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Dogging with Hubby(Fiction)

Redcap and me had been dogging twice before, the first time was with me in stockings and sitting in the front with the window closed and men looking at me and wanking. The second time was with me sat in the back of the car with the window down and about half a dozen men touching me.

So onto the third time, I m dressed in a pair of dark tan suspender tights, ankle bracelet and not a lot else. I was heavly madeup and had a chocker with the word “Slut”, Black platforn shoes with ankle straps and elbow length black fishnet gloves.

We drove to the spot where we had been before and I then took... Continue»
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The Unexpected Virgin Gangbang

Hello everyone,

This is Gaggana Joddati from north Karnataka. This is my first story and my age while this incident happened to me was 18. I had completed my PUC and had been selected for civil services in Delhi.

My parents had a flight back to Bengaluru, they had arranged me a 2bhk flat in new Delhi which was leased for entire two years.

Everything was set right for me from mess to maid , they also had informed the society manager if possible and good people meet up they can share the flat with her and only with
... Continue»
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Neighbors- first 3 way part II

Jen and I have been married 5 years now, we met in college. She’s a marketing major, I develop computer programs for a gaming company. Life is good, we live in a high scale neighborhood that is gated. We’re both 27. Jen keeps in top shape as well as I do, we both work out at the country club. Every house in this neighborhood has a pool in the back yard at a minimum. We have great neighbors and they’re all about 28-40 years old. There are lots of parties and the wives all look hot.
Our next door neighbors, Frank and Cindy are both about 30, Cindy is really hot. She has great tits, about 5’6” a... Continue»
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The story of my life (part 2)

After finishing the water, Maria said she needed a shower and went into the bathroom. After a 2 minutes she yelled that Eric had to come to the bathroom.
Eric stood up an walked into the bathroom.

Maria told Eric that he was still a slave and so ordered him to start to clean here body. Eric moved into the shower and started to put liquid soap on Maria's shoulder. He moved behind here and started spread the soap all over here body. He fondled here tits, carefully massaging Maria's nipples between two fingers and finally put this hands between here legs. Maria warned him not to insert his ... Continue»
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The story of my life (part 3)

It must have been 15 minutes or so when Eric stood up and invited all of us to come to the bathroom where he would clean our bodies with soap.

This time I was the first one to take the offer and so followed Eric into the shower. He softly soaped my body, massaged it around and finally sprayed me clean. Before I left the shower, he kissed me deeply. I dried off and walked happily into the cabin shouting: next please and laughed loudly.

Maria smiled, stood up and entered the bathroom. The same scene repeated. Eric softly soaping Maria's lovely body, a bit massage and then the warm spray... Continue»
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We went to a wedding and got fucked

As I write this it's Sunday morning, November 20, 2016. The clock on the end table reads 1:45 AM. Jodi and I are in a room at a hotel where we attended a wedding last night. Right in front of me are two queen beds. One is undisturbed... in the other Jodi is on the left side. She's wearing a silver satin nightie and full back baby blue nylon panties. She's lying on her right side... the covers are at the foot of the bed.., her legs are positioned as though she is riding a bicycle. The part of her panty covering her pussy is pulled to one side and her cunt is looking straight at me. She's s... Continue»
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I Go Christmas Shopping (Part2)

I Go Christmas Shopping

(Part-2 and 14 Men Gang-Banged Me)

I say to him I have had plenty, he tells me it shore does not look like it and he goes on to say that pussy and ass of yours is still closed and tight. I tell him I have never been stretch out know matter how much I fuck my holes always close right back up. He then says my friends and I are going to fix that when your holes are hanging open and you are begging us to stop maybe then you can say I had enough and rub that pussy of yours from being sour and not from being needy. That is when I asked him “just how many friends... Continue»
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The story of my life (part 1)

It must have been around 10pm when I knocked on the door of your cabin.
The two of you were sitting on your balcony of the 'love boat' digesting your lovely dinner.

Sonia opened the door cautiously wearing a bathrobe only and shouted out of delight: Renee!!
I kissed you and said I also brought a surprise with me. Then Eric stepped forward and you started to smile from ear to ear. I also noticed you started to blush which I loved to see. You opened the door further and we stepped in.

We walked towards the balcony and Maria, sitting in here bathrobe too, stood up and kissed me on my l... Continue»
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Surprised husband came to meeting alone

Hi, I was a sometime swing partner for this hot couple. MJ is a fun, very busty bbw. Rik is a usually quiet 50 year old, hardbody. He called me just as I was leaving work. Said to meet them at an abs. I was about on time and did not see their car. I saw the car pull in and only saw him. I walked over and said hello, change of plans?
He said no, just follow me. Thought it was a little strange...but MJ has huge breasts and a big cunt. She always makes me laugh.

Pulled into a driveway 30 min. Later. 3 cars I didn't know, but parked out front just as another car pulled up. Went up ... Continue»
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Daddy's First Bukkake

I recently started a new life when I finally figured out I was gay and left my wife. Or maybe I should say when I was willing to tell others I was gay. At 57 I moved into a small but cozy house in the suburbs and started enjoying living alone as an out gay man. I thought of it as an adventure! I saw a lot of my old friends and met a lot of new friends in the new neighborhood.

As summer started I became very friendly with the next-door neighbors and their son. At 18, Will had just graduated from high school and was still living with his parents while he waited for college to begin in the fa... Continue»
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Lovely Shy Wife To High End e****t

I am software engineer and my husband is a sales director in a reputed mnc. Before marriage I use to work in pune and I got many proposals from the boys but I turned them off….. I mostly use wear a salwar and rarely jeans. Girls around me says that I have very shinning skin and good body shape, even they use to encourage to make friends with the boys and enjoy the life… I turned them all as I believed that any advances (even a kiss) before marriage is sin.

I was v
... Continue»
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From A Married Woman To A Sexy Whore


My name is Malvika Joshi age 25 years married to Manish 01 year back an NRI who works on a ship, his age is 27 years energetic and active in sex, my stats are 36-30-36 fair and short just like Vidya Balan. I am working as a college teacher, many students, and my colleagues get crazy with my looks and figure. Normally, I wear sarees and salwars but during Saturdays some times jeans with tight tops and kurtas.

So coming to story, this is my real incident whi
... Continue»
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Crushed By Stranger

I am sharing this experience with you which I never thought of experience in my life. I am living in Mumbai with my husband, we live in Vasai and his office is in Bandra. It is very different life in Mumbai. Anytime rain too much traffic and travel time is killer, but lovely city to roam around.

We didn’t plan for any k** since 4 years of our marriage. We two are alone at home so I use to wear all kinds of short cloths. But when I go our for shopping I try to wear full cloths. My husband got me many modern short dresses but
... Continue»
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A Dirty girl Having good sex with men


That's a name I always associated with sex, so I liked to call myself that, when I had my personal moments.

'Honeysuckle, take your panties off', he would whisper into my ear, and with my eyes closed tight, I would raise my hips, and rub furiously, bum in the air, knees apart, and imagine him inside me, my fingers a poor substitute for his cock, but that was about it, masturbation for a girl barely two years past her first decade on this planet.

At least I was functioning as a girl, I was meant to fuck, and I had a taste for it, even though convention made me close my l... Continue»
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Train Slut Part II

I'm sure any guy can tell you this - when you're horny, rock hard and your balls are full of cum, it's easy to think you could go all night, cumming over and over again. The reality however is that unless you're in a situation that permits it, the likelihood is that you'll shoot your load and be done. Over the years I have experienced this countless times whilst sexting. Messages and pictures fly back and forth and it seems it could go on all night. But eventually the urge to knock one out becomes too great and suddenly you're lay there, x-rated texts still coming through but the desire to con... Continue»
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Sybian and Venus Racing –4 Couples and The Bet.

Sybian and Venus Racing –4 Couples and The Bet.

I fancy a chance of fucking any of my mate’s wives. All six are sexy in different ways. So after a d***ken night out we boys all agreed to find a way to swap partners for a night…….. but how?

I told my wife about our d***ken agreement while I was in the bath the following day. Not to my surprise she said that she was up for it. She moves close to the bath and places my hand on her pussy and as I slip a finger in its obvious that she’s highly aroused. She smiles innocently, steps back, turns and bends over. As her pussy comes into view she s... Continue»
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A Surprise You Definitely Wouldn't Anticipate

This story entails two guys and a girl. But it doesn’t turn the way you expect or at least not how I think you would expect.

It’s you and me and someone I know but you don’t. We are in Seattle. You meet me at my hotel room, the kind with the huge window and the ledge that made me shiver all over from fear of heights and passion for you.

I just finished in the shower and you enter the room while I am still drying off. I am looking at how high up we are and you come behind me and start to kiss my shoulders and neck and ears. When I turn to you, I let my towel slip … “God I missed you” you ... Continue»
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I introduced a new guy to my wife's Vagina

This fall my wife and I had taken a weekend trip to the north Georgia mountains to see the fall colors. Georgia this year has been in a drought so the leaves weren't as pretty as usual but the weather was nice.

My wife and I had stopped in Helen to eat and have a few drinks before returning to our motel room. After we ate we sat out on the deck of the restaurant to have some adult beverages. The deck over looks the Chattahoochee River and in the summer it's fun to watch the tourist floating down it in inter tubes. But in the fall even though it's warm enough for my wife to wear her short j... Continue»
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A because when I asked her about it the first time, mom made terrible eyes and wagged his finger at his temple. And I didn't have to turn everything into a joke.

But in any case, the video dancing with mom are forever etched in my cerebellum. Video with THE most magazine. It became a real obsession. I wanted my mother danced for me. I mean, in the same dress, and even that she had the same hairstyle. Of course, that was the most natural thing. And, of course, that mom is the answer to this, simply shook his finger at his temple.

The restaurant — this was also part of the tradition. Well.... Continue»
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Ch 6 surprises and fun

Ch 6 surprises and fun
Now as I got checked in later than I wanted i took a shower and got all nice and clean if you know what I mean. Then took an incredibly long time doing my make up before sliding into the white corset and panties. So when I got the text for Joel I was sitting at the table drinking a glass of wine I ordered from room service. When he got there he had another bottle in his hand. The look on his face when I opened the door was priceless. His mouth fell open and all he could do was scan up and down before I grabbed his hand and guided him back to reality.
"Damn baby" was al... Continue»
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