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Gail turns it wide open

After sixteen years of marriage my daughter in law Gail come to the realization that her love life was extremely vanilla. At thirty three years old she looked at her still sexy body in the mirror and decided that she was going to change her Outlook on life. Standing five foot three and weighing an even hundred pounds she knew she had something to work with. She started getting tattooed ,but she had a game plan. Her ink would be sexy and help drew attention to her body. It worked and soon she was posing for several clothing lines that sell cute sexy outfits.

All the attention helped build h... Continue»
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Jessi at the Jacuzzi

Hi, I'm Jessi, and this really happened to me. Normally I'm a kind of shy person but after reading a lot of erotic stories online my natural shyness is starting to be overcome by my horniness! I can't believe this happened, but it did and now I often wish even more had happened, still I hope you all find reading about it exciting. Between what happened, and reading more stories, I now have so many fantasies about what else could have happened, and what else I imagine might happen that I'm thinking I might write down some of those fantasies as well and post them here. Meanwhile, this is what ha... Continue»
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The Nextdoor Neighbours son and his friends

Im sorry for my english! :P

On a warm saturday morning i was busy in the garden, and since it was hot i didn't feel like wearing to many clothes so i just put on a tight tanktop my string and a hotpants just cuase it was so warm today. While i was busy in the garden i coudnt stop notice all the noise coming from the nextdoor neigbor's garden. It was the son and some of their friends just being busy and making alot of noise there so i decided to take a look across the fench, they k... Continue»
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Sarah and I; Part 3

It had been 2 weeks now since Sarah had suggested trying anal and it hadn't left my mind for a second. We did have a few quickies over those weeks, when mum was late from work or nipped out to the store. When I say quick, I mean quick - which barely gave time for oral; but it wasn't less hot, and certainly wasn't getting old.

It was a Friday evening and our mum was busy making dinner in the kitchen. I was spread out across the sofa and Sarah was sitting in her usual spot on the arm chair. She had her long brown hair in a hair bobble and let it fall down her right side. She was wearing on... Continue»
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Kavita In Lust Part 1

My name is Kavita and I am a 30 year old married professional woman living in Delhi, India. I work in an MNC and Raj, my husband, is a fairly successful businessman. We have been married for 3 years and you can say we are as happy as an average married couple. We have our ups and downs, good days and bad days, so to the words I am a typical Indian woman taking take of her husband and household. However, the truth is far from that.

I have always been a fun loving personality. I was and still am outgoing, not the shy types, and always enjoyed interacting with people. Social events like partie... Continue»
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Kavita In Lust Part 2

After coming home and ravaging her husband Raj, Kavita stayed up all night replaying the events with Arun in her head. The images of Arun's naked body, the feeling of being helpless to his lust, the unwelcome pleasure he gave her continued to send thrills through her body the whole night. For the next several days she continued to re-live those erotic moments until she couldn't take it any more. With each passing moment her desire and want for pleasure of that magnitude became a need and one day she found herself picking up the phone and contacting Arun at work. After exchanging pleasantries, ... Continue»
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Couple in Hong Kong

Last year, I had finally married my c***d-hood sweet-heart, Vishal. It was our dream to go abroad for our honey-moon. Hence, much before our marriage, both of us had carefully saved enough money, to take a trip to Hong Kong. We arrived with much anticipation at Hong Kong. We spent the first few days, almost entirely in our hotel room – basking and enjoying, in the first flush of passionate and lustful satisfaction – like any newly wed couple. We were couped up in our hotel room for 3 full days. On the fourth evening, as usual, Vishal was already half d***k – when we decided to walk around the ... Continue»
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Indian Couple in Paris – A True Story

The Eiffel tower stood majestically behind us as another tourist took our pictures. My wife Anu and I were on a vacation to Paris and we were thoroughly enjoying it.
During daytime we did the usual sightseeing, but I was eagerly looking forward to the evening.

As the evening wore on, we started walking hand in hand towards Torcado underground station. From the other side of the river, the Eiffel tower looked awesome in the night., We took some more pictures, We bought tickets for another underground station called rue du Cherche-Midi.

I had a plan and Anu had agreed for it. As the train... Continue»
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Slutty little Angela

Angela was the type of girl you loved to hate. Tall, athletic, beautiful, popular, virgin... The kind of girl that made guys like me so horny they felt like they could explode. She was 5'9, 145 soaking wet, long curly black hair, big brown eyes, perfect 34D tits, permanently tanned skin, an ass to kill for, and freshly eighteen and legal. She'd prance around in her tiny shorts and tank tops, showing more skin than a swim-suit catalog. She'd rub up against you in the hallway just to laugh as you tried to hide your boner from your friends. Angela was the girl that would grind your dick with her ... Continue»
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Sarah and I; Part 2

It had been a week since Sarah and I had our fun on the sofa and I hadn’t forgotten about it. There was still a deep burning desire inside of me. I had tried to relieve myself multiple times during that week but nothing was working, I needed her. Don’t get me wrong things didn’t get awkward between us but more a lust for each other and wanting to get our hands on each other.

Just our luck though that when our Mom arrived home after our passionate night, she announced that she had taken the week off work. No fucking way, I thought to myself, how the hell can I get to Sarah again now. That... Continue»
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confessions part 5 humiliated

Hi ever one, life was going on. In office when ever felt they had their chance, one of them will make me go to the store room. Now a day’s even during morning work hours. I have to go. passing managers table which is just outside next to the door way of the store room. I enter the room a wait for any of the three to come in. I will be waiting in between any of the racks. The one entering the room comes near me unzips his pants and takes his cock out for me to suck. I quickly kneel down, take his cock in my hand and start to suck and lick it. The other two will be... Continue»
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XHamster Slut

We've all been there. We trawl this site, get ourselves horny as hell watching whatever porn it is we're into and then go in search of someone 'real' to chat to.

There are plenty of sluts on here who claim to do meets but often messages go unread or just don't go anywhere. All that changed this week. I began to talk to someone (who's identity shall remain secret) and we immediately hit it off. She was clearly as horny as me. It was almost 4am when we started chatting and the girl in question began to tell me about her night. She'd been out with her mates, ended up pulling some random guy w... Continue»
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confessions part 4 taken 2

Hi, next day at office during morning tea break, usually tea is served to where we are working. We usually take this as a chance to talk with each other. Assar came near me and placed his mobile phone beside me, sheeba had gone to the rest room, and he told me to go through the picture files. I at once knew what was in store. pictures of me right from muthus’s hand holding from behind, to me being nude, my boobs, pussy, ass, I haven’t seen me nude in front of a mirror, I only have a small mirror that’s enough to comb my hair and apply power to my face. I was looking... Continue»
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Carol and Dave

I met Carol at a senior citizen event. We became friends easily. Over the next two months we were talking on the phone and together at senior meetings.
She is 75 years old but the only thing that looks 75 is her hair and the way she dresses. Her hair is pure white. Her body from what I could see looked to be in pretty good shape.
Her tits were pretty big and she has a nice tight ass. She is about 5'-8".
There was a senior bus trip that me and a woman friend of mine were going on. My friend is not a sex friend just a regular one.
The day of the trip I saw Carol there. She was with a man. S... Continue»
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Sarah and I; Part 1

I was ***teen when my adopted dad died, it happened so suddenly and our f****y was never quite the same. My "s****r", named Sarah, was ***teen at the time and we had grown close over the 10 years I had been with the Smiths. I don't remember my real parents, I was taken off them when I was young and passed around until I settle with the Smiths. They were awesome. Treated me like there own and loved me. I never held a grudge against them for not being my real parents.
After the passing of our dad Sarah and I grew so much closer. Mum had to take up more hours at work to help make ends meet so a... Continue»
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Ann - My Wife, His Slut.II

It was Saturday afternoon, Ann had just showered after having had a few hours sl**p. She was exhausted from the sl**pless night of hard fucking she'd had. I'd lain next her, sometimes watching her sl**p,sometimes trying to doze myself, but my mind was too full of our recent experience. She'd made me lick her clean that morning of course, and I'd hated it. I'd licked my own cum from her plenty of times but, despite all my fantasies, cleaning someone else's from her was very different and mostly I felt humiliated. But of course the great sexual paradox took over, and I got a raging hard on at th... Continue»
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A hot quickie with Helena

That slut Helena sent me a message me that early morning, when I was having breakfast with my loving wife Ana, before we both got ready to leave for our offices.

I read she was horny, because she had not been fucked during the last two weeks and she needed a dick deep inside her wet cunt; so, she suggested we could meet up before she started her work in the same office with Ana…
I wrote back if she was crazy, because my wife was there right sitting close to me. On the other side I loved the idea of a quick between Helena`s legs.

Then I offered my sweet Ana to give her a lift to her offi... Continue»
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Meeting the Neighbour

It was mid-morning and I was just arriving back home from the shops, as I got out of my car and started to walk towards my house I heard a soft female voice call out “Excuse me, excuse me” I looked up and there was the lady from number 9 walking towards me. We hadn’t really ever spoken before just the usual neighbourly acknowledgements and even then, it hadn’t been for long as we had only moved in a few months ago. She introduced herself as Jane and then asked if our electric was off? I opened the door and flicked a switch to check, the light came on there was no problem. Jane then went on to... Continue»
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You know what we are going to do?

"You know what we are going to do? We are going to find that bitch that slipped you her phone number at the restaurant. She was so hot for you. The look in her eyes and the way her mouth look. thinking you would see her when you only have eyes for ME!" I can see you shutter as I rise my voice. I am in a bad mood and I want to punish someone. But not you, Pet not tonight. Tonight I want you to control someone. Some weak woman that thinks she knows what it is like to belong to a strong lover. To love the feel of her hands on your head pushing you into her sex. Telling you what to d... Continue»
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Life as a Rich k**: Ariana Grande 2

So here I am watching my favorite show on tv Entourage. I love it because it is basically my life. The only difference is I have not fucked Sasha Gray. I would like to one day though. Maybe teach the bitch a lesson and do stuff to her she would never dream of doing in porn.

“RING!! RING!!” the door bell rings

I sigh and pause the television. I go to the door and open to see the bitch Ariana Grande staring daggers at me.

Last time we met she was being bitchy to me and I was fed up with it so I decided to teacher her a lesson with my dick. I slapped her than I fucked her mouth to... Continue»
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