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Learning From Emilie

-- Learning From Emilie --

Early one Saturday morning I was standing at the bathroom sink in our government quarters brushing my teeth. My father had awakened me earlier than usual, getting ready to go on an overnight guard duty assignment. Once he'd left, I decided to go ahead and get up early, get cleaned up, maybe go out for a nice motorcycle ride.

There was a movement at the open door and I turned my head, toothbrush still in my mouth, to see my stepmother Emilie walk into the bathroom. That was unusual enough, because she was usually quite careful to respect my privacy. But it w... Continue»
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finally she gets what she deserves

being knocked up by someone else but marrying an old friend is what I paid for over thirty years. you see, my wife has always passed herself off as a "snow white" person that was knocked up when she was s*******n by a twenty one year old boy friend that got her d***k, then fucked her before she knew what happened. well, when she realized she was pregnant she went to him to no avail. having been after her ass ever since I met her which was about six years before she got into trouble,i decided to marry her, not only to help her avoid an embarrassment, but I wanted that piece of ass on a regular ... Continue»
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60 year old receptionist 2

The 60 year old receptionist asked me what I wanted next time, I have always been curious about being tied down and edged until my cock can’t take it anymore, until it's so sensitive I can't bear the thought of someone touching it! She just smiled and said silly young man! Below is what I think I want.........

She looked at me distastefully at first, my feet tied together my hands tied to the bed post, I listened to her heels clicking on the floor, I could feel my cock twitching in anticipation, looking at me she painfully slowly slipped her gloves on leather ones, sitting cross legg... Continue»
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Sugar Daddy's Sissy Part II

Sugar Daddy’s Sissy Part II
As I said earlier Cliff, my lover, is a 53 year old prominent attorney in town and I am his “kept mistress”. His special pleasure comes on Tuesday night when I dress up as a young woman and frequent a private club for gay men in town. That night I had worn a red low cut out smock dress with a silk bottom which was highlighted by a red bra and panties and a pair of thigh high nylons. I wore my black leather “collar” to let everyone know I was Cliff’s women only. My make-up artist had done a wonderful job on my face and short page-boy wig. I knew I was the best look... Continue»
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Anna Intro to Bondage

-- Anna: Intro to Bondage --

I was having morning coffee with my daughter-in-law Anna. We'd only recently started this, with me taking time from work to drop by her home and share a cup with her. She seemed to enjoy the time with me, a pleasant change from husband and c***dren. With the k**s at school and Allan off on his work routines, we had the house to ourselves. At first we were a little awkward, but after several visits we'd become comfortable with each other and always found something to chat about.

I'd noticed she was more casual with me: the last visit and this one, she hadn't... Continue»
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Sugar Daddy's Sissy

Sugar Daddy’s Sissy
I rolled over in bed and his cum oozed out of my ass; my 53 year old lover Cliff had really fucked my ass last night. You see I am a 23 year old, 5 foot 5 inches tall”, 110 pound skinny twink with a thin girly body. Cliff, my lover, is a prominent attorney in town and I am kind of his “kept mistress”. But who cares, I got a brand new Ford Mustang in the driveway paid for by Cliff’s law firm. Plus the sex is pretty good.

Cliff’s greatest pleasure comes on Tuesday night when I dress up as a young women and frequent a private club for gay men in town. He beams with pride ... Continue»
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Aunt Susan

The room seemed warm and smaller than usual. I'd been sitting there for an hour planning it all out. Going over it in my mind with almost military precision. Planning what I would say, how I would do it. Trying in my mind to overcome the crippling shyness that beset me whenever I talked to a woman I really wanted. I was a novice then. 18 years old and with only a few rushed and unsatisfying wanks from the inexperienced hands of fellow novices. But this, this was different. Susan was (and still is) my mum's best friend. And for years that was all she was. Nice aunty Susan. Then around about ... Continue»
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great morning

sitting by my side,gently kissing my i reach for your body and pull you closer.your breathing coming more faster as you get on top of me and grab my hands.holding them down tightly you press your leg between my thighs and spread my legs apart.i feel your knee grinding into my you ask who's pussy is this you dirty little bitch?daddies i answer.feeling your chest hardening my nipples with every jump up and start pulling my clothes off.then i stand before you naked and start to walk towards you as my hands rub and caress your body.i start kissing your lips and proceed ... Continue»
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My aunt! No relation

When I was younger, I used to go swimming at my aunt and uncles house. One day my aunt, ( 42 years old 5'5 145-150lbs, Bbw big saggy d cups nice round ass, dark shoulder length hair, freckled skin) called me to see if I wanted to come over and swim. Being a young man I was always ready to swim, so I walked over to her house.
When I got there I noticed none of my cousins were there. I asked where they were, she said they were gone for the day.
She was rubbing sunblock on and asked if I needed any? I did. I put some on, and she offered to get my back. She started rubbing the sunblock ... Continue»
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Fucked A Mature Granny At Caravan Meet

I’ve just had another great weekend away in the caravan and I ended up fucking another club member when I was there. I arrived at the rugby field at Ambleside in the Lake District just as the rally had opened. While booking in with the steward’s running the weekend, I noticed her friend sitting next to her lean forward and I could not help but get an eyeful down this woman’s strappy top, no bra and suntanned tits all the way down to her nipples.
There was just something about her that held my attention; was it the tanned wrinkled skin on her chest bone between her tits or the fact she must... Continue»
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Anna: Show And Don't Tell

-------- Anna Show And Don't Tell --------

During a morning coffee visit with my daughter-in-law Anna, she seemed a little sad. She finally admitted she was unhappy with her current life, the way she felt about herself. Her husband wasn't paying much attention to her, she was feeling old and unattractive.

I told her this isn't uncommon (avoiding the catch phrase "for women your age"), and I had a suggestion on how to change that. Interested, she listened as I explained.

"I've learned from other women her age and even older that the best way to feel attractive is to know a man wants... Continue»
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Aunt Abby and The Artist (Part 1)

This story is dedicated to my friend Abby... I hope it makes her dreams come true.

'Aunt Abby and the Artist' (Part 1)

David Connelly walked briskly through the airport terminal towards baggage claim. This was the first time the teenager had ever flown by himself, but he wasn’t nervous. In fact he was a little upset that his mom and dad had f***ed him to take this trip to stay with a relative while they took a vacation cruise. David, or ‘Davey’ as his mom still called him, had protested that he was too old for someone to ‘look after him’, but they insisted that four nights was too lon... Continue»
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Pre-Grand Opening

I was working the day before the Grand Opening of my store. Julie, Brian, daddy and Scotty were cleaning and straightening the shelves, making sure there was no dust and I had plenty of stock. Daddy and Scotty were making sure there was enough free samples to be handed out. Brian was with me in the back room checking the stock of the lingerie, that I had ordered a few days ago. Julie was talking with the UPS driver about the opening tomorrow.

Julie excused herself from him and came to the back to give me another box of lingerie. She was all smiles and said she has gotten his phone... Continue»
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Internet adventures number 2. Part one, the first

Not long after my Czech experience. I was on yahoo chat. Messaging friends, when a random women IM's me asking if I was related to her old boss. As I used my full name on the chat, she recognised my surname and as its not a popular one she had to ask. I told her no.

We chatted for a few hours, the usual pleasantries. I found out she was a few years older than me, but live miles away. Though travelling never stopped me before. We arranged to chat again the next day, and did. We were getting on really well, so she asked to exchange numbers. Started chatting and texting, a lot of flirting by ... Continue»
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I didn't find out anything more for quite a while. I wondered all about it though. What had really gone on? What had they done to her?

Mom had a computer in her room. I wondered if I could find out anything by looking at her essays and stuff on her PC. One weekend when she was working, I was in alone. I decided to have a look. There wasn't much to be seen in her essays. They were about the use of torture and interrogation in that country, written objectively and quite professionally. I went to her browser and looked at the history. Yes, she had been doing research of all kinds on it, bu... Continue»
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Kami 02

"Alright you two, intermission is over," I called to my husband and Kami, "time to get back to work!" I couldn't help but smile, knowing this next part would be even better than the last. Kami came out of the downstairs bedroom as my husband trotted down the stairs. I had taken my bikini top off and I was waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs, breasts bared for his viewing pleasure. When he saw me I could see his penis start to harden, which in turn made me a little aroused... I have always enjoyed being looked at, ogled really, for some reason it just makes me HOT! My husband has ... Continue»
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Happy Ending

Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at writing a story based on sexual escapades that I have experienced throughout my life. There is a element of truth in this story as this is based on an event that happened as close as yesterday.

It was just past 7pm and the office had a deserted look to it already. Being the middle of summer most of the employees had already left on vacations and the remaining few unlucky souls had left for the day. I could feel the sharp spikes of pain resonate through my neck and shoulders; a whole day of sitting I'm front of the PC going through documentation would... Continue»
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"I've got to hand in my homework on Monday to Dr Shangwal." said mom, in conversation on the following Saturday. I was making a cup of coffee as she put on her gardening clothes. I hid my pup tent at her mention of it. I'd seen the half finished scrapbook a few days before. I wondered if I could sneak another look at it in her room while she was out in the garden.

This was what I did. Opening the briefcase in her room, I found the finished work. I wouldn't have time to wank over it, I'd have to let it throb and hopefully not cum in my pants, and relieve myself later.

The book had all the... Continue»
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Blackmailing Mom

I told mom I was going over to a friends house and would be back late. I opened the front door and then remembered something in my room and slamed the door shut and ran back to my room. Once at my room I decided to blow off going any where and would stay and play in my room. After about an hour the doorbell rang and could hear mom talking to somebody. Then I could hear mom giggle, I mean giggle the way she does with dad when they are getting frisky. I could also hear a mans voice. I snuck over to the banister so I spy on them, I did not want them to know I was there. There were a bunch of pl... Continue»
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Hawaiian Style

Hawaiian Style

I was in the service, stationed at Schofield Barracks on Oahu, Hawaii.
I was a young single 27 year old at a base tour that many wanted and I had.

One evening, all my comrades had other plans and my lady friends were unavailable so I went to a Hawaiian aloha festival that night by myself for some evening entertainment.

This lovely Hawaiian lady who I hadn’t scene before when I attended was my servant. She was in her mid 40’s with jet-black hair containing slight traces of gray. She held chestnut hued eyes. Had coconut shells over her breasts, which billowed out aro... Continue»
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