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Party of Fantasies Part One

Giving herself another glance in the mirror Sierra was shocked by the sadness she saw in her eyes.
She truly wasn't in the mood to go to yet another one of Cassie's Home Parties but she had promised her
friend and Sierra always kept her promises.

Grabbing her keys and purse off the entryway table she vowed she would have a good time no matter what
her problems at home were. After all Cassie was studying to become a world renown chef so the food, at least,
would be good..

As Sierra pulled into the circular drive of her friend's home she noticed several cars in the drive already,
mo... Continue»
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trip to mexico pt III

Terry had slept very uneasily throughout the entire night. She tossed and
turned as the images of her nursing from Carmen's incredible breasts kept
playing in her head. Her pussy was flowing constantly keeping her panties
soaked all night long. She woke up several times covered with perspiration
only to discover her hand stroking her pussy to another orgasm. She
couldn't remember the last time she had been so horny and all the while she
was fantasizing about Carmen and Rosa two women nonetheless. She finally
managed to tire herself out enough to get a few hours of decent rest befor... Continue»
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Restaurant Futa Fuck (Part 3) The Final Chapter!

A few days passed since my encounter with Sara and her enormous Futa cock, and I began to feel a familiar stirring in my nether regions. I texted with Sara a few times since we fucked, but our schedules never worked out so that we could have a repeat performance. I wanted to cum, needed to cum, but my hands wouldn't be enough. And then it hit me; the waitress gave me her phone number. She didn't seem to be a futa girl like Sara and me, but that didn't matter. She was incredibly sexy with a wide, round ass, and small perky tits. If she was around, and willing, perhaps the day would turn out bet... Continue»
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The Pet's Pet: Miri Ep 1

A jolting pain in her stretched arsehole made Luna's eyes open and awake from a pleasantly hot dream. She found herself, completely naked, still in her master's arms, her hips firmly sat on his now rock hard cock, her nipples sore after the clamp session she had endured just a few hours ago, so sensitive to the touch of her lover's chest it made her shiver.

Luna was a young woman with silky light tan skin and long waist length black hair, her breasts small for her taste were proud C cups and she had a round and nice ass, to match her curvy hips.

The greedy pet held a moan, her ... Continue»
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Restaurant Futa Fuck (Part 2)

Sara sat back on the toilet seat, legs spread, with her girly cock flopped against her stomach. The girthy member still twitched and leaked small globs of cum, and I wanted to put it back into my mouth so badly. But I had a more pressing issue; her dripping wet pussy was begging to be fucked.

"What are you waiting for, Bianca? Fuck me!" Sara looked into my eyes with a pleading look on her face. She had her legs spread as wide as they could, and her pussy looked gorgeous sitting beneath her futa cock and balls. She grabbed my hips and tried to pull me into her.

"Be patient, babe! You'll... Continue»
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A Chance Encounter With Friends Pt2

A Chance Encounter With Friends Pt2

A week ago I uploaded "A Chance Encounter With Friends". At the time, I was just wanting to record how I hooked up with an incredibly loving and hospitable f****y that I have long been friends with here and met face to face by pure chance! The response, not just from the general readers but from all of the f****y as well has been overwhelmingly, "Write about the whole stay!!!" So I have.

I talked with my friend and James was good with me going ahead and telling the rest of what happened that day and my flight back! So THANK YOU first to James and e... Continue»
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Cream Shake

True story, circa 1997, I achieved what alot of guys fantasize about, having two hot sexy ladies get freaky, then invite me to join in. Now this just didn't happen overnight, but it been about two years in the making ,on the ends of a long and debauched sexual affair. I met my hottie( right away she admitted to me that she was married) at a club, she has horrible breath was all that I could remember, I never seen her before and she also told me she was new in town. To me she was just another d***k Barfly, I definitely had my share of lying back in those days and I tried to steer clear of wom... Continue»
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Indian Nerd

Nirmala stood at the coffee shop counter reading her favorite computer magazine and waiting for her shift to end. She worked until noon every Saturday even today – her 19th birthday! No one had even said Happy Birthday! Not her dad, not her mother. Her parents wouldn’t even let her have a party. Her friends all had parties! It was so unfair!

Straightening her over-size, crooked glasses again, Nirmala sighed looking at the pathetic cupcake with a single candle; a birthday present from the girl on the last shift. After work she had to go home and phone her parents to let them know she was saf... Continue»
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Lesbian Lover Whips Me For Cheating

I turned sideways and looked at my back in the mirror, there were a two red whip marks on my back from where my girlfriend Angela had whipped me the night before. The rest of the eight lashes I received last night were on my ass. I just hoped they healed before my husband came back from his business trip. I knew he was getting suspicious of the red marks that were appearing on my back and ass but I told him it was a rash. I could tell he was beginning to doubt me and suspected Angela had something to do with it. If he only knew that Angela had introduced me to sadomasochism and I loved it.
... Continue»
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LORNA and GRACE (a Lesbian Tale) - PART 4

LORNA and GRACE (A Lesbian Tale) – PART 4
Grace followed Helen into the Hotel Belleville and they both walked by the man at the reception desk without a problem. Helen also owned the Hotel Belleville. They walked up the wide but worn stairs to room 24.
“Remember. Don’t make a fuss about who she is”, reminded Helen
Helen knocked and pushed the door when she heard the “Come in” from inside. That hotel used to be fairly posh when there were many trains that crisscrossed at Belleville, but other large towns were built nearby and that’s where people now preferred to stay. The room seemed larger... Continue»
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visit to mexico

Terry Nichols stepped out of the airplane, onto the uncovered tarmac and
into the hot air of small Mexican airport. Terry is 34-year old teacher
from a small mid-western town in the United States traveling to Mexico to
perform some research for her doctorate in Aztec culture. She was taking a
year long sabbatical from her junior professor position at a university so
she could visit the ancient city and study the culture first hand.

Terry had never been out of the country before now, in fact, she had never
been out of her home state. She was a single c***d raised on a farm by he... Continue»
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miss alli

Alli woke up a little after noon and went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. This wasn't unusual as she'd been sl**ping late ever since she got home from her first year at college. She didn't have any responsibilities or appointments to keep so why would she bother keeping a normal sl**p schedule. Alli poured a bowl of cereal but as she went to grab the milk she found a note taped to the fridge.

Alli, my computer's been acting up lately,
please take a look at it and fix it for me. My
password is Password1* If you need anything
else to fix it, send me a text.

Alli rolled... Continue»
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Jenny becomes a porn star by chance

There are key moments in life which, when looked back on, change your direction and perspective completely.

The seminar which Jenny was contracted to cover certainly changed her life, but in the most unexpected way.

Jenny was a 24 year old free-lance journalist writing for magazines like Hello and FHM and occasional items for the local radio and newspapers when this story took place.

Nottingham born in 1980, she was brought up since she was 12 years old by her grandparents on her Dad's side after her mum and dad were killed in a car crash in 1992. Despite this traumatic c***dhood she... Continue»
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Meeting Julie - First steps towards an adventure

The email was pretty much like most of the others, short and to the point – What a lovely body you have, great pair of boobs, I would so like to make love to you.

And that made me stop and read it again. Normally these mails were much cruder, telling me for example how much I would be screaming within minutes, and how many gallons of cum would be offloaded over me, sometimes so much that I could imagine myself being drowned in the torrent !

But this one was different.

I looked at the sender and suddenly my mouth dropped. It was from a woman !

A woman had contacted me and she wan... Continue»
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Wife Submits To Her New Lesbian Lover

It has been two weeks since I learned that my neighbor Angela had turned my wife Carol into her submissive lesbian lover. I returned from a five day business trip and that night I noticed that Carol’s ass had several reddish marks on it. I asked Carol what happened and she explained that she had fallen off a treadmill at the gym and bruised her whole back. What I really suspected was that Angela was being a little “rough” when she made love to my petite wife. I called Rob a retired cop friend of mine and told him the whole story. Rob said “don’t worry I’ll do a “bag job” (i*****l entry) to he... Continue»
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Trinity's 21st party changer her life forever

The party was arranged at a San Francisco night club which specialised in parties for gay and lesbian groups but they are also very popular with everyone as the music was especially good and the other entertainments were very raunchy with no holds barred when it came to rules etc. It was free to get in but if you booked before-hand you were given a password to give to the doormen.
Trinity and her friends Shelley and Frida live near San Francisco and work together is a sports gym nearby the city. It was Frida who arranged for them to celebrate Trinity’s birthday at the club and Frida thought T... Continue»
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hot striper

My name is Maria . Tall with all the right junk in all the right places .this story happened when I was 45 . My girlfriend use to say that I was still in my prime. Theirs words where something like : how come those big tits are still standing up like that, you never where a bras and your 45 , or girl I wish I could still where skirts Short like that your legs are just flawless . One even said to me every time I see you I need to change my underwear twice you make me so horny and wet and I’m not even that much into girl. Yeah I like those compliment. I knew I still had it but coming from them... Continue»
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Wartime Passion

A few years ago, my wife was having a midlife crisis while I was away serving in Iraq. She was both lonely and horny. She had been without me for nearly 8 months and I still had four more months to go on my tour of duty. Char is an attractive 40 year old woman, 5'8" tall with blonde hair and green eyes. She keeps herself in great shape and still has a body to prove it, 36-30-36. Our sex life is absolutely wonderful when I am there, and I would not change a thing. She is a Hottie and we are still best friends, soulmates if you will.

I tried nearly everything to take her loneliness away and ... Continue»
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Our first time

She slowly started to kiss me paying attention to every nook and crevice of my body, exploring me, finding new erogenous zones never before encountered with my many trysts with the male race. This was my first Lesbian encounter. I was almost cumming before she had even reached my nipples. Her kiss wandered from my mouth to my ears and neck then down to my chest and had my body bucking wanting more. Luxury
Girls’ night in was the decision for tonight.

Cat and I have been going out a lot recently.

Clubbing, picking-up and general abusing our bodies with all-nighters mixed with copious amo... Continue»
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Neighbor Turns Wife Into a Lesbian

Back in the 1990’s I lived in a typical suburban neighborhood with my wife Carol a typical suburban housewife. That all changed when she became friends with our single neighbor Angela a local high school gym teacher. I noticed that Angela had some real male mannerisms and could even be considered a “masculine” woman. My wife was a very feminine petite lady with movie star looks. That summer I began to notice that Angela spent a lot of time with my wife. Soon every time I called home from work “Angela” was at my house; one night I was out of town and called at around eleven at night and my wif... Continue»
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