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Santa Clause Woke Me Up

It was late Christmas eve, well by now it is Christmas day like maybe 3:00 am was the last time I looked at the clock at least so I had gave up waiting to see if Santa was coming. I checked my sack at the end of the bed with a little kick to find it was empty, I don’t know perhaps I dozed off for a while and missed him, I thought it was worth checking.
Any way 3:00am had passed and my eyes started to shut. Then I heard the squeak of my door handle, I shut my eyes tight a prayed “Please let it be him”.
As my bedroom door opened I felt the cold air from outside brush against my face gently, ... Continue»
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Twice as Nice Pt. 2

There I was, naked on my knees Joes hard cock in my hand and realizing his neighbor Bill was standing next to him naked. Joe smiled as I looked up at him without saying a word he took my other hand and placed on Bills semi-erect cock. I started stroking both of them at the same time. It only took a few strokes and Bills cock was fully erect. Unlike Joe, Bill was completely shaven and uncut his cock was huge, I later found out he was 10 1/2 inches and thick. Suck his cock Joe says as Bill stepped closer, his big dick now inches from my face I could see a drop of precum glistening in the light o... Continue»
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Wife last year on holiday - true story

My wife is 46, 5'2" slightly chubby b, ut not fat, brunette with a hairy fanny which she doesn't bother trimming, unless on holiday and even then never manages to cover her bikini line properly. She has 36c tits. This year was the first in 18 years we were on holiday alone together. So I had planned that I would insist she sunbathe topless. I hired a gite in Southern France which had a secluded garden shared with the owner's house next door. There was a pool which was private and only shared with the owner's, a nice French couple who are in their late 40s. The first full day there I decided we... Continue»
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Wife Becomes a Mistress

My full name is Simran Kaur Ahluwalia. I am a house-wife from India, aged 31. I live with my husband Balwinder Singh Ahluwalia, in a four bed-room apartment in one of India's largest cities - Mumbai. I have known my husband, since my school days, as both of us lived in the same locality during our c***d-hood. We fell in love at college and got married after graduation. We have two c***dren. A son, aged seven and recently, we have been blessed with a baby daughter, three months ago. We led a happily married life. An incident that recently occurred in our life, dramatically changed our married l... Continue»
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Playing in the woods

My father died when I was very young, so I never met him. Mom said he was a good man, and a good provider. Mom had to work long hours to pay for the home and car, as well as all the bills, so I was alone most of the time after school. As I grew older I went father from the house to explore.
One day after school and doing my homework, I hopped on my bike and rode to the other side of the neighborhood where a wooded area was. Walking around it looked like no one had been there for a while. I seen what looked like a huge mud puddle, with what looked to be a large tree limb laying across it. ... Continue»
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My Vacation With Mom Part 2

I opened my eyes. The clock on the wall said 8:00, and for a moment, I was confused. Was it night or morning? By the way the sun came through the window, I figured it must be evening. That would mean we'd been asl**p for about four hours.

I turned to mom. She looked so peaceful and content, strands of her blonde hair running across her face. She still had her bikini on, and I remembered how we'd come into the room from next door, too tired to change, and collapsed on the bed.

As I looked at her, she opened her eyes. I was afraid for a moment. We hadn't talked since we'd made love just f... Continue»
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My Vacation With Mom Part 1

I had been waiting nearly six hours before they announced the arrival of my mother's plane. It was late, it was hot, and I was tired, and the last place on earth I wanted to be at the present time was the San Fernando airport. My flight from New York had come in earlier, and rather than take the long cab ride to the resort, then have to come back to meet her, I figured I'd just stay at the airport. Of course, her flight was delayed. And delayed. And delayed. At last, I saw her as she entered the terminal.

It had been over a year and a half since I'd seen mom. With me in New York and the re... Continue»
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Two Cougars in Vegas

If you are new to my stories; everything you read is a true event in which I participated. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty. I write the stories to document my transition from a shy virgin to a DOM. BBC BULL. The stories are written in chronological order. If you haven't read all of the older stories, you are missing some of the background information.

I had recently broke up with my girlfriend. We both decided that we were at different places in our lives. Luckily we were able to remain friends and we are still friends to this day.

I needed to celebrate my n... Continue»
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One MILF and three teens

The three of us are in a beach front hotel on the first floor. Worked out ahead in minor detail, Jim is an 18 year old guy just out of HS. He is staying on the beach with his friends Steve and Max, all teens getting ready for US service. None have had much sex with other people, just jacking off to magazines and internet porn. Steve and Max left to get some snacks and stuff, and Jim thought he’d take advantage of his alone time and jerk his cock. He put on some hotel xxx rated movie and was watching a woman sucking two guys’ cocks and jerking them off. Jim had left the sliding glass door open ... Continue»
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Breaking Susan Part 1

Breaking Susan

A true story by Charles Palmer

October 21st 2015. My wife entered the car wearing a black t-shirt several sizes too big for her. I could not see what, if anything, she was wearing underneath. When we arrived home it turned out there was nothing underneath that t-shirt. Her eyes were glazed over and as much as I pressed her she refused to speak the entire ride home. When we arrived home she dove onto the bed, buried her head in the pillow and began to cry. I stroked the back of her head and tried to hold her but still she refused to speak to me or even look a... Continue»
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Waiting at the airport (Anita's point of view

That cold winter afternoon I was at the airport.
My loving husband was leaving on a short business trip and I had offered him to give a ride; because some hours later my girlfriend Helena was arriving from Buenos Aires and I had promised to pick her up there.
So; after kissing goodbye Victor, I still had a couple hours to wait for Helena.
I looked around the shops and enjoyed an Irish coffee. Then I went to watch the monitors, to find out that Helena’s flight was still delayed another hour.
I was so fucking horny; because Victor had not fucked me properly for more than ten days. I was hop... Continue»
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Jesica's Valentines Party

This story was written as part of a story/caption challenge for a follower on another website. It went to a much darker place than I originally intended.


Jesica’s Valentine’s Party

It had been a very busy year for Jessica. First there had been her internship at a prestigious law firm. Then as that position was ending, one of the senior partners who had maintained a warm but ‘fatherly’ mentoring for her, had shocked her following her exit interview with a suggestion they “might see each other socially now that her inte... Continue»
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The Snow Maid

The dying man got dressed.

Not that dying was going to be very hard, Bill Carter thought with a weak thread of his old humor. Easier than dressing, at least. Pain hampering every move in his hands and wrists, he managed to zip and button his heavy parka. A thick wool cap was f***ed over his head and ears, and he pulled the hood of his coat over it all. He eyed his boots with a malevolent glare, then bent down to f***e them over his numb feet.

Lastly, the gloves. Using his tee... Continue»
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My Mother (part 3)

My Mother (part 3)
Introduction: for those who have asked here is the 3rd and final chapter
Please enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think
especially any mothers who are now doing the same

The next day while my daughter was in school mom and I fucked. While we
fuck I made sure to finger her asshole getting her ready for the evening of fun. She would
moan every time my finger stretched her.

"God, your fingers feel good. And I... Continue»
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My lips are hungry to say your name
in this darkness.
Loud enough so that you can hear and feel
the soft vibration of the word against your ear,
Your hair slightly moving as my mouth brushes across the sensitive skin of your earlobe.
Yet quiet enough so you lean in,
eager to hear me say it again...
To pull me toward you.

I can feel your tender touch on my skin and it makes me afraid to breathe.
Your fingertips are exploring my innermost being.
I am torn between wanting to give in and yet... holding back.
I barely move, afraid the spell will be broken.

My... Continue»
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My First Granny Encounter

This a true and to the point off my First Granny Encounter.

At the age of 24, all males are ready to play,enjoy and learn from every sexual encounter they are due to experience in there lives.

This a true and to the fact lifetime experience that I had encountered in my life.

I was working in construction, I was living in West OZ and the work had dried up, so I thought to my self whilst I am still young and being a single male after splitting up with my fiance of 2 yrs, I decided to hit the road and travel.
I had traveled around OZ before for work purposes earlier on in life, with the... Continue»
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i****tuous Glamour Photography

I remembered it so well. It was as clear as if it was just yesterday. Each moment, every move and gesture even the words we used flooded into my mind.

"Undo the buttons on the cardigan Cat."

I did and he took several shots as I moved around showing increasing amounts of my breasts.

"Take it off now."

I did. More clicks as he took photos of me removing the dark blue, cashmere cardigan.

"Turn round."

Click, click, click was all I heard as I turned my back to the camera.

"Bend forward, let me get that bum."

I was wearing a black, pencil skirt that ended just above my knee.... Continue»
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At Robert's house

My friend Robert asked if I would like to stay the night at his house. I told him I'd like to but I had to ask my mom.
After school, I ran home and asked her. I called Robert and told him I could, but his mother or father had to pick me up. Around six o'clock there was a knock at the door. Opening the door, it was Mr. Baker Robert's father.
He and my mother talked for a few minutes and then I was told to get my things together. I said bye to my mother and got in Mr. Bakers car.
After a thirty minute drive we stopped to pick up pizza and went to his house.

After eating and some t.v. ... Continue»
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WELL WHAT HAPPENED WAS Wendy, as frustrated, hubby Trevor was still away in the Alaskan oil field, no doubt freezing the assets of some small oil company, found she was frustrated again, it didn’t take much, as she said to me the other day; I'm a classy woman outside of the bedroom...but once I let go I can be a very classy slut---no one would ever think I do things like this!
Trevor had kept in touch saying the job was going to be longer and slower than he had expected, but that`s not the same as being long slow and in Wendy.
She had had a wonderful weekend, a distant sensuo... Continue»
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Summer Education - Part 1

This is a story of an early sexual encounter I had as a teen with the mature couple across the street. The names are fictitious.

In the mid-eighties, I was home for the summer, waiting to go off for my first year in college. I was doing odd jobs here and there for spending money, but had no regular job and no girlfriend so I was home with time on my hands quite a bit. Our neighbors across the street, the Carters, were pretty well off. Mr. Carter was CEO of a pharmaceutical company. He and his wife were in their late forties. They had a swimming pool in the back yard that my friends an... Continue»
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