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Another whore from omegle story my friend sent me

Stranger: hey

You: hello asl

Stranger: f 19 cali

You: m 21 ny

You: i am brad

You: how are you

Stranger: i am trinity and im good wbu

You: hello trinity thats a nice name

You: i am good

Stranger: thx ur name is one of my favorite guy names

You: i am 6'0 180 brown hair brown eyes

You: thanks'

You: that is very cool

Stranger: i am 5'11 160 brown hair brown eyes

You: do you have a bf

Stranger: ehh its confusing

You: you sound very sexy

Stranger: heh thx

You: confusing how

Stranger: well um its like we both like each other but we arent
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Craigslist Monster

My name is Michelle I am white 42 yrs old 5'2 105 lbs I have 32DD's. Now that we have that out of the way on with the story.

I am always looking on craigslist pretty much just to laugh at all the stuff on there but one night I was really horny and one caught my eye. It read "14 inch monster cock looking for a woman to facefuck and have some hardcore sex. I thought there is no way this guy has that big of a cock but I thought it might be fun to go and if he has a 2 inch cock I can just laugh and leave. Well I email him back and he gives me the details of where he is located I took a showe... Continue»
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Valentine's surprises - Part I

Please comment if you’d like to read a second part….

I am sitting on my desk in my office, wondering why we didn’t take the day off. It’s the morning of Valentine’s Day and I can’t really focus. I am just sitting here browsing the web, not paying attention at all to what I see while my thoughts drift off. Again.

Ever since earlier this morning when I left home, I only can think of one thing: Lauren’s body. I can’t wait to see her again. Not after what she said earlier.

Earlier this morning

I’ve just buttoned up my shirt, zipped up my ... Continue»
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A Not So Happy Anniversary,


I held the door for Lynne and then followed her into the club. I
hated places like this. Loud, smoky, crowded, I hate them. But it
was our fifth anniversary and Lynne loves to dance. So once a
year I take her to a club and she gets to dance. Not with me. I
can't dance. Well, I can fake a slow dance. But why bother. I
just don't see the point in dancing.

Lynne wouldn't have any trouble finding dance partners. She was
hot. No, I didn't say that right, she was HOT! Yeah, that's it.
She is 26, 5'4", 110, long blonde hair and long, long legs. She
had the cutest fa... Continue»
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Summer of Lust

This summer would change her life forever.

I remember the summer after my first year of college as if it was yesterday. Even though my freshman year at the university had opened my eyes to new and wondrous things, the summer that followed changed my life forever, in more ways than one.

I had grown up in a small town in Northeast Iowa, following in the footsteps of many young women before me. I was on the girls basketball team, learned home economics from a spinster who thought cooking nutritious meals was the most important part of making a marriage work, and discussed the secrets of boy... Continue»
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A Romantic and Close encounter with my favoured gi

Just to let you know readers... this is a short story of the girl in my album, her name is Miki-I met her here in my stay in Japan. Interesting how I met her in the first time in Shinjuku station, Tokyo. We saw the movie, Wolverine the Samurai-whatever it was they called it in Japan-ate dinner and I asked her if she wanted to meet a second time and she told me, "you'll never like my personality" and I said, "I'm sure we'll work it out once we get to know each other."

The next time we met, it was in Akishima Station where we watched another movie, "Lone Ranger" and she often laughed at my ... Continue»
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Edinburgh Houswife

Hello there, my name is George and a few years ago I was living in another city and for a while I had my own small apartment in a suburban district. It was a leafy suburb of Edinburgh and I had a part-time research assignment at a local engineering college, which was only for three days a week, so it meant I had a lot of free time.

Where I was living was on the second floor of a small apartment building and almost directly opposite across the road was another similar apartment block. From my living room and bedroom windows I could see across the street to about ten or twelve other apartment... Continue»
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How I Became an Ivy League Whore

How I Became an Ivy League Whore [Chapters 1-5]

1 -

I guess my journey into debauchery began like many others: from desperation.

Deep down, I had always known I was a very attractive young girl, but I guess I hid it behind textbooks and nerdy big-framed glasses, sacrificing a normal teen experience in order to trudge through academics and secure an acceptance in one of the nation's most esteemed universities. I didn't mind being the pretty, petite bookworm seeing that I was an only chìld to a single parent who couldn't afford to buy groceries every week let alone a coll... Continue»
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fuck Strangers in parking lot

This story happened when I was about 30. I had a on-line guy I chatted with for years. We met on the web site anywebcam.com, (which no longer exists). Well it does but it is nothing like it used to be. Anyhow, we would chat and write each other all the time. Occasionally he would come up with sexual tasks for me. And like I told you , I was out of control back then and thought some of the things he came up with were so fucking hot. I would dream about how it might go down and it always turned me on. This time he told me to go to a mall or shopping center. He didn't care what I wore as long as ... Continue»
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The Step Mom

Don was fifteen when his dad remarried. The woman was so sexy you would think she just walked out of a centerfold. Don could not take his eyes off her. She was so pretty and had great big tits and a sexy round ass with cheeks you want to grab and squeeze. He loved breakfast because she always cooked in a short silk robe and he could tell she was naked underneath. He always imagined what she would look like with the robe off. After breakfast she would lay by the pool and sun bathe in a tiny bikini that almost did not cover her. He took pictures of her from his window in his bedroom on his phone... Continue»
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I Found a DVD part 2

I found a DVD...part 2

Hopefully you will have read part 1 of this story by now.

During my last babysitting evening for my friend Jane, I found a video of her making love to her husband. Afterwards, I couldn't look at her at work without thinking of the scenes I had witnessed on their DVD player. For weeks the thought of it would make my cunt start to drip and I would have to go to the ladies to bring myself off. It had turned me into a sex maniac. I was masturbating 4 or 5 times a day and the image of Pete's cock spurting cum, hands-free, was always on my mind. Whenever I see Jane, I ju... Continue»
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I Found a DVD part 3

I found a DVD part 3

Hopefully you will have read parts 1 and 2 so far.

Having babysat for my friends Jane and Pete a couple of times and watched videos of them enjoying each other, I was getting hornier than ever. I had seen Pete's cum all over my friend Jane's face, I had seen Jane cum and squirt over his face and finally I had seen my friends hairy pussy filled with spunk. Since watching these amateur porn films, I had been constantly wet in the pussy area. I just couldn't seem to shake the images of my friends fucking from my mind. I even went out and bought myself a silent vibrator ... Continue»
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I Found a DVD part 1

I found a DVD.... part 1

I work with a girl called Jane. We get on very well together and have become very good friends. Jane lives on the same street as me, a few doors down, with her husband, Pete and their 3 year old daughter Amy.

I would baby sit for them from time to time and it was a pleasure to look after their little girl.
On this occasion, whist at work, Jane asked me if I would baby sit for her that night and I readily agreed. So dressed in my usual T-shirt and jeans, I arrived at their house. Pete invited me in while Jane was finishing putting Amy to bed. He poured me a drink... Continue»
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Laurie cuckolds me

Well here we were sitting in my bed watching TV. My ex-girlfriend Laurie (and also my first love) had just gotten out of jail the day before and had come over to my house to see me. As we were lying in my bed, somehow the conversation had gotten on sex and how long it’s been for each of us, etc. While we were talking I asked Laurie if she had ever had a 3-some with two other guys. She told me that she almost did one time but it fell through. I then asked her if she had any sex fantasies that she’d always dreamed about, but never had a chance to do. Laurie told me not really and then ask... Continue»
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Wife-Husband And Neighbours

Keya, 35 yrs old, a classic beauty, figure is 36-32-36. I used to joke with her that she is having the sexiest ass in the locality. She used to poke me, and then you have checked all the asses around. We laughed together. I told her many horny things about internet, like wife swapping, nude lifestyle; one day I explained her one party dominated by ladies in foreign countries – CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male). She was very eagerly listening to that.

I want to share with you one incident happened with us last summer vacation. Our c***dren then were in my in-laws house as school declared h
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Justine cheated on me

So it’s finally the weekend. It has been two weeks since I found out my girlfriend, Justine, cheated on me, on my birthday, when I was in jail. It was two weeks to the day and I was finally going to confront her about it. I first heard about it from my friend Junior, who told me that when I was in jail he caught Justine fucking this black guy, Marcus. Junior told me that when Mandy (junior’s girlfriend), and him went over to our friend Chris’s apt. they could hear Justine moaning and screaming like crazy in the bedroom. He said that they were in there for about 40 minutes, and the whole ... Continue»
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New Year Celebration With Housewife Sandya

I won’t celebrate 1sy Jan as new year and I celebrate our Ugadi festival as new year….but my neighbor wanted to celebrate and they wanted me to join them and from December 15th they started asking me….every day for new year fun. I told them its completely depends on hubby schedule and i knew that hubby is going to take leave for house construction in native but did not gave them any hint…..just keep on dragging…..they told me i am going to get good time with them

I said completely depend on hubby so don’t disturb me…..they went back with sad face……some How one came to know that hubby is
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How I Lost My Wife Lijina

Please mail me after reading this and to get the photo the actress of this story: salbaswathi@gmail.com I always want to see my wife getting sex with some other person,but that desire of mine made her to get in a group bang and ultimately taken away as a private property of a buisness man.

My story doesn’t have a mean,but there is a thing which i had to tell.Never try to make your wife get sex with a person whose background is unknown. It was a rainy season of 2004.myself Neo and my wife Lijina was living in kerala.(perfec
... Continue»
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"Times three" a Story of one friend thre

Times three

This story all starts with one of my best friends I started working with! I meet Davey after starting a new job, Davey turned out to be one of my best friends as it happens now the times three part is that I slept with his s****r in law then his daughters mother in law and finally his daughter?

I had been going up to Davey house for the odd party and we would get very d***k and have a great laugh during these parties his s****r in law turned up her name was Belinda not the best looking woman in the world but she had a stunning figure and lips that could suck the screw top off... Continue»
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Dad's Best Friend

I don't remember when it all started but I always had a crush on my dad's friends. Art was the only one that showed me any attention. One day I needed a ride and he said he would take me. I had on a tight t-shirt and I wore no bra and I had a short denim skirt with a thong under it. I saw Art staring at my tits as he drove me across town. I knew I could seduce him and I really wanted to. I told him the wrong way to go and it took us through some country roads never used any more. Just as we drove I saw a secluded spot and asked Art to pull over there for a minute for me. When his car came to a... Continue»
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