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My Dripping Panties!

My Dripping Panties!

How I love wearing rather old fashioned and out dated American made Nylon Panties.
Now a friend who I met some time ago gave me a whole carrier bag filled with them, she said she had so many and would I like some, so I said yes of course!
So over time I began wearing them, but never did anything else with them.

Yes of course I wear them everyday as a normal item of clothing but in addition I like using them when I have sex, usually on my own, but I would love to try this with a date and quite soon as it is so kinky, I am sure you will all love what I do!
Up till n... Continue»
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Spying on her after a swim.

The year is 2003. I only remember this because it was the summer after graduation. My parents had a pool and friends & f****y would always come for a dip during the steamy Midwest summer months. That summer my parents had some plumbing work done in the downstairs bathroom which many guests would use to change. The plumber had forgotten to replace a trim ring around one of the water lines, leaving about a half-inch hole exposed. I had noticed this earlier in the week. Behind the bathroom was the laundry room and storage closet. There were no windows so it was always pitch black at all times of ... Continue»
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The Gardener

By the summer after my sophomore year, I was getting to be pretty experienced with other guys. With my mom working nights, I was used to having the run of the house. I would come home from school, finish up my homework, eat some dinner, and be free to entertain myself however I saw fit. Aside from the occasional trip down the street to my neighbor's house, my evenings typically consisted of movies, video games, and profuse masturbation. Sometimes I would jack off 3 times in an evening, while other times I would abstain to save up a bigger load of cum. Regardless, I would usually end up na... Continue»
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Fancy a Stiff One ? (Version 2)

We drive to a country pub, pull up in the car park briefly kiss. We walk hand in hand, I can't help noticing the bounce of your breasts, the outline of your bra through the tight low cut top and your glorious cleavage. Your skirt is short just long enough to cover your stocking tops, you smile, we get our drinks and sit in a discreet corner booth, we sip our drinks for a while, you excuse yourself stand and brush past me, I can feel your suspender !!!!!!! (I love stockings, I hope you do too). You return and again brush past me, another chance of a feel of your womanly curves !!! You look at m... Continue»
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Cheating On My Husband : If You Want It Do, Anoth

I was shopping out and about when I ran into an old friend, by the name of LO. We hadn't seen each other in years. Yet he didn't look it at all. Seems like he'd been taking care of himself. We walked and talk, and purchased some hot-dogs and a coke. I told him I was married and with three k**s. He told me he was seeing women, and paying there bills. I found it funny, but I didn't knock the situation, hell, doing my college days I was in the same boat. I found this man sexy as hell. We'd only fucked once since I'd known him. He damn it all to hell, but it was worth it. The way he licked the cli... Continue»
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Gabi’s train trip – Part 4 of a True Story

Monday – Gabi’s train trip – Part 4

‘Morning Darling, where are you? Time to go to work!’ I said, calling her on the mobile.

‘Not feeling too well, might take the day off. I’ll call you later this afternoon, have a nice day at work and message me when you get a chance.’

Shortly after 11 am I got a chance to send her a message. “ How are you feeling? Better? I’m taking the afternoon off, should be on the 1pm train leaving here, arriving around 2pm.”

The response did take long “Great! I’ll pick you up at YOUR station, so we can enjoy the ride back. But I need to get to the station n... Continue»
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Gabi's Phone Adventure - True Story

Saturday – Gabi can’t stop old habits

Saturday early afternoon I arrived at Gabi’s apartment. During the morning I already received many messages, thanking me again for the night before and telling me how surprised she was, loving what I had done to her. The last message read something like “having a shower and then taking a nap. See you shortly. Love…”

I heard footsteps coming towards the door. Slowly the door opened and a huge smiling face awaited me. I was greeted with a

‘Luckily it’s you. I was still in bed when you rang the bell.’

‘You shouldn’t open the door, only wearing a... Continue»
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Gabi experiences fingering and backdoor pleasure -

Our second date – Gabi learns new pleasures

The messages kept on coming. WhatsApp was blinging the whole day. Gabi told me she was very excited to meet again tonight after work. I was very curious to find out more about her. What turns her on, where are her boundaries? Last night’s massage masturbation was still exciting me.

We arrived in her apartment and sat down at the dinner table to have a cup of coffee.

‘Last night was wonderful, I couldn’t stop thinking about it the whole day.’ She said, sitting next to me.

‘I also enjoyed holding you during your trembling orgasm. It was v... Continue»
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The Start of a Frienship - Gabi Part 1 - A true St

We were chatting using WhatsApp the whole day at work. It was close to finishing time and taking the train back home. Another hour and I’ll meet her again. What started out as a friendly knowing each other had turned into a serious sex date chat.

I met Gabi previously, we used to take the same train. She was good looking, long black hair, average build, pretty womanly body shape and some serious D size boobs. At first I wasn't sure if she'd be interested in a romance. During our chat sessions I have asked her if she would like a back massage, as she might also be pretty stiff from the hour... Continue»
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one night in Kilkenny

Was in Kilkenny on business recently and had to spend yet another boring night in a hotel.
After dinner I went to the bar for a quiet drink and to watch some tv in peace and quiet.Just after ordering a whiskey and soda a group of 20 something women came into the bar - full of fun and merriment.At least I'll have something to look at while the ads are on I thought.
As the women shuffled around and picked a spot to sit I noticed that some were wearing skirts and dresses and high heels like they planned going out dancing - too late for dinner and over dressed for a few drinks.
The women, 6 in ... Continue»
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It Began at the Doctor's Office

Jack, get ready! The appointment is in ten minutes," Leah called up to her son's room.

While Leah waited for her son, she took a look in the mirror. She was critical of herself, but she had to admit that she looked good for 40 years old. She had red hair, a big bright smile, and rosy cheeks dusted with freckles. Her ample breasts created a substantial shelf, and her loose flannel shirt hung down over her small round belly. Her tight jeans hugged and accentuated her toned thighs and butt.

"You coming?" she yelled again.

Jack rolled out of bed, cursing his mom for making a doctor's ap... Continue»
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On the black screen of my sl**pless nights ....

You know, that feeling of something that bothers you ....
This began arriving at a neuron somewhere ... Then two ... and here continued by awakening my auditory sense ..... A faint sound familiar, but can not decide which.

I know where I am. It's night; the room is in a clear dark lit only by the digital display clock; I'm in bed, lying naked curled up with her back to Chris and Vero ... Who are sl**ping behind me ....
Chris and Vero .... Who are sl**ping behind me ....

This noise so tenuous, so familiar .... My brain cells begin to function at a higher level of consciousness ... Chris... Continue»
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A Night in a Hotel

I’m sitting in the hotel bar when my text pings, it from the friend I’m supposed to be meeting. I have known her since university and we always get together when I’m in town which is not very often. We were going to have a meal in the new celebrity chef restaurant and I had used all my connections to get us a table but she has some sort of domestic crisis with her k**s and can’t make it! I try not to feel annoyed and smile as it’s not the first time she has done this but text back ‘oh no hun, hope all is ok let me know. How about a coffee tomorrow, I can come to you?’ I ring the restaurant; th... Continue»
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Coincés dans l’ascenseur [FabriKaBranleur]

20H25, je sors de ton appart’, je me suis fait le look beau gosse, j’ai une soirée avec pleins de filles et je suis célibataire depuis trop longtemps.
J’ai mes petites baskets blanches, ton petit blouson trop fashion, un dernier sms à mes potes pour dire que je décolle et j’attends l’ascenseur pour descendre 5 étages.
L’ascenseur arrive, je monte à bord et j’appuie sur le bouton rdc, me languissant de cette soirée pour partir à la chasse à la gonzesse. L’ascenseur descend et s’arrête au premier. A ce moment, je me dis que c’est déconné de me ralentir, alors que du premier au rez de chaussé... Continue»
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peanut butter jelly time!!!

Laura got home from work at around 5:45 PM. She walked in her door, set her bag down, took off her coat and said hello to her cat. She slipped off her shoes and walked to the kitchen. After looking into a couple sparse cabinets she said to herself, "Hmmm. PB&J it is then."

She pulled down from her cabinets a loaf of soft thick slices of white bread, an extra-large jar of smooth creamy peanut butter and an extra-large jar of g**** jelly. She pulled out two pieces of bread, holding one in her hand held out flat, she began spreading on the peanut butter, slowly, almost sensually.

"It's so ... Continue»
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Wife giving sex shows

After my wife (Sally) and I got married we were struggling to pay the mortgage etc. Sally is slim with auburn long hair long legs and nicely shaped breasts - we enjoyed plenty of sex often when warm enough going into fields and getting daring with the possibility of being seen, often behind stone walls next to busy roads and in woods where there could be walkers, we were (as far as we know) never seen.
Sally admitted that she is a bit of an exhibitionist and on holidays would always go topless and smile at men giving her admiring glances, I didn't mind and got quite turned on by it. Often whe... Continue»
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Stella's sudden surrender [1]

Stella starts to tell Saskia the story of her humiliating sudden surrender early Summer as soon as she submits to us.
Saskia still kneels between the long legs of Stella who orders her to play with her pussy while listening very carefully.
Stella closes her eyes, as if she replays the video of that day in Spain with me, which completely changed her life.
Saskia sees how Stella first fondles her firm tits, soon slides down to her slit, still wet from all orgasms by Saskia.
Stella demands Saskia to come on command for her, everytime she will conclude a sub-story line from our love life.
... Continue»
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Cum in the conference room

After work one Friday, when I was feeling even hornier than usual, I went

home, had a quick dinner, then drove back to the office. Several of us have

keys to the building, in case we need to work late, after regular hours. I

had told colleagues I had a report I needed to finish that night, so if

someone drove by and saw my car there it would not seem odd, but it was

unlikely anyone else would work late on a Friday night.

I let myself in to the building, then locked the door behind me. I walked

through to my own office, and quickly stripped completely naked, leaving my... Continue»
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cum filled panties

For years I had kept a very private secret. I had run the gauntlet emotionally because of it too. Sometimes forcing myself to abstain, thinking it wrong, bizarre, even disgusting as many would see it. But eventually, I'd give in to the urge, usually resulting in a frenzy of activity in order to satisfy what I believed then to be an absurd form of sexual pleasure and gratification.

Looking back, I couldn't pinpoint the exact moment or reason why this particular fetish of mine as I came to understand it had even come about. I considered myself a normal teenage k** in every way, and enjoyed th... Continue»
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Bulging Briefs In France

I had been combining a business trip in France with a short break, and I
had a few more days to spend before returning for a conference in London.
I had hired a car and was taking time to explore some of the smaller
Normandy towns, seeking out small hotels and eating wherever I could in
f****y-run restaurants.

What I am about to write about happened some ten years ago, but I remember
the details as if they happened yesterday. I can even remember that it was
a Wednesday evening that I met him, and that I had a Eurostar booking for
the following Sunday evening. They would prove to be s... Continue»
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