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My BBC Freind

I was back in Indianapolis this past week. I had not had a good fucking for some time and was hoping to hook up with my friend Terry.I had hooked up with Terry several times when I was in town. He has an amazing cock. he can fuck for hours and loves to make love to his sissy slut.
I got to the hotel and prepared for the evening of fun. I shaved closely and douched several times. Terry's BBC is a good twelve inches and he gets so deep I wanted to be extra clean for him. I dressed in my stockings, black short skirt, satin black top, corset, no bra because I wanted to my nipples off. I wore my n... Continue»
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My First Semester at College Ch. 03

Eric dropped by my room the next week. When he knew Lisa wasn't going to be there. We both knew exactly what he had in mind, and while I was tempted, I couldn't do that to my friend, so I turned him down. He tried again a few months later, after Lisa had broken up with him, but by then I had a boyfriend myself. But that's getting a little ahead if things.

Anyway, my next (sort of) 3-way escapade was not long after the thing with Lisa and Eric. Of course I had no idea that's what it was going to be in the beginning. You see, there was this guy in my chemistry class, Jake. A total stoner. Not... Continue»
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a hot night out

The first time we went out dancing my girlfriend wore a night black skirt that barely covered her perfect ass, a see through lace blouse and a black bra. under the skirt she wore a purple thong, which she flashed to me in the car, our friends katie and zach didn’t miss the show either, even though heather thought she was being sly. after taking shots in the car we headed into the small venue where some Dj’s were playing, it was fairly full but there was enough room for us to dance.

she was so sensual and sexy dancing with me, grinding her ass and pussy against my cock. she also would dance ... Continue»
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Wife Try's a Black Man

My husband shocked me to my core when he asked me to fuck a big black cock. I couldn't believe he would ask me to do this. Didn't he want me? He told me it was just a fantasy that he wanted to try but I said "NEVER!"

I thought it was over but our relationship struggled over the next few weeks. He clearly was upset with me as I was upset with him. Why did he want this so much? I started to worry about what this would do with our relationship long term. What if he never got over this? Could I be with another man to please my husband while he watched, especially a black man? What would a big ... Continue»
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Fear, Insecurity & Lust In the 'Old South

He'd suspected for some time that his wife was carrying on with one of their slaves; a big, well-muscled field-hand by the name of Samuel.

Why he didn't put a stop to it, which he could easily do, he couldn't really say for sure. He'd heard the local rumors of other plantation owners wives or daughters 'dabbling' with the occasional male slave. It was by no means an uncommon occurrence for the occasional bored white wife do such a thing. Nor was it uncommon, he reminded himself, for a husband, equally bored with his wife, to finagle around with one his female slaves! There were mixed-race c... Continue»
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Journey Without Pants

Myself Shwetha Sharma, I am divorced due to some circumstantial situations, I’m 30 and have a four-year-old c***d, but he lives with my parents and I live all alone. It’s not so that my parents don’t support me, but it’s me who want to stand on my own feet. I have a perfect figure of 34 by 32 by 34, I looked ravishingly beautiful and no one could resist fucking me. I am a white beauty and sun usually turns me red.

I got puffy lips, tight bo
... Continue»
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Cheating White Wife

"Thanks, but I'm waiting for someone." Well that is the third guy I've blown off so far. He was cute enough, and confident, but not really what I am looking for. And I am looking for something special. But I don't blame him - or the other two - for trying. Sitting at this hotel bar, I certainly don't look like I want to be alone.

I also don't look like I want to stay long. I squeezed my body into a gorgeous little leopard print strapless mini dress, stepped into a matching pair of 5" spiked heels, and wore my hair down. Hell, I touched up my garnet colored lip gloss often enough to arouse ... Continue»
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Ana and her short red dress

Ana and her short red dress

That night at the club Anita and I had danced for hours; but now I was feeling tired; so, I sat down at our table and quietly sipped my drink as I watched her enjoy herself alone in the middle of the dance floor.

I watched my wife dancing in a sexy way. She was shaking her curly blond hair; her large braless boobs were bouncing and swaying in her tight dress.
That short red dress soon got her plenty of attention as I knew it would. A tall and huge muscled black guy danced over to her grinning. She grinned back and moved closer to him, turning her back on me a... Continue»
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A new black toy recommended by Jerome

A new black toy recommended by Jerome

Thursday afternoon had been a pleasant time for me.
My black lover Jerome could not come to fuck me; but he had sent one of his youngest mates, a handsome guy called Shawn.
Of course no time to lose in preliminaries; just wild sex fuck.
I was with this nice guy in my bedroom, when I heard footsteps coming from the stairs.
I looked over to see my loving husband Victor watching me from the doorway. My legs were wrapped tightly around the back of the muscular body of my brand new lover Shawn. I was biting my lower lip and my fingernails were digging i... Continue»
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The BNB Cuckold: Episode 2

A few months had gone by since the encounter with the lawyer. His second stay which he had scheduled when he visited before was tonight. He emailed stating that he would be arriving around 2.

When he came in he set his bags on the floor. "I will have the same room as last time, right?" he asked.

"Yes. At the end of the hall", I replied.

"Good. How is Kelly? Will she be around this evening?" he inquired.

"Yes. She is out at the moment" I told him.

"Wonderful. I expect when I return this evening she will be able to assist me with anything I need" he said as he walked down ... Continue»
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BBC to stretch my Holes Gay

This is how it started. It was a one of the random porn flicks one watches as a young man discovering the internet. It involved a big, tall, well built black man randomly knocking on the door of a tiny blonde girl. She opened the door with a bit of a look of fear in her eyes. She was a good actress! Whatever stupid small talk they had soon involved him putting his huge hands on her shoulders and forcing her down onto her knees. Then it came! She unzipped his fly, and had to reach almost half her arm into his pants to pull out his huge dark cock from the head. It was a monster! It must have bee... Continue»
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My Wife got blacked #2,

Well I'm Ann, now it's my turn, yes I did get blacked, I loved it, I had gone out for the girls night out, and I got fucked by my first black,cock, or should I say my very first very, very nice and yes BBC, I told my husband that i had gotten d***k and allowed this black,guy to pick me up, to start off with he had been asking me all night to dance with him, in the end I relented, we danced but very close, I could feel his cock, it was turning me on I must admit, at the end if the evening he came into me really strong, I was loving his attention, so when we ended up.fucking in the back of his c... Continue»
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Horny s****r in law

Yesterday my s****r in law Yasmeen got engaged to my school friend Sidharth. After two days they are getting married in Mumbai. That is siddharth’s residence. We all I.e. father in law, mom in law, s****r in law & my wife were comming out of Mumbai airport. My mom in law is Muslim, while father in law is Hindu. Amber my wife said “Yasmine was looking so cute na”. Yasmine “so what I am already cute”. Amber “common dialogue all the time”. I thought in mind ‘Yes she is … I think’. She is good looking, little chubby type having curves. Her Big booty had always made me crazy.. she has better size ... Continue»
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More than He Bargained For. Maybe?

How could I have let this happen? Every bit of it was my fault. I was responsible for the gag in my mouth and the handcuffs on my wrists. No doubt it was my fault that I was bent over the corner of a hotel room bed, with my legs bound tightly in opposite directions...spreading them wide. I was responsible for the school girl outfit I was currently sporting, complete with white stockings, white thong (that was currently pulled to the side), black skirt (which was currently bunched at my waist), and white shirt. It was definitely clear that I was to blame for the enormously tall black man, strok... Continue»
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A fantasy that came true


without written permission of the author.
The material found in this book contains sexually explicit
situations and is intended fo a mature audience only
All persons portrayed in this book are 18 years or older.
Any similarities... Continue»
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Prisoner's Wife

Jennie didn't want to believe her desperate situation, f***ed to
rely on some creepy black guy she didn't like or trust. But she
now needed Reggie Johnson to avoid homelessness and to save her
husband from the unthinkable while in prison. How did they get
in this mess? It all seemed to start after moving into the
apartments Reggie Johnson owned. Reggie found it amusing that
this cute, stuck-up, white bitch turned to him for help, not
realizing that he had planted the cocaine in Jim's car and
alerted the police. An unsuccessful defense landed Jim in Texas
state prison for 10 - 20 years... Continue»
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The BNB (Cuckold)

My wife Kelly and I had bought a house in an area that was a known tourist attraction. Our idea was to turn it into a 3 room bed and breakfast.

It only needed some minor changes but we were open for business within 3 months. And our first reservation was for a lawyer and he booked a 1 night stay.

He arrived around 2 in the afternoon. He was a tall, thin black man. Well built and very well dress. Kelly showed him to his room and informed him on the breakfast schedule. After he was settled in his room he came back out. His head was bleeding. He had cut it while opening the closet do... Continue»
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Yes I'am a Cocksucker

Here it is, cocksucker. Waiting for you to walk in my front door, drop to your knees and worship my cock.

It was so appetizing.

It was so black.

It was so big.

The idea so taboo.

My mouth watered.

My already hard cock flinched in my pants.

My left hand opened the door and I got out of my truck. I felt like I was being drawn to the house, to that big black cock.

Reaching the driveway, I paused, before walking up the drive way and to the front door.

Taking a deep breath, I paused again, put my hand on the doorknob and turned it. I opened the door and instantly the fami... Continue»
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Wired Up BBC

My wife was out doing some gardening one day and I found myself staring out the bedroom window looking to get a glimpse of her tits as she bent down or a flash of her knickers, don't ask me why when I can just call her inside and she'd rip off the blouse and drop the skirt to the floor on the asking. I think it's because I love women to be feminine and my wife is certainly that.I had a hard on for well over an hour on and off thinking about walking up behind her and sticking my cock into her lovely pussy there and then in our front garden..I decided to get some of her lingerie out and some s... Continue»
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The New Cuckold

My wife is turning 34 and I had a big surprise for her. She loves Broadway and there was a showing that she has always wanted to see. I booked a hotel for 3 nights and bought admission for the show.

It is about a 12 hour drive to the hotel and when we arrive we shower and go right to sl**p. The next day we walk around the city seeing the attractions, killing time until the show.

Back at the hotel we started getting ready for our night out. I put my suit on and waited for my wife to finish getting ready. When she was ready, she came out of the bathroom wearing a red dress and hee... Continue»
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