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The Landlord's Daughter - Chapter 1

When Clyde bought his drink he was the only person at the bar and the guy serving him looked miserable.

"What's up Mark?"

"Oh, trade's really bad Clyde. Since the economy went tits up I get hardly anybody in here. I am behind with the rent and the management company are threatening to terminate my lease."

"Well yeah, things are tough, but not every business is in trouble. You have got to have something special to pull people in."

"You're right, but I just haven't got any ideas left. I had to stop the live entertainment because I can't afford it any more."

"You've never eaten at ... Continue»
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Wife takes charge

Having a tease for a girlfriend was both exciting and stressful. For some reason every time she would flirt with one of my friends my heart hurt and My dick got hard. I was always afraid to say anything in fear that she would leave me. I knew I'd never be able to find another girl as beautiful as she was. At five foot four and one hundred pounds she was absolutely a knock out.Her long straight blonde hair and blue eyes always drew the attention of guys when we went out. Her thirty four B cup tits are topped with half inch nipples that seem to always be hard. She goes braless alot and I can te... Continue»
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Street festival meat

I met the sweetest little stud at a street festival a few years ago. We just kinda bumped into each other by accident. We were both in line at a concession stand, I turned around and spilled my drink on him. Our eyes locked... and, I swear, I got an instant hard on. He was so God Damn pretty. No shit.... pretty. I was dumb founded for a second. Slim... dark hair... not quite shoulder length. My mouth actually began to water. I had to have him. GOD, he was a prick tease. I told him I was sorry, and, began to dry him with my napkin. He took my hand and said " it's OK". We both just looked i... Continue»
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Booty Call

It had been a long week and I was ready for some dogging action and a good release. I arrived at my secret parking just a short walk from the action. As I got out of my car a Range Rover pulled up. A strange looking man emerged, he looked as if he was trying to conceal is his identity or something. "Is this where we need to be for dogging?" He said. "Shut up man! keep quite, you need to broadcast this to everyone. Are you a cop?" I asked. "No, I just want to get some strange." was the reply. Strange, this guy is strange. "Follow me, don't touch me, I don't do blow jobs, hand jobs, nor do I w... Continue»
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Very Very Curious!

Thank You's to all of the Gentlemen that contacted Me about my CL Ad!
I never expected so many replies and am having a hard time choosing...so maybe I will play with you all!! I would really like to get a Motel room and meet you all, but I am sure that some of you want me all to yourselves! Maybe a Group scene could happen in the near future? Anyways, I am sending this to all of the Men that I found "Interesting".

Now then, I must choose a Stud out of all these replies...hmmmm...well You are all Handsome and well endowed. True Studs and I would feel like a very lucky gurl to be with any o... Continue»
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New Apartment Part 1

My wife Linda loves to tease and loves to fuck. She is a horny woman, one reason why I married her. We just moved in this one bedroom apartment, we put our furniture and we were ready to live our life here for a while. Only thing was, we had no cable or internet. I had to call the cable company to get someone out here to install everything. A friend of ours, Ted came by, he said the night. Ted slept on the couch in the living room, we went to our room. Linda got horny and took off all her clothes, she left the bed room door open up some. I took off all my clothes and Linda started to suck on m... Continue»
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Luckly Me PT2 Gay

It had been three weeks since I had been forcibly fucked by the two bikers in an alley. After they left me, I had gotten dressed and walked back to my off campus apartment. I was still sore from the rough fucking that my mouth and asshole had received. I took a shower and went to bed. I had briefly considered reporting the assault, but I had disregarded it. I knew I would have to tell the story again and again, and that was not something I was prepared to do. Over the next few weeks, my life had returned to normal. I wasn't looking over my shoulder anymore and the sound of a motorcycle no long... Continue»
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Being used by BBC

We had spent a wonderful day in the back yard, my husband, 3 of his friends, my folks, we had a nice BBQ, lots of beer, and wine coolers, the next day my husband and his friends wanted to drive up to the newly opened East Germany for a day and look around, since before it was all off limits to the US military, I stayed home since I had to work the next day, the guys left when I left for work at 6AM, when I got to work, I found out that I was not needed, great what do I do now, well since I was feeling the wine coolers from the night before my bed sounded like a good idea, so I went home, the s... Continue»
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Lisa's New Boss - Chapter 2

This story stands alone, but it follows on from 'Lisa's New Boss' and you may get more from it if you read that first. 


Gordon is a good husband. I have always been happy with our sex life, but I wouldn't really say that it was exciting. We don't do anything very adventurous. Tonight everything was different.

As soon as I walked in the door, Gordon was there and said

"what did he do?"

The first thing that I thought of was that Karl hadn't given my knickers back. Gordon put his hand on my cunt and whistled in surprise at how hot and wet it was.

"He caned it."

I... Continue»
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Rediscovering Sex With My Wife

This is a story about how my sex life with my wife went from full on to don’t touch or look and back to full on. The reason because of her boss/friend who was also the reason later for some of the best sex experiences we have had.
Back ground is that me and my wife Mona, had a great love and sex life. We got on really well and could not live without each other and one c***d. Every opportunity we had we would not stop getting physical. Even when eating dinner at our families house. I would have my hand under the table and touch her thighs and back. I would even drop something on the floor and ... Continue»
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More slutty angie

Angie stood in the full-length mirror and admired what she saw. Hazelnut colored skin, 5'6", 130 lbs. and shoulder length, medium brown hair. Her tight fitting pink sweater strained to cover her 38D breasts and trim waist, will the knee length skirt showed off her full, tight butt to its maximum advantage.

Angie was nervous about starting her first day at work at Antonelli's Construction Company. As the only black woman in a office full of husky white construction workers, she decided to make use of her ample assets to make sure they would like her. f***ed to drop out of college during her... Continue»
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Mia ran away from home and got off the bus looking lost. She was just what Dane looked for. He went to her and asked if she was all right. She smiled and said "I am not sure." He told her "Let's go get a burger and coffee." Mia was so pretty and sexy. Nice big firm tits and a great round ass. Dane knew she would be a money maker for his stable. They had a burger and talked and Mia got very comfortable with him. They ended up walking back to his apartment with his arm around her waist holding her tight to him. In his apartment he began kissing her and feeling her tits. Her nipples got hard and ... Continue»
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Beck Part 2

That entire night was amazing with Tim (dad) and Heather (mom). We have been going none stop ever since. The last 4 weekends I have spent the weekend with them. When we are together we barely wear clothes and there is lots of sex. When I am at school I think about going back to their place.
This weekend we went and got are nails done and our pussy’s waxed. It was my first time being waxed, I have never had my pussy and asshole so smooth. Mom wants me hairless all the time. She left her triangle pattern as usual. Next we went to the mall and mom bought me some bras, panties and my first linger... Continue»
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Wife wanted to watch

My wife invited her friend for school over. I got home from work and tried to shower real quick before she arrived well i missed it by 5 minutes. Fresh out of the shower i put on a g string and basketball shorts like i always do after work. I cam out of the bathroom and they were talking on the couch. When i walked out i sat in the other chair and we made small talk for a while, then i reached for my soda and Ally (my wife friend) saw my pink panties and asked if i was wearing panties? My wife said a course he is, he always does. Well she said she never seen a guy in panties. She asked som... Continue»
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DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.

I am a 'normal' guy. I wear my clothes in an acceptable manner. I bathe and keep myself groomed and presentable. No tattoos. Smile a lot, friendly, affable, easygoing. Women like me, lots of male and female friends. Just plain ol' normal. Well, except for my brain..... lol!

In my brain I am the filthiest, most wretched asshole megalomaniac I've ever known! And, I love it! Highly sexual, imagining all the dirtiest things p... Continue»
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The Red Moon Manor

A Halloween Story by Alhena

The Red Moon Manor was always an interesting Victorian Mansion that has always been surrounded by urban legends. Out here in the English countryside, the people have always been quite curious as to what really happens there if anything at all. The Red Moon Manor is a three story home that covers many meters on a huge property covered by large gardens on all sides. The previous owner was a reclusive old man that hardly left his propert... Continue»
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Lisa's New Boss - Chapter 3 - Dogging Debut

This story stands alone, but you may get more enjoyment from it if you read 'Lisa's New Boss' & 'Lisa's New Boss Part 2' first.


I tottered from the flat into the cool night air. I cursed the choice of the tight skirt and ridiculous high heels. My scorching pussy stung with every movement of my legs. I was desperate to look at my breasts. I couldn't feel them. Were they all right, what colour were they, what did the crop marks look like, what would Gordon say or do? It was only a few hundred yards to get home, but I could hardly imagine how I would get there. It seemed an age... Continue»
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Blowing And A Blowjob

I belong to a Wednesday night mixed bowling league of both women and men most of who are over fifty. Being 63, I am one of the “old guys” in the league. Well one of my team mates broke his leg and volunteered to have his s****r Renee be a substitute. The first night I met Renee she did really well (185) and shouted after the tenth frame “fuck yea, way to go girl”. The next game she had a few bad frames which was always followed by a “fuck man, I suck bigtime” or “fuck me man”. She was pretty tough and a little raunchy which I liked in a woman.

After bowling we had a few drinks at the bar... Continue»
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Aquela noite...

Era noite lá fora. Talvez fria e chuvosa, mas não lembro ao certo. Como poderia? Só me lembro do que aconteceu dentro do quarto. Ela apareceu numa lingerie lilás, salto preto e o tempo parou. Bem, eu parei. Ela estava linda, sensual, matadora. A única luz acesa no quarto apontava pra o seu corpo. Saboreei aquela visão com paciência. Primeiro apreciei seus lindos pés, perfeitamente encaixados no salto alto fino. Subi às suas pernas e me senti convidado por aquelas coxas grossas a um banquete. Mordi o lábio inferior observando o seu sexo, parcialmente exposto por aquela calcinha transparente. Nã... Continue»
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Dirty Angela

Angie was thrilled when Dave got the new job. He finally had a chance to make something of himself and provide for his young f****y. Angie and Dave had married in their early twenties, he was twenty-two, she twenty-one. Neither had gone to college. Dave was working in a small pay day loan office and Angie was a waitress.

They met at church. Both had been somewhat loners, neither dating much. Angie had only moved out of her parent's house two years prior. They were somewhat of an anomaly, as they were both virgins when they got married. Dave was, well, a "geek." He began going to Angie's chu... Continue»
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