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Night at the Bar

At 22:00PM My date entered the bar dressed as I had asked her to.You are simply dressed in a silk blouse, pleated skirt that falls just above the knee, black sheer nylon stockings, garterbelt, heels, and panties. Finding a seat at the bar, with your back to the door you order a drink. Looking around the room, you quickly eye the men there, trying to decide if I am there. Not wanting to appear too bold, you quickly abandon the search and sit quietly sipping your drink. Before you know it a half an hour has slipped away and you wonder if you’ve been stood up.
“Meet me outside in 2 minutes,” yo... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Part 7

Wednesday morning, Ginger woke early snuck out of bed without waking me. She showered, rolled her hair and trimmed her pubic hair. When I woke up, she was just finishing her pubic trim and she was standing only a few feet away from me in the tiny trailer. She looked so beautiful.
I asked her how long she had been awake and she said about an hour. She was so excited about today that she had a hard time sl**ping so she got up early to make sure she looks her best. I told her she looked absolutely ravishing. Then I asked her if she was really looking forward to lying out in the sun naked w... Continue»
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"ANN'S INTERLUDE!" The Beginning

Interlude between parts 5 and 6 of Ann's Afflictions.

The day after I recieved the video clip was one of Mom's days off. She worked on the computer doing her homework. I stayed away in my room to think. I needed to go over all this and put more pieces together. I went back to our holiday in my mind.

It had started just like any holiday abroad, enjoying the sights and getting to know the town. We made friends with a married couple in their early fifties I'd say, from New York. mom had many chats with the wife as her hubby and I talked men's things. I felt very comfortable with our fri... Continue»
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I played the clip sent to me. It was a compilation of 3 short scenes of some seconds each. It began with the words "SAMPLE. INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT. DO NOT REPOST. " An image of my Mom's arrest sheet, the same on I'd seen that Dr Shangwal had accessed, followed. My heart thumped and my feelings of guilt, fear, and shame mixed with building arousal all came back.

The first was Mom in the police station. She was clothed, in the same attire she'd been arrested in, standing handcuffed behind her back before the desk of the presiding officer. He was asking her questions in good but accented En... Continue»
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Part 1.


The sound of her voice in the clips was burned into my memory, repeating and horrifying me, driving me mad as I lay there in my dark room. Mom, my loving doting Mom, was there on those internet sex sites. The same woman who'd brought me up and who I naturally felt she was my Mom, as was a baby when Dad met her. Clips of her, in that foreign police station, being interrogated and such tortuous things, sexual and depraved things done to her.

She'd seemed all right when she came home. There had been trouble with the local authorite... Continue»
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I got around to unpacking our stuff the next day. I unpacked Mom's in her bedroom. I didn't know quite where she kept all her different clothes, but I thought I'd better try my best, it was all I could do for her, give her a tidy clean home on her return, whenever that was going to be. It would make me feel like a good boy and hopefully keep my mind off worrying about her, which didn't entirely work.

I did wonder why she'd packed so many rather sexy items of underwear. There were various kinds of things you only see in adult sex shops etc, as well as more normal everyday things. Some had ... Continue»
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Mrs. Lucyna 6

The next day, I was awakened by a strange noise. When I opened my eyes caressed Lady Mrs. Lucy Kate. The former is a beautiful sight. Two comely woman with heavy breasts sucked the pussy. When I picked up slightly to get a better look, but they smiled, and Mrs. Lucy said, and as little zboczku like it. For a moment the two ladies somehow coalesced into a hug and started to rub pussy on pussy. My stick at this point was already at attention. I went to a fight and started banging on my cock. When suddenly stood up I saw Mrs. Barry was wearing plastic dick strapped. His eyes came back to me. She ... Continue»
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Week Alone With Old Man Pt. 5

It was coming down towards the end of the week and we only had afew days left before Henry's wife and k**s returned home from vacation. Diane was unable to spend the rest of those days with us, but before she had left after our hot threesome, she told me not to be shy and to come see her anytime I was in need of old woman love. (I'll return to that another time.)

So with the few days left and with Henry returning to work, we only had the evenings and nights for him and I to play. During our discussions on what to do and what we wanted to do with each other, he asked me if I had even been to... Continue»
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mature neighbor

It had been 2+ years that I had moved next door to this elderly couple, we were out in the country and over the months turning into years we had chatted in our back yard and driveway. she was in her late 60's and her hubby was 12yrs older than her. From my wife and I moved in and the first time that we met and exchange casual conversation in our driveways Rosemary was a flirt and we flirted with each other back and forth over the years.
My wife and her mom had to go out of town to help a sick aunt with her 3 girls and around the same time Frank to ill and had be admitted to the hospital. I... Continue»
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Sex and religion

When it comes to religion I hold it in contempt and as for god,well at heart i'm an athiest,my gut feeling has always been god is as real as santa and the toothfairy but i might be wrong,Makes no difference if god is real,i've still no time or use for him :)

Never had any urge to get under a priest cassock n i'm just not the submissive type but i'd be into corrupting a genuine priest.Pulling up his robes n bending him over the alter facing the fella on the

Slapping his cheeks hard,sliding my cock btwn his skinny buttocks demanding to know who he worships more,the dead guy nail... Continue»
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Steamy night 15/8/13

So like I said I would fill you in if that older babe was at the steam and sauna rooms. Well she was :-))). Saw her first in the steam room, and dam was it steamy in there last night,. She had on the same swim costume. It has a lovely low cut top which still showed off them ample size lovely shaped boobs, I could even make out where her nipples were at times and let me tell you the were nice and high in a good position, none of your pointing down saggy old boobs there. And when she got up that bikini was right up her ass again, I just couldn't of course help but stare at that ass. She ha... Continue»
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Volunteering Reward, The Picnic, Part 3

In the part 2 of Volunteering Reward, The Picnic, I left with,

Suddenly with a high movement upward Julie shifted herself forward and my prick plunged up into her ass. She leaned back on her arms and bounced up and down.

I looked at her, Breasts bouncing in unison to her up and down movement.

Her legs spread wide apart showing her pussy gaping wide with my sperm coming out of it.

Her long hair swaying as she moved about.

I saw her body shake,
She let out a loud OHHHHHHHH,
Which because of where we were at, echoed back OHHHHHH.

She crumpled forward into my... Continue»
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She loved to show her tits!

Years ago when I was in grad school in a little southern town, I was involved with this divorced mother of two who loved to show her breasts off! She was in her late 30's but had a pair of breasts that looked like they were on a 25 year old. I am talking a fantastic set of 36c's with a lovely pair of very chewable nipples and Sheree loved to show them off! I loved to see her do it and loved to be with her when she did as it made her horny and when Sheree got horny, she loved to fuck!. One night we were sitting in a little bar/restaraunt know as Bungelow's having drinks with a couple of guys we... Continue»
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Volunteering Reward, The Picnic Part 2

Having volunteered to work at a Soup Kitchen, which resulted in
Being rewarded by another volunteer Julie for jumping her car, with an incredible blowjob. Which when I would recall the scenario over in my head caused my prick to respond by growing stiff with pulsations.

What I briefly remember is her leaning in giving me a view of her ample breasts contained behind her T-Shirt.
The hot breath momentarily on my cock before her lips engaged it

Her grasping, squeezing, stroking my cock slowly up and down.

Her tongue atop of the head pushing down on my ejaculating hole, lips tightly ... Continue»
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Below The Belt – This is how I like to play

50 Shades of Shav Part 1 Story 1

MASTURBATION - you gotta love it...

Well I certainly do;

Now I know there are a lot of women out there that for one reason or another do not like to play,, but that is not me, I absolutely LOVE to masturbate, I love to play with my pussy and usually do it at least everyday…, and sometimes more!!!

I like to think about all sorts of things when I play with my pussy and make myself cum. I like to think about girls and guys, sometimes I am being dominated and sometimes I am the mistress.

My pussy is nice and trimmed (not usually bald) and I always... Continue»
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Being More than A Mother, Dark Secrets and more

'When I changed his diaper, I kissed his little pecker'.

I sat a little dumb-founded, studying Rosa, how can a woman so beautiful, so cultured, and highly educated, confess to such a thing.

We knew of women who, in their eyes, bestow the ultimate mother's love on their c***d. I was shocked, but intrigued.

I sat with her and was captivated by her refined tones, I am not a lesbian but have experimented with women, and right now I felt drawn-in.

Like me, she was the product of sexual advance from our fathers, they saw us as we grew and their lusting grew with us, so our way of thinkin... Continue»
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A lady Police Officer comes home from work

Or a Copper cums home

She comes home from work and she knows there is something wrong. As she goes through the house from room to room opening each door in turn she suddenly hears a noise in her bedroom, she is scared and her heart is racing. As she pushes back door she sees me standing there. Her underwear drawer is open and I have a pair of her panties in one hand and my cock in the other. I am turned on even more at suddenly being discovered.

I just wanted to wank over your panties, I say. But then I stop to look at her and notice what she is wearing. She has just come from work, she... Continue»
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My favourite right now is, to walk into my office at work, my boss sitting at her desk, her legs encased in knee high leather boots, I can see her bouncing her leg and circling it, the toe moving my eyes dazed, following it round and round, my cock urged to grow but I managed to quell the sensation in my shaft, sitting down, as she pulls a chair up so close to me, I can feel her breath, I could have sworn her boot touched against my leg, my breathing quickened was it accidental or not, it didn't matter, my mind was hot with thoughts of things she could do to me.

Reading out my jobs for the... Continue»
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My mum's birthday

I knew that my mum had let herself go a bit after my father had left her for a younger woman over a year ago. Although she was aged 50 and rather overweight, she would go out dressed in skintight leggings and a tight t-shirt with no bra, which accentuated her big round belly and surprisingly firm breasts and prominent nipples. Although no oil painting, she would get a lot of attention from some men, and would happily take drinks bought for her until she was well pissed. I had long harboured secret desires for her, in fact I first started getting improper thoughts in my teens when she took to... Continue»
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The Neighbor

It all started when I got a knock on my Door….

When I answered it, I saw this lovely woman with Dark Black Hair, a Olive hue to her skin, Green eyes, about 40 years old.

She smiled at me and said , Hi I am Janelle. I live across the street and was hoping I could borrow 3 Eggs from you?

I said Hi Janelle, I'm Arthur and you certainly can. So I got 3 eggs and gave them to her.

The next day was another knock and it again was Janelle, She said Hi Arthur, I brought over some cake I made with the eggs I borrowed from you.

I thanked her as she gave me the cake , she said I was Welcome... Continue»
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