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Being the DD has benefits

My wife and I got roped in to helping bartend at a friends wedding. Ok, what I really mean is this was small town Iowa and I got roped in to pouring beers, changing out the keg, and making sure the high school k**s didn't get d***k After all, two of their teachers just got married, so not exactly like they could get away with sneaking beers.

As the night went on, wife and her group of friends got d***ker and louder. My wife decided it woulud be a good idea for me to bring them their rounds of beers so they didn't have to get up for them. Lucky me, right?

As the night wore on, the lad... Continue»
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My Sexy Damn Angel Teacher Needed Sex

Hello! This is Mahindra from Andhra Pradesh. I am fair in complexion with height 5.9″ and my gun 6″ long.& 2.5″ dia. I do not want to delay.

Now coming to the story. This all happened during my bachelors. At that time I am the class representative. Coming to my sexy damn angel, her name was lalitha. She is our science professor. Her stats were 36-34-38, her age was around 36.

She was married and having two k**s. She always wear sarees. I can see her bra strips clearly from the back when she was writing on the board. Her
... Continue»
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My Surprise

I'm on my way to the massage appointment that my lover set up for me two weeks ago. I haven't seen him since we spent three long days together at the Condominium. We made love all day and all night. That was three weeks ago! I was so excited to get his text letting me know about the first surprise he had planned for me. It didn't take me no time to get in my car and head there. I'm smiling ear to ear, and can't wait to get there. Once I arrived I checked in and headed to the back locker room to prepare myself for the RUB down I was about to receive. I arrived twenty minutes ahead of my appoint... Continue»
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Unlimited Fun With A beauty With Brain

This story was between me and Sheetal (Name Changed) – a beauty with brain. Her figure was like 34-30-36 and she was really fair and her height was like 5 foot 5 inch and I am tall, athletic and handsome.

I saw Sheetal first at Chicago Airport travelling to Mumbai and then at that time I decided if not sex at least have friendship with her. She was arguing to have window seat but unfortunately it was full. So I asked the lady at the airline I will like to give her mine.

Initially she was apprehensive to have it but late
... Continue»
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Sex Training With s****r

Hi guys,

This is Sam from Mumbai. I am going to narrate this true incident which happened to me a few months back. I am a regular reader of FSI, but I was really into this i****t stuff and more so the s****r part of it.

I have a cousin s****r who studies in Bangalore and she is really hot “property”!!! I was kinda attracted towards her but I never thought that I would have sex with her and I never had the intention to do so.
We both were very close to each other, and she used to listen to all my problems very patiently
... Continue»
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Didn't want my cum

This is a short story about one day when my girlfriend came to visit me in college. My first year I had an apartment to myself because of my parents and every few weekends my g/ f would visit me. When she came we would sometimes have sex our relationship was a bit strained at the time because of the distance. I would always try to make the sex we did have that much better for myself by edging for a while before she came and taking a lot of supplements meant to improve make orgasm.

One weekend she was coming by I had edged for a while the week before, I would basically spend a lot of my off... Continue»
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Cream Shake

True story, circa 1997, I achieved what alot of guys fantasize about, having two hot sexy ladies get freaky, then invite me to join in. Now this just didn't happen overnight, but it been about two years in the making ,on the ends of a long and debauched sexual affair. I met my hottie( right away she admitted to me that she was married) at a club, she has horrible breath was all that I could remember, I never seen her before and she also told me she was new in town. To me she was just another d***k Barfly, I definitely had my share of lying back in those days and I tried to steer clear of wom... Continue»
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Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Soulda, Woulda, Coulda

So, Idk if I have a bad picker or if I just have bad luck but another try to find my lover has gone down the drain. This time I didn't even get to be in the same room.... Which from hindsight is for the best...

So I had been talking to this handsome San Antonio married man, who has no c***dren yet. We took it slow, as he was nervous about meeting someone from a porn site... With good reason, Id say! Haha And that's why I like to meet first as well... So anyways, we get to know each other some. He is a professional and enjoys shooting guns. Two pluses in my book. ... Continue»
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nurul jilbabers

Namaku Arif, aku bekerja di sebuah kantor BUMN. Aku sudah menikah selama 3 tahun dengan istriku. Walau kami belum dikaruniai anak, kami sangat bahagia karena istriku adalah orang yang pandai sekali menyenagkan suami. Sepertinya tidak ada habisnya sensasi, gaya, dan teknik yang istriku peragakan setiap kami bergumul di ranjang. Aku 7 tahun lebih tua dari istriku yang kini berusia 28 tahun. Beberapa waktu lalu, rumah kami semakin berwarna ketika adik bungsu istriku yang kuliah kedokteran di salah satu perguruan tinggi negeri tengah menjalankan Koass di salah satu Rumah Sakit negeri yang kebetula... Continue»
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nikmatnya abg

“kamu dari mana rul?” tanyaku kepada nurul ketika dia baru kembali.
“dari jalan-jalan.” jawab nurul singkat,tanpa ada menoleh sedikit kearahku.

cerita dewasa ya sudah aku pikir,nurul sedang males cerita dan lelah kali ya sepulang jalan-jalan..dan aku pun akhirnya memutuskan untuk tidur,setelah membersihakn gitarku, hingga pada tengah malam itu,badanku digoncang-goncang oleh orang disebelahku,dengan sedikit setengah sadar,aku bangun dan melihat siapa orang yang berani mengganggu tidurku yang
sedang nyenyak ini. dan ternyata adalah nurul

“ehh,kamu rul.. kenapa sii?”tanyaku kenurul sambil... Continue»
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The Naiads of Thessaly Springs

This is the story of Wendell Connors, a recently divorced man of middle age and very active imagination, who has taken residence in an apartment community, where he finds both solace and excitement in his poolside home. With the help and encouragement he receives from his cheery and charming young neighbors, he finds new life, and a second chance at love.

This is a work of fiction. All rights are reserved.

. . . . .


The Naiads of Greek mythology were nymphs found in or near bodies ... Continue»
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penari bispak

Sialnya, hari itu pasar agak sepi, dan sesudah dua jam saya baru dapat Rp5000 sesudah menari di pangkalan ojek. Saya nggak bisa konsentrasi, kepala penuh dengan pikiran, gimana caranya supaya nanti kalau pulang sudah punya cukup uang untuk bayar kontrakan. Belum utang-utang lainnya. Menjelang siang, saya sedang jalan di barisan toko-toko besar di samping Pasar.

Dan di depan toko beras paling besar di Pasar, saya melihat Juragan sedang menghitung segepok uang. Beliau baru saja terima uang banyak, rupanya ada orang yang habis mborong. Saya waktu itu cuma kenal beliau sebagai ‘Juragan’. Beliau... Continue»
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Agent Sheva: The 7 Month Trial to Promotion

Note: The entire series is completely fictional; characters are of my own creation. As well as there may be minor v******e but only for this chapter. The first chapter is basically details for the plot. If you wish to avoid that then read chapter 2.
New Mexico, 12:45 AM
“Fox Trot, this is Bravo Team. We are ready to fire. I repeat we are ready to fire, over.”
“Bravo this is Fox Trot, please wait for our single, over.”
Deep in the dark and cold night of New Mexico, two FBI Special Weapons and Tactics Team were 6 kliks (3.8 miles) away from making the biggest bust in narcotics and... Continue»
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mila II

Besoknya jam 10 .50 pagi , pintu kantornya di ketuk . Dan Milla masuk menemui pak Solihin . “ Ah Milla , sayang kamu tepat waktu , “ kata pak Solihin, sambil melihat jam tangannya .

Lalu pak Solihin , duduk di sofa . Milla masih berdiri , terpaku . Dia menunggu dan menebak kira kira apa perintah gurunya .

“ Milla , kamu boleh pilih , mau aku entot , apa kulum ******Ku sampai aku keluar..” kata gurunya . Milla diam dan menjawab pelan “ saya kulum punya bapak saja..” .

“ Ok , tapi kamu buka rok kamu yah , saya mau lihat celana dalam kamu..” kata pak Solihin lagi . Milla membuka roknya... Continue»
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Fucking when you weren't Planning on it

I recalled a story that I'm sure is not so uncommon. It falls under the variety of 'having sex when you weren't planning on going all the way.' I went on a blind date when I was in my early 20's. The woman, Sara, and I instantly hit it off. Our mutual friend knew that I liked curvy women (which Sara blessedly was) and that Sara liked skinny guys as long as (or especially if) they had big cocks. Our mutual friend was a platonic friend of mine, Kelly, but she knew I fit the bill in terms of thinness but with a big cock when I (purposely) lost in a college strip poker game. Best two pair I ever f... Continue»
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How to finger your girl the right way

How to finger your girl the right way

We thought that while we already provide for your virtual sex life, it wouldn’t hurt to pimp your real sex life up a tiny bit. So here’s your answer to the question how to finger a woman the way she can finally start believing in God again – as you know, we take religious beliefs very seriously.And exactly like in the Bible, we think that religion starts directly in the vagina. But unlike in the Bible, we think that you have to put something in there first before anything cool can happen. For example a finger.
Why should you finger her in the first pla... Continue»
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Birthday Girl Wanted Tattoo On Her Chest

Hi everyone. My name is Amith(name changed). I am a professional tattooist.

This incident happened few days back. I have my own tattoo Studio in Bangalore. I’m good at tattooing. As every professional tattooists do not tattoo in the customers place I was also following the same. Because it spoils our reputation. But this incident totally changed my character. Without wasting time I will come to stor
... Continue»
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mila kusayang

Milla ABG yang masih duduk di bangku SMP , tapi sudah sering berganti ganti cowok . Karena ke cantikan dan ke sexy-an nya telah menarik birahi wali kelasnya . Wali kelasnya berhasil memancingnya ke kantornya , dan memperkosanya di sana , tidak hanya itu wali kelasnya juga berencana menjadikan Milla budak sexnya.

“ Milla , lihat hasil ulangan kamu , tidak lebih dari angka 4 “ kata pak Solihin . Milla menundukan kepalanya .

“ Apa kamu pikir bisa , naik kelas dengan hasil seperti ini , sebentar lagi ujian kenaikan kelas , bagaimana ini..” kata pak Solihin lagi .

“ ma maaf pak..” kata Mil... Continue»
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alya dan om bejo

Alya berdiri di tengah pos kamling sambil memeluk dirinya sendiri yang kedinginan terkena udara malam. Tubuh Alya masih terus bergetar, bukan dikarenakan oleh dinginnya semilir angin tapi karena perasaannya yang campur aduk.

“Uhhhhhmmm.” Desah Alya lirih saat tubuh hangat Pak Bejo memeluknya dari belakang. Pria tambun itu tidak perlu berbasa-basi dan ingin langsung menyantap hidangan utama yang lezat yang disuguhkan oleh ibu rumah tangga yang masih muda dan sangat cantik ini. Tangan Pak Bejo bergerak menyusur seluruh tubuh Alya sementara dia menempelkan tubuhnya sendiri di belakang sang ibu... Continue»
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alya dan om bejo anals

Pak Bejo mengelus seluruh tubuh Alya tanpa ada perlawanan berarti. Seluruh perasaan dan keinginan Alya untuk melawan hilang ditelan oleh kenikmatan orgasme yang baru saja dirasakannya. Pak Bejo mengecup pantat Alya yang bulat, mulus dan kencang. Beberapa kecupan meninggalkan bekas cupang memerah di pantat Alya. Pak Bejo merenggangkan kedua sisi pantat itu dan mulai menjilat lubang kecil yang berada di tengah, tepat di atas bibir vagina Alya yang masih meneteskan air mani. Lubang anus Alya dibuka sedikit melebar.

Tanpa aba-aba, Pak Bejo mencelupkan jari ke dalam vagina Alya, menciduk cairan ... Continue»
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