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Lesbian mother in law, (5) taken from behind

Part 5 of a series. The order is at the end of this story.
I had been sl**ping with my partners mother for a few months and I was loving sex with both. Adam had a big cock, and his mam Eve could lick me to orgasm better than any man I had ever slept with. And she also had a good collection of toys when either of us wanted penetration.I had recently found out that Eve had started sl**ping with her ex husband Joe. She said he could give her something I couldn't. I bet that something was between his legs.
Eve and I had been taking part in a local production of a play, and we had become the star... Continue»
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Addicted to My Ex-Wife Ch. 02

Ex-wife, her divorce lawyer and a promise.

"You remember Francine?" my ex-wife Denise asked as she ushered her divorce lawyer past me and into my house. What an unpleasant surprise!

"How could I forget?" I asked in reply. Francine smirked and I grit my teeth.

She was a tall thin brunette that might have been pretty if everything about her didn't scream 'uptight bitch'. She had her hair in a bun of all things and always wore conservative suits. He glasses weren't overly attractive, but added to her businesslike persona.

"We finally settled my divorce from Bob an hour ago," my... Continue»
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Malcolm, and his big cock

Malcolm and the biggie

I was 19, and working for a UK Telecoms giant. A colleague, Michele, had been given a huge promotion, and with it a budget
to fund a leaving do of biblical proportions.

Yes, a very nice big package, but more of that later.

We were assembled in The Malthouse in central Birmingham, by the canals, the pub where Bill Clinton once had a pint, if you're

It was not later than 10 pm, but we'd been there for four or five hours (of free booze) by then, and most of us were hammered.

I was wearing a Chinese style dress, the sort with a mandarin co... Continue»
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Knitting Mania

The woman sat in the overstuffed chair nestled in the corner
between two shelves of books. Her needles clicked! clacked! in the silence
in the deserted library. No one browsed these books. They were collectors
editions with beautiful leather-bound casings embossed with gold foil
titles. The smell of the libary, musty, dusty, and always a bit sensual to
Mollie. The smell of books, the smell of language, the smell of words
became to her the smell of lust. Click! Clack! Click! Clack! her needles
nicked one as the other nicked back. She jokingly said to her f****y and
... Continue»
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Summer's Fantasies

My name is Summer. I am in my early 30's, single with brown curly hair and
curves in all the right places. I am not a rail thin model type, but I
blessed as I am with an ample chest and I still turn heads whenever I show
off some cleavage or wear a bathing suit. I guess I would say I've got a
girl next door look. I'm not glamorous, but I'm still easy on the
eyes. Publicly if you were one of my friends or worked with me you would
think I'm pretty conservative. I drink occasionally, but at work outings I
never get d***k and out of control. I date occasionally and sometimes stay
with a gu... Continue»
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The Event (A treat for Misty) Part II

A continuation from The Event: Part I

Much to my dismay, the jerk who had been clinging onto Misty returned. After Misty's brief but affectionate kiss and our brief flirtations, I had hoped to get better acquainted with this fiery, freckled redhead.

Misty had on a form-fitting tank top which defined her full breasts nicely and which gave just a hint of her nipples. She also wore a knee-length loose skirt that billowed just enough to gently sway as her hips moved when she walked. I imagined it like a slight breeze that caused her skirt to gracefully swish and sway. She also wore just... Continue»
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118. Avril and Jon another visit

My friend Carol called one day and asked if Jon and I were going to visit soon as she had a surprise for us. I told her we could and a couple of days later found us knocking at her door.
Carol greeted me with a nice warm, passionate kiss, and then kissed Jon as well. After a while and some small talk and drinks, Carol went off to make a phone call. About ten minutes later a knock at the door told us her surprise may have arrived. When Carol came back from answering the door, trailing behind her was a black couple. I stared at the woman and her mas... Continue»
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My Greek Angel.

I'd never been abroad on my own before. I'd always been with friends to the usual Spanish resorts where sun, sea, sand, sangria and sex were the norm. This time though my best friend Kate had got a great job at the Piraeus Cruise Ship Terminal in Athens and moved there eight months ago so, at the tender yet not really innocent age of 21, I had just been dropped off by my dad at Gatwick Airport.
I was there three hours before my flight and I was nervous as I checked in, early I know but I'd get to board the plane before those who checked in later. That was what I wanted and checking in was su... Continue»
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It was early March. I was in my senior year of high school, sitting in a chair in a Chapters bookstore and reading a Neil Gaiman book when I had the peculiar feeling of eyes gazing all over my bare legs and big breasts that peeked out of my tight halter top. Depending on my mood, sometimes I like to be watched.
When I looked up, I was caught off guard by a tall raven-haired beauty staring at me. She wore a pale blue sundress with a plunging neckline and skirt that stopped short above her knees, all of which served to proudly display her lean and wonderfully statuesque figure. Her body wa... Continue»
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Playing the fertile cougar

It's been a while since this started.

Osei went off to Lagos as planned and Kristen wanted a little fun. She wanted Jay and some breed white girl role play.
We planned as we drove back from the airport drop off. Very simple, place the kitchen chalk board in plain sight by the front door.
"2 fertile bitches in need --->"

Only it took Jay a long while to show up. Too much time laying just about naked in bed with serious deep conversation resulted in Kristen placing a light kiss on my lips. Which turned into me caressing her face and melting as I kissed her deeply. Kristen retu... Continue»
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Gym group fuck

This should be read after our last post Fucked at the Gym.

He can't even write what happened, every time he starts he just has to jerk off he gets so excited. As I was there this time I will tell you what happened. I will start from when he got home from the gym. As soon as he had explained what had happened I made him strip and bend over so I could examine his asshole. The dirty little bitch had cum dribbling out of his bright pink hole. I quickly slipped two fingers into him and dug out some of the young studs cum, putting my fingers to his mouth he hungrily licked my fingers clean. Well ... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckold and his Pregnant wife

Milwaukee Cuckold and his Pregnant Wife

Judy told me on my 36th birthday she was pregnant from one of our friends. It excited me to no end and she said it made her really excited and horny. Well within the week she wasn’t feeling well and for the first 6 months or so f her pregnancy she had bad morning sickness and couldn’t do much of anything.

During her 6 month she started having lactation problems with a lot of leaking which she finally attributed to being very horny. She called me at work one Friday morning and told me she really needed to be fucked badly so she arranged for Grandma... Continue»
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Lesbian Mother in Law, The Ass

Although I had been living with Adam , I was sl**ping with his mother Eve too, and I wasn't sure which of them I preferred.
They both fulfilled me in different ways.
Adam was gorgeous,almost exactly 6 foot tall, with short blonde hair that always looked like he had just woke up,but in a cute way.He was quite muscular too,thanks to his job on the building sites,and hours in the gym.He wasn't huge down below,but a decent 6 inches,and he sure knew what to do with it.And he was always hard,always in the mood.
From the start of our love life we had talked dirty in bed while we did it.He would ... Continue»
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Incredible First Time With a Girl Was With my Best

My first time with a girl was with my best friend, April. She’s beautiful, fit, and voluptuous. Much like myself. Although I’m slightly shorter, curvier (especially in the breast department), and more of a soft body. I have blonde hair and a more outgoing sexual vibe. Guys tend to be more intimidated by me. April is more statuesque, more athletic, and a real redhead. I love redheads. She also wears skinny black glasses and has a sweeter, more innocent aura to her with a slight secretly naughty librarian vibe to her. All of which makes her more intoxicating while at the same time more ... Continue»
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Lesbian mother in law, my side of the story.

I shocked everyone when I came out as gay. I had been married to Joe for over 20 years for Gods sake,even had a k**,Adam. But in truth I never would have married if I hadn't got pregnant at 17.My second shag ! Just my luck. I tried to make it work and married Joe, but I was eyeing up the women more than he was. And even as a newly wed I would get hammered with my friends and snog them as much as I could and grab a boob or an ass making everyone think I was larking about.But later when Joe climbed on me for my less and less frequent lovemaking,it wasn't Joe I thought about, but my friend Julie ... Continue»
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Lesbian mother in law

It was a major shock when Adams mother came out as a lesbian.She had been married for 22 year for gods sake.But being very open minded,we thought live and let live.I know Adam was a bit embarassed,and he told me he was teased by his work mates,but I thought she was very brave.
She had got pregnant at 17 and married at 18,so when she finally left Joe, she was only 40.But she looked years younger.And often when we went out people thought we were s****rs.Not surprising really.We were both bottle blonde,busty,and I suppose we looked very similar.Maybe thats why Adam had been attracted to me,haha.... Continue»
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I have written this quickly because I just have to get it out and I am horny and find it difficult to type while masturbating. One hand typing is not easy!

I took a trip to a small town called Lillooet. There is a gorgeous lake called Seton where I spent all day Saturday of my visit soaking up the sun and enjoying the views. One view that I really enjoyed was a young First Nation girl who was beating the heat while swimming in the cool water. I watched her for a while, she appeared around 18 to 19, slim build, long black hair and a pretty face. Her body was beautiful by my standards an... Continue»
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hanna becomes a slave for life

Consciousness returned slowly, and as it did a number of things strike me at once - my arms and shoulders are aching...my hair, lank and damp, hangs across my face, obscuring my sight...and my jaw aches horribly. For some reason i cant focus properly, and it dawns on me that i am bound tight, my arms above me and my legs obscenely spread open below me. Looking down i see a fleshy colored blur, and i realize i am naked.
Long minutes pass before i hear the sound of footsteps approaching, the creak of a door opening on dry hinges.
"Its about time you woke upp whorelet. I was beginning to get im... Continue»
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My Awakening

Well I guess I was of average age when I first got interested in sex. I'd be wondering what it would be like after seeing some pornographic magazines that a friend had in her bag while we were on lunchbreak and within a year or so I was maturing and attracting the attention of quite a few boys.
I went on the odd date and mainly kissed them but this developed into them feeling my tits through my clothes and eventually sucking them under the railway bridge by the park whilst I rubbed their bulge through their jeans.
The first time I actually dared to undo the zip and get out a hard young cock ... Continue»
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A Movie and Much More

My name is Tammy I am nineteen years old. Standing at 5"2 with shoulder
length straight dark auburn hair. I have light hazel eyes. My natural
firm 34D-cup breasts are topped off with half dollar size dark areolae
and half inch nipples when erect.

It is Friday evening and I find myself looking out my tenth floor condo
at the rain coming down hard. My filthy rich father bought the condo for
me, he did not want me staying on campus. I think he spoils me because
mother had passed away three years ago from bone cancer which started in
her femur. It spread quickly through her body and she ... Continue»
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