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The Ride

It was late at night as he drove down the street and saw her walking alone. She was about twenty years old and her mini skirt barely covered her big round ass. Her tits were tight against her too small t-shirt. His cock got hard just watching so he pulled his care over to her and said "Do you need a ride pretty girl?" She smiled and said "That would be nice." She opened the door and got in and he could see she was very pretty. She did not sit close to the door but in the middle of the seat near him. He put and arm around her and kissed her neck and told her "You should not be alone. You are to... Continue»
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The Ride

It was late at night as he drove down the street and saw her walking alone. She was about twenty years old and her mini skirt barely covered her big round ass. Her tits were tight against her too small t-shirt. His cock got hard just watching so he pulled his care over to her and said "Do you need a ride pretty girl?" She smiled and said "That would be nice." She opened the door and got in and he could see she was very pretty. She did not sit close to the door but in the middle of the seat near him. He put and arm around her and kissed her neck and told her "You should not be alone. You are to... Continue»
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country love

I lived out in the country on a gravel road.All that was around me was cotton and rice fields.The houses were spaced out my nearest neighbor about a mile. It was peaceful and plenty of privatcy.I was 18 and kind of wild and horny.I had been with alot of girls and was quiet good at throwing the ole dick.I was glad to hear that someone new was moving in down the road.when i saw them moving in i went and interduced myself.It was a recently divorced woman and her daughter.I was blown away by the daughter.She was about 5-5 115 lbs.of sexy.Her hair was brown shoulder length,perky breast,and her ass ... Continue»
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My parents were helping me with my first year college tuition and board but made it clear that I was on my own as far as paying for fun. There was no money for a car so I made do as best I could. Without a car, I was very limited as far as part time employment was concerned so I fell back on the familiar job of babysitting. My parents did help me get a credit card with a low limit but I had to make the payments myself. I enjoyed the use of the card a little too much and soon had the limit maxed out. Now, the little money I earned babysitting was all being used for paying payments on the c... Continue»
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When My Wife Met Shane Diesel. True Story

Now this happen some years ago. When Shane and my wife were much younger. Before Shane became the Pro he is today. So here goes.
Early in our swinging days there was a point where my wife became a "Size Queen". The size of a mans cock was more important then looks or skin color. And since she had had only one BBC in her life, ( a high school friend ). She didn't care about skin color. Only that for her 30th birthday I would surprise her with a cock big enough so that she would remember turning 30 for years to come. Well since the internet was coming of age. And seeking fresh meat was s... Continue»
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It was All Katie's Idea...

My name is Mojo. I'm 28, have a few extra pounds in some places, muscular in others. I work as a machinist and own my own company in the Midwest. Been out and on my own since high school. Both parents, gone. Dad had a heart attack ten years ago and Mom died three years later of skin cancer. Now it's just me and Katie, that's my girlfriend now and a long time friend from college. She's 24. cute as all get-out and very playful. She is from Windsor Heights which is a good 1 hour drive from where I live now.

2 years ago I was sent to a three-day tool & die conference in Windsor Heights. After t... Continue»
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Blow job fantasy gone wrong

At the end of the year my company shut down for two weeks.
It was great to be off from work and still receiving a 40 hour check
Each week. The first two days I tackled several at home projects
That I had put off for a long time. Now that I was done with those
Tasks I still had over 12 more days before I returned to work.

When I get bored I turn to porn to pass by the dull moments.
After watching and jacking off to several cockold videos. I
Began to wonder if white couple really let black guys join
Them in the bedroom for some wild and hot sex. I started searching
The web looking ... Continue»
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Profile Of Sallyme 193 A True Cock Sucking Facia

Profile of Sallyme193
A True Cock Sucking Facial Cum Slut

I guess I’ve always been a cock sucking cum slut deep down inside except I have tried to hide it and keep up my good little girl image. Why, I don’t really know, except it seemed to be the thing to do until Sam entered my life. He seemed to be able to read me like a book from the first moment he met me.

It was a Saturday and my husband had left to play a round of golf with his buddies and I was left ho... Continue»
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The bad babysitter (The wrong affair part one)

"He likes you Julie, he said he does" my friend said, her cousin was a good looking man, and I was out on the pull, "Let me talk to him, I know he wants to buy you a drink".
"Nah, he's with someone, I'm not doing that again, I need to find a single guy this time".
Crap, where the fuck was she going? Tracy had always been a bit forthright, an if you like them go and get them sort of girl. She turned around and smiled then looked at her Ian, her cousin, spoke quietly to him and came back over to sit down. She held her bottle of lager and smiled, "He wants to see you! I told you he likes y... Continue»
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Slam-Pig Crackwhore Fucks So Hard

'That's the best needle you'll ever get, you fuckin' slut.'

He pulled his jeans up and looked down at her as she struggled to untie the knot her panties were getting into around her cheap and glorious fuck me stilettos.

She looked up at him and stared. She did not hate them anymore, but she did not like them either. It was pure economics. She immunised herself with heroine, but she always needed more. d**gs, like sex: you always need more. That was why she was kneeling in One Lamp Alley playing cat's cradle with her knickers while a man she had met twenty minutes before was standing over... Continue»
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Billy on the run.

They cased the old bank for a month. Gus a prison hardened career criminal with a nasty streak, and Billy his younger fresh faced accomplice embarking on his life of crime. Today was the day as they donned their balaclavas and stormed the premises. Gus screamed for everyone to hit the floor, brandishing a gun. Billy ran behind the counter with a sports bag scooping in wads of notes. Rather than running back out the door the plan involved going up the stairs onto a landing, where they would jump a short distance to an adjoining building, down the fire escape to a lane way that lead to the getaw... Continue»
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Lily was raised by her single mom who was very well known as a sexy slut. She would go down to the local tavern where she was able to always bring home a man. When she got home they would fuck all night and she allowed the men anything they wanted. Lily would lay in bed and listen to them talk about fucking and sucking cock and fucking her mom's ass. Her mom would tell the man to fuck her hard and ram his cock in her cunt deep. She would yell "Yes. Fuck me harder. Ram that big cock in my cunt. I want more of that big cock." Also Lily would hear her mom tell him "Lick my pussy. That's it. Suck... Continue»
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Slutty Sarah. Now she wants to be an actress!

She’s back guys and she’s getting more slutty by the week. She rang me again a couple of weeks ago, saying she’s got some greats news and she doesn’t have anyone else she can tell it to. She came to my place and this is what she told me:-

‘What a week it’s been. You can’t believe what’s going to happen to me. I’m going to be in a film, a movie, I’m going to be an actress. You know Maria, the French girl who got me to get naked for those Arabic people, well she rang me a couple of days ago and said that she was going for an audition for a part in a film and did I want to go too. They ... Continue»
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Both girls had nice cocks..


So Im online, couple years ago, in a chat-room, im checking out profiles, looking at their locations, bingo find someone in California. finally found someone with similar interests, BOTH OF US very horny and love to give oral top & bottom also HIV-.

She didn't live that far, we started regular chatting n flirting just about every other night..
One night she happen to be in LA - Im in the valley not too far. So I Sent a TXT PM. She replied back very fast.. It seemed we had instant chemistry always flirting.
always saying lets hooku... Continue»
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Harry's Nylon Obsession

It's early evening in the head-office of Parker, Higson and Monk a small and upcoming marketing company. Harry a well respected Partner in the firm is working late. The office is almost empty with the xmas holidays except for a few stragglers and the lovely Justine Walker a recently appointed Sales Manager. Justine is long legged brunette, she is also whats known as a power dresser, always in tight breast hugging blouses and ass hugging pencil skirts. However this is not what catches Harry’s eye, Justine always wears the best nylons, always with a seem 60’s retro style and the highest of heels... Continue»
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Part 2 from my Fuck Buddy

The second part has arrived. You really do need to read part 1 first!

As I knelt over him he cupped my breasts in his hands and rolled my nipples between his fingers and thumbs tugging them up to their full length. Then he pulled me towards him & took first one tit then the other in his mouth. Licking and sucking hard on my nipples before slowly biting each one in turn. As he covered my tits with his mouth he reached down to cover my hand with his and direct my hand up and down his shaft. As my hand moved quickly up and down he held my breasts up against his face and quickly moved between t... Continue»
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"Are you looking forward to tonight Joe?" my girlfriend, Jenny, asked me.
"Absolutely," I replied, "I've been looking forwards to it for ages!"
"It'll take a while to get there," replied Jenny's father, driving the car we were in, "It's about forty-miles."
"Bet you've got a hard on Joe," Jenny's mother, Susan, commented.
"I sure have," I replied, "I've not cum all day. I've been saving it up."
I was sitting in the back of the car, sandwiched between Jenny and her s****r, Lisa. Jenny was my girlfriend of six-months. She was the same age as me, fifteen, and a real cute chick. She was only... Continue»
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My Friends Hot Daughter

My Friends Hot Daughter

Natalie, your Dad asked me to talk with you because he is concerned about how quick you are growing up and some of the friends you hang around with. I took the liberty of going through your room and I found these things. What sort of f******n year old wears thong panties and has not one, not two but three sex toys. Don't try those fake tears with me, I have dealt with many girls like you. Your Dad has asked me to teach you about what happens to f******n year old sluts. Come here and take off that little skirt, leave on that tank top slut, I like how that looks. Now s... Continue»
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First time at a swingers club


This is a true story and my first post so please be gentle.

My girlfriend, Sarah, and I had been seeing each other for about 2 years and our sex life was still very good but had slowed down to that comfortable level.

To spice things up we started telling each other fantasies that we had, mine was to see her with another woman and she said she wanted to see me fuck another girl as well. We talked about how we'd take turns fucking this imaginary woman and Sarah said she'd love to eat my hot cum out of her freshly fucked pussy, we started watching threesome and lesbian porn together ... Continue»
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Fucking Kellie and Deanne while baby sitting

Okay, so I’d found out – to my surprise! – that Carol’s daughter Kellie was a dirty little slut who LOVED being fucked up the ass. What happened a few weeks later was even more of a surprise...

One of Kellie’s friends was a girl called Deanne. She was a year or so older than Kellie, and had been at the same school. I’d seen her a few times when she came round Carol’s house and I’d always had a ‘feeling’ about her. She was always wearing the shortest of skirts and had a fantastic pair of legs, but she always seemed to wear baggy tops which didn’t do much for her, but she had a quite pretty f... Continue»
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