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Morning of day 2, the sun coming in through the blinds. My head hurt and I knew I had overdone it. My friend, A, was sitting on his side of the bed, head in his hands. I asked how were things with Sophia? At first I was pissed at him for taking the hot girl we brought with us and leaving me with the twins. He just shook his head and waved at me to be quiet.

I said fine, be the guy who doesn't kiss and tell. He held up a totally empty, big-ass bottle of Jack Daniels and said wish I could remember.

I started telling him about my night. He kept saying "not so loud my head hurts." ... Continue»
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My house

I am a white chubby guy who likes to play with cocks and wear panties and tight leggings. I one day I thought I try something new and invite someone over. I went on line and I eventually found someone he was young black k** about 19 years old and he wanted to have his dick sucked really bad. He was skinny and had an average size cock. He arrived to my house and I let him in I was wearing a pair of black Bikini panties and a black shirt with a pair of black leggings. He was wearing a lose blue T and jeans. I led him down to my basement where there is a theater room. I sat him down in one of the... Continue»
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True Power and Control (discarded ending)

The following is the ending of a story I wrote for my book, In Loving Color, but I’ve decided to go with a much different storyline, a much more hardcore one in fact, so this one is no longer needed. Even though it doesn’t have any of the story details and character development found in all my other stories, you pervs should still enjoy it.

Veronica opened the door and Evan almost lost his balance. She looked better than he could have even imagined. Her face was fully made-up; her eyes were smudged with a dark shadow, making them look smoky and mysterious. She wore a black halter-... Continue»
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The Magic of my first Black Cock.

Wow ! This was my first real experience with Black Cock. it was right after my divorce. I was in my late twenties. I ran my ads as a crossdresser on a few dating sites and on Craigslist. I recieved a message on my AFF site from a member whos profile mame was BBCRicky. My interest was immediately peaked. His profile discribed him as a dominant black male 6'4" with a 10 inch thick cock. He was older in his late 40s, Interested in meeting petite submissive white sissys which fit me perfectly. I replied back and almost immediately he responded. He loved my pics an... Continue»
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My Time With A Black MILF Part 02

Story by Latisha

I had my flowers ready in my hand as I knocked on the door to Ms. Jackson's house. The night was a bit chilly so I had my blazer jacket on with my grey khaki pants. The last time I had seen her was a month ago; when I first met the black 38 year old MILF while spying on her from my backyard. I was lucky enough to fuck her poolside. It was certainly an amazing experience that I have be... Continue»
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Nurse and the UPS Driver

I have been sucking our UPS man Calvin’s cock for several weeks now. I am a Nurse at a Doctor’s office and have to stay after work to wait for late arriving UPS packages. This gives me the opportunity to suck good old Calvin’s 10 inch black cock. As a bored 38 year old divorced mother of two sucking Calvin’s cock had become the highlight of my week. I even let him cum all over my face or shoot his huge load down my throat. I had never swallowed before for any man and at first I felt like such a slut gulping down his thick creamy sperm. It tasted a little like bleach with a little salt in it,... Continue»
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Mr. A watches wife cheating with BBC.

After making it to work I found out I wasn't needed and headed home to spend the night with my wife. As I was driving down my street I noticed a beautiful black Lexus parked in my driveway. I had no idea what to expect as I quietly opened the front door. Instantly I realized what was happening. The sound of my wife moaning and screaming filled the whole house. I took a moment to listen to the sounds of passion my beautiful wife was letting out before I silently made my way upstairs. As I made it to the top of the stairs I paused and heard the incredibly nasty comments she was making between mo... Continue»
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Andy and Jackie’s Big Adventure

Sexuality can be complicated but for me its always been pretty simple from the beginning, I've always love watching people have sex and always loved watching porn... gay, str8 and bi ... my fantasies may have change and evolved but I just love sex with guys and girls. I really love being in a group, at a swingers club or a threesome session with a couple especial when the bloke is bi too.

It’s just great.

I was chatting to one of my mates Andy the other day, we both opened up about our sexuality and I am happy to class myself as bi as love having sex with blokes too...! My mate Andy is... Continue»
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A dark shadow outside the window

A dark shadow outside the window

Home alone again… and also very horny, of course.
I sat down in front of the large flat screen at the dining room and put a porn movie in the player. Working hard all day had me so exhausted that I could not relax. Masturbate should release some tension to be able to rest…

The scene playing out was one of my favorite; an interracial couple seducing a young babysitter. She was now lapping away at the wife's pussy while the black husband was taking her ass from behind.

My own pussy reacted like my desire and it was getting damper now…
Soon I was push... Continue»
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An unexpected night visitor

An unexpected night visitor

I had been home alone for a full week, my loving Victor out of town on a long business trip.
I was really tired that Friday night when I came back home from my office.

After pulling my car into the driveway, I failed to notice that some of the lights I had left on earlier, now were off. Only when I got close to the front door, key in hand, I had a sense that something was wrong...

I opened the door and stepped inside. Then I felt a hand close to my wrist. I gasped, but I was quickly yanked inside and a damp cloth smelling strange was placed over my mouth a... Continue»
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Nice Indian Girl

Being a semi-pro photographer I often get asked to photography parties.
On this occasion it was a 40th party in a large detached house in its own grounds.
I arrived early so I could get a good look at the rooms, the place was palatial !.
The guests stared to arrive so started to click away as is my norm, believe you me there were some stunning women of all nationalities. As the evening progressed I was mingling quite happily when I caught sight of a rather delicious looking Indian lady wearing a rather short red dress with pl... Continue»
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Too many black dicks for mr

Too many black dicks for me

This time Victor and I had chosen again the warm and sunny Jamaican beaches to spend a nice week, far from the cold NYC winter.
Victor had rented a nice little cottage close to the beach.
On the first afternoon, after sunbathing during the morning, my loving husband told me he was going to a golf club that somebody had recommended.
I stood there relaxing, sunbathing a little more; reading a good book and enjoying the view of a black gardener working at the back yard. He was a young man with a huge bulge in his shorts that I would have shagged at the drop of ... Continue»
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Tammy Goes Black After the Prom - Part II (Tammy&#

Tammy Goes Black After the Prom – Part II (Tammy's version)

My husband is a great guy and I love him very much. He uses his seven and a half inches pretty well so he's not too bad in bed. He's a good provider, husband, father to our daughter and he farms. We have sex sometimes once a week and most of the time he satisfies me unless I have something else on my mind. Sometimes when we would be having sex he would ask me if I would like to try a black cock and I would always tell him no. That I was fine without it, but I think he would have that on his mind while we were screwing because he wo... Continue»
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Breaking In....

I am not entirely proud of what I did, but put yourself in my shoes for a minute and maybe you shall understand. See, I have been working overtime at the managerial aspects of my work lately, so my sl**p schedule is completely broken. But at least that night I am getting a nice, relaxing sl**p. It is the first one I had had for weeks, in fact. Or at least, it would have been, were it not for the fact that I was rudely jolted out of sl**p by a sudden, loud crash coming from downstairs. Here is what happened that night.....

Hesitantly, at that moment, I gaze over at my alarm clock, barely mak... Continue»
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Wrong glory hole :(:(

Me (Faye) and my husband (Dave) regularly frequent the porn shop about 10 miles away and make use of the video booths in the back. We are both late 30's live in a nice house and have no k**s. Neither of us were to bothered about k**s so Dave had the snip a couple of weeks before our latest trip to the glory hole. This way we never have to use condoms anymore. Dave is average build with a decent size cock which satisfies my needs, I am tall slim and busty, natural blonde hair and completely shaved downstairs.

So on the Saturday night of our visit I happened to be in my fertile part of my cyc... Continue»
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How to gain your husband/boyfriends acceptance of

I've Pm's from several ladies who are in relationships with a white guy and maybe looking to experience a black man on the side, I came across this guide (credit goes to Ella from getherblacked), which might hopefully help some wives out it goes.

Many women have a strong desire, or even need, to experience the power of black cock. Many of these women have white husbands or boyfriends that they wish to keep in their lives, and thus, want their white husband or boyfriend to accept her need. Note that we do not use the word “approval.” You must not seek his approval, only his ac... Continue»
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How to get your wife/girlfriend blacked - A Guide

I have helped a lot of guys, both on-line and in real life, get their wife, girl friend, daughter, s****r, or whatever, to go black. Sometimes it is fairly easy, if she is already open sexually, and sometimes it is very difficult, and sometimes it is impossible. But, you do not know which it will be until you actually try. NOT trying is the biggest crime.

The steps below are designed to be fairly subtle, so that it allows the opportunity to back off and adjust, or go in a different direction, or even to drop the issue entirely if need be, at least for the time being. If you must drop it, th... Continue»
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Cum with Big Momma

I was having a hard time fulfilling my favorite fantasy. I wanted to be fucked by a shemale. I'm not a total bottom but I definitely liked cock in my ass.
I cruised through craigslist but had disappointing results. Most of the hottest gurls in the t4m section were hookers, and crossdressers in the m4m section were all bottom. I finally found an add for a chubby black shemale who called herself Big Momma. The pics in the add showed a huge fat bbw with big tits, big ass, and the last pic showed a big hard black cock. I was a little intimidated by the picture but she looked like exactly what I w... Continue»
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Nice visitors!

Had 2 guys (Vietnamese) show up late one night last week looking for a girl to fuck. I don’t keep a list here at the hostel so they were out of luck. They were probably in their mid 20’s and not bad looking so I offered my ass (and mouth) to them. I hadn’t had a good fucking in about 2 weeks anyway and was horny.
They turned me down…that night…

Monday night they came back about 10 pm and asked again, this time about doing me. Of course, I’m a slut, so they weren’t paying to fuck me, it was all just mutual enjoyment.
Since I’m almost always ready for some cock, I locked-up and agreed to ta... Continue»
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The Road Less Traveled....and For Good Reason

It is nearly midnight as you, Joyce, step into the deserted street. The heat and humidity of mid Summer southeast Tennessee hits you like a ton of bricks. Looking around the rundown neighbourhood, you are taken back by how much more dangerous it looks in the darkness than it had in the afternoon sunlight when you had arrived to visit a friend. The few street lights that are not broken cast dark, ominous shadows up and down the empty street.

Silently you curse yourself for having let your visit run so late and for having parked several blocks away. As you walk in the direction of your motor,... Continue»
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