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I was ****d by a real promiscuous cumdrippin slut

A few years ago, well more then a few, I was with a few coworkers in a bar in Old San Juan, we were all drinking and this beautiful blonde white girl with blue eyes had on a pair of very short daisy dukes there with a friend on vacation and I started to talk to her, she stopped me, thinking at 1st that I didn't speak English, she told me she was being harassed by some dude, to not leave her side and I didn't. We all later went across to a poolhall bar and she played horribly but who cared, I tried to teach her and by doing so and being very close I got a hell of a hardon, she noticed and took ... Continue»
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Disha's Dilemma Chapter 1

Author's note. I'm in the process of writing chapter 2. So open to idea's for Disha's future adventures.


To Dan, Disha's beauty seemed amplified by her mocha skin and jet black hair. He watched intently as Disha tucked her near transparent white blouse into her black pleated miniskirt. Even now, in her early-twenties, her school uniform fitted like she was a young sixteen.

For obvious reasons, Dan always loved his wife wearing this particular outfit. He sat in silence on his chair, feeling himself harden as she sat cross legged on the bed, showing a hint of her white cotton pa... Continue»
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We wrote some weeks ago about Jenny's first time with a black cock, a meeting arranged through the net.

Now at that time Jenny was respectable (and still is to all extents), but after a few meets with David, while I was there and joined in, she has become a complete black slut in private, even allowing David to fuck her ass, something that she had only allowed me to do once.

We left it last time that David had invited her down to his place, to meet a few friends, only I wasn't invited (he said it was because he couldn't explain our situation).

It was with reservations that we arranged... Continue»
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It all started over a year ago. My name is Mark and I am a career Naval Officer stationed in San Diego. My wife is a beautiful woman who I have been married to for going on 19 years now. Delia is 38 years old, 5 ft tall, 112 lbs, with a perfect ass, small breasts, and a shaved pussy. She has always been the perfect "officers wife", friend, and mother to our two daughters.

About a year ago, I had been at sea for a period of only about two weeks and then returned home. Usually upon my return Delia is all over me and wanting to make love. On this occasion she was very aloof and not wanting muc... Continue»
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looking to identify an actress

I would like to know her name so i can see more of her work, Also looking for a link to the full video, if you have it, please message me.

I would like to know her name so i can see more of her work, Also looking for a link to the full video, if you have it, please message me.
I would like to know her name so i can see more of her work, Also looking for a link to the full video, if you have it, please message me.I would like to know her name so i can see more of her work, Also looking for a link... Continue»
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Marsha and I had experienced her fucking about five different black guys with me there when I discovered a new turn on for us. We met this black guy named Mark in a nightclub one evening while having a few drinks. Mark was an impeccably dressed and very handsome, light skinned black man. He was over six feet tall and was thin but muscular. He was very well spoken and traveled with a fast crowd made up of several well to do white people. We learned through conversation the night we met him that he had fucked several of the white girlfriends and wives in this circle of people. A number of the wh... Continue»
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When I happened across your page recently I had no idea that what had happened to my wife and myself was in any way common place because quite simply here in Northern Ireland we do not really have any access to interracial sex. In fact until relatively recently I would not have thought of me sharing my wife with anyone or indeed her being up for a threesome. Although Eileen looked sexy (and much younger than her age of 44) with shoulder length blonde hair and a buxom 42 -28 - 40 figure, and was OK in bed she dressed very conservatively and never seemed that interested in anyone else.

Howeve... Continue»
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I Accepted the Challenge I'm NOT GAY

I went to an adult bookstore to get a couple of movies for my buddy's stag party. I had never been to any before, but I had seen this one it from the road several times while driving by. I glanced at the big black muscled dude at the counter, he asked me to show my ID, you're 18? You look more like 16, he said and waved me in. I and started to check out the rows of adult rentals. I must have blushed a little when the first set I saw was all homo stuff. And all of them big black guys doing sexy things with young white guys...freaky stuff. It wasn't my thing at all stuff. Gotta find strai... Continue»
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Sold off by the BBC that owned my ass

I just got back to the base from R&R last week, He usually gives me a few days to get over the jet lag of travel before I get a call saying its time to start servicing his cock. So I wasn’t surprised that it was a few days before I got a text from him saying to meet him in the PX parking lot that night. I was giddy and nervous as usual at being back for the first time, it always hurts after not being fucked for 2 months. I cleaned up and shaved smooth for him then threw on a pair of crotchless panties he had gotten me one trip and made my way to the parking lot.
... Continue»
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My name is Danna and I shared a story with you last week about my first black experience. I have fucked Allen twice since I sent in the article, and each time it has been incredible!!!

I am 32 years old, lily white, 5'5" tall, 120 lbs, 40D chest, 25" waist, and 34" hips. Before Allen, I had only fucked one person, that being my husband. As I mentioned in my letter last time, I am totally "normal" with the only exception being my insatiable desire to be gangbanged by a group of well-hung black gentlemen. Oh, well, you get the picture. On to my experiences with Allen.

As I told you in my l... Continue»
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few years ago I was taking a college night class at a university in upstate NY. There were several attractive women in the class but one of them in particular really caught my eye. She was one of the sexiest women I had ever laid eyes on and she knew it. She was a tall blonde, built in all of the right places. Meg (as I'll call her) liked to wear hot slit skirts, high heels, and nice wispy blouses to class. It was usually the same outfit she wore to work that day. I would usually daydream about her for most of the class. A couple of times she caught me staring and I got embarrassed and looked... Continue»
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I have a girl that uses me and I use her for mutual satisfaction. Both of us are married to other people and very much in love with our spouses but the sex lives at home could stand to be a lot better. Allison and I met in a bar one night, one thing led to another and we now meet when we need to for pure raw sex. Allison is 32 and she is a hammer. She is about 5'6" tall and weighs about 125 lbs. And has long looping red curly hair. She has 34D NATURAL tits that are fabulous and her ass is to die for, rock hard from her workouts. I am no little guy, I am 6'4" and weigh about 210lbs. I work out ... Continue»
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I can't believe my fantasy came true! I've wanted to see my wife with a group of black guys since the day we got together and now its happened! I will say I was shocked at first (I thought I had made a mistake in letting her do this), but the shock turned to excitement after she told me all that occured.

My wife Cindy is 25 and very sexy, with a 5'8 frame, her weight is 130 with a D cup chest. She has blue eyes and blonde hair.. a real knockout. We've talked about having sex with other people many times, but most was just fantasy. I also told her if we ever did do something, I wanted her to... Continue»
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I am 34 years old and in north Dallas, Texas.....married for 11 years, 5'7", about 110 pounds, long red hair. In college I did a lot of modeling for a department store chain, considered very pretty...I have that 80's "models body"....slender, very small breasts. I do not work outside the home.....we have one c***d, a 3 year old girl. Until fairly recently, I had been with only 2 men sexually in my life, one boy in HS (one time!) and then my husband. He is quite conservative sexually.....very religious. Also until a few months ago, I really did not know that sex was more than about 2-minute mis... Continue»
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My wife and I have had a couple of fun times with friends of mine, she likes two cocks at the same time (makes her feel like a slut) and I like to watch, join in and video the action. Until recently she'd only had white guys. I'm Steve and my wife is Jen, were both in our late 20's and been married for a few years.

Jen dresses sexy, she is petite, dark hair, small tits and a nice ass. She wears short skirts, and always with white panties so she can flash at me, and other guys when were out. One night, when we came back after a night out she started chatting on the net to a black guy, his na... Continue»
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Cheating Together - Part 3

(This is part 3 of a 3 story about a couple who decide to take their internet fantasy affairs to a whole new level by playing their unsuspecting new friends. Here are links to 1 &2)

The next morning Ken awoke to the feeling of a hot mouth working his morning wood. Becky was happily sucking him as she used her vibrator on her pussy.

"Someone is hungry this morning." Ken said as he relaxed for an enjoyable experience.

"I’ve been listening t... Continue»
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My wife Debbie gone wild

Robert and Debbie are your average Americans. Working and struggling to live a good life in America. They have been married for twenty years. Debbie is now in her middle forties but you would never know that from her pictures. She has very large breasts that are plump and firm. Her waist still thin and tight. She is what they call today (thick). Thick like Kim Kardashian thick, although Debbie is a blonde. Debbie carries this very well. Debbie is 5'4" and 115 lbs. She has 36 Double D cups. She is such a sexy woman. Most married couples after awhile look for ways to keep it interesting in the b... Continue»
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Special weekend at a spa!

Wife went to relax at an excellent spa, her best friend was suppose to join her, but she couldn't make it. My wife decided to visit on her own. She booked a relaxing massage prior to her arrival. She unpacked her suitcase, then went for a massage with Helga. Upon arriving at the spa she was told Helga called in sick and they'd like to recommend Jamal as a good replacement. She thought about leaving but decided to give Jamal a chance.

She undressed, lied face down on the massage table and put a towel over her backside as best she could. Jamal entered , he was friendly, polite and very well b... Continue»
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First Time Cuckolded-Young Wife, Wimp Hubby, Big B

Dan answered the door when the knock came. He was big, over 6 ft, and he towered over me. 'Come in,' I managed meekly.

Laurel was stood up almost too straight, her chest raising quickly, the only clue that she was nervous and in need. He walked over and started kissing her, his big black hands holding her face. Immediately I saw a response, as her body relaxed and her arms wrapped around his large neck. They stayed like that a while and his hands started exploring her body. Her back and ass first, in which he squeezed her cheeks and pulled her closer, causing her to moan longingly.

He ... Continue»
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Sissy and Wife get Black Trained PT1

He waited on the bed as instructed. He had dressed exactly as he was asked: A pair of lavender lace trimmed panties stretched tightly over the young man's small cock; a matching bra covered his hard brown nipples too. He also had on a garter belt and some high heels. Too top in off he had on some coral lipstick and he had painted his nails perfectly.

There was a knock at the door. "Come in" said the young man. The door opened to reveal a tall, thickset, old man, with white hair. He was wearing a tight black t-shirt that showed off his muscled physique and some old blue Levi's. "Wow, you we... Continue»
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