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Twin Marcus strikes back for more

Twin Marcus strikes back for more

Two days after the good sex session with the twins Clifton and Marcus, my loving husband was still out of town.
In the afternoon Marcus called me, telling he was extremely horny and wishing to take me again…

I said him he could come for me that same night…
Marcus took me to the same cheap motel we had fucked the first time.
He was alone, but he told me his twin Clifton was arranging a meeting with some of their black mates… and I would be the cherry on that cake…

Marcus dropped me onto the bed and made me spread my legs for him.
Then he fucked me ... Continue»
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Bisexual Cosplay gets serious

BiwayJimmy Vs. SummerSultry & Shesally
SummerSultry was sitting alone in her bed thinking of the next movie she was going to make. Should it be with a guy, or a girl? Should I talk nasty or just moan? What would please my audience? She was wearing a sexy little teddy and had just taken some pictures and posted them online. She was excited posting her sexy pictures and thinking about her next video. Her pussy was wet and she just started to rub her fingers on her creamy pussy lips when there was a knock on the door.
“No!, why now!?!”
She went to the door still in her teddy, “Who is it?”... Continue»
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Eve bieng a total slut

Driving the car down the country road Eve was enjoying the sunny summer weather as she relaxed making her way home from the business meeting in London. She loved her f****y life in the beautiful north east of the country but being a well paid manager of a major food store saw her often called to the capital to attend meetings. Sometimes she would rush home on the motorway to see her husband Steve and their three c***dren but if the meeting finished early enough she would often take the opportunity to take the back roads so she could enjoy the more picturesque rural routes. Today the meeting... Continue»
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Wife gets even on cheating husband with gangbang.

I guess I have always been a pussy hound, I always liked to spread myself about and when I got married I saw no reason to change, that was until my wife found out and decided to teach me a lesson!
I had been at a local sports bar having a few beers with some buddies on Saturday afternoon and got home at about 6.00, to my surprise and joy I was met at the door by my wife and she was wearing the short short checkered mini skirt that didn't even cover her butt cheeks and a lacy push up bra that showed her boobs at their best. My heart was racing and my cock throbbing as she said, "come with me I... Continue»
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Making new friends

Met these two gorgeous studs at a bi-monthly party my friends and I held for years. It was their first time at our party, they came with two girls who were regulars. Everyone thought they were "with" the girls. Which I found out later, not to be the case. We were all sitting at a large, round table, lights low with a strobe light directly above, playing the drinking game quarters. We'd been playing for awhile, everyone was getting well lit. After people coming and going, taking bathroom breaks, doobie breaks, etc... I found myself sitting between them. After a couple more rounds of quarters... Continue»
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begging for a huge hard black cock

Begging for a hard huge black dick

Home alone again; my loving husband on a business trip, a long one…
Then I was sitting there, masturbating with my huge toys and finally I knew I had enough. I decided to get up, get dressed, and find someone to fuck...

I really needed someone’s big cock driving into my pussy. I chose sexy black lingerie; a black rope halter top, a short black flounced mini skirt and some black fishnets with a red stripe up the back.

I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I saw…I looked hot. There was no way I would come back home alone tonight. I slip... Continue»
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Camping trip turns into threesome

This is a fantasy it is not true
I am in my late 40s I was camping when a big motorhome pulls up across the road and takes the campsite across from me . I see there is 2 ladies in the motorhome it took them about 10 minutes to back in and get set up. They where both standing outside they were in there mid to late 60s when one of them waved to me so I waved back. They called me over they were having trouble lighting there fridge so I went inside and heading towards the fridge I noticed a dildo on the table and said looks like you guys are going to have fun tonight (they laughed) so I helped t... Continue»
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Club Slut - How I Earned My Nickname Part III

Part III

I stared into Shawn's eyes as his gaze followed my face on it's descent to his cock, now twitching with anticipation. He knew well what it would feel like once my lips reached his cock, and I could see his eyes
pleading for me to take him quickly. I let his cock brush against my face softly, then against my hair as I leaned further down to lightly tongue his balls. Like myself, Shawn kept himself shaved smooth, and I
loved that as my tongue lapped gently around his sac. His testicles were full and firm, his scrotum tightly encasing them. Moving back up, I licked my way up... Continue»
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Now we all remember Wendy don’t we, she featured in story numbers 113 and again in 117 she just loves young men, in fact boys from 15 are not safe with our Wendy, she`s a rich American wife who`s hubby spends loads of time away working and Wendy in turn spends his money, she lives in a trendy area in what in the UK would be a
Anyway a while back she found if she sent for a pizza, bingo a youth usually on a bike of some sort or an old car would appear at her door. To Wendy that is like a doorstep delivery of young studs with ... Continue»
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Little Slut

After turning 18, Helen was working in a roadhouse and lots of young truckers came through the joint. Helen had fucked most of them after only 4 months slinging hash........she had slung her juicy young cunt at a lot of cock.
She had been fucked in Whites, Macks, Freightliners and even gang-banged on a pile of tarpaulins by a gang of truckers. She loved the feel of cocks ramming deep in her young pussy driving her over the top with orgasm after orgasm. Eventually the inevitable happened........the Bullsperm she was taking everyday finally made its way up through her cervix and into her womb a... Continue»
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Office Duties Pt 2 - Factory Visit

It doesn't matter if you haven't read Part 1 - enjoy!

Fucking Nigel was supposed to have been a one off thing – just a bit of fun to kill time. It was Nigel’s fault we kept going - I was so jealous that Phea was getting regularly fucked at the office and I wasn’t – boo hoo, so sad for me. Problem is – I do enjoy a good cock, especially the ones that cum inside me.

It’s not that Nigel stopped fucking Phea, and why would he, she is a very cute little fuck buddy – she was still his regular lunchtime fuck, but just for lunch time, so I figured that he was inside her ... Continue»
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Whenever Darren told Clare he was going to have a party she was apprehensive, but quite excited too. It's not that she was invited to the parties. You couldn't describe it that way at all. She didn't get left out of things either. Clare was always the focal point of activities and she never knew quite what part she would have to play.

Clare knew better than to ask who would be coming and certainly not what her duties would be so she just enquired when it was to happen.

When Darren said "in two hours" a shiver ran right through her.

"Ooh!" The shock of such short notice was too great t... Continue»
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vacation sex

My husband and I took a trip back to Germany 2 years ago to see f****y and friends, we stayed with f****y and had a great time, we went to places we took are girls as they were growing up, on a Saturday we borrowed some bicycles and rode to the lake we use to go to with our girls, once we got there we headed for the FKK or nude side of the lake, it was rather full at 9AM so we found a spot and got undressed, it felt good to have the warm sun on our bodies, I was on my stomach sunning my back as we talked, the grass was rubbing my nipples, my husband was laying on his side, his cock and balls ... Continue»
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Sexy 26 year old.white girlfriend fucks first huge

I had a story that I wanted to share about me(37), my gf(26), and a black buddy(35) with a monster cock from college who came to visit and stayed at our house last night and ended up in a wild night!

A little background, he has a legit 11 inch dick with massive girth. He is a semi professional basketball player. 6 foot 10 with a dick to match . He Had never hooked up with a white girl and was excited to meet some of my gf's white gf's cause I told him we would break that curse this weekend.

He was a roommate in college and we had had sex in the same room before so I've seen his monster i... Continue»
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Friend with Ex Con

A few months ago I was cruising the CL ads and found an interesting ad from an ex con Glenn wanting a jail house V. I found out he wanted a jail house virgin. I started corresponding with him. He told about being in prison for 15 years and that he was struggling in this society. He discussed how hot it was getting to be the first guy to fuck a newbie to the prison. He said he had been part of multiple gang bangs and there were guys who would come to his cell just to suck his cock. We met for a beer at a nearby beer house. Glenn was tatted up and was wearing a sleeveless shirt and some l... Continue»
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The Cinema

As I stood in the sun next to my car at the back of the cinema, drawing slowly on the cigarette in my sexy black pvc skirt and tight top that showed my curves I knew what awaited me inside, but I wonder if the people walking past knew what I was upto. I had spent the last two hours becoming the sexy lady they saw standing in that car park all hints as to my male self were gone, hidden, I was now a woman, and the adult cinema was I hoped full of sexy horny guys just waiting for a girl like me.

As I walk slowly from the car park to the entrance, a group of 3 guys are checking me out as they w... Continue»
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The Contract - Chapter 2

This is the second chapter of the story. To get it in full please read 'The Contract Ch. 01' first.

Kalina and Rada had not received any attention so far. Neither girl knew whether to be relieved or disappointed. Without being used they had no chance of selection, but one look at poor Violeta's tortured, little body or a thought about Rayna's piss filled belly and their wish to continue faltered. Only the thought of a life of poverty and hopelessness drove them on.

Bogdan and Andrei took the two women and secured them side by side to a whipping frame. Their legs were spread apart ... Continue»
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Getting slutty

Lisa was pleased to be able to help her friend out at the exhibition but was nervous as it was her first time at a sex exhibition, let alone helping out at one.

Her friend Debbie tried to persuade her to dress up in some of her merchandise telling her that her blond hair, 5ft 4inch slim frame and large breats would help raise some much needed money. After a large gin and tonic, which her friend kept topping up when she wasn't looking, she agreed. Debbie picked out a daring black low cut mini dress for Lisa that showed far more leg than she had wanted to. Her friend had previously said sh... Continue»
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The Contract - Chapter 1

Paul had reflected a lot since his divorce. He was not about to give up on sex at 53 years old; hookers and wanking were really not up to the job and there was absolutely no way he was going to set himself up to be cleaned out by another gold digging wife.

Whichever way you looked at it, a guy with a bit of cash built up was just a sitting target for the crazy legal system. As a very traditional bloke, Paul took his role as head of household seriously. He worked bl**dy hard and expected his wife's job to be helping him to do that by looking after the home and being there for him. Twice now ... Continue»
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Numbers had always been important to Jasmine. Her name has seven letters because her mother knew that to be a lucky number and she wanted her daughter to be lucky. Now, as she approached the age of eighteen Jasmine was filled with foreboding. Eighteen is three times six. Three sixes are the number of the b**st. 666 is eighteen just put another way. One is a holy number, three is auspicious and seven is lucky, but six is a bad number and the triple six is a serious problem.

As her birthday got closer, Jasmine determined that she must make preparations to prevent it being the disaster that sh... Continue»
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