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Pact With A Fallen Angel

I can feel you on my skin. The last hands that have known my body, and all its secrets, still remain a haunting reverie I won't soon forget. I feel them.. Grasping, pulling, and claiming.. All things they used to do, things that used to sate me. Now, they leave me.. hungering for a life I try so hard to forget..

And, how use to my wanting you are! A silly human, an average.. impractical pet, that I make. To have my love raining over you, in abundance, this is something you have come to expect. It isn't something new to you, as all the others before have given you the devotion you so re... Continue»
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All tied up...

We tried an under the bed restraint system for the first time. I bought it as an end of the night surprise on her birthday.

We went up to the bedroom & I told her strip; I already had her new blind fold in my hands as I hungerly devoured her with my eyes. When she was standing before me perfectly nude with her nipples starting to harden, I put the blind fold on her as I led her to the bed & commended her to scoot to the middle and to lay down flat. I didn't tell her what was in store for her.....I'd been fantasizing about it for days.

She let out a surprised gasp as I put the first sha... Continue»
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The Cheating Canadian girlfriend

(this story is all true name's and locations are also true except my name i will be going by Cohigo)

Well to start this story off im Cohigo my last name isnt important my age is 25 and her's is 24 but this story is about my cheating ex Slut whore of a girlfrien, before the story can take place how i meet her, well i had met her on a site called Tagged. i had became friends with her while she was dating an ex boyfriend or boyfriend now (dont know and dont care)... but this gil i meet 3 times and on my fourth time well this is where my story begins

I had arrived in Kamloops B.C (british... Continue»
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jagerbomb stories pt 1

One of my favorite drinks is the jagerbomb, for those of you who never had this drink , it when you mix red bull and jager together . I know the Germans must haven taken the lost in WWII in good spirit because they made one hell of a liquor with Jagermeister. It one night and a crazy booty call to make this drink shoot to the top of my all time favorite list of drinks .

I was living back in NYC in 2008 , and I been talking to this cute dark skin latina woman , I think I meet her on tagged , or one of those social media sites . I had her cell number and talk to her about meeting up . She fin... Continue»
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A friend has an encounter

This is the first part of an encounter my Fuck Buddy (with MASSIVE tits)sent me. I had some vids on my phone, but lost the SD card. Doh!

The first time I met him he came to meet me at the station, he was bigger than I thought. 6'3" and heavy in a rugby player sort of way and young, under 40. As it wasn't a secret why we were meeting I wore a skirt and top, stocking and black high heels. I noticed him taking it in. It was a bit daunting, I was very nervous but we made idle conversation about our journeys in the taxi on the way to the hotel where he booked a room and at one point he strok... Continue»
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The Birthday

She was naked on the bed with a man and his son. Both were naked and it was the son's birthday and dad wanted him to be fucked by a nasty whore. She was willing to fuck this son every way she could and make his birthday special. They each had a tit in their mouth sucking as she rubbed their cocks and felt them get hard. The son had a nice big nine inch cock and dad was blessed with a much bigger one. She loved to fuck a big cock. She also loved sucking cock and making them cum deep in her throat. She loved sex and could get dirty and nasty if that is what they wanted. She would do anything for... Continue»
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New Neighbours

Jimmy was still in shock over the new condo that he and Dana had just moved into. They had saved up the down payment over a period of about 3 years and now were realizing the dream of having their own place. It was a very nice area and the complex they were in had a pool, rec room and tennis courts. They were still in the stage of unpacking and hadn't had a chance to meet any neighbors yet. He and Dana had put off starting a f****y until they were settled into their own place. It was June and after unpacking for most of the day, it would be a good time to check out the pool. As they put on the... Continue»
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Bitch's Tale

Bitch’s Tale

Story from the perspective of a girl who gets dominated by a group of b*****rs, but then discovers that she likes being abused and fucked and willingly begs for more.

Chapter One

My name is Mandy and I am a bitch. I know this because I've been told that that
is what I am many times in the past few days? Let me explain. I am 25 years old
and no stranger to sex. I am very familiar with the sight, smell and taste of a
man's cock and cum. In fact to be perfectly honest, and that is what I want to
be, I have to admit to loving sex. However, I don't jump into bed with... Continue»
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the dirty neighbor 3

hi there if you've been following my encounters you will know what the dirty old man next door and I have been up to if not here is a quick up date .after plying me with his home made wine down in his cellar he made me suck his massive cock. the following day I surprised him in his garden shed where I let him lick my wet pussy then let him fuck me with his big manhood on his work bench. the third and final time happened on the night before my husband and son were about to return from their camping holiday.id arranged to go out for a few drinks with one of my old school mates we decided to visi... Continue»
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Back Seat Booty

“My head hurts,” Charmaine Epps informed her date. “I think I’m ready to go home.”
“Yeah. That’s cool,” Steve Parker replied trying to hide his disappointment.

The six-foot-four-inch, two-hundred-fifteen-pound athletically built man had been enjoying the holiday party thrown by Charmaine’s employer. She was a former beauty queen with honey colored skin. This was the fourth date in as many weeks and the divorced mother of two was completely up front with him about her ‘three month monogamy’ rule. It was her philosophy to only give up the pussy after three months in a committed exclusive rel... Continue»
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the best

He woke horny just thinking of his sexy naked daughter in the next bedroom. He got out of bed and walked to her room and his cock was rock hard by the time he opened her door. She heard him come in and lock the door. He pulled back the covers and looked at her sexy body. He remembered the first time he undressed her and licked her flat tits which were now big and full with nice ripe nipples. He also thought about when he first licked her pussy and sucked her clit and made her cum the first time. Now he loved licking and sucking her. She was a horny sex machine and could fuck like a two bit who... Continue»
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Teachers are the freakiest

Our late arrival turned out to be a blessing in disguise. As my beautiful co-worker approached me in the parking lot explaining why she was late I took advantage of my opportunity to eye hustle a quick look from her head to toe and realized she was wearing open toed heels with her business suit. I then realized she was wearing sheer black stockings. Because we were late we had to sit at the end of the table next to the window. Midway through the meeting I was dozing off from boredom but was interrupted by the sexy sound of stocking feet rubbing together. As I looked down I saw these long ... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Part 26

Desert Heat – Part 26
Friday, Aug. 17, 1985
Friday morning, Pepper and I awoke to the strong smell of coffee and bacon. She was still nestled up against me but when I reached behind me, Ginger was not there. I turned to see her standing at the doorway holding a bed tray with breakfast for 2 and a big smile on her face. Pepper told her that we missed her in bed last night and Ginger said she slept in Pepper’s room to give us the night, but now that the wedding night was over, it would be the three of us from now on.
Ginger moved to the bed and set the tray over my lap and told us to enj... Continue»
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Watching My Wife With Her Ex (True Story)

This is a true story of my wife Amy fucking her ex husband Mike while I watched.

I met my wife Amy who is twenty five at work who at the time was still married to her husband Mike who is thirty. Amy and I hit it off and shortly after she divorced Mike and would tell me all of the horror stories of her marriage. She would tell me how much of an asshole he was and how after awhile she didn't even have sex with him anymore because he liked it super rough and would call her a "Slut" and a "Fucking Bitch" while he was fucking... Continue»
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Indian Dominatrix For Black Men

I grab Carl-Henry's cock and balls and squeeze them as hard as I can, until he cries out in pain. I squeeze them until he begs for mercy, and then I release him...not all the way, just a little bit. A whimper slips out of his throat, and he looks up at me with a defeated look in his face. Underneath us, the bed shakes as we unleash our passion. You're my bitch now, I whisper into his ear as I lean over, my voluminous tits smacking his face. Yes Mistress Rishita, Carl-Henry says meekly. Good bitch, I laugh. I stroke my strap-on dildo lovingly, and Carl-Henry's frightened yet eager eyes follow m... Continue»
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Hindu Ladies For Black Men

Sitting in the university library, minding my own business. Just like a good student. That's what I was doing until she came along. Who am I talking about? Ajooni Patil, or AJ, as I call her. Hello boo, she said, wrapping her arms around me, and gently kissing me on the cheek. Her lips pressed against my cheek sent a thrill down my spine, in the most pleasurable way possible. Good to see mamas, I said, looking her up and down and grinning wolfishly, as is my custom. What are you looking at? AJ asked, and grabbed the mouse from my hand, clicking on my Facebook page.

I recently 'liked' a pic... Continue»
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Party Slut 1

"Shhhh, careful, you'll wake him," I heard through a foggy daze.

"Naah, he's out cold," came a second voice, "Barely stirred through the rest of it."

My head was throbbing painfully and I couldn't bring myself to open my eyes. I knew that I had d***k too much at the party that night, I'd had a fight with Sasha, my girlfriend, and had drowned my sorrows perhaps a little too much. I didn't know how long I'd been out for but it was taking me a while to come to. Meanwhile I could tell that I wasn't alone, I could sense and hear a few other people in the room standing around me. I felt dazed ... Continue»
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Party Slut 2

"Aaaaghhh," I gasped, swallowing more of Alex's spunk in the process, "I'm a dirty little cumbucket slut," I moaned, using the words that Sasha and the guys had used to describe me and causing them to giggle, "And I love sucking cock and drinking cum. I don't belong as a real man, I'm much better as a cumstained girly whore!"

I couldn't believe some of the things that were coming out of my mouth as I quite happily repeated back everything Sasha and the guys had told me I was with barely a moment's thought. Sure, I had been quite happy to think about how much I enjoyed the warm, hard feel of... Continue»
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Party Slut 3

I was now able to bounce up and down on that firm love stick, giving all the other guys and Sasha a good view of just what a slut I was, just how keen I was to get my arse penetrated. There was no pretending any more that this was a trick that they had f***ed me into. I was absolutely loving it. And so were the rest of them from the hungry looks with which they still watched me. Stuart and Nick looked exhausted having dumped their cum over my face twice, but Ed still had a strong, hard dick that I knew he was desperate to use on me.

For now, however, I loved being able to see everyone watc... Continue»
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ARPITA - Once A whore Always a Whore part II


It was 7.30 pm, and the taxi stopped at the entrance of the M.G.Road. Unmesh had earlier called her to explain the plan of the evening. Though he hasn’t revealed much, he had asked her to meet them near the M.G.Road, it falls between her house and the office.

Arpita looked out of the window and was pleased to spot Rahul’s car at the opposite side of the road. She had fond memories of that car from the last time. Quickly she paid the money and got off the taxi. Crossing the roads carefully she hurried towards the car. She was now completely excited as she realised what they have p... Continue»
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