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Warming up Debby


"Thanks for inviting us back to your place after dinner, you have a terrific house!" (Debby tells Nick she is going upstairs to take off her hose that is bothering her...Nick just smiles at me). "I need to use the restroom which one should I use Nick? (He motions me upstairs).

I walk by the bedroom and notice Debby is moving her hands underneath that tight black dress, getting the top of the elastic band. This is the time for my move, I come up behind her and cup her breasts over the dress, put my hardening crotch against h... Continue»
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Watching a Buddy Fuck a Twink

As I mentioned in my story "Jacking with a Buddy", I once had the opportunity to watch my hot young friend Mark as he fucked a hot, younger twink.

It happened during a long weekend get-a-way to Indianapolis. Mark and I were sharing a hotel room, with two queen size beds side-by-side. After a long day of sightseeing and just generally being tourists, we decided to hit the gay bars. At the Eagle I drifted around, watching the leather boys play with each other, and I even participated in a small circle jerk in a darkened corner. Most of the time Mark was busy chatting up several very attracti... Continue»
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Shy Indian Wife Opens Up part 2


The story of her past might again seem too tame and anti-climatic to some of you, but if you consider the town she grew up in, and how conservative her parents were, it is somewhat of a big deal.

Right from her c***dhood, Bela was known to be a very attractive girl. Her parents were very old-fashioned, conservative and obviously protective. So when their cute and pretty little daughter hit puberty and started blossoming into an undeniably gorgeous young woman, their protective instincts were heightened. Her mother and father started keeping a very strict and watch... Continue»
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Shy Indian Wife Opens Up part 1

My name is Gautam. I am 30 years old, and I work in a big manufacturing firm. Until a few months back, I used to work in a factory in Delhi as a senior manager, but then I got promoted. The company chose me to go set up and head a new manufacturing plant in a remote rural area. So I went there, accompanied by my wife, Bela.

Bela is 24 years old, and we got married two years ago. Ours was an arranged marriage. Bela is from my community, and was chosen by my parents. She grew up in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, and is quite conservative, quiet and very shy. In many ways, she is the traditio... Continue»
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A "fantasy gangbang" story about Zeus an

This is a pure "fantasy" story that I decided to have a go at writing, I had the idea after seeing the blog entries and beautiful pictures of the wife of my Xhamster friend "ZEUS51" I have decided on the story name of Sharon/Shaz for her. This is my first attempt at writing and you will all see that I am no author, my grammar and spelling are probably abysmal but at least I gave it a go. Open and honest thoughts will be appreciated by myself and if you all like the idea behind this story (especially Zeus51 and wife) then I will continue with chapter 2 thanks all and I hope you like.

CHAP... Continue»
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Jean: Total Exhibitionist Slut the Complete Story

Part Three:

As I held Dave’s cock at the base, I was mesmerised by the f***eful amount of spunk he had just produced. My hand was saturated, as was his stomach and thighs. I’d quite a lot of exploding cocks tonight, but my lovely Dave outranked them all. I wouldn't have thought it possible that one man could produce so much, let alone spurt so f***efully and continuously. My regaling of the evenings events had worked sexual wonders on Dave. Without any doubt whatsoever our lives would never be the same again. My husband was a depraved voyeur and I was a confirmed cock hungry cheating slut.... Continue»
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Ann - My Wife, His Slut. III

I had a mostly sl**pless night again, I had no idea when I'd be summoned to collect my wife from her night out and I didn't want to miss her message and be late. So ridiculous was my state of mind - I was accepting of her being used and abused by a man half our age - but I was worried about being late to pick her up from it.

It was actually shortly before midday the next morning my phone buzzed with a message, it read:

"Be at the house in 30 minutes. The front door will be open. Come inside, get undressed in the hallway then come into the lounge. Do as you are told and you may get l... Continue»
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My Hubby Make Me To Fuck Her Friend

I am moonmoon. Stating how husband make me to fuck his friend. This story is based on a true incident. Let me first describe me. I am not white like milk. I am brown in color. I have waxed legs, round ass, perfect round little shaggy boobs with brown medium nipple. My figure is 36-30-38 and has a long straight black, silky, very thick hair covering my waist. I have a daughter of 3 years.
My husband lov
... Continue»
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Never Visit a GH d***k Gay

I knew I shouldn’t have gone. But I was horny and I thought I’d get someone to suck my dick and I’d be out of the bookstore in 15 minutes. But I had been out all night drinking and partying and I knew my dick wouldn’t probably even get hard, but again, I thought a good cocksucker might make me hard.

I stumbled into the bookstore; it was busy. I could hear sucking noises and my dick swelled. I went into one of the glory hole booths and I started to play with my dick. I didn’t even look in the other booths.
I pulled my pants down, I was wearing a jock. That’s when I hear the guy from the oth... Continue»
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The Day I Turned As A Whore

My name is Sundari I am from Coimbatore. Married for 5 years and have of the size of a 34-32-36 slim tall fair looking lady. I was married to a real estate business man. My sex life is very normal where after our first k** my husband fucks me very rarely but I loved my husband so our lives went on. My husband’s business started to go in Loss and my husband more debt to settle and we had no money at that to settle it. My husband became stressed out and we had to los... Continue»
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Lost My Virginity At Woods

My name is Karthika (Name Changed) I am from a very rural part of Tamil Nadu. I was a very reserve girl in the village and I will not talk much with anyone I have a dusty color complexion and had a size of 34-32-36. This is my experience of losing my virginity to my uncle’s son when I was 18. One day while going to take bath I heard some sound in the woods nearby when I went there I saw a couple having sex the guy was pushing his penis into the women’s pussy and pu... Continue»
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The New Year Misshapen

Hello, introductions first. I’m darzle martins, age 23, sex female. We were on the round house table on one of our friends Sarah. We were 8 people in total. Grendel and his wife Sarah, dev with his wife Smriti, carl with his girlfriend and my s****r felicia and my boyfriend phill. We had some arguments which led to a heated conversation between carl and Felicia and the later left straight away. Carl was pissed but he stayed and we continued our discussion. Phill we... Continue»
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First Taste Black Cock PT2

I woke up this morning fresh and ready to relax poolside, knowing that it had been two weeks since I had been blacked by Ray. Although the experience had scared the hell out of me while he was at my house, it turned me on knowing I had successfully serviced a black stud. The power he seemed to have over me had subsided and I was finally back to my normal thought process.

I spent about an hour poolside, taking in the California sun and reading a Clancy novel while sucking down a triple rum and diet coke. I finally had a weekend to myself with no work to do and no f****y hanging around. I ch... Continue»
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Trial By Gang Bang

How my wife and I could have gotten into such a thing would have been beyond me if not for the odd chain of events that had led up to where we were now.

My wife Sherry had been less than faithful a year or so ago, bringing us close to divorce with a short separation.

During that time we both had a lot to think about; she with her brief affair and I with my neglect leading up to what was most likely inevitable.

I say inevitable only now after learning that a woman with her looks is short on the take when the word gets around the husband is not doing his job.

Sherry is 40 now, and at... Continue»
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Chronicles of Rima - A night to remember

Rima shook her head groggily as she woke up the next morning. Her head felt strange. She remembered bits and pieces from the night before, how lonely she'd been. Then her memory slowly cleared. Varun had been here, and she did not remember him leaving, and they had been drinking. Panic gripped her as she looked about, mercifully finding her bed empty. She stood up quickly and regretted it as her head spun, the aftereffects of too much wine still disorienting her. Her mouth was dry and tasted a little funny, probably the wine...

She slowly made her way to the bathroom and started brushing. V... Continue»
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The first time my wife and I went out to pick up a stranger for her to fuck, we didn't know how to do it, so we did what we did when we were single - we went to a bar! After we had a few drinks, we relaxed a little from all the excitment and started looking around for someone to hook up with. I suggested she "look around" and find someone to dance with while I went to feed the jukebox. When she returned, she said she had been dancing with a real young k**, but hadn't seen anyone else that peaked her interest. We had a few more drinks, and she danced a couple of more times.

A... Continue»
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Day With Matt

It was 10 minutes until I had to leave. I was heading over a few block to
pick up my new friend Matt for what was supposed to be an afternoon of sexy
fun. I had met him thru an online gurl friend who had hooked up with him
before. She told me he was a total gentleman but an aggressive lover,
purrfect for a gurl like me.

As I touched up my makeup and put the finishing touches on my early summer
look, I couldn't help but feel the butterflies in my stomach, the same ones
I always get when I'm ready to have an encounter with a new lover. I'd
exchanged emails with Matt for a couple weeks ... Continue»
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The Nymphs and the Corsetry Buyer – by SBarak1

The Nymphs and the Corsetry Buyer – a Story by SBarak1

This is story #6 in the Nymph series. It follows ‘You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden’, ‘The Return of the Nymphs ‘The Nymphs and the Morning After’, ‘The Nymph’s Proposition’ and ‘The Nymphs and the Dentist’. Although this story stands alone reading the previous stories provides the background. Please enjoy.

My relationship with the Nymphs had been developing quickly. We got on well, enjoyed chatting and shared common interests. The main interest was sex. Lot’s of hot, wet, energetic sticky sex anywhere, any time. Debbie a... Continue»
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The Next Day (followup to Day With Matt)

The Next Day

After my whirlwind day with Matt I was completely exhausted. I got back in my room and immediately headed for the bathroom and started to run the water for a bath. I glanced in the mirror and saw my face was still a mess.

There was dried cum in my hair and on my cheeks. I couldn’t believe my neighbor had seen me like that.

“Oh well,” I thought to myself, “perhaps it would lead to another fun day tomorrow.”

I stripped out of my clothes and peeled off my bra and panties and climbed into the piping hot Jacuzzi tub. I had poured in some of my favorite lavender bubble bat... Continue»
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Sex with horny girl ;)

My college just got over and i was leaving when i saw her standing next to my car furious. Mereko dekhte ghoorne lagi gusse mai. Maine kha get in and hum drive pe nikal gaye!
Me- kya hua… Itna kyu naraz ho..

Her- tum.. Tum chup raho.. Mereko itna pagal kar dia hai tumne!
Me- aray..

Her- ignore ignore… Tumse badi hu.. Lekin kitne mast tarike se bolte ho phone pe ki aaj mann nahi hai mera! Mann nahi hai? Phele to itni hawas hoti thi ki mere office se aate he ghr phonch jata tha.. Dost k ghar night stay ka bahana laga k raat bhar jabtak meri chut ka bhonsada na ban jaye tab tak lund chut ... Continue»
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