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A Slave's Tale 1

Suddenly I'm awake. But why? I have a vague feeling that a noise woke me but no idea what that noise was. Outside a storm is raging and I can hear the sound of rain against the window. Reason tells me that this is what woke me but I know somehow that it wasn't.

I roll over and grope for the clock on the bedside table. I press the button and the light comes on. 2.39! I gaze at the clock my mind slowly surfacing. After a few seconds the light goes out and I'm once more in the dark. I lie quietly straining to hear ... anything. The house seems to be quiet and I start to relax a little. Then, a... Continue»
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A Slave's Tale 2

"I abhor unjustified cruelty but a crime cannot go unpunished as I am sure you will agree. When you were thrashed did your last Mistress use your bottom?"

"No Miss. I rebelled before she got that far Miss."

"Good, then we will make use of that. You understand what this punishment is for and why it is necessary?"

"Yes Miss."

"I think 24 strokes will suffice this time."

I picked up my riding crop from the table and slowly stood up.

"Stand up slut."

She did so with amazing speed.

"Turn around and then bend over my desk."

Hesitantly but obediently she did so. I paused ... Continue»
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Charmed 1

Disclaimer: This is an erotic story. You must be 18 to read this story, be able to read erotica in your community, and not be offended by the contents of it. If you are not 18, live in an overly repressed community, or are easily offended, move on. This is not for you.

This is also a parody and as such is protected under the first amendment. I do not claim to own the characters used herein, I'm just borrowing them for a little while, and there is no intent to use the characters for profit. Any copyrighte... Continue»
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A night to never forget

Okay this is a real story, all 100% how I remember. For the sake of the story we'll say I was 18 at the time

I was in my bed, late night long day at school. My phone goes off 7 time in a row. I rise from my bed and stumble to find my phone on my cluttered desk, when I do I see all 7 text are from my best friend Sydney.
"Hey bitch"
"Where you at??"
"You're going to the party right!?"
"I hear there will be older dudes there.."
"Plus a little beer and stuff!"
"Don't be lame, I'll text you the address"
"Just show up and find me"
I think to myself "I can't just sneak out.." I lay ba... Continue»
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Who Do You Want

My wife told me she always dreamed about me fucking one of her
girlfriends, then she made it happen.

As soon as I met Donna at a party, I knew I wanted to be with her. I'm
pretty tall, six-five, and she was five-eight, so we are at least in the
same part of the stratosphere. She was bubbly and fun with wavy blond
hair down just past her shoulders and her body, well, she's slender and
curvy with beautiful long legs and a nice figure. Really she's got great
boobs and likes guys to notice them.

Well, the night of the party, I certainly did and I left with her phone
number and email a... Continue»
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Jade and Tamsin Part 1: The Seduction

Jade was lying on her bed, worrying again about her best friend Tamsin who'd been down recently. Having been together for 5 years since they were in their early teens, Tamsin's long term boyfriend, Mike, had split up with her a few months back. She'd done everything she could could keep him happy over the years, never looking at other guys, pleasing him in bed, and keeping her body in good shape. She'd even had a boob job for her 18th birthday, taking her from an A cup up to a perky and full D, but ironically this was what caused Mike to split with her, with him saying he'd always loved her bo... Continue»
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Malcolm, and his big cock 2: The Sequel

Malcolm And His Big cock 2

You need to read "Malcolm And His Big cock" first, as I don't want to have to do "PREVIOUSLY ON MALCOLM AND HIS BIG
cock" thing. I can't be bothered.

Ok, so VERY brief synposis

Malcolm: Early 40's 6 foot plus black man, colleague of mine, with a HUGE penis.
Getting on for ten inches, AND as thick as my wrist.

I had fucked him, naturally - it would be rude not to - and so did my gorgeous friend Leigh,and she MORE OR LESS let me
fuck HER as well, into the bargain.

I was in a serious long term relation... Continue»
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Bianca Fucks A Bully (A Futanari Story)

Bianca woke up early, the cool air of an October morning creeping in through her bedroom window. She stretched, and then scratched her engorged futa ball sack. Bianca kept her genitals smooth and shaved; her foot long cock and her always-wet pussy never had a trace of hair on them, she made sure of that. She admired the lovely length and girth of her girl cock, which poked out of the bottom of her nighty, before climbing out of bed.

Bianca tended to sl**p in, especially on Sunday's, but today she managed to get her day going early. She showered, paying extra attention to her girly member, ... Continue»
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Stella's sudden surrender [3]

Stella starts to tell Saskia the sexy story of her sudden surrerender into submission. Long lines full of love and lust.
Saskia longs to listen to the long story of unexpected surrender after reaching realms of unthought pervert pleasure.
Stella is clearly in command. Saskia feels fine she is the second in line at their mutual Master of secret ceremonies.
Some sweet spanking started as an innocent play, which was a ploy so successfull she suddenly became my slave.
Stella shares Saskia some sexy sweet secrets about how her very vanilla love life suddenly turned into submission.

... Continue»
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hanna becomes a slave for life 3

"Please nooo...don't..."
"What the fuck did you say slut? You forget your fucking place"
You swiftly backhand me across the face with a resounding CRACCKK. i cry out in shock and pain, my body slumping in my restraints, the pain at my wrists intense.
"Please...Mistress Erin...please don't pierce me more. i'll do anything you want but please don't do that...or let boys use me"
Tears are flowing down my face, dripping off my chin and down onto my swollen and impaled nipples.
"That's right you snivelling cunt. You will do exactly what I want, when I want, and with whoever I choose. You. Bel... Continue»
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Stella's sudden surrender [2]

Stella blindfolds Saskia before the start of the second part. Saskia also gets a collar. Stella walks her on all fours.
Sign for me to set up my camera for a private video for three. Saskia longs to learn the story of Stella's submission.
Stella decides to first tease Saskia some more, by promising to tell the kinkiest thing which had happened before. Saskia shall replay the role of Stella in the sexy scenario of slow sweet seduction into the best sex she had sofar.
Stella loves to explore more of her longing and lust for lesbian sex, as well her first try to dominate, being my sub.
... Continue»
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Two Broke Women

To my friend imornery81. . . . your writings have inspired me to be creative and post some more stories myself . . .
And to toptramp for encouraging me to write again


Sandra and Angie have been friends for a few years now. They met through their husband’s mutual friends and seemed to hit it off from the beginning. The two couples got together often and the girls seemed to sense that they were attracted to one another but they didn’t take the next step to see if there was something there that they needed to explore.

At one party the two couples attended Sandra and ... Continue»
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cowgirls vs convent whores

The red Honda Civic rental car came to a halt in the dirt driveway. A small figure exited the vehicle, and sighed as she looked at where she would now be living. This was her first time seeing the ranch style house in person. It looked just like the photo the real estate agent showed her, and she was grateful for that. Weeks ago she had made the arrangements for everything to be in working order in the house and for her furniture to be delivered. Now that she looked at the peaceful surroundings, she hoped it had all been done.

A flock of birds flew overhead above the line of trees and she ... Continue»
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On the black screen of my sl**pless nights ....

You know, that feeling of something that bothers you ....
This began arriving at a neuron somewhere ... Then two ... and here continued by awakening my auditory sense ..... A faint sound familiar, but can not decide which.

I know where I am. It's night; the room is in a clear dark lit only by the digital display clock; I'm in bed, lying naked curled up with her back to Chris and Vero ... Who are sl**ping behind me ....
Chris and Vero .... Who are sl**ping behind me ....

This noise so tenuous, so familiar .... My brain cells begin to function at a higher level of consciousness ... Chris... Continue»
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Fuck me good baby

It was 3 AM and my bed sheets were a messy lump under my back. I was tired. It had been a tiring day — get up early in the morning, make breakfast, work eight hours, go to movies with boyfriend, have a screaming fight with boyfriend outside of movie theatre, throw drink at boyfriend, cry after being dumped, rip up photos of us as a couple ... all very tiring work.

Like I said, I was tired. Exhausted even. So why couldn't I sl**p?

I knew why, even if a part of me didn't want to admit it to myself. I needed that bastard. I wasn't used to sl**ping alone, and to top it all off, I was horny. ... Continue»
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Episode 62: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Once upon a time there were three bears: Mummy Bear, Daddy Bear and Baby Bear. They lived in a cave in the forest and one day out walking they came across a pretty wooden cottage. The front door was open, so they walked in. Daddy Bear was a bit too tall, so he had to bend his head to get through the door; Mummy Bear was a bit too wide, so she had to squeeze her rounded tummy through the doorframe, but little Baby Bear was exactly the right size, so just walked straight in.

Daddy Bear was very obviously a man-bear; whenever he got excited this absolutely enormous black penis emerged from his... Continue»
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Don't Get Caught (Part 1 of 2) [League of Leg

“Tryndamere, honey?” A cloaked white-haired woman walked down a hallway alongside her husband, who was hanging his head in his hand. The man sighed, fearing his wife's response.
“...Yes dear?”
“I hate you.”
“I know. I hate me too.” He couldn't even bring himself to look at his beloved as the hallway opened to a master bedroom. Awaiting the couple were two muscle-bound rivals, smiling and staring the other two down, the female finally breaking down in a laugh riot.
“Ohhhhhhhhh, my-*pfft*-my humble queen…”
“Please shut up, Se-”
“AAAAAAHAHAHA! You think you can order me around, Ashe?” Sej... Continue»
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A boss fall into being a lesbian sub chapter 1

”What is going on, Mary?” Linda was sitting in her office in quite an important phone call when her 21 year old secretary had entered with a folder that she had not asked to receive.
”Oh this? Nothing really important, just something you need to read through and okay before lunch, Mrs Fall.” Mary said with a soft gentle smile which concealed the true nature of the folder but she wanted to mess with the older woman, she wanted her bitch boss to get comfy and secure before it all came crashing down.
Two weeks earlier Mary had found out that her boss had a very dark secret, which was that she ... Continue»
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Math Fuck 101

Long after the last bell rang through the vast halls of F.W. Harmony High School, Joanne Didier stood just outside room 326. She cast a furtive glance over her shoulder from time to time. Her heart felt like a pair of delicate hummingbird wings, fluttering erratically from random bursts of nervous adrenaline. She figured she'd waited long enough, laying low while dozens of hormone-addled teens pushed and shoved their way towards the first available exit. It was Friday afternoon, the start of another weekend. Joanne did her best to stay focused as she reflected on what she hoped was soon to com... Continue»
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just some sunday thoughts

On their backs they slowly edged toward each other, their legs wide spread, until their bright red, swollen labia’s where right in front of each other.
Susanne twisted her hips toward Corinna’s and spread her long legs as wide as possible. Corinna did the same.
Susanne could feel the heat emanated from Corinna’s pussy just millimeters from her own.
Both inhaled deeply and braced themselves for the kiss to come.
Corinna closed her eyes, biting her lip as they moved towards each other.
They pushed together. Their soft, swollen labia meshed gently together.
Both beauties moan in ecstasy as... Continue»
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