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A Loving Grandmother

I was 18 when my Grandfather on my Mothers side passed away. They were not well off by any means, neither was my f****y. My dad went to help out after the funeral making arrangements to sell her trailer and car, Gramma wouldn't need them since she was now going to move in with us. We lived in a 3-bedroom house, Mom and Dad's room on the far side from my bedroom and my 2 s****rs' in the middle.

Well, I was concerned about the sl**ping arrangements now, knowing math I did the numbers and I was odd man out now. I didn't want to sl**p on our co... Continue»
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Wife likes Black Cock

I guess I should say that my wife Nancy is a very attractive woman. I don’t usually like the way some guys describe their wives to make then sound so glamorous. But I will say that she has 38D tits and a nice round butt, standing about 5’6”, short brown hair and would not even think about going out in public without her hair and makeup in place.

I guess it was my fault that my wife, Nancy of twenty years, decided to fuck a black cock. We had been discussing it for years during our love making fantasies. I had bought her black dildos and vibrators. She loved the way they ... Continue»
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A wild week end with Helena

Helena and I were both alone that week end; our loving husbands had to fly away on business that same Friday; so, she invited me to spend a couple days outside, in a nice cottage she had rented before in the woods.
After a two long hour drive, we reached the place.
Helena told me to go upstairs; relax on the balcony and lay out to get sun.

I had driven mostly of the trip; so, I was a little bit tired and really needed some relax. I went to the bedroom and put on a tiny thong to get some sun. When I entered the balcony I was not surprised to notice that my girlfriend was sunbathing in the... Continue»
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Indian widow Mothers Hero - Part 2

Staring down at her son's obvious excitement, Sarita couldn't believe how large he was. She could remember when he was a little boy and his penis was no more than a couple of inches long, but now, it had to be nine or ten inches long.

What am I thinking, she asked herself in horror as she, realized what she had been thinking? Can I be this depraved? What was this new emotion she was feeling toward him? How could she be feeling it toward this man of all men? How could she ever feel this way toward him, her own son? Suddenly, the answer exploded inside her brain. The emotion she was feel... Continue»
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Indian Widow Mothers Hero Part 3

Now alone, Madhav couldn't believe what had happened. The events of the day all seemed to mesh into one outrageous orgasm of emotions. First there had been happiness at his homecoming, then rage at Ramesh, then humiliation of being aroused by his mother. Next had come the hot, steaming stimulation that it had lured both of them into an act so vile and depraved, he still couldn't believe it had happened. How would all this change their life, he wondered? He didn't know, but he did know it would change them, for better or worse. Without a shadow of doubt, it would change their life.

Tryi... Continue»
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Indian widow Mother's Hero

Madhav had been away at college for nine months, as it was his final year of engineering education at IIT Delhi. During this time, his mother used to call him almost daily on his Reliance mobile phone. Madhav has become very close to his mother Sarita after the death of his father. Her phone calls were full of love and longing to meet him and glowing expectations about his final results.

Now as he was returning home with good marks and a placement with a leading technology firm in their R&D department, he was eager to meet his dear Amma (mother in his native tongue)

After getting down ... Continue»
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Fitting Room

I finish my coffee, daydreaming in the sunny window of the café when my phone vibrates into life on the table...

'UNKNOWN NUMBER'. Should I answer?


“Hi! Are you busy?” Your familiar voice.

“No, just in town having a coffee, killing time.”

“Good! I’m in town too, and I’m bored… See you in David Jones, menswear... 15 minutes”.

You hang up.

Slipping my phone into my chinos back-pocket, I finish the coffee, and hurry out of the café and across the road into the store. Muzak and the perfume counter assail me as I enter and head up the escalator to menswear… I do... Continue»
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“Hi, how are you? My parents are away for the weekend, so I thought I would drop over and see how you were.”
“I’m great thanks, I am going out tonight with a friend, so help yourself to a drink as I get ready”
I watch as Joy scoots around the house, diving into the shower and then into her room to get changed. I sit, almost yelling as we chat, unable to see from where I sit.
I watch as Joy walks back into the room, my eyes popping out of my head. The phone rings and she immediately turns out of the room to answer it. I try to listen but can only hear Joy’s muffled voice. I hear the r... Continue»
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The 1st weekend after i found out my girl cheated

When i was about 18 years old i went out a lot. Often just by myself, albeit to the same clubs .. going on a banter so to say :D

Like the title implicates, my girl was doing her best friend Mark
She told me she had given him a blowjob.
Obviously, all women were evil and i had zero interest in hooking up (yeah .. i was sad .. gutted .. betrayed etc)

So to get over myself i did what i do best
I went out in my hometown Amsterdam ;)
Clubbing, doing a few XTC and just have fun. (I smoke weed everyday .. i realize that not everywhere that is a given except well if you know me :D lol )
... Continue»
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Weekend in the mountains

Jimmy and Jenny had not had a chance to really be alone and intimate with each other for quite some time due to their work and f****y life. So, they decided to take a trip out of town to the mountains and rent a cabin for the night. They arrived, and the scenery was outstanding. A rustic cabin overlooking a crystal clear lake, and beautiful forests all around. It appeared as if they cabin was not visible from any other cabins or homes on the lake, so they knew they would both get the privacy they needed.
They walked into their cabin and smelled the remnants of a fire that had been recentl... Continue»
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Lustful Fecundity (Version 4 of The Macbeth Series

The Scene:

Somewhere on the high rolling and rocky downs near Macbeth's castle. Wind is blowing. A cold, misty rain falls intermittently. The sky above is heavily clouded. Macbeth sets astride his horse and gazes out from under the hood of wet cape.

"Such a cold and wild heath tis here that doth cradle the embers of such a fantastical and strange lust as doth wait upon me there."

He remains seated on his horse a moment longer before riding on. As he does, he catches the first whiff of the scent of a cooking fire.

"The three weird women doth wait upon me." He says to himself. A sudd... Continue»
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World Traveler Seeks Companion END

"We will," her mother responded. They showered together and cleaned each other thoroughly. After shampooing each other's hair and washing all body parts, they kissed.

One kiss led to another and then another. His hands roamed her body. He gently squeezed her breasts and bum. She flattened herself against his firm body. Her hand found his cock and stroked his stiff member.

"Oh, I like that," she said when his hand caressed her sex.

"I like what you're doing too," he said.

They kissed and masturbated the other.

Sam moaned, "Mmmm. I want you!"

"Then take me!"

Sam spun her a... Continue»
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World Traveler Seeks Companion

She reached down and tugged on the material pressing against her crotch. The pretense was she was adjusting her suit. She wouldn't admit that she did it to make the material slide over her aching clit.


Jan vigorously attacked Sam's cock. She devoured it. He threw his head back and closed his eyes loving the attention he was receiving. Then he placed his hands on the sides of her head. He fucked her face sending his cock in deep. A couple of thrusts were too deep and she gagged.

He instantly felt bad and said, "Jan, I'm sorry I did that. I'm so fucking horny I can barely control m... Continue»
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World Traveler Seeks Companion

He stood when he saw them and said, "The saleswoman was correct. She said to truly appreciate the beauty of any pearl necklace you must see it around the neck of a woman. They look lovely. You two are stunning."

Jan ran up to him. She embraced him, kissed him and said, "Thank you for the pearls."

Isabella was more understated with her thanks. She simple said, "Thanks Sam. The necklaces are exquisite."

Their car came and they were whisked to the dock. They easily found the twin masked sail boat. The captain and crew welcomed them on board. They sailed for an hour. The boat anchored and... Continue»
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World Traveler Seeks Companion

He paused again, regained his composure and then said, "It has taken me five years to reach a point where I can do as she instructed. I've sold my company. I have the time and the money. Now I'm looking for a compatible companion. I have a sense of urgency. I feel I must get on with my plans before the clock runs out."

Jan nodded and asked simply, "Why me?"

"I want a real experience. I figure I need a real person. I want someone who will honestly enjoy the trip too. I think you will."

Isabella asked pointedly, "Why did you include the requirement about sex?"

"I've thought this thro... Continue»
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A Group of Old Men Take My Young Pretty Wife......

We went out for a drink a couple of nights ago just to show her off to men in some pubs away from where we live. She wore her skin-tight white leggings that show off her lovely tight bum and delightful pussy! She also wore her small zip up jacket that she undone once inside the pub to reveal her magnificent boobs and nipples through a tight blouse.

The looks from guys was fantastic particularly a group of old men - most of whom were around 70ish -they couldn't take their eye's off her and you could see them mentally stripping and playing with her! She teased them by bending over a few time... Continue»
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My Empty Nest Mother

I was not looking forward to coming home from college! The freedom I had experienced since leaving home had been wonderful. You see my mom was rather strict when I had been growing up. I had to be home by ten and mom always inspected my clothes and made me change if she found that they revealed any part of my body from my neck to just below my knees.

Maybe it was her old fashion views but I went the other way as soon as I could. Frankly I turned into a real slut even before I went to college. It was about that same time that my dad also seemed to have had enough and he left mom for another ... Continue»
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The one day I was naughty and a bit more.

The one day I was naughty and a bit more.

So here I am, Tina, the age of 48 ever nearing closer.
As I have said in the previous story I have been married for over 22 years to the only man I have known or to have seen any part of me naked.
I have always been big, or shall we say fat so it was something throughout my life I would have died if anyone had seen me like that, my big belly, my big everything.
We have two sons; the youngest has now left and joined his b*****r at college.
I am now a grandmother, my oldest having gotten his girlfriend pregnant, our grandson is a joy and we look a... Continue»
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WBDP-Valentine's in Vegas 10

When my cock was clean, Marcia removed her hand from her sex, an embarrassed half smile on her face.

"Shall we get down to business," Brianna said, "now that the fun is taken care off."

She snapped her fingers and Zoe came into the room, bringing some of Brianna's tools in a surgical tray. Brianna pulled out an interesting piece of equipment from the tray, a stainless steel device with one handle equipped with a trigger, going to two arms whose width could be adjusted. At the end of each arm was a circle slightly larger than the width of a nipple. Smaller holes bisected the diameter of t... Continue»
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WBDP-Valentine's in Vegas 7

"I had hopes and some ideas. I didn't know if I could get you to go along with them. I didn't know if I could get you to walk out of the room this morning. But you did. I've learned a lot; about me and about you and about this lifestyle. It's been fun, I'd like to continue."

"So would I," Marcia replied.

"Then off to bed with you, slave."

"Yes, Master," and she snuggled against me.

"That is not how a slave sl**ps with her master," I reminded her.

"Yes, Master." She turned around until her mouth was level with my growing cock and her cunt was even with my face. I could smell the ... Continue»
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