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Kaj teta na gosti

Nekolku pati imam odeno kaj tetkami koga sum nemala prevoz ili koga sum mnogu pijana za da ne me primetat doma,poveke za vtoroto.Taa vecer i nemav prevoz i bev pijana pa resiv da prespijam kaj tetka mi.Bese 2 sabajle i bidejki imam kluc vlegov direktno.Koga vlegov vidov deka vo dnevnata na masata ima edno prazno sise vodka i nekolku casi pa pomisliv deka e izlezena.Tetka mi ima 46 godini i zivee sama pa cesto izlaga navecer.Mislev deka i ovaa vecer e izlezena no od vnatresnosta na kukata cuv nekakvi zvuci.Vratata od sobata bese malku podotvorena i koga dzirnav ja vidov tetkami vo krevet so tro... Continue»
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Country Club massage

Life is good for Cindi and I
I'm 37, she's 35. We both stay in shape and she still gives me great action
Vacation sex is awesome, on the balconies, sheer dresses at the nightclubs, topless beaches, you name it
We have a great time at the county club and spend quite a bit of time there
I reserved a massage every Tuesday after my round of golf
This time there was a new employee. Abut 25 years old, dark brown hair and very attractive. She wears a short outfit that kind of looks like a nurses outfit. She has the t... Continue»
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The Bazaar

It was always difficult being one of the few high figure salary females in the consulting firm. Making a 6 figure income and traveling all around the country helping other companies out of whatever crisis they were undergoing. Being just into her 40’s and being single also made things more than simple. Let’s face it, having a body to die for and working hard to keep it that way always brought the attention of the men in the room, and some women, which made her corporate position that much more enviable.
She had her choice of cocks and pussy at any of the companies she consulted f... Continue»
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Lisa’s New Role

Lisa woke up startled and looked at her clock radio. 4 AM.

She heard loud noises coming from her roommate's bedroom. They must be at it again, she thought.
Her roommate, Troya, a full figured black woman, liked to bring women home after her shift at the lesbian bar where she worked. Tonight was no different. The other woman sounded like Sonya, a regular visitor.

Don’t you dare stop fucking me, exclaimed Sonya!
The moaning and groaning continued for several more minutes before Sonya came loudly.
Lisa thought that was it for the night and tried to get back to sl**p but they started ... Continue»
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My bbw wife (story 9) The lesbian couple

My wife met them at a community college that she was attending at the time. Two girls, younger than herself that chose the same field as her. They had been in a commited relationship with each other since high school and it was obvious from the start that the 3 of them would get along great together.

It's no secret that my wife is bi and absolutely loves a mouthful of pussy and it didn't take the girls long to find out about that piece of information. Thru conversations and alot of giggles while at the college they finally asked her that very question. Once that barrier was hurdled they... Continue»
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Shelly's First All Girl Party

Shelly’s First All Girl Party
There she was, sitting on the other side of the backyard. They told me that they had invited her but since we didn’t know each other very well, I didn’t think she was going to come. If I wasn’t freaking out earlier, I sure as hell am now. We had seen each other once before when I had seen her out at out to the club we both had attended with our swinger friends but nothing happened between us; that was going to change today. I couldn’t help but stare at her, she was gorgeous. She had a beautiful figure, luscious curves, beautiful eyes, the loveliest smile I had e... Continue»
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Ashley and Charlotte

Ashley stood naked at the bedroom window, her inner thighs wet with excitement.

Please? She heard behind her but ignored it...........again. Please Miss Ashley. Let me cum?

The 18 year old Charlotte was naked on her bed. Wrists tied together at the head of the bed. The legs tied at each corner. Her young lithe body stretched taught because of the ropes and the extreme sexual frustration she felt.

Ashley had been teasing her for over three hours and the teen had been begging to orgasm after 10 minutes. Her tiny breasts stood out, her nipples sore from being erect this long and her alm... Continue»
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For Him

She pulled off her top and showed her huge tits to the man sitting in front of her. Then she grabbed his head and pulled his mouth to a hard nipple and told him "Suck my tit. I know you like my big jugs. Now enjoy them and I will make you feel so good." As he sucked each nipple she undid her pants and pulled them down and stepped out of them. She put his hand to her fuck hole and he pushed in two fingers and fucked her wet cunt hard. She said "See how wet you make me. Now let's get your big cock out here for me." She then undid his pants and pulled them open so she could grab his cock and pull... Continue»
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There was a time before marriage and becoming parents that my wife and I partied almost every weekend. We would work our fingers to the bone during the week and spend Friday and Saturday nights out with all types of friends. This led to quite a few erotic encounters during those formative years of our relationship that helped lay a solid foundation for a healthy and fun sex life. However, there was one that still stands out in both of our minds.

Just shy of fifteen years ago, my then fiance and I decided to host a small party for a few friends to watch the third game of the World Series.... Continue»
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Boarding School

Requests - Catholic Girls

"And none of their mamas ever seem to know
For all the class they show
There's nothing like a Catholic Girl"

- Frank Zappa

Yes, I went to one. I HAVE mentioned it a few times in stories, as "back story".

A straw poll of my readers showed that they wanted to know more.

I BET you do, you dirty fucking PERVERTS !! LOL !!

Okay, I will be as candid as I can be.

I will admit I occasionally blush scarlet when I reminisce about those sweaty trysts with other female boarders,
under the covers.

I went to the sch... Continue»
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The Christmas "After" Party

As the last few guest left, another successful Christmas Party was coming to an end. This year I had over thirty party goers and I was left with quite the mess. I began cleaning up when I cam across a coat. It was a woman's coat, I believed it belonged to my neighbor Lisa, I couldn't imagine anyone going out on such a frigid night without a coat, but she was only going next door. As I continued to clean I found a set of car keys. Who's keys are these? Everyone left. I peeked outside and saw one car parked out in the street a few doors down, but I had no clue who it belonged to.

After fini... Continue»
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Merry Christmas Babes

I'm sipping a fresh brew of hot cocoa on Christmas Eve when the knock sounds on my door. I start out of my reverie and spill some of the contents near the top two buttons on my new blouse. Wisely, I set my mug on the coffee table before throwing my hands up in frustration.

The knock sounds again, and I wonder who would be at my door in this weather. The snow's been falling in sheets ever since I got out of classes for the day, and the Midwest winter dark is out in full f***e.

I amble toward the door and pull it open, trying to shield the stained shirt from my visitor. A shock runs throu... Continue»
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Piss – Part 1

All Saturdays are exiting for me since Sunday was a holiday and I knew it was a workout day for me as a slave!

It was a Saturday night. Pritika had already planned my Sunday.. So she herself had nice sl**p during the Saturday afternoon while I was busy with my college. I came back at about 6 pm only to (surprisingly) find pritika already fast asl**p and left a note of instruction on my table. The instruction I got form her were

Drink 2 liters of water
... Continue»
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Bare Naked Yoga

It was the first time I ever saw her true self. the first time I ever felt my sexuality really coming to the forefront in her presence. Yes, I had often looked at her thinking I would love to kiss that woman, but I had never knowingly shown her my desire, after all she was married and no doubt straight.
Concealing my thoughts I quickly lay the mats out in front of the fire and proceeded to start my warm up routine, Stella alongside of me but her head at my feet. Warmed and stretched out we commenced the exercise regimen and it was not long before the natural instructor within her came out; S... Continue»
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Pay Day chapter 2

Pay Day – Chapter 2

After Sean left Zelda & I compared notes, she loved how tight his asshole was and how well he took to her strap-on and I told her good his cum tasted.

“That’s enough chit-chat” Zelda rebuked “we need to get showered and changed before the milkman or the lawn crew come looking for payment”.

I stripped off my cum covered panties and stockings and stepped into the shower to freshen up and get ready for our next visitor. Zelda joined me and while she soaped up my cock and balls and sucked my nipples on my budding breasts I tried to decide how I was going to dress this ... Continue»
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Truth or Dare w/CBlondie

Truth or Dare – w/CBlondie

Going out for dinner one night my g/f wanted me to dress in a sexy red one piece outfit that clearly showed my nipples through the stretchy material. There was a matching lacy material that went around the high collar neck around the low slung back and around the bottom of the top and top flowed to below the waist where lacy 4 suspenders hung down and attached to the red lace at the top of the attached stocking. The outfit was too short to be a dress in and of itself, even for me, so I wore a short skirt with it and some nice high hee... Continue»
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A Tasty Halloween Treat

A Tasty Halloween Treat

By: Azkadellio

[Jade West is more than she appears. To anyone on the street, she's just a beautiful woman who most know little about. To those who know her, the small handful, she's a seductress who can get any woman she wants without trying. While at a Halloween Party for a girl she 'met' that day, she meets her s!ster.]

"Oh, fuck!" A busty girl with medium length light brunette hair with blonde highlights calls out, her back arching off the Queen size bed as her hands go to grip the head between her thighs, her eyes closing as she climax... Continue»
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Wife and daughter f***ed to pay off husbands debts

Part 4

I woke, I could feel hands running up my legs. I liked the sensation. It took me a moment to realise where I was. The masseuse continued, kneaded my bottom. I stretched my neck. It felt as if I was laying on two pillows. Two large pillows. My new tits. My big new, E- cup breasts.
We walked to the refreshment lounge, wrapped in big white fluffy toweling robes. Mineral waters in hand, we found two armchairs in a corner.
“These take some getting use to,” Cindy said, indicating her two twin E-cups.
“Tell me about it, and they wanted us to go to an F. The girls are jealous, they want ... Continue»
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Best friend threesome

Myself and my best friend at the time sarah had planned a little trip away together just a wkend in Manchester so thar we could let or hair down and have some fun .
Sarah and I met when I started working in my first beauticians she had great personality and if I do say so myself she was pretty good looking with boobs so big they made her back hurt .
Sarah and I would always have a good time when we were out teasing guys feeling each others boobs and enjoying the odd kiss just to get the guys going for a laugh ( well it wasn't all for a laugh) a guy that I used to have sex with called us a c... Continue»
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Friendship Forever

Hi I am Madura from Chennai and this is my story which is happened when we are at 10th slandered. I am from orthodox f****y. We are too much poor’s. We are living in a small rented house. My mother was and teacher and by earning our families are running. I attained puberty at 9th slandered and there is lot of differences were come out of m... Continue»
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