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A little about us

Thursday night found us packing the cases ready for a very naughty weekend. It seemed to have taken forever to get here. We were now middle aged, without f****y responsibilities, free to do what we wanted and to please ourselves. Both still fit, good looking, me slim and blonde, Jamie tall and dark and both with a hunger for plenty of good adventurous sex.

Jamie came into the bedroom and looked at the piles of my sexy clothes next to the suitcase. "We're only taking one car," he joked.

I was already damp and excited merely getting my sexy outfits together and trying to decide which ... Continue»
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My Wife Jessica- Tricked into becoming a BBC Whore

This is the story of how my wife Jessica first had sex with a black man/men. My wife Jessica is 33 years old, 5’6 and about 120lbs with a very fit tanned frame complimented by her store bought tits and assortment of tattoos.

Over the past two years, my wife had begun cheating on me with various men because of all the cheating I had done over the course of our relationship. My wife had always been faithful despite being very wild prior to our relationship. In her teens and early twenties my wife had a very well known reputation as a slut in our small town. Jessica was semi famous for her ... Continue»
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She's gets pussy destroyed on vacation

So I'll start from the beginning,

One day me and my boyfriend had gone down to the shore for the weekend to get away for a little while for vacation just the two of us. We get situated in our room and Start unloading everything next door to us is this I guess you can say party going on being obnoxiously loud didn't bother me at all nor did it my boyfriend. We head over to the pool and Start to lay out and as I kiss him I start to notice someone is staring at me across he way "I like felt it" it's a Older Black gentleman With looked like his friends and wife and everyone, I payed no attentio... Continue»
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I Am Number Four

I stood silently in the middle of my living room, surveying my very own new apartment with a weary satisfaction. I still had boxes of small stuff to unpack, dishes and books and the like, but the furniture and appliances were all in place, and the heavy lifting was more or less done. I felt a warm glow of pride as I saw it take place before my eyes, my first place that was all my own. The first step on the way to having my own life as a grown man.
One of my friends from back home, Owen, lived in the building too, and was actually the one who'd turned me on to the place to begin with. It was... Continue»
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Wendy not her first rodeo

Wendy not her first rodeo;
It seems so normal for Wendy now, her husband is saying goodbye as he leaves for work, three weeks this time. Her ritual begins, a quick clean and tidy of the house, a shower to wash away any thoughts of who she pretended to be. Today she slipped on some heels and a little silk
robe. Wendy tied it tight, it felt great against her skin and came down to just about cover her pussy when she was standing. It was a fine morning and having breakfast in front of the open patio doors really felt like liberation. There was a slight breeze, Wendy turned slightly to feel th
... Continue»
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Mother's new boyfriend

My mother had not dated much after she divorced my dad several years ago.

I had now turned 18 and my mother felt that she could start to date men and not worry about me so much. I had told her for years that I was OK with her seeing men. My father had already remarried and I liked his wife. So after my father got remarried and had told my mother not worry about me. She said she did not want other men around her daughter and that she could wait.

So when I came home after a night out with my friends and saw two wine glasses on the living room table, I hoped that she finally was seeing some... Continue»
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The Joy of a Big Black Cock

James eased into my cunt very slowly, very gently, god did he ever fill me! Eleven plus inches of thick hard black cock was just what I needed. He hit bottom gently – with one hell of a satisfied moan of pleasure – I arched my back hard and squealed like a little bitch in heat. There was no pain, only pleasure, absolute and total lust washed over me and had all of my nerve endings standing on end…especially the ones that he was teasing with that beautiful black meat.

When he finished, about an hour later, he was worn out, my cunt was sore again and it felt like my insides had been totall... Continue»
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Tina (my sexy wife), and I have been swinging for a couple years. When I told her I wanted to see her with other men she thought I meant wife-swapping and she got jealous and angry, accusing me of wanting other women instead of her. I assured her that although I did like other women, it was her and other men that I really wanted to see. That we could do it with just her and another guy of she wanted to. Then she wanted to know if I was gay...if I wanted a man and was trying to use her to get one. It took hours to convince her that I only wanted to watch her with other men... Continue»
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Spectacular Pleasure, Baby! (Part 1)

Spectacular Pleasure Baby!
By: Sue



Kevin stepped out of the group's tour bus and stretched his body. His lean body cracked all over as if he were 70 years old, not the young age of twenty-two. He took his $60 sunglasses out of his pocket and put them on to sheild the bright sun rays from his pecan eyes. As he took a walk down the long, empty alley Kevin hummed a tune. He liked this walk to have time for himself, to help him get his mind clear.

"Im sorry ma" a young gi... Continue»
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My usual trip to the adult store ended up very unusual. I went to the adult store regularly for dildos and other sex toys. I noticed a backroom area and wondered what happened back there, but never really checked into it. I was talking to my boyfriend about it and he said it was a gloryhole room, where women go into a room and guys stick their cocks through holes in the wall and the woman can do whatever she wants to him. He said I wasn't allowed to go in there, because he didn't want me playing with other cocks. So I put it out of my mind. When I was in the adult store one day I saw these hot... Continue»
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Ann - My Wife, His Slut.IV

So in the coming weeks my sex life was all about hand jobs and swallowing spunk.

Sometimes it was wanking in the spare room while I knew Ann was being fucked in the marital bed, sometimes being told to sit on the floor and wank while Ann told me in great detail what her Master had done to her and what she had done for him. The latter was always after I had cleaned her cunt with my tongue.

I only came when told to by Ann, and when I did I had to swallow it, either being fed it by her or licking it up as told.

She would regularly visit her Master at his house, every time I would take h... Continue»
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I've been in the Navy for several years now, almost 10 to be exact. I met my wife, Beth, about 3 years ago when I was on recruiting duty in Idaho. She was a small town girl for sure…for those of you who know small town girls, they don't always have a lot of experience but do hold their own in the bedroom. I think she was a little shocked by the diversity she saw when we transferred to Norfolk, VA for sea duty. We had a pretty good marriage (so I thought) and were getting pretty close to transferring again when the ship had to deploy at the last minute. I had to go an... Continue»
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Eating Black Cum

The room I'd rented at The Hyatt had been expensive, but as I sat on the edge of the double bed watching as my wife's pussy was getting vigorously fucked by Duane, the 35 year old black guy we'd met on Craig's List several weeks earlier, the price didn't really matter to me! The view I had of Duane's enormous black cock (measuring around 9 inches long and nearly 2 inches in diameter) was worth every last penny I'd paid to rent the room!

I could smell my wife's wet and juicy pussy from where I sat as Duane's thick and dark chocolate cock pounded away without let up; and as I watched, my own,... Continue»
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African Experience (Part Two)

“Hungry now?!” Aubrie asked with a big grin on her face.

“A little” he smiled as Aubrie bit her lip.

“Your pretty skillful Mr.Tundi!” She told him, slipping her panties back on before standing from the bed. She followed Zaire from his room to the bathroom.

“I’m glad you liked it” Zaire replied scrubbing his hands. Aubrie handed him the toothbrush, which he gladly took from her. “Maybe next time you could show me your skills”

“Why not now?” Aubrie said going behind him to wrap her arms around his waist. She leaned to the side so he could see her since he was a foot taller. She watch... Continue»
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Rica's curiousity

For those who have not been reading my stories about Rica and how I made her my slut I will tell you a little about Rica. She is from Indonesia 19years old and just a tiny girl but has big breast, long black hair and such a sexy body that was ready to explore her sexual needs when we finally met.
In the past we have fucked in her mom's bed, had fullfilled her fantasy being with a black man . Now I had plans to make another one of her curiousities become real so she will no longer be curious about ... I had called couple people I have known since I traveled to Indonesia and everything was per... Continue»
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African Experience (Part One)

African Experience
Began:Dec 27,07
Finished: Jan 19,08
Written By: Suz


Aubrie Olsen walked into Dollar General in search of some lotion. She was going on a blind date and wanted to smell good for the man who would be her date. She was hoping the guy would be around her age,no k**s and has a job, that was basically all she asked for these days. Aubrie made her way to the cosmetic isle of the cheap store and began to skim through the many lotions and creams on the shelf. She wasn't a fan of the flowery smells very much and the regular has no scent for the guy to snif... Continue»
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Turned into a Black Cock Slut Blacken

Until a couple of years ago my wife, Amy, and I both worked for the police. More specifically, she was with the vice squad and I worked in fraud. So each day we would go in together, team up with our respective partners and do our days work until it was time to go home - same as most jobs, just not your usual employer.

From time to time, if a big bust was going down, we both understood that the other would have to go incognito and may be away for sometimes days and other times weeks until the job was done, so it wasn't unusual when Amy told me that the Chief had asked her to go undercover t... Continue»
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I shouldn't be doing this!

Tyler sat on a bar stool, side on to the counter with his heels hooked in the rests of the stool as they waited for drinks. Annie scanned the room, and once she was sure I was looking, gave me a sneering look and turned to face him, moving closer to so that his bent leg was now between her thighs. As she laughed at something he said, she almost carelessly shifted her position so that his raised knee pressed against her pussy. She turned her head towards me to check I had seen and very slowly, almost imperceptibly, moved her hips back and forth to the beat of the music, before downing her drink... Continue»
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Wife get Even

We had moved away to California in our early 20's and Luke had settled into a steady job for a national company, getting fairly regular promotions, but nothing for a year or two and he was starting to get frustrated about this. Anyway, about a year ago Luke came home one night and said we had been invited by his MD, Chris to a home warming party at his new house to celebrate his recent divorce from his fifth wife! I had met Chris many times before and he had even been to a swimming party at our place. Six foot two, blond and well built and admired by all the women, hence the number of wives an... Continue»
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The Blacken Wedding Ring PT2

Later that morning I discovered my wallet was lost. I called several places from the night before but to know avail. I called the video place but it was closed. So I went to work and late that morning I received a call. The deep voice sounded familiar.

"Hello Steve, this is Marcus from last night, you remember me, crazy night huh?"

"Yes." Then I knew it was the black man from the hole.

"Yes you remember me or it was a crazy night." he answer with a deep laugh.

"Both." I said not knowing were the conversation was going.

"What's your e-mail, that way I can send you the address w... Continue»
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