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Billy is invited for a porn movie

I drive up to my buddys shop and he is gone. I notice his b*****rs car and no one to be found. I hear him call me across the street,
Over here, come see this moving.

I walk in and the two are watching a porn movie with this girl. Have seen her a few times, do not know her name.
Hi, Im Kelly
I work at the video store and brought home a few porn movies. This one has a guy with a nasty cock. Just had to see it in action.
Have a seat, you want a Beer?
No thanks,
How about something else?
Sure anything you have, She hands me a pepsi bottle.

We watch the VHS for a whil... Continue»
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Marie' First Dalliance with a Younger Man

Firstly, I need to point out that this is not my story. This was written by an older woman that I met on a dating/swinging site. I've met her about 8 times in the past 2 months and she had given me little bits of information about this, as it was her first dalliance with a younger man. The parts she was telling me sounded extremely erotic and I finally managed to convince her to write it all down. She has given me permission to post it here and all I will tell you about her is that her name is Marie, she is from Southampton, she is now 53yo, stunning and still very very naughty.

Hope you al... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 1 Chapter 4

the first Chapter: http://xhamster.com/user/Victor-Bruno/posts/231207.html
the second Chapter: http://xhamster.com/user/Victor-Bruno/posts/233144.html
the third chapter: http://xhamster.com/user/Victor-Bruno/posts/236131.html

Chapter Four

Personal narrative of Drax, Overseer and Slave Trainer

The return of the fleet with fresh captives always meant a busty time fot those of us whose duties were concerned with the reception and training of slaves. Normally we overseers were mainly concerned with the punishment of male-factors – unless a master or mistress wished some special form of ... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter VII

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter VII

“The Gentlemen’s Club Part I”, with Ernest Saillard (“from Aunt Pauline’s Secret”, Hugdebert), Charles Swann (from “Swann in Love”, Hugdebert) and James Hastington (from “Lady X’s Lust Captive”, Giovanni Degli Espoti)

Ernest: http://xhamster.com/000/029/489/978_1000.jpg (the man, of course)
Swann: http://xhamster.com/000/029/026/558_1000.jpg
Hastington: http://xhamster.com/000/029/538/109_1000.jpg (the light-haired with a moustache)(

“Well, gentlemen, how are supposed to do that?”, questioned James Ha... Continue»
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Open letter from your once conservative squeeze...

Open letter from your once conservative squeeze...


Several years have past since the first time you brought up your little fantasy during one of our intense sessions where you would fuck me with all our toys before fucking me. You know the one you brought up during every session we've had since??? ; )

Since the very first time you brought it up I've been putting all the pros and cons into perspective to figure out if I (we) should move forward with it. Having said that, although the cons outweigh the pros, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. The the point where I've... Continue»
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The Benefits of Joining a Fraternity

I have a strong sex drive and back when I was a college freshman my sex drive was unstoppable. I tried to get laid as much as I could but still that wasn’t enough so I often had to resort to jacking off in my dorm room.
I was taking a lit class one day and feeling very horny. There was this girl sitting about two rows in front of me that I took notice of. She was cute but not so hot I would have to put effort into getting laid I figured. After all, all I really wanted was a wet pussy to blow my load in. Her name was Leslie; she was a brunette with tan skin, and kind of nerdy looking with gl... Continue»
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She was a work of art in her youth. After her 18th birthday her b*****r ask me to date her. Her mom told me how great my ass was, and yes she supported me dating her. I found her lacking skills in bed. Yet she made up for it with sexual drive and desire. Was not bound by any hang ups, and very rarely told me no.

In bed my view is this 5-5 blond with a Huge tits. Stand firm and not sacks covered in skin. Was pin up big tit mag prime candidate. She could have done well modeling. Had and still has this package. Has a perfect ass to tit ratio and face is amazing as well. My budd... Continue»
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The Threesome pt.1


It was a hot weekend afternoon in June a year back. It was a lazy Saturday, nothing planned, just hanging out, relaxing by the pool, and taking it easy.

All of a sudden, my phone goes and who should it be, but my old girlfriend Sarah from high school. Now Sarah and I use to be as you say, fuck buddies back in the day. She was wild too, loved sex and she practically worshiped my huge cock. She was tall and had a great figure; tits were on the smaller side, but a great fuck none the less.

Sarah and I had... Continue»
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Party for a slut.

This is Alberta, she’s short, slim, got perky tits and curly brown hair and she’s a lowdown cheapskate slut!! She’d fuck anything on two legs, if it has a cock or a juicy cunt for her to lick she’d have it! She is on her way in a taxi because a friend of hers is throwing a party for her and that can only mean one thing, she’s going to get thoroughly fucked! Alberta is dressed in black panty hoses with no underwear, red miniskirt and long white high heeled boots with a coat on, nothing else. She winks at the driver as she uncrosses her legs in the backseat and he catches the flash of her shaven... Continue»
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Untamed Hunger

© Luxferremorningstar 2013

Untamed Hunger

He watched her with untamed hunger. As their lips collided, the chemistry exploded, the sudden eruption of passion so primitive that it was like being caught in white water. Emma was swept along, her senses churning and tumbling, unable to escape the flow of searing excitement that shot through her body. Her mouth opened under the demand of his and she felt the erotic stroke of his tongue and the pressure of his hand on the small of her back as he pulled her against him. As their bodies touched, Emma melted. Her head swam, her kne... Continue»
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works xmas party

hi there please let me tell you about an incident that happened to me at my works xmas party a few years ago,my husband and I were to attend my works do ,but he came home worse for wear and was in no fit state to go anywhere,whiched completely pissed me off because id gone to a lot of effort to get dolled up,sexy lingerie etc.i decided to leave him crashed out on the bed I turned up at the party by myself.the firm which I worked for had provided free wine with your meal so by the time I was on my dessert id polished off a couple of bottles and was feeling very tipsy .we all moved into the bar ... Continue»
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My First Touch of another mans cock (fictional or

A boy's first sexual encounter with a man

A shiver ran down my back. My knees felt ready to buckle. I was shaking like a leaf but I couldn't stop what he was doing to me.

I was fifteen. He was in his forties I guess. Nice looking. A businessman I think...at least that's what he said as we parked at a rest area near my home so I could go to the bathroom. Actually
there were two port-a-pottys beside a fence that surrounded the small area of tables and benches. I went into the nearest one and began pissing. Then I heard a voice say, "Hey! Let me in. I've gotta go too!"

I knew it was ... Continue»
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Julie earning Syl's tranny(?) cum with suckin

Whacha doin'?
*Sits down on her knees in front of you and undoes your pants*

*Lifts her legs up, resting them on your shoulders, hooking her ankles together against the small of your back* Im watchin' the youtubes

*Lightly kisses along your inner thighs, moving a little closer to you with each kiss*
Would you be terribly upset if I sucked your cock and let you cum in my mouth?

*Lets out a little giggle* I think I could let it slide.. *Slowly rubbing her thighs against your cheeks*

Julie Monroe
Oh goodie...
*She kisses the bulge in your undi... Continue»
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louise and her neighbour(s) 4

This follows on from the other 3 stories where details of Louise and Vicky are described.
Both girls are 17 and louise is in a strange place in her life which she never expected to find herself in, not at such a young age anyway.
Having just been made to sucumb to the most powerful orgasm of her young life courtesy to her mates tongue the two girls leave the swimming pool and head back to louises flat via mcdonalds.
In the cubicle next to them the whole time they were having fun together was louises elderley neighbour rupert. An old white male of 73 years of age. Rupert looked bad for his... Continue»
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Gilbert's Boy Toy...3

I could look between my knees as Alvin stood and moved away. I could not see his face only his feet as he stepped away and Calvin stepped over my feet. Calvin had on a pair of socks that had holes at each big toe.

Once Calvin was over my upturned butt I felt a massive cool piece of meat slid over my anal opening and I knew instinctively that it would not fit in my rectum. I cried out in fear '...nooo Gilbert, I wanna go home...'

Gilbert was busy firing up a joint when he answered '...too late now bitch, I done lit one up. Y'all don't hurt my pussy...' they all burst out in laughter. C... Continue»
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Sue and Julie (Buiness) part three

Part three.

Sue looked about her. She didn’t like what she saw. A dingy one bedroom flat. A shit hole. She’d been for a walk around the northern town she now found herself in, albeit temporarily. Sean had sent her. Sent her north. She hung, on a coat hanger, the dress she had brought earlier, in a charity shop, that and a coat. They had been classy once, now the coat was showing signs of wear, the dress a few years old, had been fashionable once. She opened the other bag, and tipped out several sets of very tarty underwear. Nylon, cheap, Anne Summers.

“Can I see the manager, please,” Su... Continue»
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Dish of the day: Cumwhore Delight!

Five men sat around a lavishly laden table in very private surroundings, it was clear to anyone who’d see them that they were wealthy movers and shakers, expensive jewellery, exquisite watches and tailor-made suits. Cigars were smoked and fine beverages were measured out by the professional catering staff, who had cleared the table. A fat, balding man in his 50’s who sat at the head end rose and called for attention, the hubbub died down and they were all attentively looking at “Fatty Boy”.
“Gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to act as host for this annual get together. I hope the wine and th... Continue»
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I gave a blowjob to the taxi driver -TRUE STORY-

It's a 100% true story like the rest of my stories (Although it took 2-3 hours to seduce the young repairman *see: Airconditioner repairman laid some pipe*)

I never really liked clubbing unlike my best friend B. but she was really into that and therefore, i did accompany her several times despite enjoying the scene myself.

I went to clubbing on a Saturday night as usual with my best mate B., it was almost 23.30 when we arrived due to heavy rain that hit the region. Although it was rainy, the club was very crowded and packed with every kind of people - drags, lesbians,gay couples and e
... Continue»
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One Saturday morning, I got a surprise call from Mrs. De la Vega as I was doing maintenance on my pool cleaning equipment.

Hello Tony, How are you doing?", she asked.

With a smile on my face, I replied -“Hello Mrs. De la Vega. I have been good. I’m trying to balance my time between pool cleaning and school. How are you?

Mrs. De la Vega paused momentarily then remarked, “I’m looking at my pond and I noticed something dirty. I know you must be busy but could you help me Tony?

I checked my cleaning pool list and I noticed that I had just cleaned their pond abou... Continue»
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using angie...

Tricia and I shared a friends with benefits type of relationship. However, since we lived about 2 hours apart we usually met only once or twice a month for a day or weekend at a hotel somewhere about an hour away from each of us to share some orgasmic fun together. Tricia was bi-sexual and her apartment roomate (Angie) was also one of her lover's. Tricia eventually introduced me to Angie and we started enjoying some occasional threesome's.

At the time, Tricia and I were in our late 30's and Angie was 24. Angie was more petite than Tricia, and had kind of a "innocent" mid-western girl ... Continue»
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