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Sharing Diane

I want to thank you for always printing an abundance of stories from couples where the husband likes to see his wife with other men. I too had long wanted to see my sweet Diane taken by another man. After much prodding, pleading and planning I got my wish, and a whole lot more. I know have a truly wanton wife, gourmet restaurant cook in the kitchen, and a complete slut in the bedroom.

Diane and I married young. We were both 23 and fresh out of school. We met our senior year in a large Midwest university, and married our first year after graduation. Our sex life was, and is, fantastic. Yet,... Continue»
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Sharing Wives - a swapping story

(This is an original work of fiction. Nothing in this story is real, any resemblance to real life events is coincidence. If you re-post it somewhere, please give credit to me, the author. Although, I would prefer if you did not steal it. - JW)

Melissa and I had known each other for about 10 years through work. While there was a mutual attraction, circumstances had not allowed us to act upon the feelings. Having been together with Lisa for over 20 years, we had reached the point where we were not afraid to talk about sharing.

Melissa had told me about how she was getting into other wome... Continue»
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Pantyhose outdoors 3 with John and Laura

On the Monday I got a text from John telling me that he had persuaded his girlfriend to go to the country park for sex dressed in pantyhose. He hasn't told her about our plans in case she said no. He thought that we should surprise her and see how it panned out. I showered and shaved myself again and once again I slipped on a pair of my favourite tan sheer to the waist pantyhose, seamed dark tan stockings and a pink suspender belt. I also slipped into a lacy cream body pop peered up under the crotch. I packed my camera and heels and tissues for cleaning up with and again put on trousers and Ts... Continue»
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Role Play

My bf is an exciting lover. He really loves to role play and has thought up a lot of exciting games to play. Some are just barely legal. He loves sex and has a big appetite that is hard to satisfy. Tonight he came home and told me he had a great game in mind and I was going to love it. He then took me in the bathroom and shaved my pussy and ass. Then he dressed me in a very short skirt that barely covered my ass and told me "No panties." Then he put me in a flimsy silk button down shirt with just the bottom button buttoned. My tits were exposed just to the nipples and if I moved just right the... Continue»
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Holiday with an xhamster friend part 2

I awoke the following morning with a sore head and the sun blazing through the doors straight on me. I looked over to the other bed and saw D sporting a massive stiffy. I smiled to myself then the memories of last night came flooding back. I felt dirty yet Horner than I had ever felt before.
As D was still asl**p I decided to get showered. I stood in the shower and began washing the sweat and smell of last nights adventures off me . I entered the bedroom and D was just waking up so I dried myself off , changed into some shorts and a t-shirt and told D I'd meet him down at the bar for breakfas... Continue»
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dennis the ceramics shp helper part 2

After Dennis had worked with us for a month, we asked him if he could join us at a convention in Florida. He freaked out and was so excited. I said he needs to get permission.
After he got permission, we made our plans and reservations and prepared for our trip.

We got loaded and ready to go. We had rented a large van with an extended roof and loaded it up.
We decided to drive straight through and then hunker down for a day or two before setting up at the convention hall.
We took turns driving. I started and they played around a lot. Peggy was on some boxes and laying back while deny dr... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXVIII

Chapter XXVII – Gotta Share Him (based on Modern Love No. 4 cover, EC, December 1949-January 1950)

Allan Houth is the hunk of the clinic. Every girl, from patient to nurse, immediately fell in love with him. And how they couldn’t, given his eyes, his looks, his body, his tender voice, his charming ways, his manners and his education. And everybody wondered why he stood single for so long.

Inside the clinic, we all knew he was the womanizer kind. He always tried to hit on the nurses who worked here. Some gave to his ... Continue»
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The Wedding Reception

I was recently in Atlanta on business and I flew in the night before my meetings and so I decided to throw on some decent clothes and head down to the hotel bar for a few drinks. I wasn't expecting anything but thought, “Why the hell not?” so I put on a pair of skin tight, dark denim skinny jeans, knee high black patent boots with 5” heels, a short sleeve green satin blouse with a leather underbust corset on top. Needless to say I did my hair and make up – I opted for a deep red lipstick on this night. (see here for approximately what I was wearing: Continue»
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MMF By the Pool

Recently, John's best friend, Dennis was going through a particularly tough time. He was going through a divorce on top of some financial problems he was already having and John and his ex was already seeing someone else. Being a good friend, John was spending a lot of time with him – including Dennis being at the house a lot more than usual.

One night after Dennis had gone home from dinner at our place, John commented about how Dennis had been eyeing me all night. It was a Wednesday so I had come straight home from work, which meant that I was wearing my slutty business look. That night it... Continue»
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First Time Sex...Gloryhole???

Annette sat alone at one end of the wobbly barroom table, wondering how she had let herself get talked into coming here. She didn't like noisy d***ks, and she didn't like loud music. She didn't like alcohol, and she didn't like being flirted with by drooling morons. She didn't like her s****r's friends, and, though she tried not to admit it, she didn't like her s****r much either. She thought the feelings were mutual.

Her mistake tonight had been in agreeing to give Michelle a ride home after work. She should have known her s****r would never settle for going straight home. She always sto... Continue»
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The Frustrated Mother and her Daughter

Sarah was so frustrated it was driving her crazy. Here she was 41 years old, completely faithful for 20 years, and she was lucky if she had sex more than once a month. Even on those rare occasions that her husband Phil was interested, it never lasted more than five minutes. To make matters even worse, he was a regional sales manager. His job required constant travelling to visit all the offices in his assigned area of responsibility. As a result, he was usually not home more than a week to 10 days a month.
They had had two c***dren who now almost grown. There oldest, a son, Brian, was 1... Continue»
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I married a slut.

I was 19 years old. I had never been sexual with a woman. I had dated girls and fondled them, but I never had the courage to go any further than touching. I had only kissed one girl in my life. I was in the military. I was in law enf***ement. I was on patrol one night and was doing a routine barracks walk through. I walked by an open door and could hear a woman moaning. I peaked into the room and saw this gorgeous woman on top of one guy and another behind and in her. The woman noticed me watching and smiled. I watched the three of them for about ten minutes.

When I heard another door openi... Continue»
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a day at the beach

Rinoa, Squall, Selphie, Zell, Irvine and the pigtail girl whose name was Mima were still sitting around a table in the cafeteria talking, after they had eaten dinner. Rinoa proposed, “We’re laying over at Centra tomorrow for some reason, so let’s all go to the beach together.”

Squall diplomatically excused himself from the table claiming prior duties, but actually he didn’t want to admit to anyone he couldn’t swim.

Selphie excitedly answered, “That sounds like fun. I’ll go.”

“Me too!” chimed in Zell. Of course discovering Zell was going, Mima immediately acquiesced.

“Rinoa,” Irvine... Continue»
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Second coupling with Joe

Having left Jane & Ken to their own fun, I had this older guy for all my desires.
A quick shower and I used the showers movable massage head to clean myself out as best I could. Joe joined me and I had a lot of fun lathering him up.

Outside the bathroom I pushed him against a wall, dropped to my knees and went to eat his cock. As best I could anyhow. Semi hard again and I did everything I could with it. Used it to slap my face numerous times, covered him in spit and worked him between my tits and I kept cramming as much of him into my mouth as was possible.

Having him between my t... Continue»
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MILF Lover

I was in my +2 when I realized about sex and its ecstasy. My friends used to have long discussions about x rated movies and I started using porn literature and movies.

Slowly I began to look for my prey to fulfill my desires. There was a f****y staying next to my home. They were an Christian couple with both their sibling married and staying abroad. I used to peep through my window to have a look at Susan who is 51 yrs old having a whitish complexion with some extra fat in her body. Her tits although sagged a bit looked good. I used to watch her cleavage and her huge ass whenever she came f... Continue»
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Sissy Girl Chrissie A Chrissie Conway Story

Sissy Girl Chrissie A Chrissie Conway Story

I had come home from college for a long weekend and with my mother being out of town I figured I'd stay at her house.
Had my mother been home I no doubt would have elected to stay with Kelly's mother. That's just the kind of relationship my
mother and I had regressed to by this time. Anyway, I had the entire house to myself and was looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.
It was around midnight and I was finishing off a bottle of Chablis and watching an old movie on television. I was dressed in a pair of tight-fitting Levis an... Continue»
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My parents in Iowa went to London for two weeks and sent for me on 9/26/13 to see the Minnesota Vikings play at Wembley stadium. They had a package deal where I arrive Thursday and go back on Tuesday. The only problem was I was at a different Hotel. After flying all night I got the Heathrow Thursday around noon and got my ride to the hotel. I checked in, contacted my parents and agreed to meet for dinner later. The nice thing about central London was it didn’t take me long to figure out the underground and that you can get within a few blocks of where you are going. After dinner and cocktails ... Continue»
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Uncle’s Second Wife

I must thank god to have met this Punjabi uncle.

I was travelling from Bangalore to Chennai. I had booked a sl**per ticket which I had to share with one more people. I was waiting to get into bus, a tall Singh uncle of about 50 with huge muscles 6ft 4in tall standing in front of me. I’m 6ft tall and used to people being shorter than me. I was awestruck seeing his physique. The ticket collector indicated my seat was with the Punjabi uncle. We had a small talk and settled down in our berths.

It was an air-conditioned bus, I was feeling cold. After some time all the lights were put off and ... Continue»
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s****rs friends come to stay part 3

continues from where i left off

So the girls decided to have a break and im still in the chair with a rageing hard on and precum oozing out, my s****r Debbie walks over and cuts the latex bondage tape off my arms and legs so that i can join them in the kitchen eating pizza and having a drink, as i stand up Debbie pulls down whats left of my pj bottoms "well there's really no point wearing them now is there" she says with a grin we both walk in to the kitchen to join Beth, Kate and Carrie.

After a few more drinks and slices of pizza i say "hey girls now that im pretty much naked i think i... Continue»
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pre planned fuck

Tara and I have been married now for 2 years. The following story happened on our anniversary. She is a great lady, 25, with long strawberry blond hair, 5’4”, 55kg, 36d titties, a narrow waist, and a killer ass. To top it all off she has almost milk white skin. As for me, I am 34, 5’6”, with a fairly thick 7” cock.

We had gone out for dinner and caught an early show, we were both anxious to get home. Dressing up always makes Sarah horny and it works for me too. I like showing Sarah off, the way other men look at her is quite erotic. She was wearing her favorite little black dress and I coul... Continue»
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