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Steamy night 15/8/13

So like I said I would fill you in if that older babe was at the steam and sauna rooms. Well she was :-))). Saw her first in the steam room, and dam was it steamy in there last night,. She had on the same swim costume. It has a lovely low cut top which still showed off them ample size lovely shaped boobs, I could even make out where her nipples were at times and let me tell you the were nice and high in a good position, none of your pointing down saggy old boobs there. And when she got up that bikini was right up her ass again, I just couldn't of course help but stare at that ass. She ha... Continue»
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Volunteering Reward, The Picnic, Part 3

In the part 2 of Volunteering Reward, The Picnic, I left with,

Suddenly with a high movement upward Julie shifted herself forward and my prick plunged up into her ass. She leaned back on her arms and bounced up and down.

I looked at her, Breasts bouncing in unison to her up and down movement.

Her legs spread wide apart showing her pussy gaping wide with my sperm coming out of it.

Her long hair swaying as she moved about.

I saw her body shake,
She let out a loud OHHHHHHHH,
Which because of where we were at, echoed back OHHHHHH.

She crumpled forward into my... Continue»
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She loved to show her tits!

Years ago when I was in grad school in a little southern town, I was involved with this divorced mother of two who loved to show her breasts off! She was in her late 30's but had a pair of breasts that looked like they were on a 25 year old. I am talking a fantastic set of 36c's with a lovely pair of very chewable nipples and Sheree loved to show them off! I loved to see her do it and loved to be with her when she did as it made her horny and when Sheree got horny, she loved to fuck!. One night we were sitting in a little bar/restaraunt know as Bungelow's having drinks with a couple of guys we... Continue»
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Volunteering Reward, The Picnic Part 2

Having volunteered to work at a Soup Kitchen, which resulted in
Being rewarded by another volunteer Julie for jumping her car, with an incredible blowjob. Which when I would recall the scenario over in my head caused my prick to respond by growing stiff with pulsations.

What I briefly remember is her leaning in giving me a view of her ample breasts contained behind her T-Shirt.
The hot breath momentarily on my cock before her lips engaged it

Her grasping, squeezing, stroking my cock slowly up and down.

Her tongue atop of the head pushing down on my ejaculating hole, lips tightly ... Continue»
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Below The Belt – This is how I like to play

50 Shades of Shav Part 1 Story 1

MASTURBATION - you gotta love it...

Well I certainly do;

Now I know there are a lot of women out there that for one reason or another do not like to play,, but that is not me, I absolutely LOVE to masturbate, I love to play with my pussy and usually do it at least everyday…, and sometimes more!!!

I like to think about all sorts of things when I play with my pussy and make myself cum. I like to think about girls and guys, sometimes I am being dominated and sometimes I am the mistress.

My pussy is nice and trimmed (not usually bald) and I always... Continue»
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Being More than A Mother, Dark Secrets and more

'When I changed his diaper, I kissed his little pecker'.

I sat a little dumb-founded, studying Rosa, how can a woman so beautiful, so cultured, and highly educated, confess to such a thing.

We knew of women who, in their eyes, bestow the ultimate mother's love on their c***d. I was shocked, but intrigued.

I sat with her and was captivated by her refined tones, I am not a lesbian but have experimented with women, and right now I felt drawn-in.

Like me, she was the product of sexual advance from our fathers, they saw us as we grew and their lusting grew with us, so our way of thinkin... Continue»
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A lady Police Officer comes home from work

Or a Copper cums home

She comes home from work and she knows there is something wrong. As she goes through the house from room to room opening each door in turn she suddenly hears a noise in her bedroom, she is scared and her heart is racing. As she pushes back door she sees me standing there. Her underwear drawer is open and I have a pair of her panties in one hand and my cock in the other. I am turned on even more at suddenly being discovered.

I just wanted to wank over your panties, I say. But then I stop to look at her and notice what she is wearing. She has just come from work, she... Continue»
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My favourite right now is, to walk into my office at work, my boss sitting at her desk, her legs encased in knee high leather boots, I can see her bouncing her leg and circling it, the toe moving my eyes dazed, following it round and round, my cock urged to grow but I managed to quell the sensation in my shaft, sitting down, as she pulls a chair up so close to me, I can feel her breath, I could have sworn her boot touched against my leg, my breathing quickened was it accidental or not, it didn't matter, my mind was hot with thoughts of things she could do to me.

Reading out my jobs for the... Continue»
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My mum's birthday

I knew that my mum had let herself go a bit after my father had left her for a younger woman over a year ago. Although she was aged 50 and rather overweight, she would go out dressed in skintight leggings and a tight t-shirt with no bra, which accentuated her big round belly and surprisingly firm breasts and prominent nipples. Although no oil painting, she would get a lot of attention from some men, and would happily take drinks bought for her until she was well pissed. I had long harboured secret desires for her, in fact I first started getting improper thoughts in my teens when she took to... Continue»
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The Neighbor

It all started when I got a knock on my Door….

When I answered it, I saw this lovely woman with Dark Black Hair, a Olive hue to her skin, Green eyes, about 40 years old.

She smiled at me and said , Hi I am Janelle. I live across the street and was hoping I could borrow 3 Eggs from you?

I said Hi Janelle, I'm Arthur and you certainly can. So I got 3 eggs and gave them to her.

The next day was another knock and it again was Janelle, She said Hi Arthur, I brought over some cake I made with the eggs I borrowed from you.

I thanked her as she gave me the cake , she said I was Welcome... Continue»
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My oral lust and secret sperm swallowing sessions

When I was 18 and a freshman in college I lived in a dorm on campus which sat up in the hills above town. I had meet a guy who was 24 and had a place in town, I fell in love with him quickly and couldn't wait to be out of class so I could go to his place and fool around for the rest of the day. We were amazing together. One day though I did something i never thought I would do and it led me to be open to the type of person i truly am.

I had just gotten out of class and called Jake to tell him I would be there soon and really wanted to have him cum in my mouth, I had been thinking about it s... Continue»
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It was almost seven thirty and Sondra hadn’t come home yet, so Kerry was beginning to get a bit nervous. Was the woman testing her to see how she’d handle things as a babysitter or had something happened to her? By seven forty five, she decided to call her.
“Miss Hogan…it’s Kerry…I was just checking to make sure everything was okay.”
“Oh hey…sorry…I know I said I’d be back by eight or so, but I sort of…well…I can’t get loose right at the moment. Do you mind staying a little l... Continue»
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My walk home from sixth form

When I was 17 I had the most amazing sexual experience just walking home from school. I first wanked my little cock off when I was 13 to a film starring Sharron Whirry who had the most amazing balloon tits. It was only a b-movie so it was just soft core porn but I loved it. Her character found a camera had been put in her room so she decided to fuck random stranger from a bar so the perv could watch. This film really made me fantasise about being taken by an older women who would fuck my little brains out.

This is about the story of when my fantasy came true only it was much more exciting ... Continue»
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fooling around with married neighbor...she's

So I came back home for the summer and was looking for a little extra cash...My neighbor has two sons and a daughter, in 4th, 8th, and 10th grade....She was looking for someone to tutor them all in math and writing, and I offered to help out, and she was delighted to give me the position. 17 bucks an hour aint too bad and helping the k**s is really easy, so I jumped on the job.

After my first pay check, my neighbor also offered free use of their pool:
"Oh and please I know it's blistering hot nowadays, don't you hesitate to come cool off in our pool now!"

"Well thanks Mrs. Johnson (not... Continue»
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Guess ...about who is this story???

"I am fantasizing about you!"

Mmmm! They say a picture of beauty can speak a thousand words of pleasure...

Well every time a picture of you comes into my mind...damn I find myself getting lost in so much pleasure and desire...that without hesitation I feel my cock getting excited for you...

Wanting you, needing you...and when you're not here I find myself touching myself for you...

I get lost in the realms of wanting my lips pressed against your our tongues begin to explore the hidden pleasure zones...

Damn just sitting here with my eyes closed I can feel how soft and... Continue»
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Me & Teasyme, Kitchen fantasy

I started this story , because she promissed me a dinner , cooking naked, and having some fun in the kitchen, so i hope everybody wil be happy especially you....Teasyme

With intent of surprising you I quietly open front door and slip inside. The house is very quiet making it difficult to sneak up on you. Just got back from work, making my way through the house coming to the kitchen door finding you standing in front of the window staring out. Sunlight coming through the window makes your light sheer shirt that barely covers your ass and a nice apron over that. Unaware of my presence, I enjo... Continue»
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My bosses wife

I am an African American male blessed with a 10" thick cock.
After I got out of truck driving school I was only 22 and had a hard time finding a job, because of my age an insurance regulations. I had an older white gentlemen take me under his wing and hire me as his co-driver for his new Freightliner. He was very patient with me and it was a great learning experience and a good well paying job. He showed my pics of his grand c***dren and they were clearly bi-racial and said his daughter was married to a black man. He also showed my pictures of his wife and told him I couldn't believe she was ... Continue»
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Arrested a women and got offered sex.

Worked investigation and arrested store asst manager. She had taken items and furnish her apartment and money for other things.

I had spoke with her a few times and she always seemed friendly. Being an officer I got this all the time. Not sure if she wanted me or just playing emotions to get out of a ticket. I never went into deep conversation for fear of giving mixed signals. I was married at the time and like now, I did not cheat on my wife.

The wife at the time enjoyed three some especially few of her friends. How do you lie to a women like this? I sure would not.

While doing th... Continue»
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Mom Porn

I sat quietly at the table eating my dinner as mom and dad spoke about the lack of money in their checking account. Dad pulled a business card from his pocket, it was a modeling agency that was looking for an average housewife model.
Mom was a hottie in her early days but now that she was nearing fifty she was showing her age. Do not get me wrong, she is still good looking, curly brown hair about to the middle of her back. Big brown eyes, nice medium size tits, wide hips, and a nice ass for a woman her age. But I did not think she could do modeling.
Dad instructed mom to call this gu... Continue»
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Hotel Service Was Excellant

We were down in the city for a few days as I had some meetings to attend. We had been fortunate to have an upgrade to a suite at the hotel which had a small settee , a TV and a fridge which we used to cool the wine and keep a few snacks. The first night there we had watched some TV in the suite and as they had videos available we had watched a movie. After the movie I had a quick shower before bed. While my wife had her shower I had found some porn videos available and had one playing when she came out. She was wrapped up in a towel and when she saw what was on she snuggled up beside me on the... Continue»
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