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A Night in a Hotel

I’m sitting in the hotel bar when my text pings, it from the friend I’m supposed to be meeting. I have known her since university and we always get together when I’m in town which is not very often. We were going to have a meal in the new celebrity chef restaurant and I had used all my connections to get us a table but she has some sort of domestic crisis with her k**s and can’t make it! I try not to feel annoyed and smile as it’s not the first time she has done this but text back ‘oh no hun, hope all is ok let me know. How about a coffee tomorrow, I can come to you?’ I ring the restaurant; th... Continue»
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Coincés dans l’ascenseur [FabriKaBranleur]

20H25, je sors de ton appart’, je me suis fait le look beau gosse, j’ai une soirée avec pleins de filles et je suis célibataire depuis trop longtemps.
J’ai mes petites baskets blanches, ton petit blouson trop fashion, un dernier sms à mes potes pour dire que je décolle et j’attends l’ascenseur pour descendre 5 étages.
L’ascenseur arrive, je monte à bord et j’appuie sur le bouton rdc, me languissant de cette soirée pour partir à la chasse à la gonzesse. L’ascenseur descend et s’arrête au premier. A ce moment, je me dis que c’est déconné de me ralentir, alors que du premier au rez de chaussé... Continue»
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peanut butter jelly time!!!

Laura got home from work at around 5:45 PM. She walked in her door, set her bag down, took off her coat and said hello to her cat. She slipped off her shoes and walked to the kitchen. After looking into a couple sparse cabinets she said to herself, "Hmmm. PB&J it is then."

She pulled down from her cabinets a loaf of soft thick slices of white bread, an extra-large jar of smooth creamy peanut butter and an extra-large jar of g**** jelly. She pulled out two pieces of bread, holding one in her hand held out flat, she began spreading on the peanut butter, slowly, almost sensually.

"It's so ... Continue»
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Wife giving sex shows

After my wife (Sally) and I got married we were struggling to pay the mortgage etc. Sally is slim with auburn long hair long legs and nicely shaped breasts - we enjoyed plenty of sex often when warm enough going into fields and getting daring with the possibility of being seen, often behind stone walls next to busy roads and in woods where there could be walkers, we were (as far as we know) never seen.
Sally admitted that she is a bit of an exhibitionist and on holidays would always go topless and smile at men giving her admiring glances, I didn't mind and got quite turned on by it. Often whe... Continue»
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Stella's sudden surrender [1]

Stella starts to tell Saskia the story of her humiliating sudden surrender early Summer as soon as she submits to us.
Saskia still kneels between the long legs of Stella who orders her to play with her pussy while listening very carefully.
Stella closes her eyes, as if she replays the video of that day in Spain with me, which completely changed her life.
Saskia sees how Stella first fondles her firm tits, soon slides down to her slit, still wet from all orgasms by Saskia.
Stella demands Saskia to come on command for her, everytime she will conclude a sub-story line from our love life.
... Continue»
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Cum in the conference room

After work one Friday, when I was feeling even hornier than usual, I went

home, had a quick dinner, then drove back to the office. Several of us have

keys to the building, in case we need to work late, after regular hours. I

had told colleagues I had a report I needed to finish that night, so if

someone drove by and saw my car there it would not seem odd, but it was

unlikely anyone else would work late on a Friday night.

I let myself in to the building, then locked the door behind me. I walked

through to my own office, and quickly stripped completely naked, leaving my... Continue»
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Bulging Briefs In France

I had been combining a business trip in France with a short break, and I
had a few more days to spend before returning for a conference in London.
I had hired a car and was taking time to explore some of the smaller
Normandy towns, seeking out small hotels and eating wherever I could in
f****y-run restaurants.

What I am about to write about happened some ten years ago, but I remember
the details as if they happened yesterday. I can even remember that it was
a Wednesday evening that I met him, and that I had a Eurostar booking for
the following Sunday evening. They would prove to be s... Continue»
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Brief Encounter

I have had a major underwear fetish since I was a lad, and I love to masturbate in my underpants, rubbing my penis through the soft cotton and watching myself in a mirror. I get aroused just looking at men's underwear, and even more turned on watching other guys in their undies. I like all types of underwear, but especially traditional white briefs. The sight of a hot guy in a pair of tighty whities always gives me an erection, especially if they fit snugly over his butt and have a nice bulge in the front. I have stolen other guys briefs several times, and like to rub them over my face
as... Continue»
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cum filled panties

For years I had kept a very private secret. I had run the gauntlet emotionally because of it too. Sometimes forcing myself to abstain, thinking it wrong, bizarre, even disgusting as many would see it. But eventually, I'd give in to the urge, usually resulting in a frenzy of activity in order to satisfy what I believed then to be an absurd form of sexual pleasure and gratification.

Looking back, I couldn't pinpoint the exact moment or reason why this particular fetish of mine as I came to understand it had even come about. I considered myself a normal teenage k** in every way, and enjoyed th... Continue»
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It began as a impulse for some reason I stuck a toy I was playing with into my ass! It felt funny at first but then I began to like it and I found other things to stick into my ass...Sometimes I would hide in an old steamer trunk in the attic and shove something I found into my ass at first I started out small but as my asshole began to stretch I found larger objects to stick up there one of my favorites was a candle I stole from the dining room it was tapered at the tip and slid in easily and I could stick it in deep and kind of swirl it around that was fun! Once I shoved a small ... Continue»
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Cum and skype me

I travel.. a lot... My job takes me to California at least five times a year for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. The first few days I'm there I'm consumed with getting acclimated and adjusted to the time change. By the time my sl**p schedule gets back to normal I find myself really missing my wife and making love to her.

She is a 5'1 blonde beauty. Her 110 lbs. are tight and tanned... all except the C cups that hold back her amazing breasts. Needless to say... being 2000 miles away from her for a couple of weeks makes things hard on both of us.

It has long been my commitment to her that I... Continue»
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Hanks Burgers by GuyMaddox#1


It wasn’t more than a few days after I met him than I learned that Hank liked to cook. So we sat around in his Arkansas trailer in the hills above Hot Springs, sucking each others’ dicks and watching Food Network.

On a Saturday morning, I was fucking Hank’s ass over the sofa in his trailer, and what comes on over his satellite TV but fucking Rachel Ray! Man, does she have cock-sucking lips- all glossed up and everything. For a minute, Hank and I stopped banging just to look at her. We laughed at each other, both of ... Continue»
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Suck My Titties

I can't help but to enjoy getting my Tits sucked a lot. I keep letting these two guys suck them when they come over and my gf is at work. I don't know why I keep letting them do that to me. Seeing I get extremely weak when I get them sucked. This morning on 10/8/16 at 9am about an hour after my gf went to work. The door bell rang. I knew they weren't coming over to paint or fix my car. These tall black men came to my house to suck my tits and to feel up on me. I let them in. Immediately one push me against the wall and pull up my top over my tits and began sucking on them. I couldn't... Continue»
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JO in the Jacuzzi

I first realized I was bi-sexual in my 30s when I belonged to an urban health club. All the naked guys in the locker room, many of whom were gay, sent a message through my groin that was unmistakable. Although I was married, I was attracted to cocks and balls! There were many times I’d have to hide a hard on.

One day when I was soaking in the Jacuzzi, a mature guy sits down on the side across from me and dangles his legs in the water. I’m already horny and am peeking at his fine-looking 6 inch cut dick sagging on top of a nice pair of balls. It made my mouth water. We shared a little small ... Continue»
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Firm business meeting?

Gloria was in her late 30's. Light-skinned black woman. 5' 8" slim w/ a nice ass. Cute, friendly face w/ a friendly disposition to match. Shoulder-length curly hair that caught one's attention as much as her booty when she walked away; Gloria knew they were watching, too. She enjoyed flirting and seeing men get all excited and bothered in her presence as she spoke to them, winking like a tease.

Gloria had married young, had a daughter, worked as a clerk...but her husband didn't appreciate Gloria after awhile, and wasn't much of a provider. This needed to change, and since he wouldn't Gloria... Continue»
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Passer by.

For a few years now i like to get away at weekends , A bit of peace and quiet is hard to find but i did come across a pretty remote place last year while out exploring during a weeks break.Small river with plenty of tree cover , i returned there with my tent and did a spot of fishing , sunbathing and general relaxing with a beer or two.
This year i returned and stocked up i settled for three days. Fishing was ok with long breaks and some were good enough to cook up on a fire.I am a naturist and also like to dabble with being an exhibitionist which going to a remote place is not ideal you migh... Continue»
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part 1. my cheating boyfriend

at the time i was 19 years old, id been invited to a work party to celebrate my bosses engagement, my boss claire was abit wild on the wrong side of 40 and was making up for loss time. she insisted everybody come in fancy dress.
i invited my boyfriend along as i was new at the company i didnt really know anybody. thought it would be a good chance to spend some time with dave my fella.
i was at home getting ready for the party, i showered shaved my lady parts lol. only to notice i had left my outfit at work.
it was only 7pm i had 2hours before the party started so i wrapped a towel aro... Continue»
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More hot neighbours undressing - Part 5 final

The middle aged lady who caught me spying on her with with binoculars when she was topless now kept her curtains firmly closed. One less target and only myself to blame, my own stupidity in getting caught had probably prevented me from seeing her monster rack again.

My memory is of weirdly long nipples for the undersized pink discs at their base. I just want to see them once more to confirm. Amazingly soon afterwards late at night she strode across the room butt naked. I could only see a brief glimpse before she looked my way scowling and immediately closed the curtains. I had very ... Continue»
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Non rifiuto un aiuto per mia sorella

Ho 22 anni vivo in provincia di Firenze, studio, ho una fidanzata carina che non mi fa mancare nulla.
La mia famiglia è composta da papà, mamma e una sorella di 19 anni.
Mia sorella è 'grassottella', non grassa, sicuramente poco appariscente, non voglio dire che sia brutta. Certamente lei non fa nulla per apparire, a volte un pò di trucco e una gonnellina ti cambiano completamente.
Non ha molti amici e a volte il Sabato sera la porto con me e i miei amici, la speranza è sempre che trovi un ragazzo. Che possa uscire con qualcuno.
Ha avuto un ragazzo per un periodo, uno o due mesi, ma poi è ... Continue»
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Hot adventure with Clara

Clara was my good friend for many years and once we decided to make a two day outside trip. We left our car on the end of road and walked fem miles where we found beautiful small lake and spot to build our tent. Then we decided to go for a trip, took few things to backpacks and left. It was nice sunny but also very hot summer day. Somehow we made a mistake so our trip was much much longer. Finally wgot close to our tent. Last hour we walked up the hill and was such hot. She looked at me and said : " Patrik, hopefully you have extra clothes, you had to sweat out liters. " I said to her : " Of c... Continue»
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