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Wife's post-adult store gloryhole email

This is the email my wife sent me from her recent trip to Houston (see the pics she sent me, too)--just a cut and pasted :-)


Know you've posted a few pics on Xhamster and it gor me thinking about playing again. So, while here I went to an adult store initially to get a new virator but noticed it had a back room like the ones we've played at before.

I didnt go in the first time ust bought the vibrator and went home (you got those pictur... Continue»
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My ideal job for my wife!

The day had arrived and my lovely little wife Mary, had her certification as a masseuse and was legal to operate a massage parlor. I had been busy the last month getting a place ready for her on our little house in the out skirts of Houston. I had taken some adds out in an underground magazine which were to run the week of her graduation from massage school so we were eagerly awaiting our first client. I had also given out some business cards to several young black men I saw at the local adult book stores.

The first day in business we got one call from a guy wanting to know the directi... Continue»
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Late night flight, keeps me awake

I'd been doing some business seminars in the Scandinavian countries and was looking forward to a late night, uneventful flight, and a good 9 - 10 hours of sl**p. I lifted the over head rack door to stow a small carry on when a lady bumped into me. I closed it and looked into the prettiest green eyes i'd ever seen. Excuse me sir, I wasn't paying attention, are you OK? I'm fine and you can bump into me anytime, accident or not. OH, you are a naughty man. Not really, just one who appreciates a beautiful woman, with full, soft curves. I took my seat and thought our conversation was over. She lean... Continue»
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Knobsworth not a jobsworth !

This was when I had only been a taxi driver for a few months... I was recently married and the world was good, I had a window cleaning round and it made me about £25 a day,After a few more than several years, my wife had gone fat and she never had given me a true full swallow BJ . Now back in 1978 that was pretty good money, no boss but myself , an old Singer Gazelle with a replaced and yet unpainted front wing..probably worth a fortune now but it had the effect of making me look like Hard luck Harry.. and it got me around so it did its job.. I never thought it got me more work due to looking... Continue»
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Anger Delayed

Hell hath no fury like a man scorned.

I was saved by a per-nuptial when I divorced Emily. I had to divorce her because she was sl**ping regularly with her boss. Incidentally his name was also Mike. That didn't help but the pre-nuptial did. I was a rich guy after my father died suddenly, but I was also a very busy guy. My dad ran a huge construction company and I was a mid-level manager in his company - learning the tricks of the trade before taking things over from him. After his death I suddenly became the boss and had to learn everything quickly to ensure that the business did not ... Continue»
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...Fat Dick Last part,,see part 3

So there we were. Mick done his cleaning job on Rasto's dick. Rasto stood there and said, 'Hey b*o bring us a beer,' Mick wandered off to the Kitchen and Rasto sat next to me. He grabbed me and kissed me, saying how amazing I was and how he liked a nice slutty white wife to entertain him.'Mmm,'he said,'love the taste of my f****y on your lips Doll!'
Mick arrived back with the beers. He walked over and handed one to Rasto. Rasto took it but still wanted to kiss. Then with one movement he swigged down the whole bottle. He stood me up and turned me to him.Hands on my ass still sore from his v***... Continue»
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The school councellor, part 1

Part 1.

I knelt in front of the graffiti covered panel. The light flickered on and off above me. I saw my name written there. Wendy. It smelt, a mixture of urine, sweat and jiz. I watched the hole near my face. Waiting. I didn’t wait long. A cock was pushed through. I grabbed it, sucking on it hungrily. It was hard, veined. Black. I ran my tongue around it, then opened my mouth, closing my lips over the bulbous head. I pulled it, not very gently, pulling it through the hole. The Glory-hole. My Glory-hole. I kept hold of the cock, Pushed my arse against the panel, pushed back, feeling the ha... Continue»
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Another Man's Wife

My rise from the depths of despair.

There ain't nothing better in a man's life to have a woman to love, but there's nothing worse when that woman tells you that she doesn't love you anymore. I'll never forget the day when my lovely wife Catherine told me that she was leaving me for someone else. It went something like this, although my recollection may not be completely accurate for obvious reasons.

On Friday the 5th March 2005 at five pm in the evening, I arrived home from work just like any other day. I was surprised to see Catherine's car in the driveway loaded with sui... Continue»
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At Last - Part Two

"How's the food coming on?" Sarah enquired of Dave as she placed her palm on his side as he tended at the cooker.
Dave looked over his shoulder at his wife "Pretty much done, take a seat love".

Sarah crossed the kitchen "I'll give Kate a shout now".

Dave swung round wooden spoon in hand "I'll go up and get her love you sit down" he grinned at Sarah.

"No chance you perv she'll be getting undressed, I know you far too well".

"Mmmmm, she's naked upstairs in our bedroom, shit I should be up there fucking her senseless" Dave thought and then had to take a gulp of red wine as he prepare... Continue»
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It was a beautiful sunny day and I decided to have my coffee and cigarette outside, as I sat there minding my own business I was looking across the road where the neighbour was having some work done in their house. I saw an older man about 40 plastering a wall and his younger assistant, probably about 20, was helping him.

Then the older guy pushed him against the wall and started to kiss him, his hands were somewhere else as the younger man had his arm across his shoulders and his head in the air, I was transfixed with what was going on, then suddenly there was a loud band and they both loo... Continue»
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....Part 2-When Dick is FAT

...so there we were in our hallway. Rasto was stood towering above us Mick and me and Rasto had told Mick where his place was, or should I say at this moment where it was not!!! Mick had told Rasto to cool it and said that he was going too far with me as he had got my tits in his hands as he shoved down the catsuit tome ankles. I was not wearing a bra or pants under it as it spoiled the look with the nylon being so sheer!
Mick was too timid to complain further as he had many times been on the receiving end of a horny Bull and he knew he was no challenge, even if the Bull was stood with his d... Continue»
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Big cock fun with mom and s*s in Italy 3

Part 1 here: http://xhamster.com/user/Glerkor/posts/150086.html
Part 2 here: http://xhamster.com/user/Glerkor/posts/176891.html

We were back at the house after our little detour that had brought many new f****y experiences. I couldn't count on any more of that kind of forbidden fruit, but of course, not much more had occupied my imagination as I had driven the tiny rental Fiat. It was a miracle that I hadn't crashed down any of the deep ravines along the coastline. The trip home had taken a few hours in dessert hot sunshine and we were all pretty eager to loose our travel gear and to get a... Continue»
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Pleasing the Hot Wife- The Beginning... Chapter On

The first time I watched my wife suck a stranger’s cock; I had to get her at least a little d***k. We were at a bar, and I went to the bathroom, stopping on the way back to grab a few new drinks to refresh our old ones. I was gone at most, maybe ten minutes, but when I turned to walk to our table I noticed she had attracted the attention of an admirer. I stopped with our drinks in my hand. It wasn’t a surprise to find her talking to a stranger. She is very happy and outgoing when she drinks, and she was laughing and blushing so I dropped our drinks off at the nearest empty table and grabbed a... Continue»
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A night with Louise....a very special "girl&q

Before telling about an evening of 'earthly delights' with a crew member on my boat, I want to say this story is dedicated to a new online friend, Zoe.

As I have mentioned in some of my stories, I owned and operated a 100' charter yacht in Alaska for over 20 years. My target audience could be any race, age, size, or sexual orientation. What they all had in common was they had to have the financial assets to pay top price for a 10-15 day trip with only 12-15 passengers.

One year I needed a crew member immediately and one was hired in Seattle one morning, and that afternoon he was landin... Continue»
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Gigolo in Washington DC – part 1 (mature, la

I never intended to become a gigolo. It ended up being a very lucrative move on my part. I earned more in those two years than I ever imagined. There was a need for a young man’s services in Washington DC. I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. I’m also happy that I left when I did. The entire experience was surreal.

There are a number of powerful men and some women in Washington. They tend to be older. We hear about the sexual debauc... Continue»
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Bi Business Trip with my wife.

If you've read my previous posts, then you already know that we are both Bi, but have the mutual respect for one another so there's absolutely no jealousy whatsoever.

Late Thursday night I was packing my clothes for a conference this weekend in Las Vegas. Having a glass of wine with my baby, when out of nowhere she asked if she could join me for the weekend.

Let me think about it, Uh Yeah.
There's going to be horn guys and girls everywhere, and as I mentioned we're both very bi. Seems like a no brainer.

We finished up packing just after midnight, we polished off the bot... Continue»
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The Sailing Date

Julie glanced out the window and saw a vision walking toward the restaurant. He was tall, had long black hair, and well defined muscles with the body of a gymnast rather than that of a weight lifter. He had the dark complexion of one of the Mediterranean countries. He was the hottest guy she had ever seen.

“Sally, if ‘Mr. bangable’ comes up, seat him in my section.” Julie told her coworker. She and Sally were two of the three girls on staff today. The small lake front town had a shortage of workers, so the restaurant owner resorted to hiring school aged girls. They were all wearing ... Continue»
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The Making of a Fuck Toy - 2

Chapter Four – A meeting of Mind and Body

When Morning came around for Cass, it was brutal. She’d not slept much thinking about what had happened to her. She was disgusted with herself and the way he’d made her behave. He being, Big Mr. Eric French. Taking advantage of helpless women, Mr. French. She thought. Yeah, Mr. Drop Dead Gorgeous Mr. French. But the fact was, she’d thought about him all night. She’d brought herself off so many times, thinking about how he made her feel. She felt alive and disgusted. Cass’s life had been turned upside down. With the loss of her job, boyfriend, and ... Continue»
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Revenge I

Me and my girlfriend have been together about six years. It was really great, just like in romantic movies. We loved each other, took care of each other, had a good sex and we were best friends. Of course, like in any other relationship, we had our good and bad days. There were not much arguments, but when there were, they were fierce and short, so that after a couple of hours the fight ended and we realized again how stupid we were, because we were fighting for any extraneous stuff that is mostly pushed by our ego and malice. The positive thing was that we always found a compromise, and there... Continue»
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Fucked a Married Teacher at conference

A few years back, I attended a week-long training conference out-of-state during the summer. I was a teacher and this conference was at a college in Vermont. I went into the week hoping to have a few fun nights out on the town. I got more than I had bargained for.

I arrived in town on a Sunday evening. We were being housed in the dorms and it was a situation where four complete stranger shared a four room suite. Co-ed....obviously since we're all adults, it didn't seem to matter. Shortly after I arrived and checked into my room, I was informed we were over-booked with five people in one ro... Continue»
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