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Panties with Matching Earrings

We are an “ah hoc” team thrown together for this development project. I am Robbie, and I am a contract engineer specializing in electronic sensors. There is our resident geek, Markie who handles the electronics end of things. Mr. Cho stops by from time to time as he is the representative of the company who actually manufactures the product. Marlene, the designer is in charge of making sure that everything is tasteful and attractive. And there is “J” who is our intern and general good sport about things.

What is that we are developing? Well, I thought it was a tasteless joke when I was told ... Continue»
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My Surprise Birthday Treat at the Stables

My Surprise Birthday Treat at the Stables

I’m Jack and on my 40th birthday my wife Sam went to the stables as usual. Not even a Birthday ‘playing with’ or even a kiss. So I plan to ravish her upon her return regardless of her wishes. I reframe from watching Xhamster vids and pleasuring myself so I can deposit a full load into my wife’s welcoming pussy. After a leisurely shower and a birthday fry up, I am set for the day ahead.

9.30 I receive a text that says ‘burst pipe please come immediately and bring your toolbox’. Shit! That’s buggered my day! Throwing my tool box in the truck I was... Continue»
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Roma Revenge I: The Metamorphosis

This is the first part of my second novel. See my profile for details.
My name is Shawna. At least, according to my driver’s license it is. I used to be Shawn Milner, a relatively successful businessman with a bit of a drinking habit. I had lived as Shawn for twenty-seven very satisfied years, taking what I wanted from life and giving it my charming company in return. Even when that company was unwanted.
I was handsome, bold, strong… I really had it all. Not that I didn’t work hard at some of it; it takes more than wishful thinking and good genes to earn a squa... Continue»
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You’d think I could get the chapter headings consistent and then of course there is the out order issue. Maybe someday I’ll go back and rearrange them. But I digress. It’s time we met Barbara.
I mentioned before that we worked for the same company but in different departments. We met when my group decided to go out for happy hour one Friday. Someone knew people in sales and invited them. Barbara was in sales and she came along. We hit it off pretty well, but made no plans or anything like that. I had a steady girl at the time and her status wasn’t discussed... Continue»
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Free Greek nude camping - pt1

Early summer, I clot from everyday life and I realized that is Saturday morning that I have no obligations.
Oops I'm thinking, I will go to the sea. I make a couple of phone calls to some girlfriends, but naught.
Checking forecast, fickle weather.
Fuck the weather I say, I am loading the necessaries for a nudist beach with free camping and I depart.
Noon'm there. Loaded tents, mattresses, food, etc., descend the cliff of about 150 meters to get to the shore and ... there I am.
On another planet, the secluded beach with woods behind, right and left large rocks in front of me the light blue... Continue»
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The Bra from Hell

They are kind of rare these days but this was an actual cocktail party given by the professional association to which I belong. So being work related I had no choice but to be there. This one was easy as it was held in a restaurant’s bar and I was going to meet friends afterward.

I was standing in line waiting to get a drink when a very lovely woman got in line behind me. When I looked to see who it was thinking perhaps it might be a colleague, she gave me a welcoming smile so I said, “Can I buy you a drink?” “Well since they are courtesy of the association I guess you can!” she ... Continue»
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The Bra from Hell

They are kind of rare these days but this was an actual cocktail party given by the professional association to which I belong. So being work related I had no choice but to be there. This one was easy as it was held in a restaurant’s bar and I was going to meet friends afterward.

I was standing in line waiting to get a drink when a very lovely woman got in line behind me. When I looked to see who it was thinking perhaps it might be a colleague, she gave me a welcoming smile so I said, “Can I buy you a drink?” “Well since they are courtesy of the association I guess you can!” she said wi... Continue»
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Anal Week

Anal Week

Kathryn could feel her period was approaching. She tingled with excitement because she knew what that meant. It meant her man would have no choice in the matter he would have to fuck her arse. She cheekily rang Brad and declared her "friend" had arrived and with feigned sadness said her cunt was out of action for a few days. Brad's sadness was equally insincere. "You know what that means? You can only fuck me me up my arse!" she intoned.

Brad grinned as he said "well you know I can't stop fucking you because you want cock no matter what, so it will just have to be in your ars... Continue»
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The first adventure of Masha, Silenos and MrCockTa

Masha feeds MrCockTail, the masturbating a****l. Used condoms are his favorite food.
In the past, when MrCockTail was young, he could put his nose into everything. He worked much for Catholik church, the Russian and the American secret service. He is old today and gets backache always from masturbating and his nose is often blocked. In addition, he sees no longer so well where he puts his nose. Now he spends his days in Sileno's workshop.
Masha has got to know him there. She likes MrCockTail and brings him all used condoms she carefully collects. Today she gives him an old ,used Dig whic... Continue»
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It has been ten years since the League of Women voters became the main governing body of what used to be the continental United States, now called the principality of Susan B Anthony. Ten years since men were stripped of all power and were f***ed to take more submissive roles. Attractiveness, breading quality and most importantly, penis size were the only factors of judging a mans worth.

If you were a fit attractive male with a large cock, you got to enjoy a leasurely life of nice cars big houses and sex with all the attractive women you could ever want. If you were flabby and out of shape ... Continue»
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An Easter Tale

An Easter Tale for Sariboo

Something to think about when the sermon goes too long this Sunday

Sari is a friend of my daughters, and since she moved to my area at some distance from her home, and my former home, I have tried to help her to adjust to being on her own. I helped her find an apartment, move in, a trip to Ikea to get furniture (and much assembly required), a search for just the right pots and pans; well you get the picture. And once or twice a week I take her to lunch or dinner. I try and find places that a twenty something would like.

We have become qui... Continue»
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Skinny dipping with mates GF

Unusually for me I had been working in Town on a project, it was one of those gorgeous late spring days with the sun shining hot and bright. Not at all like the bleak cold of our current dirge.

There was an unexpected knock at the door, when upon answering it I found Jo standing there. “Hello” she said, “I saw your car parked outside and thought I’d see how you are?” I explained that I was fine and invited her in to see what I was up to. She came and I said that I was surprised to see her as I had expected her to be at the Wedding.

I should maybe explain here that Jo was my best mate Jon... Continue»
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More makeup sex because it’s awesome

He pressed his lips to hers as he pushed the tip of his dick inside her gently, the whimper she let out made his arms quiver at either side of her head, and she held onto the side of his face so she could kiss him even deeper, while he filled her further and further until she was full.

“Oh,” she pulled away enough to whisper against his lips, “that’s so good.”

A few days before had been their biggest fight yet; real yelling, real hurt feelings, real tears, and it had been the first time it took a while to resolve it. In bed together, kissing, and feeling him inside her, it reminded them ... Continue»
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The game begins

"Ohhh baby, baby, baby, , , harder baby yes FUCK!"

wait what? "FUCK"

This word from my wife rang some bells that got rust all over them in past eight years of relationship I had with my wife.

Yes I come from a conservative society where husband and wife are to be formal with each other. In past eight years I never heard my wife say Fuck while we were making love. It was always silent or only moans. I have to admit that my wife moans real good and at times only her moans can get me to spray it inside her that she describes as the best feeling she craves for :). So this word got me to s... Continue»
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Hands-free quasi-orgasm in college

I always got a kick out of the idea of cumming without oral, genital or even tactile stimulation from a female. Just the turn-on of being with her, seeing her nude. I have to admit, it hasn't happened often to me, but I'd like to recount one such type of experience.

I remember it like it was yesterday - I met a girl named Valerie who was two years younger than me at a fraternity party in 1998. We went back to my apartment and started hooking up like crazy. I think it took about 5 minutes for us both to get down to our underwear. So when I took off her panties and she spread her legs there... Continue»
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Awoke the other night like I have so often recently, with a leaky dick straining to burst. Falling back to sl**p was out of the question so I grabbed hold and slowly started rubbing my cock, closed my eyes and started dreaming.....She came into my room and climbed on top of me. We were both naked and our hands roamed freely all over each other. She let out a sweet sigh of delight as I cupped her beautiful breasts, and spread her legs a bit as my hand found its way t... Continue»
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The Pill - Part 4

This is the Fourth chapter in the story of my adventures in London, on the day when I took a small pink pill and my face and body transformed into that of a beautiful young woman. However, I knew that I only had 24 hours before the effects wore off and so determined not to miss any opportunity, I had a day of sexual adventures, some planned, some on the spur of the moment.

The story so far: I had started my day in the back of a van, in a multi-storey car park, choosing the outfits I would wear during the day, and discovering the wonders of my new female body. I had then greatly improved th... Continue»
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b*****r & Mother In Law

b*****r & Mother In Law
Summer was right around the corner. I arrive to my girlfriends house to hang out with her f****y.
The only thing different this time is that she will not be there. She is on work duties which
requires her to travel. The same time I get there her b*****r and mother get back from
swimming at their pool located in the middle of their apartment complex. We all step inside and
it wasn’t the hottest point of the year yet but good enough. I noticed their moms nipples showing
just a bit. They weren’t fully erect but you can surely see enough. She was a two­piece
swimming... Continue»
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The big hips nurse.

This is the story of a young man by which we will refer to him as "Mr. Fernando," well, Mr. Fernando, a 25-year-old was in a hospital, had suffered a car accident, but mild, recuperating in hospital , Mr. fernando met a very special nurse, she referred to as "Heloiza" Heloiza was particularly special, as it was a very dedicated and loving with Mr. fernando nurse, was a woman much older than the young fernando, but what lamaba the young of this nurse's attention was her big hips, which so imagine, had a huge rear, tailor-made for the "Fernando" it was a crazy addict big back, especially if they... Continue»
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Actual CFNM from college days

I was friends with two roommates, Katie and Laura, who had an apartment in a building I lived in my sophomore year. I'll be honest, neither of them were very attractive. So I never made a play for either of them, but in frank conversations as college students often have I revealed that I had a large penis. (They didn't believe me (or claimed not to) because I was then, as I am now, a skinny guy.) We all know it's not the case, but they insisted that a guy as thin as me could not have as thick and long of a penis as I was describing.

I resisted the temptation to whip it out, hoping instead t... Continue»
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