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They Called Me Horse

Eric was a shy person. He hated being the center of attention and did whatever he could to not draw attention to himself.

He was home schooled for most of his life but then his parents thought that sending him to public school for his senior year would help him with his social skills before he went to college. Eric found himself suddenly thrust into a large school and he absolutely knew no one! He was OK that no one seemed to even notice him. At least no one did until he had his first gym class.

He was really shocked when he was informed that everyone had to shower after class. When it c... Continue»
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Paris Match The Soundtrack

Paris Match The Soundtrack

Track 1 Paris Match (Style Council)

My flight touched down shortly after seven in the evening. I grappled with my small suitcase and the emotions of both fear and excitement. I was anxious to clear the chaos of airport customs and head for the business district of Paris. It had been over twenty years since my last visit to the French capital and I had forgotten how rude people really were. Without much help from the natives I managed to find the correct train and within an hour I was at the hotel with a dynamic view of The Grande Arche.

I waited in th... Continue»
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My Dirty Ex and Her Husband

Dirty Rose and Thomas
My ex-girlfriend Rose is a freak.

When we were together, we used to fuck all night.

I can still see her today. She had raven curly hair, she was so damn sexy, you would get a raging hard on so bad you wouldn’t be able to stand it. She was so fucking good in bed and kinky as hell. If I wrote about all the times we sucked, fucked, screwed and made love, I would have finally written a masterpiece, dripping with passion and the juices of our bodies.

We did it in a park, in a car, in an apartment, every room of a friend’s house: the bathroom, the living room on t... Continue»
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The New Guy Part 2 (Chad & Marcie)

“There’s something different about you Marce; what gives?” Bianca my friend, colleague and the office gossip was sitting across from me chatting on our lunch break.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about B; I’m no different than usual.”
I was slightly on edge, there was no way I wanted Bianca finding out that I had been fucking the new IT guy for the last two months.
Chad was like no other guy I’d ever been with. He knew what I wanted before I asked for it and once more seemed to know my darkest hidden desires and acted on them.
I couldn’t help but feel my core bloom as I recalled our r... Continue»
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Cross Dressing Cock Slut Party

Sadly this wonderful story is just a fantasy, but who wants to make something similar a reality!?!

The evening had taken a while to arrange, but had finally arrived. All 5 guests turned up within 15 minutes of each other and as they did, I fixed them a quick drink and showed them into the living room to get to know each other. Alan was a suited businessman in his mid thirties. Dave and Brian were dressed casually in jeans and Tshirts and both in their mid forties. Jeff and Keith were my age, early fifties and dressed in a shirt and smart trousers. We looked like a bunch of golfing mates who... Continue»
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My name is Jane and I am an eurasian girl : I am half asian and half european.
You can see my pics and videos on my profile if you want to know what I look like. As you can see, sex is really important in my life.
It was not always like that. I was married before, serious and bored in my life. When I get divorced, I wanted to try new things, because I realized that I lost 3 years of my life with just boring and normal sex. I met many guys before I met my hubby. It was him who first proposed me to try group sex. I first thought that he just wanted to fuck other girls, that I was not en... Continue»
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Secret Visitors

You will lie on the bed and watch as I disrobe slowly for you. As I stand before you arms folded I ask you to rise. I take you over to face the mirror. I stand behind you. My lips caress your neck as my hands wander over the outside of your clothes, gently caressing. I undo your skirt, it falls to the ground and you step out of it. My hands roam slowly over the skin revealed. Feel my tip against your cheeks. I gently caress your inner thighs and your cheeks bare from the blue G string. My tongue probes your ear and the nape of your neck.

I slowly undo your blouse and, as it falls apart, we ... Continue»
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The chair of the White Queen.

The chair is the first thing I noticed entering the apartment, it couldn't be missed. Alone in the center of the lounge with all other furniture pushed against the walls. The rug rolled and leaning in the corner, gas fire lit so low as to produce no noticeable heat at all. The chair looks old, all iron scrolls and smooth wooden surfaces, heavy but very adjustable if you could believe the many knobs and levers.
Dental maybe? or medical? I don't know what its use was before today, whatever it's past life had been, it has a new one now.
Bolted securely to the floor, shiny metal brackets added... Continue»
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A Bicycle Ride in the Country

A Bicycle Ride in the Country by SBarak1

I always thought of myself as reasonably fit. I go for a run once or twice a week, go to the gym and ride my bicycle a few times a week.

The weather had been wet for the last few weeks and I hadn’t been able to get outside much. The weather looked as though it was going to clear so I got my push bike out and decided to give it it’s annual maintenance going over. I also needed to fix a problem I had been having with the gears. I couldn’t seem to solve the problem with the gears, so I put the bike in the back of the car and drove down to the loc... Continue»
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Donna at the porn cinema.

Last night I went to the cinema with a close friend of mine,Maurizio,have known him for some years,he is 59 years old and single,he lives alone,and he likes so much my crossdresser side of me,expecially when i wear boots,skirts,or stockings,He really goes out of his mind.He has never asked me to have anal sex,so,I dont ask him,but because he likes a lot my mouth,he dont waste time to kiss me and ask for blowjobs.

Was kinda near ten p.m. when he rang the doorbell of my door,all excited,I took my trench coat(outside was rainy)and i ran down the stairs quickly as possible.
I was dressed with ... Continue»
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SLUT WIFEs gangbang

Well it happened again... I'd been away for a business trip and once I got back, my slut wife Ellen whispered in my ear, "I've been naughty." I was instantly hard!! She gave me her best "Little Miss Naughty" look, jammed her hand down my pants and started her story...
Ellen had been out with some girlfriends to a Mexican Restaurant that just happened to be having a Tequila promotion. They got stuck into the "lick-sip-suck" routine and before they knew it, were a little bit pissed. Before long, the group of girls were surrounded by half a dozen very handsome men, and feeling no pain, they ... Continue»
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True swinger club story, giving oral pleasure

Endowed_Goddess wrote this to me:
If you have experienced female ejaculation while performing oral (cunnilingus), write an essay about it both here and at xhamster and CC Me on both. If the answer is no, you have not. Reply just as succinctly as I said it. (Your essay can be as elaborate as you wish it to be.)
you have 5 business days to complete this assignment, and permission to request an extension if needed. CC'ing will be the ONLY way to notify Me of taskaccomplishery.
Until then, all you will do about this message answer the following question how I laboriously and repeatedly tra... Continue»
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My new life as a brainless d**g house whore

Look I am not like your typical gurl. I am well educated from a good home and I have a great practice. I am clean disease free and always smell nice. I have always been a sex addict since I was little. As I got older my tastes got kinkier and kinkier. I have now been a submissive since my teen years and I just came to the extreme side of that. It all started a year ago when I started seeing a new mistress. She was into feminization so she started dressing me. I liked it ok as she would use dildos on me but what I really liked was being called names and made to go out in public. I found I liked... Continue»
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Breeding at a Wedding - for Cutechick456

Cutechick456 introduced me to four nubiles at a wedding.

Being an enchantress, she cast a spell over them and told them that the next man they met would take them on an adventure in which all would play their part, but only one would be the ultimate recipient of his seed. That girl would be blessed and impregnated with a daugh ter.

This is how it would happen.......

L to R: Claudia, Sam, Carol, Amanda

I chose the second girl, Sam, to be the mother of my baby, to breed.

I would take them to her bedroom in t... Continue»
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Fucking my husband's friend and wanting his w

It was just past eleven, I was having a cold, so I opted to stay in that night and have some cough medicine, and a 'Toddy', whiskey, honey and water, so by the time my husband came home from the pub, I was a tad tipsy and light headed.

A blazing fire added to the surrealness of our atmosphere. I had taken a hot bath and not expecting anything exciting I remained nude under my terry-towelling robe, it was more for convenience and comfort, as going to bed was fast approaching.

When my husband eventually got home, he had a surprise, a friend, just as worse for wear as he was, had missed his... Continue»
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My 1st time with a real cock at my 1st ever GAY C

One Friday night, feeling courageous I decide to do what I have long fantasized about, and go to a male sex club in Londons SOHO GAY SEX/NIGHT CLUB SCENE to lose my virginity. I slip on a pair of shiny pink silk bikini panties, which hug my tight buns and wrap a matching pink satin garter belt with lace trim around my waist. I then roll sheer white stockings with French backseams up my long muscular legs and attach them to the garter straps of my garter belt. I slip into a tight pair of leather pants that feel delicious and sexy over my stocking clad legs. I then slip on my ultra sexy thigh hi... Continue»
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Jamaican good times......

I have been married to Lynn for a little over six years. It was a good marriage and we both were very happy. Our sex lives were super and we usually fucked and sucked every day and on the weekends three or four times. She was one of those ladies that if she is touched with a hard cock she gets so wet and horny she just has to fuck.
Lynn is 28 years old, 5?9? tall, 112 lbs., long dark blond hair, very blue eyes, long shapely legs, great butt and perfect tits with long suck able nipples. Her 37?25?36 body was breathtaking. When she walked down the street men and women would stop and stare at he... Continue»
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A Mother’s Secret 5-Sharing It

This is part 5 of the story of a mother who has done a taboo porn video to support her k**s. Her are links to the other four parts. Please enjoy and show your appreciation by thumbs up.
It was Cindy’s birthday and everyone in the Roberts f****y was excited. Cindy invited some of the k**s that she went... Continue»
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My first time being used while husband watched

Had our first go at me being used by 2 men while my husband watched. We went to a party at a pub and my husband met an old friend there. I was wearing tight leather trousers and feeling very sexy. My husbands friend Colin and his mate Tony were telling my husband how lucky he was to have such a sexy wife. The evening wore on and the 4 of us were getting a little tipsy and I found myself flirting badly. Tony seemed to like rubbing my bum and I must admit I was getting very turned on. I ended up telling them my husbands fantasy was to watch me being fucked by other men. On hearing this Colin and... Continue»
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A Visit to a Public Toilet

I had been trying for years to get my wife Claire to fuck other guys.
The idea of seeing her used by others had always given me a thrill,
I knew form Claire and role-play games that she too found this a turn on,
but she could never bring herself to try it. I was fortunate
though that she was sexually adventurous within her boundaries.
She was happy to pose for explicit and kinky pictures. It was during an outdoor picture foray that our world changed.

I regularly passed a public toilet on my travels for work, it was in a remote
rural area and frequented by both gay and straight peo... Continue»
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