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Getting along with a co-worker

Lacey, a former co-worker, was the object of my effect. She was a cute looking, if not stunning, blond. She was about five feet, four inches tall, and weighted close to 110 pounds. She was also the subject of many a fantasy of mine.

Reality met fantasy, and it involved a ride home from work. Her k**s were with her ex husband for the summer and she was lonely. I don't have k**s, so we talked about hers. She talked about how she accidently broke her sons favorite toy. Me, being pretty handy, suggested that I look at it, and see if I could fix it. I had to work a little, but I got her to stop... Continue»
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Summer Morning Strangers

She woke up to a warm summer morning – the whistle of someone cutting grass accompanied the birdsong outside. She had pushed the quilt off of her in the night to cool her skin, and as she stretched and opened her eyes her memory drifted back to the week before when she had woken to the feeling of skin against her.
Getting out of bed she pulled on her bathrobe and walked to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and pissed while the water heated. As she stepped into the shower the sensation of heat all over her body had a cleansing effect – preparing for a new day. She caressed her nipples as... Continue»
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mrs watson punishes

I stepped out of the shower as i was alone i didn't bother with a towel just walked out of the bathroom headed
to my bedroom , i thought i heard a noise outside so paused and glanced out the window into my back garden and saw
the top of someones head duck down beneath my window , now i'm 65 years old and would be the 1st to admit that
i'm way past my best grey hair and not just on my head boobs sagging so rather than being outraged that someone was peeping
at me i found it quite amusing so pretending i hadn't heard anything i stayed where i was and strted drying myself with a towel
kee... Continue»
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Back to Wal-Mart I Go … or Cum … with a HUGE surpr

After my baptism with flashing in the changing room at Wal-Mart I was so taken by the experience that I decided it was time to do a little more shopping. We have several Wal-Mart’s in our area so I decided to check out a different one for my sophomore performance. This store, like many in our area, has recently changed to joint or unisex changing rooms.

Once I entered the store I grabbed one of those scooters and hopped on and headed towards the clothing section. Browsing thru the area I saw, as I turned down one aisle, a group of three cute looking teens. One looked at least 3 or 4 years y... Continue»
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Myself and Jenna Part 3

My husband was away on business, leaving the Wednesday evening and only coming home the following Tuesday. After dropping him off at the airport my daughter and I went home. We had dinner and soon we were off to bed. The next morning I dropped her off at school, went to gym and after gym headed home. I was sitting having breakfast when my phone rang, it was my friend Jenna. I had messaged her telling her that my hubby had to go away on business for a few days. She phoned to asked if I would like some company Saturday afternoon and evening. Which sure sounded great. The next few days went by an... Continue»
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Offering a lift

It was a Wednesday morning, hubby was away on business again, I got back from gym, and made myself breakfast. While eating, I went through my emails before going upstairs to shower. While washing myself my mind wonder, I started thinking about how my husband made love to me before her left, the way he ate my pussy and fucked me. Getting rather horny from the thoughts I started rubbing my pussy, soon leaning against the shower wall as I continued to play with myself. I moaned as I orgasmed from rubbing my clit. Still being horny I got out the shower and semi dried myself off before finding myse... Continue»
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My sist*r in law keeps surprising me :-)

If you read my previous story you’d know that I recently had an encounter with my SIL, I flashed my dick to her and she ended up taking a picture and graving it. That was last Xmas (2016) after heavy drinking. Nothing else happened and I am not sure if it ever will... (she is back in the UK and I am now in South America with my wife).

But every now and then I send her a text to ask if she still has the picture she took of my dick or even asked if had looked at it to do anything else. At first she was quite reluctant to go any further and even asked me to drop the subject just in case m... Continue»
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Me and scott

Back when I was young I'd get up early during the summer brake and explore, most of the time it ment I got in trouble.
I was playing behind the school when I heard someone ask what I was doing. I looked around and it was a boy I knew from class. I told him I was bored and looking for something to do. He said he was too,and we played for a while.
It was getting hot and he said we should go swimming in the creek. I said okay but I had to get my swim trunks first.He said we can go to a spot where no one goes and skinny dip. I was nervous about it because I never did it before. He said he d... Continue»
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Myself and Jenna Part 2

As I wrote once before, my first lesbian experience was with my best friend Jenna. This is part 2, my 2nd lesbian experience.
A few months after meeting my hubby, Jenna and I planned to have a girls night at her apartment. Her boyfriend had a braai with friends and mine was away on business. It was a friday night, we ordered pizzas, had a few glasses of wine and we chatted. After eating we went to her room where we changed into our pj's.
While doing our nails we chatted about our boyfriends and the great sex we have been having. The chat soon landed up to the weekend away when we make out an... Continue»
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stepdad's cock

On Saturday night my mom and stepdad went out for supper while I stayed at home doing a geography assignment as I was in matric. It was after 10 when I decided to call it a night and get into bed. Before falling asl**p I decided to play with myself, I rubbed up and down my pussy and clit, soon licking my middle finger making it wet, entering it in my pussy. I fingered myself and rub on my G spot, to make myself cum. I fell asl**p afterwards, but was woken up to my mom and stepdad laughing, obviously they had just got home and were a bit d***k.

Not long later I heard softish banging, and so... Continue»
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Hands Free Anal Part 3

After writing the last installment I felt ashamed. I realized it wasn’t anything. What I was doing still involved touching the clitty. I’ll use clitty to be honest, since my clitty is very small. My clitty was getting squeezed between my legs if you recall. So it was still clitty masturbation I was talking about. It wasn’t the same experience as doing it without anal, certainly anal was a big part, but it wasn’t really all that different from usual wanking off. The clitty was still the star. What was going on in the asshole was cool, but the clitty was calling the shots. For example, what I di... Continue»
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A beach walk

It was December holidays and my bf at the time Kyle, came with us to spend a week at out holiday home in the Cape. Still studying and staying with my mom and stepdad, we had to stick to their rules, and had to sl**p in separate rooms. The first few days went by ok, but eventually we both started becoming rather horny. It was a Wednesday and we planned to go to the movies that night and see the latest slot movie, which was at 10pm, to have some fun, "rough hard sex" in the theater. Getting in and sitting down it was rather pack due to the holidays. So the plan failed. We watched the movie anywa... Continue»
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Mother's new boyfriend

My mother had not dated much after she divorced my dad several years ago.

I had now turned 18 and my mother felt that she could start to date men and not worry about me so much. I had told her for years that I was OK with her seeing men. My father had already remarried and I liked his wife. So after my father got remarried and had told my mother not worry about me. She said she did not want other men around her daughter and that she could wait.

So when I came home after a night out with my friends and saw two wine glasses on the living room table, I hoped that she finally was seeing some... Continue»
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A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 10

It was 10 P.M. on a warm Friday evening when I returned to the house that Becca and I shared.

“Hi, sweetie,” Becca said, as I opened the front door and stepped into the house. “How did your day go?”

“Pretty good,” I replied, as I set two large brown bags down on the floor. “Work was uneventful for the most part, and, for my line of work, uneventful is always a good thing.”

“Good to hear,” she replied. “That means I can make your day even better.”

At that moment, Becca walked over to me. She wrapped her hands around my neck, pushed her tongue into my mouth, and began to make... Continue»
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Weekend away from home

My mom is a single parent, it's just her and I as long as I can remember.
Mom did date,but never brought any of them home as far as I know. There were a few adult friends I knew about, and got along with them,as they me. One day mom received a phone call that upset her. She came in my room and told me that my uncle had died, and she had to attend the funeral. Taking me out of school for a couple of days was out of the question, so she asked me if I could stay with a friend of ours (I'll call him Jerry) for a few days. Jerry was an older man that was a widower we knew for years. He agre... Continue»
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Skip & the Arcade

The following is a completely true story from my informative years. The names and places have been changed. The year, tragically, has not.

I was a fairly innocent 18-year-old when I started college in the late 1970's. I had come to terms with the fact that I was gay, although I would never have admitted that to anyone, particularly not at school. In those days you stayed in the closet as late as you possibly could.

I don't know if Skip knew I was gay or not. Skip was a very hot guy who was in several of my classes. He was only a couple of months younger than I, tall, athletic, ... Continue»
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An Interesting Evening with a Goddess by: the-naug

I was reading, one evening, when my lovely wife walked in wearing her long bathrobe…with spiked heels, no less. 
I glanced up, secretively, as she stood at the love seat across from where I was seated on the sofa.
She reached into the robe’s pocket, pulled out a small vibrator and placed it next to her planned place of repose. She loosened the sash and allowed the robe to slip, slowly, off of her pale shoulders, past the curve of her hips and onto the floor as if I wasn’t there.
Beneath the robe, she was clad (only) in a bl**d red low cut lacy bra, garter belt and dark sea... Continue»
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Visiting Mr. Robertson

I could barely get to sl**p when I went to bed, Mr. Robertson kept running through my head.
After school I did my homework in record time, jumped on my bike and rode to his house. I knocked on his door, he opened it and smiled. "I was wondering if you were coming back, come on in " Mr. Robertson said. I went in, he put his arm around my shoulder and asked if I was hungry, yes I said. He made me a sandwich and poured a glass of milk. He said to come sit down when I finished. After eating I went to the front room and sat beside him. He rubbed my shoulder and asked if I liked what we d... Continue»
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Eating Black Cum

The room I'd rented at The Hyatt had been expensive, but as I sat on the edge of the double bed watching as my wife's pussy was getting vigorously fucked by Duane, the 35 year old black guy we'd met on Craig's List several weeks earlier, the price didn't really matter to me! The view I had of Duane's enormous black cock (measuring around 9 inches long and nearly 2 inches in diameter) was worth every last penny I'd paid to rent the room!

I could smell my wife's wet and juicy pussy from where I sat as Duane's thick and dark chocolate cock pounded away without let up; and as I watched, my own,... Continue»
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Coming home early

I was just about to push “send” to text you and tell you the good news!!, that I was going to be home a day early from working away, but then I thought I’d
surprise you instead. When I was driving up the road to our house, I got that good feeling of just being home. I pulled onto the drive, walked past your car and into
the house. I kicked off my boots and walked into the kitchen, I didn’t see you, but I did see a couple of empty wine bottles by the sink, it was 4 in the afternoon and I knew the boy’s were staying at a friends tonight. I was pouring myself a drink when I heard moaning sou... Continue»
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