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3 Mistress and Me

For the love of me I thought I would only like shorter girls or girls that are my height. This time my friend Marco told me about three girls that he works with at a strip club that are down to for some fun. I call Mistress Alexa and tell her I want you and your s****rs for a couple hours. She then says "fuck you, your mine for the day" I then said "yes mam" she said "tomorrow 10 am, leave your door unlocked" I did so. Next day I see a black Mercedes roll up and park in my driveway. The three Alexa(23yrs 6'2), Pamela(33yrs 6'3) and Melissa(37yrs 6'4) come into my house dressed in all black lat... Continue»
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The Photos

"Arch your back and spread those legs wider. We need to show off what the men want to see. You have it so flaunt it. Show off that sweet pussy. We need some naughty pictures for the cover of the video. That is right. Push out those big tits." He took about two dozen very sexy nude pictures before he changed the scene. "Now sit on the stool and spread those legs wide. Arch your back and stick those big jugs out. I want your left hand pulling on a nipple as your left hand is feeling your clit and fuck hole. First play with your clit till I tell you to move to your cunt hole. Then I want you to l... Continue»
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first time meeting the bull

My girlfriend jill has had me locked in chasity for a couple of months now .she has let me out twice since she locked me up.She has been getting an old boyfriend of hers named james to screw her and she has been loveing it and i have to say its been a huge turn on for me also .she goes and sees him and then comes home to me so i can clean her.jill had told me that she had convinced james to come over and show me how a real man *ucks.i was nervous and excited it was all set up for the next nite ..jill got ready early she had an awesome body 36d tits and a30 in waste long jet black hair .she put... Continue»
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Bundi stuffs and facials Julie

*Opens her robe and flashes you*

*grins* Now I'm hard again.

*sticks his head in your robe and sucks on your nipple* o.o

*Lets out a little whimper and shivers*

*slides a hand between your legs and presses a finger against your slit and a thumb against your clit and grinds against you, tugging on your nipple with my lips*

*Squirms a little and pushes her robe open, letting it spill over the sides of her chair. Softly moaning with your hand between her bare legs she lifts her legs, dangling her naked legs over the arms of her chair*

B... Continue»
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Xhamster profile of 'Love2bused'

Chapter One

I am writing this because what occurred to me needs to be told and I want to tell somebody about what happen to me. It was exciting and expanded my boundaries way beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I have chosen to keep my name and a description of myself secret only to insure my privacy.

It was almost two years ago when a small little ad on Craigslist changed my life forever. I was broke, out of a job, and about to lose everything I had. To say I was desperate would be an un... Continue»
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My Wife and her Friend

It all started on a social network website, my wife made some friends on there. She chats with with most of them, and one day she befriend this one guy. She says he is sexy, of course I don't think so, I'm a guy. They chitchat among themselves, they both like to write stories, that's what the website was about.
I work first shift so I go to bed early and my wife would stay up late at night. She would get so horny, she would stroke my cock and then rub her pussy until she came. She masturbate almost every night. One night while she was masturbating, I got so horny myself I got on top of her an... Continue»
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Cousin s****r's Lucisious Butt

This is Tron, just a bit of info on myself. Iam male 23 from Mississauga, ON having 5'8 ft height with handsome personality so if any unsatisfied wife's, gals and/ or aunt wanted to satisfy their sexual urge then contact me on loverboyytron@gmail.com this is my real experience hope u like it. Now I’m going to share my experience with you which happened when I was in my home country around 2 years back. First let me tell you about my cousin s****r. Her name is Masrat (name changed) and we lovingly call her Duli. I call her Duli as well She is 31 years old of height 5.7″. She is very fair and se... Continue»
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Meeting Through Xhamster - A Gushingly True Story

I have been on and off Xhamster for the past few years, under two different profiles. I had never met anyone in that time as I was convinced I was unattractive to any woman who might be on here. I swapped messages with ladies, shared videos, pictures and stories that might turn each other on, but that was as far as it went. But you never know what might happen...
I began chatting to a lovely lady that I'll call Suzanne (not her real name). She was based in the Cotswolds, was married but was open to meeting men and women for sex. Our conversations became more intense, our swapped videos of... Continue»
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happened to my friend

Chapter 1

Hey Amber, I thought you would like this site I really enjoy it. Just set up an account and pm me when you get set up. My screen name is yngandfresh. Cant wait to here from you. I sat in front of my computer ready to click send on an email I really shouldn’t send. It was too late I sent it, she never know it is from me since it is from a new email address that I just set up in a fake name. I had all things covered, just hope she takes the bait.

About a month ago I went into my daughter’s room and found her computer still on so I shook the mouse and brought it back up, i... Continue»
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The Girlfriend Experience

This was it, I was at her door and she had the house to herself. The depressing feeling of rejection I suffered from after asking her out last week had rapidly disappeared this morning when she had asked me to come over tonight. I had spent all day thinking about it as well and had managed to accomplish nothing in the way of school work. I spent most of my lunch time watching Katie bounce her phone off her beautiful pillow of breasts that plateaued with the way she was slouching in her chair. The crispness of the black school jumper made the outline of her mature figure all the more prominent ... Continue»
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Submissive's diary Ep. 3: Mistress Kate pt. 3

Part 3

I could have kicked myself for losing that easily. And in front of Kate too... Then again, 20 hits in silence, how was I even supposed to do that? I convinced myself that round two's only purpose was to make sure I wouldn't end up with ten points. The blindfold was lifted and Kate stood in front of me.
"Does it hurt bad?" She asked, this time gently stroking my face. Her voice sounded more like she was curious than concerned, so I f***ed myself to smile and said
"Not at all. He just caught me by surprise." She grabbed my throat and choked me while her other hand scratched along the... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Bukkake Porn Stars

I woke up next to my daughter’s former boyfriend, Marvin, his arm wrapped around my waist and his hard cock pressing against my ass. He had come back to the condo after my big bukkake video the night before. He had arranged for me to shoot with 25 new guys, that he had signed up on campus over the last two weeks, and I agreed to do a massive facial scene with them for my 50th birthday party. OHBoy was going to meet our daughter, Velvet, in Cleveland where she was promoting her 4 new XXX movies, at a strip club, so I celebrated my birthday with my online video crew. After doing t... Continue»
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Co-Workers Unite As He Gets His Way and She Change

Jason had been watching Rachel since she was hired a few weeks earlier. Here beautiful blonde hair fell around her shoulders in a way that he liked, and the way she flirted with customers when serving them drinks made him hope that she was as sexual as she acted, even though he knew she might just be putting on an act to get bigger tips. What wasn't an act though, was the obvious way she liked to show off her long, shapely legs and her perfectly formed breasts.

Thursday was a bit of a slow night, but they were under strict orders not to close early. There were only a few patrons in the b... Continue»
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Dream Gang Bang Fantasy Come True

As I mentioned in my profile I used to, still occasionally do, write sexy adult stories for ladies and like minded couples and in return they would try some of the things I wrote about and some even sent pictures and videos to show they had a good time enjoying these stories.

So I have decided to upload some of these stories to see if you like them and if you do, feel free to message me and let me know what you think and if you feel that way inclined, send me a photo or two in return for the goodwill gesture I have given you! Who knows if I get some decent photographs of you and your partne... Continue»
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Gril needs money, old man pays and gives back.

Shopping I find my credit card has maxed and no more credit. I needed to pay the bill off and get my things. I figure a quick payment or two could be made having sex. I have laid down for a date or two and actually enjoyed it. I just worried asking guys me age and getting the label hooker. At the Mall I see old men walking and looking at me. My target for this, could be quick and who knows a tip.
Walked up to the youngest of the men and he looked like grand pa. She smiled and ask if could help me? Sure, you could help me pay my bills if you like. He smiled and ask how money I needed? Told ... Continue»
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Virginity Lost

I knocked on the door and looking right, I could see through the window into the empty back room. There was no reply and no sign of movement inside, I knocked a bit louder this time, prepared to just leave. With no response, I turned to go when I caught a glimpse of Fred's mother, Barbara through the window. She wore a white robe tied at the waist and recognising me, grinned her wide, toothy grin and hurried to the door.

Returning to the door, I was greeted by Barbara with her characteristically cheery, 'Hello, Ryan.'

She was leaning on the door, and although the lines on her face and ... Continue»
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She couldn't resist him... pt.2

Check out part 1 for the beginning of this story.
Through the entire evening she couldn’t stop thinking about that hard cock pushing into her ass. She felt a little empty inside since her took it away. She loved that cock and the fact that she didn’t make him shoot all that delicious cum into her left her wanting more. NO NO NO! She had to stop thinking like that; she was on a date with a nice guy and not only did she cum all over her ex’s hand while he finger fucked her right in the bar, now she couldn’t get his cock out of her mind. Her date kept asking if she was ok, because she seemed... Continue»
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A Very Very Hot Mother/Daughter encounter

Some parents relive their dreams through their c***dren, be it a career move, thoughts of untold wealth, either way they hamper their k**s ambitions and choices in life.

My own daughter by year ten had won five beauty pageants, been on TV with advertisements, countless magazines and local newspaper photo-shoots, she by all standards had a bright future ahead of her.

When you have a protegee you might have a problem c***d on your hands, but safe to say she entered that most troublesome time in a girls life, her teens, and to all accounts the first half of those years, were all sugar and s... Continue»
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My Mean Boss

My Mean Boss

I was lucky to get this job since I didn't have great grades in school in
spite of spankings by my parents for bad grades. They at least respected my
modesty by having me go to my room and putting on my pajamas before going
back down to lean over the back of the couch for my spanking. They just
used a ping pong paddle which wouldn't have been too bad if there hadn't been
so many spanks. They based it on my grades. "A" no spanks, "B"20 spanks
"C" 30 spanks and "D" 40 spanks.
Unfortunately I usually got Cs and Ds so with five classes I always got
more than a hund... Continue»
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the blow job

I was talking to a girl one day. she is five foot five and only weighs 135 pounds. hay long strawberry blond hair. her breast are like about c-cup size. we both were in our twenties. we talked for what seemed minute but was longer. she said that she had to go but wanted to see me again so I told her to come over any time. one day she came over and got down in front of me (now I did not know she liked me that much and this had not happen to me before so I was nervous)opened my pants puled my soft cock out and put her lips on my it and I could feel it grow hard in her mouth as she slowly drew my... Continue»
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