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My new assistant - her story.

The year after high school I started taking estrogen. I had been wanting to transition to being a girl for as long as I can remember. After a year I started community college to become an administrative assistant. I turned 21 and graduated from the program on the same day. I was competing with numerous other girls for the top jobs in the job fair after graduation. Luck for me, I got the job I wanted, assistant to the CEO of a small company. Today is the first day on the job. I hope all goes well; I now dress as a woman full time and, due to my narrow shoulders and small features, I easily pa... Continue»
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My Sexual Odyssey Part IV: From Slut to Whore

The next day as I went to work, I wondered what adventures lay before me. In a sense, it was up to me, in that I just had to put myself out there, not to mention put out. Still, the outcomes are unpredictable: I had no way of knowing ahead of time that a coffee date would turn into such a wild experience. When I arrived home I called Tom, and told him everything that happened the previous day. He seemed pleased for me, and encouraged me to continue with my adventures.
I resolved to call another of my admirers from the club, and see what would come of it. As I scanned the remaining scraps of p... Continue»
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I had given myself six full bag enema's to clean myself out completely I had shaved my body hairless and had gotten a mani-pedi...
I put scented lotion all over my body to make it smooth and soft then I dabbed some of my best perfume behind my ears and between my legs...
I put my sexiest nightgown on and waited for him to arrive...Do you think he noticed how amazing I looked or how much time I had put into getting this way I couldn't say as he just grabbed me kissed my lips so hard they felt bruised his rough working hands grabbed my tits and pinched my nipples hard I moaned loudly and when... Continue»
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New Terms

I've felt compelled to express more of my feelings and experiences I've been having while in my current relationship. I'm certain that whats happening with me now is having an effect on me mentally and emotionally. Slowly but surely my mind has started to come to terms with the reality I find myself in, as a totally dependent bitch-toy. My feelings on this matter are all over the map; some nights I cry myself to sl**p overcome with fear and anxiety lamenting the situation I find myself in. There are other times when I feel a sense of security knowing that my choices aren't my own, rather they'... Continue»
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First time for me and first time for my sweet Fem

Hi folks before you read this story I would like to tell that I am looking for friends who are Feminine looking FemBoi, Sissy, CD or cute gay EMO AND would like to exchange dirty PMs from time to time

Checkout my page: ONLY if you are feminine looking and would like to exchange PMs from time to time

Okay now for the story!

I am a retired engineer and to make a little spending money, I tutor college students in Math and Physics. Danny was one of my students, I tutored him one year in freshman Physics and presently in advanced Calculus.

... Continue»
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Nov 2016.

I wasn't exactly sure what kind of building Ariana was bringing me into. It wasn't dirty or dangerous or anything like that, but it wasn't an apartment building either. It seemed like a collection of business suites. She had asked me to be quiet so I didn't want to ask her until we were behind closed doors. When she lead me into the room, it made more sense. The space was small and softly lit, very warm and cozy, with music playing and a padded table in the middle. Very small. She had clearly prepped it before we arrived - it smelled all incense new-agey.

"You're a masseuse?" I asked. She ... Continue»
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A Golden Haired Trap

Hi Folks, I am look for Cds, FemBois, Sissies, and Gay Feminine EMOs to PM with. Please check out my page enjoy all the many vids and photos I have (be sure to click "My Favorites in the phot section, then also click see all)

Read my "About Me" carefully If you like what I say there, then Please send me an invite and the PM I ask for there
Looking forward to people who invite after reading my "About Me"

Here goes Once again this story was written for a friend

Last Wednesday night I was at my favorite watering hole having a drink. The usual cr... Continue»
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This CD Want's To Be Treated Like A Lady

Please visit my page, Enjoy my photos and vids, be sure to click my favorites in Photos. If you like what you read , then send me an invite and the required PM I speak about in "My About Me"

Here we go!

Sammie is my TG/CD girl friend. Let me tell you about are last hookup. I made a date to take Sammie out for dinner on Valentines day. I asked her to geo all out dressing up, makeup clothes boots the whole nine yards. She loved the idea and said yes. I made reservations at a very nice restaurant, it's dimly lit and the music is very low and ... Continue»
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A Little Trap Whore Gets What She Asked For

Hi Folks, please vist my page here Please read and look at it. I f you like what I said and have, then send me an invite and the PM I ask for in my "About Me"

Okay Here we go!

Folks, the way I act in this story was requested by the person who asked me to write it for her. So if I seem a little brutal, that is what the person wanted in the story

A girl who I work with really flattered me. Sammie my supervisor, we get along well except for one time she berated me in front of the whole office. I felt like 2 cents and it made me mad... Continue»
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Started with the fact that I went to Ensk.
Found housing, people are able to help and all vsyakosti.
The girls did a good job and turned me into a very cute and sexy girl. Explained everything to me and from Popular.
Went out together to stroll around town, went to a night club of some kind.
When they came,the girls don't remember what excuse f***ed me to approach men sitting on a bench in TRESTA metres from the club. They were adults, sometimes rude and swearing more, I even became as-that not to myself....
One came up to me, grabbed my buttocks and began to pull. And I have a beautiful ... Continue»
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Three is not a Crowed

Hi folks , please see my xhamster page,, Please read my full profile, I am looking to PM back and forth with CDs, FemBois, Sissies, Feminine looking Gay male EMOs. If after reading my entire profile, please decide to invite me if you are in this group of people and like to PM a lot and talk dirty

Okay here is another story I wrote for a friend, she gave me the genral plot, that she wanted a 3 some and one of the men had to have a BBC. I took it from there

Here we go ready?

I'm Michael I knock around jobs and I work all over the world. When I was working as a ... Continue»
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She made me a slave sissy

Please check out my profile here on xhamster it is Please read the ENTIRE "About Me" I love to PM back and forth with CDs, Fem Bois, Sissies and Feminine Gay Male EMOs etc. After reading the entire "About Me" I hope that you decide to send and invite and the one line PM I talk about there. Become a friend and I will write a story tailored just for you as this one was done for another friend

Folks As I said in my profile I am straight, but I also said in my profile that I would write whatever a person requests me to, so please bear that in mind, I wrote a... Continue»
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A Night with Kimny

Hi Kimny

I hope this is what you had in mind

I work as an engineering consultant, Things got crazy and I had to meet a client, her name is Kimny, at her house Friday night to help out as it could not wait till next Monday

Kimny is a very attractive young woman. There always was some kind of chemistry between us but we never mentioned it but we both knew that we were mutually attracted to each other.

Her face and hair were to die for and she is so sweet and oh so feminine in every way.
I got to her house around 8pm. She was dressed in her jeans and nice a top and was made up very... Continue»
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When I Discovered I Was the Girl Next Door

A few years ago I discovered my passion for cross-dressing. It began with shaving my legs and cock, and eventually led to shopping on the weekends for the perfect outfits to wear around the house while I was alone. I had a roommate who did not know this side of me, so I would wait until he was at work or out with friends to be the girl I wanted to be.

At first I would confine myself to my bedroom with the door locked, just in case he would happen to come home early, but eventually I found myself doing every day things dressed as Katelyn. My outfits slowly evolved from casual girls tshirts a... Continue»
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Trapped and loved it

It was last Tuesday night, I was driving home down 765 when I saw a car parked on the shoulder and a beautiful girl in her early twenty's waving me down. She was gorgeous , she had a beautiful face, nice brown shoulder length hair and man she had this short skirt with stockings and high heeled boots. I naturally stopped and approached her. I asked if she was broken down. No she replied, she went to a new mall and tried to take a short cut home and she is driving in circles for the last hour lost. I offered to put her address into my GPS and then if I could give her verbal directions home. She ... Continue»
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My Sexual Odyssey Part 2: Becoming a Slut

A continuation of the journey described in part 1:

After having had a few experiences, I became slightly more comfortable with my sexuality. I decided to branch out a bit, and see what life had to offer. I wondered whether there were any bars or clubs that I could go to to meet people who were looking for someone like me, so I went online and discovered, that yes, there were quite a few such places. It is so wonderful having the internet at times like these; I have no idea how I would have learned about these things without being able to go online.
I found a bar which appeared to cater to ... Continue»
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My Sexual Odyssey Part III: Becoming a Slut (Conti

A continuation of the journey described in part 2:

We got to Tom’s car, and he opened the door for me, then walked around and got in himself. The drive was short and uneventful, and we parked behind the club. There were some people arriving at the same time we were, and I noticed several who looked like they could be CD’s. We approached the club’s entrance, and I began to feel more relaxed. It is always uncertainty that is anxiety- producing, and once we arrived, the uncertainty diminished considerably; I now could see, not merely imagine, what we were going to be doing.
As we entered the ... Continue»
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All characters are over 18

Béa was sexy femboy when she found a wild runaway boy. She decided to take care of him and raise him like her little b*****r. Together they discovered and revealed their feminine side and grew up into beautiful transvestites girls. Discovering each others body and transforming together they soon became lovers, living perfect life together until zombies attack the city. Béa was transformed into zombie but Lilly changed her back by having sex with her. Now more zombies got into the house

[image] Continue»
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The Next Morning

There was one constant in David’s world- he only recognized one 10 o’clock a day and it was not 10 AM. I was always up with the sun no matter how late I stayed up, so this allowed me several hours to get myself ready before he ever even opened his eyes. After our love making session on the couch we had showered and dressed and went out to an early dinner. I wore a cute little black tiered mini skirt with a soft blue V-neck t-shirt with a white scalloped lace bolero jacket and cute 3” heel blue booties that matched the t-shirt and really showed off my shapely legs. My hair was swept up off my f... Continue»
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Sauna Visit

After my previous visit to Northwich Sauna a few months ago I booked Wednesday off work to make another visit on TV/TS day. I had arrange to meet up with a TV called Julie in there in advance, so headed off quite early to spend a good few hours there.

I paid up and striped off, taking my towel with me. As I usual do I walk round the upstairs area to see what action is happening. Plenty of guys walking around or sat down watching porn. The porn room had a couple of guys in there.The large playroom and gloryhole area were all empty. Along the way were several TV's sat chatting. I made my way ... Continue»
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