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Sleazy married guys fucking me in a public toilet.

It’s been a bad couple of weeks I’ve been working long hours and I really needed some stress release. When I first moved to Sydney I used to go to a toilet block used as local beat. Normally now I go to Arrows a local sex club as “Toni”. But I was so tired that I couldn’t be bothered putting on the all the make up, clothes etc.

I drove down to the beat about 9pm and parked 50 meters away with a good view of the entrance. While I was waiting I slowly started to play with my cock hoping that something would happen

Within about 5 minutes I saw a guy get out of his parked car and head towar... Continue»
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Meeting the Maddisons 3

The day came to return to the Maddisons, this time with my mum and dad. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was nervous. What if mum and dad found out about what I'd done with the Maddison f****y and threw a fit. What if Laura propositioned dad and he said no? What if mum totally flipped out? Would that mean the end of my fun with the Maddisons?

All these thoughts swirled around my mind as dad drove to the Maddisons house that evening. It was a casual visit, not a dinner, so we were all dressed casually – dad in a short sleeved shirt and long pants, mum in a sleeveless light dress that buttoned ... Continue»
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Virginity Broken

It was last May. I was walking downtown to meet a guy I barely knew. He said he could help with the fact that my virginity was not broken. When I got to the motel, I got undressed and started to play with myself like I always did.I had the lights down low and was laying on the bed.Then the door opened and I was blindfolded. He saw my pussy and instantly started to finger it. I moaned. He started licking and when his tounge got inside I almost screamed. "Huh, average little slut." He laughed. Then he played with my boobs as we kissed. He fingered, played with my boobs, and kissed my neck at the... Continue»
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Taboo confessions 3

Thanks for all that messages me or commented

Ok ill admit that I came so hard into my wife after I watched that secret video of my mother in law admitting to being such a super slut. Which to be honest it seems like everyone hates on people that love sex and yet everyone on this website would love to get down and dirty with another person when there horny instead of seeking out a porn website like this.

I knew my wife was always down to fuck but everyone has there secrets there box of porn or even now a file folder or favorite website. We all jerk off or cum to different subjects and if... Continue»
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Old Hippies

I matured a little earlier than most people. I had a pretty good man bush going on my balls and had grown pretty tall so I looked much older than I was. I had just barely hit my teen years when all this went down. My parents would have these crazy parties, they would invite everybody from where they worked and most of the neighbors. Some really crazy stuff happened and I saw a lot of it also. Married people do some crazy sex stuff when they get d***k is all I can say. There was this one couple though, they were hippies, I mean the tie dye and smoking pot and the whole nine yards. The dude wa... Continue»
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I agreed to

My husband asked if he could do some role play using nylon clothesline rope and tied me spread eagle to the bed and my hands /arms over my head. I made the mistake of saying if he wanted to go ahead. I thought it was going to be actual love making is why. After he tied me the way he wanted he set up his web cam to webcamnow which is a site he loves. I asked him if he was going to actually make love or what and he proceeded to apply a lubricant to my pussy. "you'll see" he replied. My heart was starting to pound and I was now realizing how vulnerable and helpless I was and probably made a big m... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Daughter Final Chapter

Chapter 7, the Final Chapter, thanks for reading everyone!

After the spending the afternoon with Julie, my sex drive had increased to an even higher level. I daydreamed about fucking both Monica and Julia, as the memories of Marie slipped slowly into the back of my thoughts.

That evening when Marie called, I realized that I needed to change my perspective before she returned from her business trip. When she thought I was alone we had phone sex. But what she didn't realize was that both Monica, her daughter, and Julie were sucking my cock as we talked.

As Marie was reaching... Continue»
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Anita used by a horny bartender

Anita used by a horny bartender

We were that night enjoying our last day in Jamaica and Ana had chosen to have some drinks at a bar close to the beach…

I had been to the bathroom and on my way back to our table I noticed that the huge black bartender, whose name was Julius, was talking close to my wife.
Ana saw me coming back over and smiled: I could see some relief in her face.
That black bastard had been making moves on her all night every time my back was turned, and we were thinking about moving on to get away from him.
I could not blame the guy for fancying her; Ana was reall... Continue»
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Fresh Milk

Kim was a new mommy. Her baby was just three months old and she was nursing her about every three hours. Today she was naked with the baby sucking on one nipple. Kim's tits were huge and full of milk. She planned to nurse the baby for a long time as she and her husband loved the big milk filled rack. She had given up wearing a bra and most of the day she did not even both with a top so she could nurse her c***d often. Kim loved the feel of the baby sucking on a long nipple as it made her pussy tingle. Sex was the best it had ever been as Fred loved the huge tits and loved milking them. She was... Continue»
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Unexpected first time with Aunt

**This is my first effort. Any constructive feedback will be gratefully accepted! Many thanks. Chapter 1 sets the scene.

Samir: N ephew
Rekha: Au nt
Saree: An Indian apparel;copy and paste this link to see pictures:

https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&hl=en&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=707&q=thongs&gbv=2&oq=thongs&aq=f&aqi=&aql=1&gs_l=img.3...1146.4219.0.4939. Continue»
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Jessies surprise

On friday night Jessie phoned me and told me to come to her place as soon as I could. I left and arrived around 7:30, I had a key so I was able to come and go as I pleased, I entered and hung my coat up and was about to call out "honey I'm home!" when I head some soft moaning coming from the living room, I thought she was watching porn, but as I peaked around the corner I was shocked at what I was seeing......

There she was on her knees licking pussy, The was a blonde laying on her back, right leg up on the back of the love seat her left was spread wide open foot on the floor. She was s... Continue»
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e****ting Addiction

After my husband left me for a 22 year old I was lost and confused as to why! We are both in our mid to late twenties, me 26 and him 29, we’d had a lot of fun together since we hooked up eight years earlier and we were married for the last five. We were planning to start a f****y. I was scared that I would lose my petite figure and my firm 34D’s would begin to sag after giving birth to our first c***d but I didn’t care because I loved this man dearly.
It was a bitter break up he couldn’t even be honest with me about why he didn’t want to be with me. It became apparent though when he took h... Continue»
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Nighttime Confessions

Meg cheated on her husband; what comes next?

I cheated on my husband tonight.

I didn't plan it. I didn't expect it. I don't think I invited it. I didn't go to this conference thinking I would cheat. I've never even thought about cheating on my marriage before. But it happened.

I cheated on my husband and I'm afraid what will happen now.

My name is Margaret Prescott; most people call me Marge. My husband, my siblings and a few c***dhood friends call me Meg. I'm 39 years old and I've been married to Donald for 16 wonderful years.

I guess you could say that Don and I ... Continue»
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A little ROOM SERVICE for the wife.

It was a Saturday night and our oldest had to baby-sit for Kenny and Sherry. The middle c***d was away at his friends house. We got a babysitter for the baby, and headed out for a night at wishes night club, for a little fun and relaxation.

We got the sitter to come over about 4pm and told them we would be back the next day about noon. I knew what that meant, we were going to drink and have some fun away from the house. You got dressed in a very sexy outfit and me in some very nice clothes also. We got in the car a started out on our night of adventure.

A few days before Saturday, we dec... Continue»
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My bestfriends wife

My best friend Steve,invited all the boys round for a forth of July party.Just the seven of us,drinking beer outside by the pool.It was a hot day,and the drink was flowing.Every year we have a little party for the guys,and the wives get together next door and do there own thing.were there,as we always are every year,talking shit,about cars and women,as we always do.Eventually,the subject came back to Nancy,Steves wife.We all want to fuck her,its no secret,even Steve jokes about it.She is way hotter than all of our wives put together.
Out of the blue Steve,completly wasted says"she wants t... Continue»
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My Awakening

I am in my late forties, I am not ugly but I am no super model either and have only slept with three men in my life. My high school boyfriend, my first husband, and my current husband. Sex is okay with me but I have never understood what all the hubbub is all about.

My husband and I bought a small 30 room motel in a small town in Colorado that we thought we would run when we retire. I lost my job and since the k**s are all out of the house I went to run the motel.

Karen is the woman that has been running the motel and she and I got to be pretty good friends. Karen said that everything ... Continue»
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The Neighbors 18 yr old Nasty Daughters Fantasy Cu

How many of you have had the hots for the next door neighbors teen daughter? Be honest!!! I know I have, yet I thought it went un-noticed. I would do little things to get close to her, like work on her car... yet made sure no one suspected my desires. One of the little naughty things I would do is block off my deck from the neighbors vision, from the ground, so that I could sunbathe in the nude... all the time knowing that from her bedroom window on the second floor, she could see me anytime she wanted to. She never made a pass, or let me know if she ever watched me, for a couple years, until ... Continue»
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Young Lover in Hotel Room Seduction 2

Things get crazy!!!!!!!!


Paula walked over to the chair where I was waiting for her with an erection that any man would be proud of sporting and her eyes never left my lap. She had said she had only had sex once before and my guess was it was with a k** as inexperienced and nervous as she was! She was almost close enough to me to pick her up and set her on my lap when she knelt down on the floor. With her hands on my knees, she spread my legs wide and then moved forward, resting her arms on my thighs.
... Continue»
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'One Night in Bangkok'..(or how I fucked

This story plays in Bangkok, the middle of April this year and is based on true events.

I met this German/Thai couple in a bar on Sukhumvit, soi 4 (Nana Thai).
They were obviously regulars there for many years since the owner and all staff(bar -girls) knew them.
It was in the early afternoon when I walked in and sat at the bar next to the wife.
She was around 40+ I guess, a little bit worn out by the night-life and excessive drinking but still in good shape. She was wearing a flimsy dress showing quite a bit of her small tits..

I ordered a draft beer and me and the couple started havi... Continue»
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The Story of My First Time.

This is a true story that happened along time ago. I was just getting into puberty and very curious about girls. My friends and I spent alot of time talking about girls and what sex would be like. We spent alot of time trying to see our moms naked. We built a secret fort out in the woods that we furnished with a couple of couches and some other stuff we found in the trash. We even fashioned a bed just in case one of us was lucky enough to coach a girl back for a fuck session. All the stuff was clean as was the fort which we called the hideout.
On this night we walked up to the little sto... Continue»
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