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Rough hard sex

This is a story which occurred a while after my hubby and I got married.

Two months before we started talking about have a c***d of our own,  I was 29 and he was 31. We both agreed the timing was right and I stopped taking the pill. In the two months leading up to this day, we had sex many times in many different positions and hadn't fallen pregnant yet. Then this specific thursday night arrived. He got home from work and found me in the kitchen. I was wearing an oldish casual dress.

He greeted me with a passionate kiss lifting me onto the kitchen counter. Pulling my thong down, his hea... Continue»
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Simran shares her true Indian sex story!

my name is Simran(name changed) and I’m a college student sharing my true Indian sex story. This is first time I’m writing something, as I can’t stop myself from sharing this experience which I can’t share in real life. Let’s start with my character, I have done my b.tech in computer science from DU and was very conservative in outside wo... Continue»
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Indian girl narrates her true i****t sex encounter

Hi All, I am Shilpa. This is a true story of my i****t sex encounters within my f****y. this site has been my favorite site for past many years, I used to read these stories to get in to mood and relieve myself, I like all the categories in this site mostly I read group, couple & i****t, this site is awesome, whenever I was alone I browse this site and hope many of you do the same.
Never thought I would also submit one day or something ever would have happen to me so that I would put it in this site…
Am putting down the inci
... Continue»
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The Stripper

It had been about a month since our Ski Weekend. Work and other commitments had left both myself and my neighbor Lisa very busy. We normally would get together at least once a week for some "neighborly fun", but we had not been together since the trip. We had discussed getting together, but it wasn't working out. Finally a Saturday Night was coming up that we were both free and made an arrangement to meet at her house.

Saturday had come and I was ready to as well. I was just hanging low for the afternoon, watching some TV and waiting for the big night when the phone rang. It was Lisa and sh... Continue»
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i****t and group sex encounters of sexy Bangalore

I am Pooja from Bangalore, Age 24 and Got married in 2012 December. Before marriage I was having i****t sex with my uncle who is now 55 and still enjoying with him whenever I get chance. My married life is awesome as my husband is an awesome player and lover. He is 3 years elder to me. So we are more like friends. He is not aware of my affa... Continue»
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Criminal minds

I was visiting one of my best friends, Mike. He was a skinny guy like me, with very long hair. We were school mates, nineteen years old tough guys. Problem was, he was a d**g addict and I went over to make sure he was ok once in a while. And usually he was fine. He shagged all the sexiest girls in school, and looked like prince. But a bit, or very androgyne ... I loved the guy.

As I arrived at his house, I spotted this perfect, big black Chevy Stingray outside. I thought it just was one of his d**g buddies and went straight for the door, knocked once and went straight inside. He used to be... Continue»
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Initiation rite: The gloryhole


I strongly believe that a young girl's education should include a formal visit to a local gloryhole.

On her 18th birthday a man at least twice her age - and not related to her - would convene to meet at a local sexshop or private kink den. A sauna establishment is perfect for that. Saunas / Spas are better because men do shower before they pull out their cock making for a better experience altogether compared to sexshops or porn theaters.

There she would shower in front of a group of men, most of them bi, perv, hetero-flex... Continue»
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In the city I went to high school in there was three parks in walking distance of my home, I mean you could walk to the parks which was between one to two miles from my home. One of the parks is small with a basketball court and baseball, softball diamond and numerous walking paths.

Doing the weekdays this park is pretty much empty of people until about two in the afternoon. It was near eleven in the morning and I was bored at home so I went to this park to walk the trails and do a little running.

As I walked by the basketball court I noticed there was a basketball sitting in the cou... Continue»
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i****tuous Glamour Photography Part 2(Cybering)


This is a follow up to my piece i****tuous Glamour Photography. In that, my eighteen year old son Peter persuaded me to pose for him in a variety of outfits and poses. These included nudity. We ended the session masturbating each other.

This is what followed.

Author's Suggestion

Read the first part before this.


It was early on a Friday evening that Peter had photographed me and had ended up cumming all over my tits. When I recovered from the orgasm he had given me with his fingers I was mortified. I went to my room and showered. I washed his cum from my ample ... Continue»
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My Wife Jessica- Tricked into becoming a BBC Whore

This is the story of how my wife Jessica first had sex with a black man/men. My wife Jessica is 33 years old, 5’6 and about 120lbs with a very fit tanned frame complimented by her store bought tits and assortment of tattoos.

Over the past two years, my wife had begun cheating on me with various men because of all the cheating I had done over the course of our relationship. My wife had always been faithful despite being very wild prior to our relationship. In her teens and early twenties my wife had a very well known reputation as a slut in our small town. Jessica was semi famous for her ... Continue»
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A night out with Friends

I met a Couple and we decided to spend the evening together. They had asked me since I was new at role spielen if I was sure that I wanted to be submissive the whole night? No matter what and I said of course I wanted to go through with this the whole evening. He said he was the Dominant person most of the time in this relationship with his wife. I wasn't sure of what he meant by most of the time but as a slave you don't ask questions.

After we got back to the house his first words were to his 1st slave (his wife) was get over here and make yourself useful. Then he said to me (slave 2) get ... Continue»
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A beautiful sight

I was still dating kylie at the time. And her parents had gone away on a business trip for a week. She didn't stay far away from school about a 10 minute walk. The Monday at school we discussed to bunk school the next and after my mom dropped me off in the morning I would walk up to her house and spend the day there. The next morning after getting dropped off, I walked to her house, kylie in her pj's still opened up for me.  Putting my school bag down and greeting her with a passionate kiss, we made our way to her parents bedroom. We were both very horny but didn't have condoms. So we first la... Continue»
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The Playground. pt1

This is an account of something my girlfriend and I did when we were in High School. I was 19, she was 18 at the time. Graduation was a couple weeks away and both of us wanted to "celebrate". So we had decided to do something we would both remember. It had to be something special. She came up with the idea to go to a abandon school she knew about. It was going to be torn down and had not been in use for a couple of years. She suggested that we go there and put the playground equipment for an entirely different use!

Despite her assurances that no one ever went there at nite, I wanted to be ... Continue»
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Acting out a DVD

One Saturday morning shortly after getting married, my husband and I decided to act out a sex scene from a porn dvd. I suggest to get a new one from the sex shop, as we had watched the ones we have a few times before, and thought it would be hotter and more steamy for us to use a new dvd not knowing the scenes. After breakfast that morning we went to the shops to get a few groceries for the rest of the weekend, and stopping at Luv Land on the way home. He picked a dvd while I looked around at what all they sold in the store. Once home we first relaxed. It soon was 4pm and we decided to make di... Continue»
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My Nurse Ana

I was traveling overseas on business when i developed an infection in my foot that started to hurt and i noticed it slowly going up my leg. It had happened once before a few years ago so i stopped in the nearest hospital for a look at. A doctor looked it over and agreed with my assessment and admitted me for a few nights stay to receive IV antibiotics. He was certain we had caught it early and should be much better in a few days. I had a private room(wanted one so paid for it) so I could conduct business via computer while i sat there get an IV. Had to work from the bed however to keep th... Continue»
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Slutty Housewife Gangbang For The First Time

Let me introduce first , I am Manisha, a slutty housewife with a curve line of 36DD-34-36. I live with my hubby Saurabh . we had been dating since long time before getting married and thus we are more like buddies rather than a couple I must say . I am 28 years old and Saurabh is 29.

Being together for such long time gets us b
... Continue»
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ucking Wife While Her Husband Tied

Hi im Rena, married to David, whose f****y owns 6 jewellery showrooms across the state, after marriage we moved into a posh locality, so we can spent our happy times alone, and away from our parents. David is quite good in bed and we both have a good sex appetite. Unfortunately David has to travel to 2 other jewellery showrooms that are quite far from our city. Sometimes he will be gone for two weeks and I would really miss him and his cock.

As we are very active
... Continue»
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The Joys of A Trained Pussy

After my first full weekend of man on man loving I knew that I was hooked, and couldn't wait to get more time alone with my sexy new lover. Over that first initial weekend we spent many hours engaged in sexual activity with a lot of time spent training my virgin hole, but there was also a lot of time spent with Mitch's big dick in my mouth. Which I began to love more and more! The texture, taste, and smell of his manhood seemed to awaken things inside of me that I had never known were there.
When we went our seperate ways he advised me to get some butt plugs, and continue to train so that ... Continue»
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Bondage with Kyle

Kyle's parents were away for a long  weekend, as it was a public holiday on the Monday. Being almost 21 and having a bit more freedom I spent the weekend with him at his parents place. The Friday night he made a suggestion, that tomorrow he wanted to tie me up and have his way with me, anyway he wants. I agreed to it although telling him that anal was out of the question.

Friday night once in bed cuddling. We soon started making out. Moving my hand down his chest and tummy to his cock, finding it rock hard. I started jerking Kyle off. It wasn't long till my pj's were off and he was on top ... Continue»
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Surrogate father

A friend of mine wanted a baby really bad, she told me this many times during our lunches and when we would hang out. We had known each other for 6 or 7 years, but not seen each other that often.
Lately, I would meet her for a drink after work. We got a long real well and I really wondered how she looked without her clothes on. She had a really nice figure and I thought that she would look real good naked in the bed.
So we went drinking one Friday early afternoon. We had a couple of beers and then she asked if I could help her with a thing in her house that she needed to move. Of course I ag... Continue»
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