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Trish s first gloryhole visit

Trish was a tad naive when we met. She had desires and curiosities, but had no idea what to do with them. She knew she wanted to be fucked by multiple men but she is a woman who can’t and won’t cheat, so she never thought it would be possible. She never dreamed of meeting a man who would encourage her to take all the cock she wanted, provided we did it together.

The more I told her about the doors I wanted to open for her, the more eager she got. Not only eager, she started coming up with her own ideas that I hadn’t thought of, which I found quite exciting. Here was a cum slut in the t... Continue»
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My Wife at the Holiday Party

(This is a re-imagining of JetLag's "Party Game." All the credit for idea and structure goes to him. -- CO)


A few months ago, my wife Karen and I were invited to a holiday party that was thrown by my boss. It was the beginning of the holiday season, and we were eager to go to a nice party, even though it was going to be mostly attended by my coworkers.

Karen and I had only been married a few years ago, after we met in college and fell in love, and we discovered very quickly in our relationship that I loved showing her off. Karen has a beautiful face and a gorgeous "girl next door"... Continue»
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Bachelor Party Surprise

My Name is Derek and my wife is Kristy. We have been married for eight years and are both in our early thirties. We had just opened a Party Store where we sell party supplies and put on parties for various groups of people. We have catered parties for local dignitaries, weddings, fundraisers and even the occasional bachelor or bachelorette parties.

The business had been very successful so far. We were trying to build a solid reputation as a place you can count on for a great party. We are usually pretty busy and Kristy and I do most of the work. We have to hire temps occasionally to help ou... Continue»
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Seduced Young Wife

Seduced Young Wife

Chapter 1

A hum filled Lynn Shaffer's ears as she began to arouse herself from
her half-sl**p. She was dimly aware of a delicious warmth which
permeated her entire body, forming tiny beads of perspiration on her
forehead and letting a faint dampness invade the sheltered places
beneath her arms and down between her small, smoothly rounded thighs.
She rolled over onto her back, vaguely conscious now of the texture of
the terrycloth towel which lay beneath her, and of the sweltering sun
standing high over her in the cloudless Caribbean sky.

The... Continue»
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wifes desire

The wife wote this email to me, after I asked her what she would like to do this weekend, We hope you all enjoy reading as much as I did!!!
You call me at home and tell me you will be home in half an hour and to start getting ready cause you want to go out for dinner and dancing. You get home and come upstairs and find me getting out of the shower, i'm all wet and rubbing baby oil onto my body and you ask if you can help. I tell you no cause then you wont want to go out, and you promise you wont change your mind about going out. so I let you rub some oil onto my ... Continue»
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A Stripper Story

It like strippers (most of them). Actually I like all exhibitionist women who enjoy pleasing men and get pleasure from sex without drama or hangups. I also think public or semi-public sex is very exciting, especially with someone you just met and don't expect to have any ongoing attachment with. This story is about one experience I had in a strip club.

I was visiting Houston on business. I had heard and read on some review sites, that "extras" were available in some of the strip clubs in town. I had also read that some of the dancers were incredibly hot and totally freaky for sex. I p... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Part 10

Desert Heat – Pt 10
As usual, I woke early on Saturday morning. Ginger and Jerry were still sl**ping, so decided to go for a morning swim. I swam laps for about half an hour and then got out of the pool to relax and enjoy the quiet morning and get some reading done.
About an hour later, Ginger comes dragging herself outside, looking like she had been run over by a truck. When she walked over to me, her gait looked like that of a duck. I asked her if she was doing okay and she said that after the last two days her pussy was so sore that it even hurts when she walks. She admitted that s... Continue»
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XMAS 2004 PART 3

Xmas 2004 part 3

As Sharon entered the bathroom, she closed the door behind her and leant against it, she was wearing, the blouse from last night with her bra underneath. Below she was only wearing the stockings and suspender belt, which very nicely accentuated the shaven triangle between her legs.

I asked her “if she was OK, about last night, and did she want some time alone?”
Sharon started to unbutton her blouse and said “I am more than ok, I definitely needed that, and you wouldn’t be here if I didn’t”.

As she was unbuttoning her blouse, I realised I hadn’t seen her boobs in over... Continue»
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Bi-Curious Personal Ad

A story I wrote a few years ago and posted on Literotica. It's about 10% reality but mostly fantasy. Sorry it's so long - it was originally posted in 3 parts. Hope you like it.

I was 26 years old, and living in an apartment, just getting my career going after spending time in graduate school. I had always considered myself straight. I was never what you'd calla "babe magnet" and I was never real good at picking up women, but I wouldn't say I was sexually deprived either. Through several one night stands and a few semi-long term girlfriends, I'd say I probably had at least as much sex... Continue»
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Birthday surprise

We were both headed out the door to face the day. "Don't forget, dinner is at 7. I have something special planned for you. I think this will be a birthday you won't forget, " she said, flashing that huge sparkling smile.

I thought about her comment several times as I worked through the day. I texted her once asking her to give me a hint. Her only reply was, "patience! You'll enjoy it."

As I arrived home that evening, I opened the door to the wonderful aroma's of her cooking. We enjoyed pre-dinner conversation over a glass of wine as she finished making dinner. It was fabulous.

After... Continue»
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Sometimes lust won't be denied

This is a true story....

Many years ago I got involved with a group of people who put on a performance of the Rocky Horror Picture show. We would dress-up as the various players and do our thing while the movie was playing. Unlike a lot of groups we put a huge amount of effort into the costumes and the acting. We were very good.

I played Dr. Frank-N-Furter the star. I can sing and my voice is actually fairly close to Tim Curry's. Being a straight guy it was more than a little weird... Continue»
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Wrong Place...Wrong Time...

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, I was returning from the mall and decided to take a short cut through the Government Projects near the School. I thought that since it was raining I would be able to get through before anyone knew I was in their territory.

I was almost through the Projects when it started to rain harder and the lightening begin to flash. Absentmindedly I ran up on a nearby porch and stood there out of the rain, the door to the apartment opened and two huge black dudes stepped out besides me, one on each side.

Shaking with fear I steadied myself and eased forward, try... Continue»
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Pornstar Nina

This story is based on BigDDtits and contains BDSM, humiliation and watersports

Following her recent adventures of being used and degraded like the cheap nasty piggy whore she is, we decided to video any further such encounters and put them together to make a feature length internet movie of this nasty cunt being used and abused.

The first scene we decided to shoot involved one of her neighbours John who was one of Nina's regular friends to use her natural talents at being a completely fat nasty whore. John would only ever want oral servicing from Nina because he reckoned her pussy and ... Continue»
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Finding out my girlfriend is a whore

I've been dating my girlfriend for 4.5+yrs now and I'm getting ready to propose soon. I'm 26 she's 25 blonde hair big butt 36dd's. When we first started dating she told me she had 10+ partners, has had some one night stands, and had done a few 3somes, and use to let the guys on the football team in highschool eat her out in the locker room before their games. That all was a red flag to me that said she was a slut but this girl was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen and tried to block it out and not think about it and see where this relationship went.

She's always dressed pretty slutty... Continue»
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s****r in law cintinued

The week after our little affair my sistr-in -law ( Marie) still hadn't decided when she wanted to tell her husband ( Mick my brothr) about it. I kept bugging her trying to reassure her that I know him very well and that he will accept the idea. In fact I said that we will probably have to stop him from dropping his pants right on the spot.

He was going to be home the coming Friday night and I finally convinced her that was the perfect time. We all were free that night and the next day.

Well Friday night we stayed home and cooked dinner. After dinner we were sitting around having drinks... Continue»
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The German Project

The German Project

This story is dedicated to my friends

The flight from Heathrow was uneventful as usual and only reminded me that I really needed to change to Lufthansa in future who without doubt has much prettier cabin crew than British Airways. Landing and clearing Frankfurt airport was equally uneventful as was the taxi ride out to Bockenheim district where the German subsidiary of the company I work for has its offices.

It was late in the afternoon and I had a little time left to discuss a new project with Bernhard who was the senior engi... Continue»
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Craigslist hookup that actually worked!

Just a quickie story here to record a pretty crazy day. Labor Day 2013 here in the US, but I decided to go into one of our local offices to get a project done. The office was in Santa Ana, CA and since we were in the middle of a remodel job, I wasn't sure if the air conditioning would even be on.

Sure enough, when I rolled in it was hot as hell. Luckily there was a slight breeze and I was able to open up freight door in the back to get some air in the office. I knocked off a couple items from the to-do list and then started getting that mind wandering, horny again, should I or... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XIX

Chapter XIX – Lovers Triangle (based on Love Stories of Mary Worth No. 3 cover, Harvey Comics, January 1950?)

Ed is my boss in a very important financial business company. And I am Eva, his secretary and this is the story where I explain how I finally got hold of my man, with the help of someone that was also in love with him.

I worked for Ed since I first stepped down in the company, and right away it was ‘love at first sight’, at least for me. I had this deep crush on him and he was everything that I wished for a ... Continue»
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My wife Nancy gets used

Are you sure you don't mind?" Bob could tell Nancy was anxious for his approval, but really wanted to go out and celebrate with her new coworkers. She had just started back to work three weeks ago, and was enjoying the opportunity to have 'grown up' conversations that didn't consist of 'guess what the k**s did lately'. "Sweetheart. Go." Bob replied, "Just be sure to get a pretty new outfit with the bonus." Nancy was diligently building a 'go to work' wardrobe, and Bob was willing to give her just about any excuse to add to it. Besides, he also knew his wife well enough to know that her excitem... Continue»
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Kara’s Evening In

Kara was preparing for her special evening. Standing in front of one her mirrors she admired the way her thin white robe and black lingerie accentuated her lean, lanky figure. Tonight was a special event she prepared for herself every few weeks. Soon her guests would be arriving and she would be basking in all their attention. The thoughts of all their eyes on her, ogling every inch and curve of her body excited her. u*********sly Kara’s hands began to caress her body. Her fingers worked up her legs, over her torso, and finally over her breasts. Kara’s hands crisscrossed over her firm tits and... Continue»
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