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My wife and her new black Dr.

We recently moved from Georgia to Florida and my wife is going to a new Dr. next week and he is black. looks to be in his late 40s or early 50s. Probably at least 15 years younger than her and 20 years younger than me. This is what I imagine happening.
The nurse takes her to the examining room and tells her to strip down and put on the paper gown they give you. A few minutes the Dr.comes in and introduces himself and ask her how she is doing. She tells him fine she is just due for a checkup. He says he sees she is Mrs. Smith and wants to know if she is still married or widowed or divorced an... Continue»
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Miss Debling Part 1

My entire life I never actually had a sexual experience with a girl. I had come close numerous times, especially being in college. But in reality I was a 21 year old virgin. I had dated numerous girls at school, but i never got to home base. Until one day while home for spring i discovered that my parents had gotten a new neighbor while i was away. While sitting on the front porch i saw what had to be the most beautiful woman i had ever seen in my life. She had nice blonde hair, a body like a goddess and smile that would make any man melt. She was also wearing a silk robe which made her look... Continue»
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Invited in

I'm 28 yrs old. I've been married for 7yrs already. My marriage turned into a sexless one I was very unsatisfied. I would spend most days lurking on the internet looking at pron and masturbating every free chance I had. Jerking off on regular basis would give me the release I needed but it still wasn't enough. I longed for the touch of a woman.

I put out ads on CL and AFF. In the beginning I had no luck but I wasn't discouraged. I knew at some point my luck had to change. It had just had to. My home life wasn't getting any better and I was desperate. Sure enough my luck did finally turn ar... Continue»
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Daughter cheats with BBC introduces Mom

My middle daughter who is 20 called me in such a state. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had been unfaithful to her boyfriend. He graduated this past May and got a job in Pittsburgh so they were in a long distance relationship. It had been bothering Nikki and she was having a difficult time with many boys trying to get her to go out with them especially a black guy at school.

She told me that she had finally decided to go out with the black boy dancing. She said she had a great time and when he brought her back to her apartment one thing led to another and they had sex. She said... Continue»
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The Taylors

The Taylors Chapter 1

A year ago I married a beautiful black woman. She was every thing a man could want smart, funny, very sexy and sexual. Just how sexual I later found out. But first I must give you some background on my f****y.

This is not my first marriage I was married to a lovely white Russian woman and we had an even lovelier baby girl who now just turned fifteen years old. Her mother went back to Russia leaving me and Beth to fend for ourselves. Beth was just 10 at the time and I watched my baby grow up to be quite a stunner 5'4 inches tall and 105 pounds with just th... Continue»
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Our first time was while we was on holiday in Miami, we had done the swapping thing group sex and all that stuff, but was not thinking of anything sexual while on a vacation. We was a in a bar one night just drinking and enjoying ourselves. On the table next to us was a black guy. We got talking about this and that, I could see my wife fancied him, she kept looking and nodding at me as if to say I want him, the conversation got round to sex, I asked if he was into kinky sex that sort of thing and we were swingers.

Oh yes he said come in the back I will show you, we both got up and followed... Continue»
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Isn't it funny how life springs surprises on you. An innocuous evening spent with my wife in recent months was, unbeknown to us at the time, to change our sex lives forever! You see Lynda is generally quite reserved when it comes to sex. Sure, she's willing to try most things, given a few glasses of bubbly and some encouragement, but she's not the most forthcoming when it comes to taking the lead, or being demanding. Passive I suppose. That is until a few weeks later.

We had arranged to go out for dinner this particular evening last summer. It was warm and balmy and although she is reserved... Continue»
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Converted to GAY!

I awoke slowly as bright light streamed through the open window beside the bed. My wife was away on business for the week but I was not alone. My cock was hard and ready despite the vigorous activity from the night before. I turned onto my back and it jutted skyward tenting the covers as I reached beside me and touched my companion's warm flesh. 

My right hand slid up the smooth muscular thigh beside me until it reached his hard throbbing cock. I stifled a low moan and wrapped my fingers around the shaft as my left hand squeezed my own turgid dick. I had never awakened with a man by my side... Continue»
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I can't believe I am writing this but I felt I had to because if I can become enslaved to black cock anyone can. I was about as conservative as they come, raised properly in the chritian faith, and active in the church and well versed in the sinful ways of the unrighteous and looked down at the immoral ways that society has turned. Thats all changed now and Im one of them and loving it. Billy Joel was correct when he said he would rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. This my story.

I'm 34 years old, married and have 2 beautiful girls and lived what is considered to be a h... Continue»
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Lisa’s New Role Part VI

A few weeks later Lisa was stretched out on her back, cuffed to the bed while wearing the double dildo. Troya and Sonya were horny, naked, lubed and were hoping for a good fucking from their sub slut. They had, of course been teasing the poor girl mercilessly for hours with touches and kisses. A vibrating egg had been placed in her rectum and turned on low.

Lisa was begging for release. Please let me cum, she cried.

Just then the intercom buzzed.

Maybe later slut, laughed Troya and left to answer it.

It’s her step-mother come to visit, whispered Troya. She’s downstairs. I wonder if... Continue»
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I woke up a bit before sunrise and climbed down the ladder of my bunk bed. My roommate laid sl**ping in the bottom bunk next to my wife. I looked at myself in the mirror on the wall. My middle-aged body was still in good shape. The legs, ass, and chest were well shaved to provide a clear view of my smooth white skin. So was my face. My neatly trimmed bush looked nice above my underwhelming dick and stones.

My eyes drifted to the window and the city lights below our studio apartment. Paris is so beautiful at night. My roommate has several friends living in flats across the street from us. ... Continue»
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twin bbc sluts

I was in a total state of disbelief as the days passed by; there were different men over at all hours fucking Beth, Angela or Ashley. Most of the men were businessmen, along with the faculty and staff from the school district. Ashley and Angela often came home from school, their hair all messed up and smelling of sex. I was worried about Amber and Alicia and what they thought of their mother and s****rs acting this way. I knew that they could her them as they weren’t quiet and... Continue»
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Cuckold Club Rules

“So tell me, why do you want your wife to fuck other men?”

Julie and Juan looked at me expectantly. My wife Sheila were sitting in their living room, all four of us relaxing with drinks in hand, while their k**s slumbered upstairs. It was a suburban evening like any other, apart from the topic of conversation. I swallowed hard and said,

“I have a small cock. I love my wife, and I realized that I can’t satisfy her by fucking her. I also realized that watching her have incredibly hot sex with another man is a bigger turn-on than fucking her myself and leaving her unsatisfied. It sounds str... Continue»
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My wife my fantasy true in a wedding party

First start off by describing my wife. She is 32yrs old a beautiful woman. 5'1" tall 110 lbs nice big ole' breast with a bubble butt, and very sexy calf muscles. I love her legs. She is some what of a conservative girl. Doesn't really show off her body much. But it is hard not to notice, when she has on yoga pants on! She is in every sense " a woman in the streets but a freak in the sheets."

As far as our sexy life I can't complain. She is always open to trying new things. As long as they're not to crazy, open to anal when in the mood, and loves to suck cock. She truly loves every inch of ... Continue»
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Helping a BBC take my wife

It was a company party. It was quite lavish. They had hired a dance band, caterer, and a full bar. It was mandatory that all employees attend. My wife and I had arrived early planning to be seen and then disappear early.

We enjoyed some food and had a couple of drinks. We danced a few times and I danced with my boss's wife while he danced with mine. After that I figured we had made our attendance known and could safely leave.

We were both feeling a little romantic. It was the right time of the month for her to get pregnant and we had planned to rush home and enjoy making a baby.

Th... Continue»
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I was ****d by a real promiscuous cumdrippin slut

A few years ago, well more then a few, I was with a few coworkers in a bar in Old San Juan, we were all drinking and this beautiful blonde white girl with blue eyes had on a pair of very short daisy dukes there with a friend on vacation and I started to talk to her, she stopped me, thinking at 1st that I didn't speak English, she told me she was being harassed by some dude, to not leave her side and I didn't. We all later went across to a poolhall bar and she played horribly but who cared, I tried to teach her and by doing so and being very close I got a hell of a hardon, she noticed and took ... Continue»
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Disha's Dilemma Chapter 1

Author's note. I'm in the process of writing chapter 2. So open to idea's for Disha's future adventures.


To Dan, Disha's beauty seemed amplified by her mocha skin and jet black hair. He watched intently as Disha tucked her near transparent white blouse into her black pleated miniskirt. Even now, in her early-twenties, her school uniform fitted like she was a young sixteen.

For obvious reasons, Dan always loved his wife wearing this particular outfit. He sat in silence on his chair, feeling himself harden as she sat cross legged on the bed, showing a hint of her white cotton pa... Continue»
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We wrote some weeks ago about Jenny's first time with a black cock, a meeting arranged through the net.

Now at that time Jenny was respectable (and still is to all extents), but after a few meets with David, while I was there and joined in, she has become a complete black slut in private, even allowing David to fuck her ass, something that she had only allowed me to do once.

We left it last time that David had invited her down to his place, to meet a few friends, only I wasn't invited (he said it was because he couldn't explain our situation).

It was with reservations that we arranged... Continue»
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It all started over a year ago. My name is Mark and I am a career Naval Officer stationed in San Diego. My wife is a beautiful woman who I have been married to for going on 19 years now. Delia is 38 years old, 5 ft tall, 112 lbs, with a perfect ass, small breasts, and a shaved pussy. She has always been the perfect "officers wife", friend, and mother to our two daughters.

About a year ago, I had been at sea for a period of only about two weeks and then returned home. Usually upon my return Delia is all over me and wanting to make love. On this occasion she was very aloof and not wanting muc... Continue»
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looking to identify an actress

I would like to know her name so i can see more of her work, Also looking for a link to the full video, if you have it, please message me.

I would like to know her name so i can see more of her work, Also looking for a link to the full video, if you have it, please message me.
I would like to know her name so i can see more of her work, Also looking for a link to the full video, if you have it, please message me.I would like to know her name so i can see more of her work, Also looking for a link... Continue»
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