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This is a incident which happened two years back when I joined a new firm.the story is about my boss mrs kusum chaddha.after and before this incident I had lesbian sex with many women who were younger than college I did lesbian sex with girls but this was the best and most memorable was with mrs kusum chaddha who is older than me.By her experience and perfection she gave me lovely orgasm.she was the best.I was new in firm I was not much familiar to her as she was from different department.she was in her mid-forties,busty lady,5,10 tall,fair,good looking figure 40-32-38.she was a mother o... Continue»
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Two years ago I was working for an advertising agency. I had been an executive for several years when Miranda was hired. She was very bubbly, perky, voluptuous 23 year old. I have always had a weakness for curvy women. Miranda was a temp hire, she was filling a position by another woman who was one maternity leave. Soon after she started working there, several young men tried to woo her. On occasion I would use my dry sarcastic humor to scare away Miranda's would be suitors.
Miranda assisted me with monitoring the frequency and time of when our advertising ads aired. We met daily at 4:30pm d... Continue»
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Surprise in Boston ,Chapter 2 The Christmas Gift

Chapter 2 The Christmas gift

This Christmas was on a Friday and since I had vacation time coming and an invitation to visit f****y on the holidays I took the week off before Christmas. On Sunday December 20th the whole f****y went up to a Holiday party at my b*****rs house. He had one every year with f****y and friends. Since it was so warm this year the party spilled onto the porch outside and the menu was more summer than winter. My Niece Heather AKA April was there and made sure to give me a big hug and kiss when I arrived. She introduced me to her friend Sarah, a petit blonde blue-eye... Continue»
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Mai aksar burkha pahen kar hi bahar jaati hoon, mai college jane ke waqt hamesha raste mein chalte log meri mast jawani ko nangi nazrou se dekhte aur kuch to comments bhi kaste ke, kya maal hai saali burkhe mein bhi hokar lund ko pagal karrahi hai.. Meri gali mein ek ladka tha uska naam ramesh tha, wo aksar gali ke nukkar per hi baitha rahta aur uska aksar baithna to mere ghar ke samne hi tha..khair wo aksar mujhe chedta rahta aur gandi gandi batien karta aate jate waqt, mai bhi uski batou ke maze leti rahti, ek din ki baat hai mai apni saheli asma ke ghar gayi usne mujhe nangi film batayi, w... Continue»
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A chance meeting on a train with a virgin.

A chance meeting on a train with a virgin.

This is not real - it is just story.

I’m Jack and I’m travelling to Scotland on business. I’m 55, fit, dark short hair (with salt and pepper highlights), trim but carrying a little extra around the waist. My wife says I look distinguished – ‘does that mean old?’ Sitting opposite is a 21 year old brunette, 5ft 4 with a large bosom. She has an attractive face and, like me, could do with losing a couple of pounds. She’s been on the phone for 30 minutes obviously talking to her friends. She’s Scottish with bubbly outgoing personality. If I wa... Continue»
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Demon Dream

Last Saturday night, I brought a guy home, looking to get fucked. Turned out he was a wimp: when I said "no," he actually took me seriously and stopped! Jesus! Whatever happened to men?????

After he left, I was frustrated, my body on fire with the need for cock. Before wimping out, he had fondled my breasts and licked my nipples. I was insane with lust! I went to bed alone, my tits hot and swollen, nipples erect, my cunt soaking wet. I'm amazed I got to sl**p at all. At least, I think I slept!

I lay nude on top of the covers, my long, smooth left leg lying straight, ... Continue»
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Tips for males on first date with a female - How t

This is a tip for first dates (or second if you're with a prude). I am sure that I didn't "invent" this position, but I've never heard any of my friends recount a story with it (until after I told them I used it). But if it is of interest, I'll share it.

I've been married for eight years now, but when I was single I used this all the time. Basically, I would lay on my back. So would the female. I would straddle her right leg over my torso and proceed to perform cunnilingus. Not too original, you're thinking. The reason you've got to try this if you haven't already done so is to confirm what... Continue»
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The one time I was 'taken for the team'

I previously posted an account of my 'taking a woman for the team,' and how blissful an experience it was. Fair is fair, and now I'd like to share a story in which a woman 'took me for the team.' It was the early 2000's. A buddy of mine was first dating a girl and I went out with them and this girl's friend. The girl's friend was turned off (or intimidated) by my intellect. I forget what she said to her friend or how it was re-packaged for my ears, but after this first outing she did not hook up with me because she thought I was too much of a brain (or some such crap).

I was not overly at... Continue»
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The Not So Quik Stop!

So there I am standing in line at the corner gas-stop/foodmart. Last in line behind four really pissed off people who have already been standing there for quite some time.

After joining them, I've been in line for about two minutes, the first fuel customer, a lady in her mid thirties, retrieves a small fold of bills from her purse and leaves it on the counter. She then departs the store, hops in her car and leaves.

The second patron, an older man in a bermuda shirt and kahki shorts, says "Fuck this..." takes a map book from the stand, walks away from the store and hops into an RV and h... Continue»
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New Years Eve party blowjob in car December 31 201

Of course all of my stories are true and of my exploits. So this past new years eve, I had a few parties that I had to hit. Two were client ball/types one at my new directors house and one at the Hilton Americas in Houston. My new girlfriend was going to attend the the last two with me. I planned to hit client a in Galleria from 7-8, client two in Galleria 8:15-9, my new Directors at his house in River Oaks 9:30-10:30 then the party with my girl downtown at Hilton Americas 11 until. I was already in my black suit as we had a meeting in the office at 4 then dispensed to various client par... Continue»
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Watching Neighbor 2

My neighbor Linda lived down the block from me and I had seen her get fucked by her "friend" as well as her boyfriend. I have not been able to have a repeat of that session (although I have looked enough), Linda came to me and asked if she could "borrow" $50.00. Well I knew that there were two chances I would ever see that money again (Little and None), But I humored her telling her that I would lend it to her if she would allow me to touch her titties. She always declined and said she was NOT THAT kind of girl. I just smiled at her and she left.
2 days later I was just getting home when she ... Continue»
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Magic Cream

Found this story in the internet, thought would be worth sharing

Magical Cream

It was a normal day in the Washington area, raining, and a bit cold. I would use the word 'pouring', but not for the state of Washington. Anyhow, somewhere under the shelter of a bus stop, sat a woman, this woman was 22, 5'6", a set of B-cups, and short brown hair, along with decent figure, along with a decent personality. Her name was Liz; she'd been there for maybe 10 min. before her bus showed up. When she climbed on, she immediately saw one of her best friends. Her name was Janet. The two were near i... Continue»
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Letter to a Super Stud

A story of revenge and punishment.

Dear Super Stud,

You seduced my Caroline too and you did write me a letter explaining what you did together. So thoughtful of you. It is not the first letter you wrote to men you considered as wimps, is it? I hope you will enjoy your time with Caroline today. I saw to it she is well prepared. I put what I thought she should wear on her bed, the thin white semi transparent silk blouse, a short black skirt and a pair of high heels. I am sorry to say; just before she went out the door I found out she had been so careless as to have panties on... Continue»
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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Husband Scorned.....

A husband comes to grips with infidelity and seeks revenge.

Bill Trebelov stood frozen and helpless, watching his beloved wife snuggle warmly into the arms of their next door neighbor, Roger. Emily smiled so brightly, she seemed to illuminate from within. She wore a flimsy yellow sundress that left little to the imagination. Her shapely body fit perfectly in Roger's embrace, as if they were two pieces of a puzzle.

They were laughing, surrounded by friends and neighbors with familiar, yet strangely indistinguishable, faces. Roger whispered something into Emily's ear, and it ... Continue»
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What a wake up call

I've been up all night studying for an exam I have coming up in psychology and I've fallen asl**p at the desk it's been a long night and I'm so tired I can resist anymore so I just lay back and fell asl**p in the chair.
I'm having an amazing dream you have came back home and have stripped naked and are slowly rubbing my cock in my boxers. The dream feels so real it's so goddamn good. I open my eyes and see your head in my lap bobbing up and down as you suck on my cock it feels so good you notice I've woken up and look me in the eye and you continue to suck my cock I reach down and start to r... Continue»
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How we met - She got the magic juice (Part 1)

Memories of a girlfriend from the 80's - How we met

We met at a disco. She was together with a friend having some fun in town. We started talking and after a short time we went to the dance floor - She danced very close and I gave up trying to hide that I had a hard on and started to push my leg between hers when dancing around - She gave me a knowing smile and we had another few dances.
It was hot and the music was very loud inside the disco and we decided to get some fresh air - She went to her friend and whispered something and we went outside in the nice summer night.

Outside we ... Continue»
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I think I might be the dirtiest girl on x-Hamster

You acquire habits from watching porn if you watch it enough. Like, I’ve been into wearing socks during sex. I must have seen it in a porn video recently. Any socks will do but coloured ones are best, and not short ones—socks that go up the calf a little. Thick ones. Knee socks, of course, especially mid thigh ones, wow, they make my pussy wet. Makes me feel younger, like a little girl starting all over.

I like most porn categories. I like lesbians. I like strippers. I like socks. I like babysitters. I like The Milton Twins. I like lap dances. I like swingers. I like room mates. I like b***... Continue»
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Just twenty four hours

I'm hoping that writing this will help get it out of my mind. Not so much a story as a fantasy, with no real end, but I'd love to hear ideas to help continue my thoughts
OK, last year I was in Lanzarote and mainly went to one bar. It wasn't a gay bar as such but the guys I met were. The main 2 were about 50. Maybe mid 50s. Just normal guys. One quite tall and the other pretty chubby. I'm thinking the tall guy is quite well hung, but nothing too huge, and the chubby guy a bit smaller.
So, anyway, its set there. Or with those 2 guys anyway.

I admit my darkest fantasy and we agree to carry ... Continue»
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You have to love it. You’re about to leave work on a Friday evening. You’ve tidied up your desk a bit so things are in order on Monday. Check your phone for messages to finalize your plans for that night. You’re all amped up for whatever the weekend may bring and then wham! Your boss drops a stack of legal documents an inch high that needs to be proof-red right away. Would love to grab him by the belt and throw his ass out of the god-damned window…. Wave bye-bye as he screams for 18 stories. But I have bills to pay, so it looks like his feet will stay on solid ground.

So that was my... Continue»
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Friends with benefits Part TWO (Edith)

this is the second part of my fantasy....

It took me about 3 minutes to decide what matching set I was going to wear for the night out with my friend. I found a very sexy Simone Pêrele satin demi bra with its matching thong, that was my choice, I turned around to my friend which was in her "born suit" and "I CHOOSE THIS ONE... you sexy bitch!"

She gave me the ok look, "lets get dress first and then I am going to put you make up, I have couple of ideas, do you mine if I take pictures.....hahahahah whom I am k**ding, I am going to take tons of pictures, my sexy friend.

I ... Continue»
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