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A Lady’s Sissy Maid - Day One

Steve was single and it had been awhile since he was in a meaningful relationship, so one Saturday afternoon, he was aimlessly perusing a local fetish contact newspaper when a particular ad caught his eye. It read:

“Sissy Maid Sought by Refined Beauty"

Classy, beautiful and refined lady is in search of a sincere sissy to perform my household duties and become my personal servant. Applicants must be docile, follow instructions and have a sincere desire to serve and satisfy this high class lady, who will only accept the best. A proper uniform will be pro... Continue»
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Follow Up Date with Debbie the Mature Woman

Follow Up Date with Debbie the Mature Woman

Unfortunately, after our first date and sexual encounter we were unable to get together the following evening and on Sunday her k**s returned home. The deal was that her k**s couldn’t know she was seeing someone so in the evening after they were asl**p she would call and we would talk. The following weekend was hers to have them so it would be two weeks before we could go out again.
When that Friday came around I couldn’t wait to get home from work, unload (masturbate) and shower preparing for our meeting. After the k**s had left with their... Continue»
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Six things women won't tell you.

I was just a girl when I first became aware of my nudity.

I had been in the pool and went into the changing room to change out of my swimming costume, daddy had gone into the male section. I had removed my costume and was standing there, about to put my panties on, when I saw in my perifial vision, a man looking at me, peeking, so to speak, and a sudden warm feeling spread through my body like wildfire.

I could see he was masturbating himself, through the strands of my long hair, as I bent over to put my foot into the cotton knickers I held.

To this day I still don't know why I resist... Continue»
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“Shit,” Reagan breathed looking at her phone. The Uber was here. Eli had arrived in his lovely black Charger, license plate XTUD 459, and she wasn’t quite ready. She took one final look in the mirror and conceded that humidity had won today. A braid accessorized with frizz would have to do.

She grabbed her purse and rapidly groped around inside. Keys. Wallet. Phone. Taking one final sweeping glance around the apartment, she opened and closed the door, locked it, and as she turned, she found herself looking at a black Charger, license plate XTUD 459.

“Reagan?” a voice called from insid
... Continue»
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blind date

Hello to all,I've always been a shy person and never been on a blind date till now.One of my friends had set me up with one of her friends as a blind date her name was Jane and I was to meet her at the club down the road.The shyness kicked in I didn't know what to expect but I went along with it anyway.

I was sitting in the bar nervously looking for her when my phone rang it was a message from Jane wondering where I was so I sent a message back saying I was at the bar.When I looked up from my phone stood a beautiful brunette "hi my names Jane" she was wearing a stunning silk blouse that hug... Continue»
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Lunch Date

So I go and meet up with a friend from work. We both had off and thought about lunch. The plan was to do lunch and grab a movie. I arrive at the Ruby Tuesday and grabbed a table. Then I saw Kerri walking in and I was at wow. She walked in a simple black dress. Her black hair was down and long. I was amazed that she hid that at work. Once she sat down, we talked away the lunch. Kerri and I known each other for years, and shared everything. She was like a best friend who almost never had off, so we never hanged out before. When lunch was done, Kerri asked if we could go back to her place for mo... Continue»
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Sarah's Farm Adventures Pt 1

Part 1: The beginning of it all...

My name is Sarah. Unlike most ordinary people I didn't have any sibblins or cusins, and I never actually met my parents, instead I grew up with my grandparents on their rather large farm. When I was younger granmah told me my parents lived in another country far away, which is why they couldn't come see me. So for the first part of my life I was basically alone, with the exception of my grandparents of course. Anyway, that was the case until my favorite friend Max was brought into our home one fateful day...

Max was the best dogg in the world, a beauti... Continue»
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A Happy School Life, Part 2

I awoke early the next day. Weirdly no sex dream but I did have one bad case of morning wood. I look under the covers at my throbbing member. I grab it with my hand and it instantly feels good. Slowly I begin to stroke it up and down, working the full shaft. I think for a moment and reach for my phone. I open up my messages and go to the latest one. The picture that Becki sent last night. I focus on the picture and imagine seeing those bad boys in the real. Working my cock faster, I can feel pre cum begin drip from the tip. I twist my wrist around the head. I close my eyes and think back to wh... Continue»
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A Happy School Life

"So Heartbreak Jo it comes to this!" Bulletproof Billy said to me narrowing his eye as he flexed his hand next to his holstered colt.

"You're reign of terror over this town is done! You're gang is done and I give you this chance to leave!" I claimed as I too kept my hand close to my holstered gun.

"Ha ha ha" Billy gave out a loud laugh "I'm only just getting started with this place, I own this town!" He glared at me "I commend you for trying to stand up to me, but now you must die" at that he reached for his gun drawing it.

Time seemed to slow right down, Billy lifted his gun f... Continue»
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WBDP-Valentine's in Vegas 10

When my cock was clean, Marcia removed her hand from her sex, an embarrassed half smile on her face.

"Shall we get down to business," Brianna said, "now that the fun is taken care off."

She snapped her fingers and Zoe came into the room, bringing some of Brianna's tools in a surgical tray. Brianna pulled out an interesting piece of equipment from the tray, a stainless steel device with one handle equipped with a trigger, going to two arms whose width could be adjusted. At the end of each arm was a circle slightly larger than the width of a nipple. Smaller holes bisected the diameter of t... Continue»
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WBDP-Valentine's in Vegas 7

"I had hopes and some ideas. I didn't know if I could get you to go along with them. I didn't know if I could get you to walk out of the room this morning. But you did. I've learned a lot; about me and about you and about this lifestyle. It's been fun, I'd like to continue."

"So would I," Marcia replied.

"Then off to bed with you, slave."

"Yes, Master," and she snuggled against me.

"That is not how a slave sl**ps with her master," I reminded her.

"Yes, Master." She turned around until her mouth was level with my growing cock and her cunt was even with my face. I could smell the ... Continue»
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WBDP-Valentine's in Vegas 8

Yes, Master."

I turned the Vibe back on. "You may cum as necessary."

"You allow your slave to have a say in the matter of her adornment?" Brianna asked.

"I'm an indulgent master," I replied.

I asked Brianna to step away from the booth so that I could speak to her privately. It took me around 15 minutes to explain what I wanted Brianna to make for me.

"Your business card said that you design your jewelry, can you make it?" I asked.

"I made it all before my business got too big. I still make small special orders."

"Can you have this done before the dinner and dance tomorrow?... Continue»
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WBDP-Valentine's in Vegas 9

I also have these," and she showed me a leather waist cincher that had two straps on either leg, one front, one back, going down to sets of three other straps that would buckle around her thighs. "They have no other purpose than decoration but your slave has the perfect legs and these would set them off so well. And this." She showed me a full head slave mask that covered both the eyes and ears, leaving only the nose and mouth open. "Not only does this work as a blindfold, but it's earpieces suppress sound, making it harder for your slave to hear, further isolating her psychologically, and hei... Continue»
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WBDP-Valentine's in Vegas 6

"Not yet!" I ordered. "Greedy slave. Wait for your Master."

"I may not be able to wait, Master. Your slave is close."

"You won't wait long, believe me." I panted.

I was right. Five more rapid thrusts into the soft depths of her pussy and I grunted, "Cum with me slave," and she did. Her cunt milked my cock like a milking machine, the throbbing spasms of her release siphoning my seed from the depths of my balls, splashing the walls of her tight sheath in a bath of cum. I gave four or five more short lunges into her liquid heat until my prick would pulse no more. She turned to me and lic... Continue»
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My first gay experience.

This is my first submission to xhamster. I'm a bisexual guy from Leicester in the UK and this is the first of my four experiences with other guys whilst I was coming to terms with my sexuality. All of the guys I met were through hookup websites or personal ads, I never got the courage to meet someone in a club and talk it over beforehand. If you enjoy the story let me know, this is all 100% true too!

First Time

My first time with another man was in the very early hours of the morning. I had been single for a while and I found myself getting more frustrated and less relieved by mas... Continue»
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I had been with my girlfriend for about 5 years and we had lived together for most of that time. But because we both worked in retail,
our time off would more than often fall on totally different days of the week and sometimes when I came back from work she would tell me of her day spent wanking and watching pornography.
I loved the idea of being stuck in my boring job while she lay half naked on the sofa fucking herself senseless for hours on end. Her descriptions of what she had got up to always ended up in some long, filthy sex session when I got home and I would often try to encourage ... Continue»
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My hot boss

Hi to all.My story starts as I was working as a cleaner in a lawyers office.I was new to the job and quite shy so I hadn't talked to anyone yet.While I was getting on with my job I noticed a office light on so I made my way over to turn it off.The closer I got the more I could hear groaning coming from inside.It was the bosses office who was meant to have went home.I reached for the door handle the groaning had got louder so I knocked on the door,no answer so I opened the door and had a look.There was an brunette angel sitting behind her desk with her tight blouse unbuttoned showing her stunni... Continue»
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Intimate Inquiry #1: First Feelings

This INTIMATE INQUIRY interrogates into the first feelings and erotic experiences of female friends
It will be the first of a few further intimate investigations into the development of dreams in real love life

I will start to ask for first erotic experiences, looking back from where you are now, much more matured
I remember one answer in particular from an earlier Sexual Survey I conducted into my friends' love life

I will give the details in my first comment to this erotic experiment, which is inspired by a fresh female friend
I enjoyed a prolonged private exchange of erotic inti
... Continue»
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I shaved daddy's balls, and more.

As I told my story I still failed to see the significance of my actions, only just accepting my actions were different, from what the majority thought.

For me, nature was my guiding influence, if it felt natural, then I allowed it to happen, only if I were up for it.

We as people allow men to decide what is right and what is wrong, take for example, the church, where sex is taboo outside marriage, a law made by men, who apparently don't have sex, prefer c***dren to abuse, and nuns, rabid lesbians with a cruel streak, and a desire for caning and humiliating normal women who have sex with... Continue»
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mum & sons

I just got out of the shower when the door opened and my gran walked in on me,
“bl**dy hell” she cried out,
Mum was just passing and dashed in behind her,
“what is it” she asked in a panic,
“that” gran pointed at me,
“what am I looking at” asked mum,
“that, that thing between your sons legs” she cooed softly,
I was smiling, my plan had worked, I wanted gran to see what she was missing and I was willing to show her,
“ho that” mum said, “I see it every day, he walks about here naked”
“you could have warned me” gran said stepping forward a little,
“just for you gran” I said wiping myse... Continue»
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