer consumer questions for an American company that was outsourced to this city.

To describe myself; I am a 32 year old Indian woman named Alicia. I look pretty decent, with pretty black hair and D cup breasts. Breasts that I only enjoyed flaunting to one person in the office. And that person is Mike; our office manager. Mike was the only white guy in our office; but ... Continue»
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Bighairyharleybiker Road Trip. part 1

I have spent a few hours (probably days) reading these stories and recently thought people may enjoy reading about a few of my experiences. To start off with I’m no writer but I do my best to use spell check punctuation and complete sentences, but you may find a mistake or two.

A little about me, I’m no wonder stud! Just an old biker. I’m 50 with a belly, shaved bald head long beard and an average cock. I can’t “pound” a woman for hours, but I will always make a woman cum before I do and I live to eat pussy.

I hope to tell so of my biker experiences that I have lived, these are real st... Continue»
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no strings quickie again

I have another encounter to tell. recently I was contacted again by the guy I first met at a gloryhole and then later in another semi public place. I received a few other emails and really enjoyed that fact that he loved using me as his slut. He asked if he could fuck me again and where would I be willing to meet him so he could use me to cum. We eventually agreed that we were both horny and available later on a certain evening but could not decide where. I was so turned on that I told him to just come by my place if he promised to be fairly quick. He said that he wanted to fuck me again and c... Continue»
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Wifey, Pam, Asian Jonny and a cum burger for the c

Wifey loves her technology, so there are a lot of shopping trips to the local Best Buy. She flirts with all the guys (and some of the woman) that work there. I’m sure she has had some hot wife dates with some of the guys; I hear the whispers and laughs behind my back when she lets me go in with her. But I’m not privileged to her dating life so I can’t say for sure, and I wouldn’t abject if that’s what she wanted (just wish she would let me watch). It was late on a Saturday afternoon and we both had other things to do, so this trip was just supposed to be a quick in and out.

I was to drop h... Continue»
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For a number of years my wife Diane and I have been running a special swingers club
Diane is a mature blonde big tits nice firm arse and gorgeous long legs
She always wears very sexy panty's and bra suspender belts stockings etc
The club has various sections dealing with horny themes
The main one is the anal section


I introduced Diane to anal sex on our wedding night

We were staying the night in her s****r Mary's house after a quiet registry office ceremony
with Mary and her husband Paul as witnesses.
Diane wore a very tight white transparent dress with red satin lacy... Continue»
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Kimmie & Tim, OUR life together womb to prese

Hi, Kimmie and I have written our story before on here but it has vanished some how.
Please have patience with this first part of our story. We want to give you the background
information that will make the followup sections of our life much easier to understand and
enjoy what is told. The "juicy" stuff that everyone on here enjoys will be in the later parts.
We are going to attempt to retell what our joint life has been like, be it the GREAT times
or the really bad times. At this present time we are approaching our 28th birthday.
Our parents and f****y are the very best. Kimmie and... Continue»
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no strings quickie

I don't often get the chance to play out my bisexual urges but this time I did. I used to go to an adult store that operated preview booths and some had gloryholes. It was at one of my visits after I finished sucking a cock that I put a note through the hole with my email on it trying to see what responses I would get in return. I had made up several notes asking for comments about my performance with my email so if they chose to respond I could hear how I did or if they enjoyed using me. Several days after I did get a response stating he loved the way I sucked his cock and how much he enjoyed... Continue»
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In the field.

When i was younger and hadn't quite hit my teens yet i used to enjoy going out by myself in the nearby farmers fields and masturbating in the open air, being naked outside was always a turn on and the thought of someone watching made me unbelievably horny.

One morning i'd made my mind up to go out, get naked and play with myself in one of my favourite spots not too far away so i wandered down the lane and jumped the big white fence into the fields. i wandered a while till i found my spot just off a footpath and made my way just inside a group of trees, i stripped off slowly feeling the air ... Continue»
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Sex/Blow job before the actual date

Hey everyone, has anyone ever been on a blind date (either as a fix-up, or through an internet dating site) in which you met the person and had sex or hooked up before any 'date,' occurred (i.e., dinner, drinks, movie?)

I can think of one such event. A mutual friend set me up with a woman. We talked on the phone and had a couple of nice conversations. We set up a date for a Saturday night. Basically, dinner and drinks. Place picked out - I made reservations. She asked that I picked her up and rung her apartment buzzer when I arrived. So I did that on this Saturday night (maybe about 10 year... Continue»
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A Nasty Birthday BJ

The following is completely true. I'm a little worried to share it.
But it occurs to me that this is a sex story as well as a blog.


Several years ago, I was out with my Beloved Jonny, my Husband, my reason for living.

We were out at one of our favorite little restaurants, a tiny place. My husband is a food snob, and typically, he cooks every meal in our home. I firmly believe my Jonny is the single greatest cook on earth. Seriously, girls, his dishes are to die for; you've never had a gourmand make something for you like him. That said, if we ever go out to eat, he picks o... Continue»
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a special secretary

Things had been so serious at work, people getting laid off, management making cuts here and there, no one knew who was going to be next, ugh! I'd been working there for 2 months and I thought I was doing a good job, but I couldn't help wondering if I was going to be in the next round of layoffs. I was on my knees by a file cabinet arranging some documents when my boss walked by and stopped to look at me with a serious expression on his face. I looked back at him and smiled nervously then he came up to me and stood right in front of me. I stayed on my knees and looked up at him, he just stared... Continue»
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