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Wife fucks old man (true story)

My wife and I had talked about sharing her with other men for years and years and lt finally happened. I was 34 and Jen was 28 at the time it happened two years ago. Jen is naturally beautiful 5'10" 135 pounds 36 C she has brown hair with blonde highlights a nice tan toned body that you can't help but want to fuck. She is always well put together and loves to wear sexy outfits that shows off her long legs eccentuated by her high heels. Jen has such a nice tight neat pussy that she keeps completely bald it is by far the best I have ever had.

we had talked about her fucking other g... Continue»
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a valentines gift

A few years for valentines day my hubby bought me a vibrator, it was a standard one about 8inches long. That evening I was home from work early, i shower and slowly got dressed waiting for my husband to pick me up so we could go out for our valentines day dinner. In the days building up, I'd gone to the shops and bought a bright red lingerie set, which I wore that night to suprise him. But of course when he got home I had put a sexy black dress on to cover the lingerie while out at dinner.

We went out to this romantic restaurant and had a lovely dinner with a few drinks. Soon after dinner w... Continue»
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Preliminary Christmas Capers

I picked up the ringing phone to hear a husky, sensuous, breathy female voice say, "This is a voice from your past," the tone hinting at many past and future delights.

"Ah, yes," I replied, "But which one, is the question."

She giggled coyly. "Well, I suppose I shouldn't be offended because it is about ten years since I was in there. Hi, it's me, Livia."

My mind raced back the decade in nanoseconds. Livia had been a randy, lascivious student who had an enormous appetite for any sort of sensual pleasure. For various, now irrelevant reasons, I had been unable to enjoy her as fully as I ... Continue»
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The Nymphs and the GILF – by SBarak 1

The Nymphs and the GILF – a Story by SBarak 1

This is story #7 in the Nymph series. It follows ‘You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden’, ‘The Return of the Nymphs ‘The Nymphs and the Morning After’, ‘The Nymph’s Proposition’, ‘The Nymphs and the Dentist’ and ‘The Nymphs and the Corsetry Buyer’. Although this story stands alone reading the previous stories provides the background. I have broken this story into chapters based on feedback received from readers of my other stories. Please enjoy.

---------------------------- ----------------Chapter 1 --------------------------------------... Continue»
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DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.

Dan's breath started getting ragged as he entered the adult book store. It always did, no matter how many he went into. His skin prickled, his cock started getting hard in his panties, he went into slut mode, grinning inanely at the others in the shop as he mindlessly perused the mag racks, focusing on the crossdressers, licking his lips in anticipation. He couldn't rush it, he had to be 'nonchalant', fingering the glossy mag c... Continue»
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mums lovely body

I always wondered why my mates would be around my house so I had to ask them , their answer were all the same, it was because of my mum, they would say to me she was a very fit woman and if she wanted they would shag her till the cows come home, I could not see the attraction till just before my 18th birthday, mum had said she was going to take me out to a restaurant and show her sexy son to the world, I didn’t want any of it but to keep her happy I went along with her, it was that day I realised what my mates had been saying to me, I was in my bedroom in my underpants when mum came in with ju... Continue»
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Mum's Help with her panties.

A small gasp escaped from my mother as she stood in the doorway with her hand over her mouth. She had just opened my bedroom door and was surprised to find me sprawled on my bed with my extremely hard cock in my hand. More to her surprise, I had my hardness wrapped in the pair of white nylon panties she had worn yesterday. I had just pilfered them from her hamper and was having a grand time trying to pump the dirty musky crotch full of my 1... year old nuts.

I lay there like deer caught in headlights, staring at her beautiful 44 year old face, my turgidness deflating rapidly in her nylon pa... Continue»
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in the woods

out walking in the woods, wearing my plug and sheath under my spandex when i happen across a couple having sex in the woods i walk on past them, but listen to the sounds of their passion turns me on, so i turn and creep back through the brush to watch them.
now that I'm really turned on, sitting there watching them, i slowly peel off my shirt and tight shorts, and begin to stroke myself through the rubber sheath
they finish up and pull their clothes together and leave, as i sit there, unnoticed, pleasuring myself with my hands and my toy unaware that someone else is watching me
i am lost in... Continue»
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Scoring With Camille. ( Part 1 )

This happened last Saturday with me and Camille.

Friday evening Camille had told me to come round to her place as her husband was going to see football with his friends, he supports a certain London team that were playing on an early kickoff.

I had left my house at approximately 9:30am on Saturday and had drove down to her I parked on a nearby side street and waited for her to text me that her husband had left.

After about 5 or so minutes waiting, Camille texted me to say that her husband had just left the house. Her husband had left just after 10am because it would have taken just o... Continue»
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The Gift - Working Vacation part I

Early one morning, almost a year into my new job, the president of the company, Walter, who was also the founder and owner of the company's grandson, walked into my office. Up until then we had never spoken other than to say 'Hi! Hello! Good morning! Or Good night!' as we crossed paths during the course of the day. I wasn't even sure that he knew my name. Walter was about five years older than me and, from the little I'd heard about him, quite a partier, if you were to believe the stories. There were a few minutes of exchanged niceties.
"Good morning!"
"How are you?"
"Very well s... Continue»
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A "fantasy gangbang" story about Zeus an

This is a pure "fantasy" story that I decided to have a go at writing, I had the idea after seeing the blog entries and beautiful pictures of the wife of my Xhamster friend "ZEUS51" I have decided on the story name of Sharon/Shaz for her. This is my first attempt at writing and you will all see that I am no author, my grammar and spelling are probably abysmal but at least I gave it a go. Open and honest thoughts will be appreciated by myself and if you all like the idea behind this story (especially Zeus51 and wife) then I will continue with chapter 2 thanks all and I hope you like.

CHAP... Continue»
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More than a Handful is Not Wasteful

With the online easy hookup board now censored, my P4P has been more challenging. I reverted to some old numbers on the off chance that someone had picked up the hook up number. Hit it lucky about the sixth call. Could not recall what she looked like, but she said I was repeat so she said “Come on over” after she asked if I really liked her type. Of course my little head was screaming yes, so I said I did. She texted me an address, and it was in an apartment complex close to downtown. I had not been in that area for years, since an Asian group lost their apartment.

I went to the upper floor... Continue»
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A passion play with my father in law

When living in Atlanta, my father in law came to visit us and stay at our home for a while. Ernesto was now a brand new widower; her loving wife Ofelia had passed away six months ago.
After a week of Ernesto´s nice company at home, Victor had invited the both of us to have dinner outside. I was all dressed up to go out to dinner when my loving husband called from the office, telling me he had to stay there to finish some paper work.
He also suggested that his father and I could enjoy the dinner instead; since we had already booked reservation. And so we did…

On the way back home in a tax... Continue»
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Made for loving

I approached her from behind. She had no idea I was home form school

Tip-toeing up to her, I caught her completely off-guard as I slipped one hand over her mouth and the other round her waist. Pulling her back against me, I allowed her to twist round and look at me. Her eyes turned instantly from fear and shock to relief and love at the sight of her son.

“Mark you silly bugger!” she yelled, “You frightened me to death.”

We laughed and hugged. The hug was quite prolonged.

She stepped back to look at me. God your growing up quick. Mum why dont we go out for dinner tonight.

She fe... Continue»
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Ana spends the weekend outside

That night after dinner, Ana and I were sitting outside at the back yard, enjoying some drinks. She was dressed very sexy; wearing a very tight pair of black leggings and a thin tank top without a bra.
The Spandex material of the leggings was all up in her pussy lips and her nipples where hard and easy to see through the thin cotton top.

Ana came back from inside with fresh drinks and then I reached out and pinched her pussy lips through the shiny black Spandex.
She did not mind; so I also pushed the material in between her pussy lips.
Then Ana smiled and said that the leggings have ... Continue»
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Chronicles of Rima - A night to remember

Rima shook her head groggily as she woke up the next morning. Her head felt strange. She remembered bits and pieces from the night before, how lonely she'd been. Then her memory slowly cleared. Varun had been here, and she did not remember him leaving, and they had been drinking. Panic gripped her as she looked about, mercifully finding her bed empty. She stood up quickly and regretted it as her head spun, the aftereffects of too much wine still disorienting her. Her mouth was dry and tasted a little funny, probably the wine...

She slowly made her way to the bathroom and started brushing. V... Continue»
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The Nymphs and the Corsetry Buyer – by SBarak1

The Nymphs and the Corsetry Buyer – a Story by SBarak1

This is story #6 in the Nymph series. It follows ‘You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden’, ‘The Return of the Nymphs ‘The Nymphs and the Morning After’, ‘The Nymph’s Proposition’ and ‘The Nymphs and the Dentist’. Although this story stands alone reading the previous stories provides the background. Please enjoy.

My relationship with the Nymphs had been developing quickly. We got on well, enjoyed chatting and shared common interests. The main interest was sex. Lot’s of hot, wet, energetic sticky sex anywhere, any time. Debbie a... Continue»
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A very wet pool party for Ana

Friday afternoon I came back home early from my office.
I found Ana was sunning by the pool at our back yard. She was topless only wearing a tiny string between her nice round buttocks.
She was lying on her back with her eyes closed so I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Then she sat up and asked me how my day had gone. I told her just fine and I asked if she had been a good girl today...
That was my way of asking if she had been fucking with another man during my absence. But my loving wife replied she had only gone shopping and later had cleaned the house. Then decided to catch so... Continue»
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Boy Toy

Growing up I was a normal k**, till I hit puberty. Then I shot up really fast. By the time I was sixteen I was six foot four inches tall. I was clumsy and the boys mace fun of my size. I quit taking showers at school as they would at point at my dick and make fun of how large it was. They called me moose. The girls did not want anything to do with me. I would cry to my mom. She always tried to make things good for me.
She worked cleaning house of rich white women. She was good and they paid her well. I would go along to help her as I was so much taller than her I would get the high space... Continue»
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157. Mandy`s Adventure with a master.

157. Mandy`s Adventure with a master.
Another true story by happy-cuck ghost written by Eddy
Mandy my ex, she was to be my long-term partner in total for 14yrs she was a beautiful mixed race curvy sub and her father is from Jamaica,
She is 5'6" tall about size 14 with 36d tits and a great big fleshy arse, a real hour glass shape and a deep seated need to be used and controlled...
We had involved other people in our games but I told her I wanted to take it a step further. I had said I wanted to place an ad for an experienced older man or couple and if she agreed she would have to submit... Continue»
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