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Party Sexting - The Game

Party Sexting - An Adult Game

Any number of people can play this game, but we suggest 4 to 8. Sitting comfortably in a circle, each is issued a card (one color for men, a different color for women) on which they write their name. These cards are then placed in two separate containers (one for each color).

To begin the game, the host picks a card (either sex at start-up). That person then picks a card for a player of the opposite sex. This forms the playing couple, who are given a computer pad or smart phone that can take photographs. The couple then goes to a private room, from whic... Continue»
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Invited in

I'm 28 yrs old. I've been married for 7yrs already. My marriage turned into a sexless one I was very unsatisfied. I would spend most days lurking on the internet looking at pron and masturbating every free chance I had. Jerking off on regular basis would give me the release I needed but it still wasn't enough. I longed for the touch of a woman.

I put out ads on CL and AFF. In the beginning I had no luck but I wasn't discouraged. I knew at some point my luck had to change. It had just had to. My home life wasn't getting any better and I was desperate. Sure enough my luck did finally turn ar... Continue»
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The Nymphs and the Dentist – by SBarak1

The Nymphs and the Dentist – a Story by SBarak1

This is story #5 in the Nymph series. It follows ‘You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden’, ‘The Return of the Nymphs ‘The Nymphs and the Morning After’ and ‘The Nymph’s Proposition. Although this story stands alone reading the previous stories provides the background. Please enjoy.

It was a Sunday night. The Nymph’s were at my place. It was becoming a regular occurrence. They liked to be here to pursue their ‘research’, as they called it, to establish their porn web site. They didn’t have a lot to show for their efforts yet. Although ... Continue»
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Under Tori's Butt

This is a story about butt-style facesitting and a male who craved it for years. Sometimes, the things we want most come with problems we never imagined. This is not a sex or penetration story but rather one focused more on ass-adoration.


Tori Rollins was a cute and popular girl with short brunette hair, bright brown eyes, and a compact gymnast-like body which included a very round, compact gymnast-like butt. Since I had been a butt watcher from c***dhood, her bottom was something I noticed---often.

I wasn't confident in my youth. I was too afraid o... Continue»
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My first sex experience and first time was with one of my uncles, most of the time for young girls, is with a member of the f****y or some one close to the f****y,When I was 16 years old, I ate something, from a food vendor that It make me very sick,I end up in hospital. It took me time to recover, the following summer, my father send me in holidays to my mother’s b*****r and his f****y, So there I was in this boring village, for two months,I was going a lot of walking and eating, one day my uncle, asked my mother if he could take to the river to do some fishing, for two days we did some fish... Continue»
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Jean: Total Exhibitionist Slut part one

Jean: Total Exhibitionist Slut.

This is the actual events my wife Jean and I encountered just a few weeks back. We’d stopped off at the Hotel closest to our nearest Airport for a quick drink before we headed off home. What we didn’t expect when we entered the bar, is that entire bar was full of bored business men waiting for their next connection flight. Some of the guys were in their mid fifties, the majority in their forties and a small amount of arrogant guys in their twenties and thirties. I bought Jean and I a drink and found a crescent shaped sofa and table to place our drinks on. I c... Continue»
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X & X Sex

Title: X & X Sex

"Damn this storm is working in out favor" Xanti told his co-worker as the lights went out in their office from the thunder storm.

"Hell yeah. We're almost to the restroom" Xyleena said holding his hand.

"This is definitely going to be put in my freak nasty memories" he said stepping into the restroom behind her.

"You can put the shit in a song if you want papi, just don't use my name" she explained bending slightly to search for the couch in the women's restroom.

Xanti came up right behind her, felt that she was bent down so he grabbed her thighs.... Continue»
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A MILF at the Beach – by SBarak1

A MILF at the Beach – a Story by SBarak1

This is the 3rd story in my MILF series. Although this story can be read ‘stand-alone’, it will make more sense if read it my other two stories ‘My First MILF’ and ‘Return to the MILF. Just remember this is fantasy.

It had been in the planning for some time. The opportunity for Bev, her daughter Jenny, and me to get away for a weekend at my beach house, down at the coast, has taken weeks to arrange. Finally it was all set. Bev and I were to head down together on the Friday night and Jenny would join us on the Saturday morning, delayed due t... Continue»
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The Ski Weekend Part 2

After my big wipe out and Lisa and her step mom Nicole keeping me busy, the evening brought pain to my knee. It began to swell and it was hard to get around. I worked my way through a shower and headed to bed. Nicole came into the room with the pain medication the doctor prescribed. I fought her all the way, but she insisted I take it and she gave me a shot of a peppermint liquor. Within 20 minutes I was out like a light.

My head was a complete fog, I could hear some talking in the room. I slowly opened my eyes and was blinded by daylight. A dark figure moved over to block the sun. It spoke... Continue»
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Cuckold 3

It's been 7 months since my last update, and a lot has happened since then! I've become braver and much more sexually active outside of my marriage, which incidentally is still fantastic and strong
My first encounter since my last blog was with an older man that id met on the bus, he must have been in his late 50s, we caught each other's eye and it was an unspoken attraction, we both got off at the same stop at the local shopping centre, I walked over to him and brushed his hand with mine, oops, sorry i said smiling, I shyly at first asked him for the time, he told me and there was this chem... Continue»
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lifestyle of choice 2

Trying to work during this week is always a chore, my mind going crazy & unable to concentrate are the norm.
My phone pinged at 10am & I check my messages, from Vicki, I opened the attachment & my cock went from half hard to blast off. Vicki's face was contorted with her eyes rolled back in her head, her hands had her amazing breasts in them & her red hot finger nails were pulling her pierced nips by the rings in an upward direction. She was in the throes of a mind blowing orgasm, obviously riding Trev's cock as the pic was taken from his perspective underneath her. I was shaking looking at i... Continue»
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My One and Only Penthouse Letter

When I was a teenager, nothing turned me on more than reading the letters in Penthouse. I actually liked the letters more than the pictorials. But I never had a "Penthouse letter" in my youth. Instead, it happened in April 2009 when I was 46.

I had recently been lamenting to my best friend Mark that I'd probably never again be with a woman whose age began with a 2. It had probably been 15 years for me since I dated a woman in her twenties.

I met Chrissy on an admittedly sleazy hook-up site. I had a profile but I didn't have my 'parts' posted. I saw that Chrissy was Asian and 23 so I ma... Continue»
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When I happened across your page recently I had no idea that what had happened to my wife and myself was in any way common place because quite simply here in Northern Ireland we do not really have any access to interracial sex. In fact until relatively recently I would not have thought of me sharing my wife with anyone or indeed her being up for a threesome. Although Eileen looked sexy (and much younger than her age of 44) with shoulder length blonde hair and a buxom 42 -28 - 40 figure, and was OK in bed she dressed very conservatively and never seemed that interested in anyone else.

Howeve... Continue»
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few years ago I was taking a college night class at a university in upstate NY. There were several attractive women in the class but one of them in particular really caught my eye. She was one of the sexiest women I had ever laid eyes on and she knew it. She was a tall blonde, built in all of the right places. Meg (as I'll call her) liked to wear hot slit skirts, high heels, and nice wispy blouses to class. It was usually the same outfit she wore to work that day. I would usually daydream about her for most of the class. A couple of times she caught me staring and I got embarrassed and looked... Continue»
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Chem 101

Written to entice the physical feelings

The classroom was hot and the air stagnant. Once again I found myself slipping in and out of sl**p. The lids of my eyes felt heavy, and my arm didn’t seem to want to hold my head up with much strength.

The chemistry teacher was going on about important things that would probably be on the test. But after an hour of the mind numbing explanations that didn’t make sense, and wouldn’t make sense until I reviewed after class, my brain was full to it’s maximum. Just a few seconds of sweet relief for my eyes, under the florescent lighting would be enough…... Continue»
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We were bored one weekend and decided to go to the $1.00 matinee one Sunday afternoon. We sat on the very back row so we could kiss and cuddle. I said, "Baby, I need to run to the ladies room." You said, "Don't be long!" and I excused myself. When I came back I kissed you, a very long deep wet kiss and started running my tongue on the outside of your lips.

I pulled away and stuck two of my fingers in your instantly tasted my pussy, smiled that Cheshire grin and moaned. You said, "You just did that to drive me insane, didn't you my little minx?" You moaned more and licked all ... Continue»
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Mrs Brooking mature slut II

My second visit to Mrs Brooking the mature slut was to install the loft insulation. I knocked on the door and wasn’t quite sure what type of reception I would get after face fucking her and spunking all over her on my last visit. To my relief she seemed pleased to see me and asked me to enter. Mrs Brooking looked gorgeous in a white blouse, flowery flowing skirt, black nylons and fairly high heels. Her make up was gorgeous too including her hair, she had clearly made an effort this morning.

Mrs Brooking I said I would just like to mention about the last visit… she stopped me and said it wa... Continue»
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Special weekend at a spa!

Wife went to relax at an excellent spa, her best friend was suppose to join her, but she couldn't make it. My wife decided to visit on her own. She booked a relaxing massage prior to her arrival. She unpacked her suitcase, then went for a massage with Helga. Upon arriving at the spa she was told Helga called in sick and they'd like to recommend Jamal as a good replacement. She thought about leaving but decided to give Jamal a chance.

She undressed, lied face down on the massage table and put a towel over her backside as best she could. Jamal entered , he was friendly, polite and very well b... Continue»
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Vampires & Glory Holes

I grew up watching Bella Lagosi movies about vampires. A lot of Baby Boomers like me probably have. I never really believed that vampires were actually real, though, but it was fun watching those old movies just the same.

However, even though I don't believe in the existence of the bl**d-sucking, Hollywood, Bella Lagosi version of vampires, I have good reason to believe that something LIKE them do, in fact, exist. And, what's more, it's not bl**d they feed on! Let me see if I can explain.

Several years ago, my with Cynthia came down with MS. It hit her pretty hard. One of the things ... Continue»
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s****r - in - law


I have long fantasised about my s****r-in-law. A very pretty large breasted lady, yellow blonde over the shoulder hair with fringe and a glorious figure. To give you a hint of what she looks like she has more than a resemblance to Rheina / Tahnee, I have frequently watched her videos whilst fantasising about fucking the s****r-in-law. I have since found that there is one significant difference my s****r-in-law has a very very hairy bush.

How do I know ?

Late one evening I had the good fortune to meet her in the hallway, she was visiting and staying overnight, she was we... Continue»
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