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I walked into the house fully dressed as a woman as ordered; I loved it when he tells me what to wear. Today I was in a short mini skirt and sheer white top with no bra. I was barelegged, wearing lacy red crotchless panties, and the new stilettos he bought me were black to match the dress and my long black-haired wig. My makeup was done perfectly and I had cleaned and lubed my hole for his use. I stood still while he closed the door. He ordered my hands in front of me where he handcued them. He lifted my hand over a hook and I stood facing the wall with my hands above my head.

“You look lik... Continue»
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Wife's Intro to Pussy, My Intro to Her Girlfr

My wife's curiosity about being with another woman began several yeas ago when she was being hit on by a friend of hers. By the time she got the nerve the woman moved out of town but her curiosity lingered. Then came February 2015.

She and her divorced friend Suk loved shopping together and they would ask for my opinion o clothes they bought, including lingerie.. One evening, as I was checking the fit, I "accidently" brushed my hand against Suk's pussy. She did not say a word until later that night when she and my wife were in a separate bedroom watching a Korean soap opera. Suk told my wi... Continue»
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The women gang up.

Her lips are moving so I know she's talking, but I can't hear a word. My eyes focus in on my glass, just ice left melting into a free drink. I see condensation sliding down the side and my first thought is, 'I wonder if she squirts?'

Somehow I notice her laughing and shake out of my trance, I f***e a smile and chuckle. Sure she's cute but she's just not interesting. I'd fuck her but I know this is going nowhere so perhaps I'll turn this date into a one nighter. Good ol' romp in the sack, never see her again. But she doesn't seem like the type to sl**p on the first date, let alone ki... Continue»
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Sex Party & Creampie Gangbang

I stated going to gangbang/sex parties in the early 2000’s. For the most part there would be one or two women in attendance and anywhere from 10 to 20 random males invited. Most of the women were part of a couple and the husband always seemed to want to “direct” the action and insisted on condoms being used. I never liked being told what I could and could not do sexually with a woman, so for the most part these parties were a bust for me.

But then I found a group on Yahoo of all places that held regular parties every week. What caught my eye was the title of the parties: “Bare if you Da... Continue»
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Wife giving sex shows

After my wife (Sally) and I got married we were struggling to pay the mortgage etc. Sally is slim with auburn long hair long legs and nicely shaped breasts - we enjoyed plenty of sex often when warm enough going into fields and getting daring with the possibility of being seen, often behind stone walls next to busy roads and in woods where there could be walkers, we were (as far as we know) never seen.
Sally admitted that she is a bit of an exhibitionist and on holidays would always go topless and smile at men giving her admiring glances, I didn't mind and got quite turned on by it. Often whe... Continue»
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Asian Wife Satisfies

I am married to a wonderful, sexy Asian woman. She is a total babe, always getting hit on by other men. She is the perfect submissive Asian type, petite, ivory white skin, long black hair, a beautiful face, very Asian features. Lynn, my wife, and I share a very open, erotic marriage, and while we only play together, fulfilling our sexual fantasies is a turn on for the both of us. Like some guys, I get very excited when other men want my wife. Something about a super, sexy, slutty wife fucking strange men while I watch or join in turns me on. Guys, it seems, love being dominant and aggressive i... Continue»
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Fucking Wife While Her Husband Tied

Hi im Rena, married to David, whose f****y owns 6 jewellery showrooms across the state, after marriage we moved into a posh locality, so we can spent our happy times alone, and away from our parents. David is quite good in bed and we both have a good sex appetite. Unfortunately David has to travel to 2 other jewellery showrooms that are quite far from our city. Sometimes he will be gone for two weeks and I would really miss him and his cock.

As we are very active in sex, David had brought us all kinds of sex toys and material... Continue»
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Jenelle Theatre Fuck Part 2

It went on like this for over an hour, with cock after cock using my slutty holes. I was covered in wet slippery cum from head to cunt.
Somebody must had been making phone-calls cos there seemed to be about 50 or 60 men in the theatre now all with their cocks out wanting to fuck my swampy wet cunt ass and mouth. I just willing submitted to their cock-needs and let them fuck me in any manner they wanted.
Phil later told me that at least 40 cocks had filled my cunt with cum, most of which had been pumped into my well fucked cervix. Phil was having a ball sucking all the cum out of my cunt onl... Continue»
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wife shared

This part of my life story happened when my wife Marta was 51 years old,she had gained a few pounds over the years but
she is still very attractive,she is 5'4'' and 140lbs with reddish blond hair nice two handful tits,and hairy pussy,over
the years she has at times wanted to shave her pussy,but I didn't want her to,so the hair stayed.She is still somewhat
kind of shy.We had been high school sweethearts and married shortly after we graduated,I had always been the jealous
type of guy,not wanting her to be around other guys or trusting her to go anywhere by herself,always questioning her if
... Continue»
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My Wife's Creampie Gangbang

We were in the mood for a gangbang. Something to really take things to the next level, we had been in some groups and had guys over for DP sessions and love it. This was going to be big.

I placed an ad on cl: Wanted, clean guys, healthy a must, cock size not as important as being skilled at fucking hard and being dominant. Must include stats, face and full body pic, voice verify before, will have a hotel room ready for the event, etc.

The responses poured in, which wasn’t surprising given the hot pics of her we put in the ad. I was put in charge of selecting and briefing the applicants,... Continue»
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s*s home from holiday

s*s had been gone on two weeks of holiday. So hubby and I haven't seen much of her lately. When she returned she called me up and we decided to go out to dinner, just the three of us. I was looking forward to seeing my s****r again and chatting with her about her holiday. I know she was sure looking forward to seeing my husband again.

Hubby and I drove over to her apartment, we had bought a new car since she had gone so when we got to her place I had hubby go out to pick her up at the door since she wouldn't recognize the car when we pulled up. He went the stairs to her her second story a... Continue»
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My first foursome - BF brought his friend.

After seeing is fine huge cock in Adam’s pants my heart start pumping high, all my restrictions and nervousness fly away. I couldn’t believe that I was about to live my fantasy of double penetration with these two huge cocks. I was alone in my home with these two men, who were here to fuck me while my husband was away for office.

NS and Adam were in sitting in front of me on sofa while Adam’s eye glued on my boobs. He doesn’t seem as nice guy as NS is. While we are talking he came near to me to stand beside me and took my boobs in his hand. I found it a bit weird but couldn’t stopped him. ... Continue»
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Becky becomes a sex toy

I grew up with my mom in a trailer park in the south, she worked two jobs just so we could get by. We were best friends and got along amazingly well. It was really hard to say goodbye but she was so proud of me for getting a scholarship at a decent university a few hours away. It was tough we don’t own a car so it was hard to see each other. I worked a part time job to help pay bills but it wasn’t enough and I was getting desperate for cash.
I found an ad in the paper for a best assets contest. 500 to each winner best ass and best tits. My mother wouldn’t approve but it was 500 bucks and wo... Continue»
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Taboo 3 (JJ & Jennifer)

My stepmom was exquisite; I had been using her as my cumslut for close to a year now. Every chance I got I was fucking at least one of her holes. The best part about the whole thing my dad didn’t have a fucking clue.
There had been many times that I had slipped into their bedroom after they were both asl**p and slid into bed next to her, sliding my cock between her legs and into her ass or into her cunt and slowly fucking her until I had to put my hand over her mouth to muffle her moans. The king sized bed and the fact that my dad slept soundly made it all the easier.
Then there were tim... Continue»
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The naughty couple

I met up with a guy who wanted me to suck him off in his car
After dark
So I found his car waiting for me I text him to see if it was him he flashed his lights no one else around which was good :)
So walked over to his car and took off my clothes then got in the passenger side he was smiling grabbed my hand and put it straight down his trousers
Told me to wank him his hand went up behind the back of my head and he started pushing my head down towards his cock which I had just pulled out of his trousers
He said I'm getting a little hot so opened his window for some fresh air
It was st... Continue»
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The Best Sex Ever (Chapter One)

My name’s Stefan Ricci. I’m a 26 year old resident of Arlington, Texas. I’ve been doing some part time college studies in recent years; But I’m hardly devoted academically. I’ve been through a handful of jobs in recent years; And, in all honesty, Had felt like a bit of a restless spirit that hadn’t found my niche in life until recently. About 3 months ago, I took a job as a maintenance worker at a research facility; And found so much more than I could have dreamed.

The place was called Dream On Research And Development. They were just looking for someone with a bit of basic maintenance expe... Continue»
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Maybe Older is Better

I had just finished high school and was trying to figure out what is next for me. My b*****r had a pool maintenance business and I started work there. Now, all threw school I was a player notching the bedpost twenty times. They were all girls my age or younger. I liked fucking.
I was working and my last call was in a classy part of Dallas. I arrived and went to back yard. The pool was dead and the owner did not know why. I went to work and noticed the owner and another lady were sitting at a umbrella table drinking wine. They were not bad looking women but both were in their mid fifties ... Continue»
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fun night out

it had been 3months since i moved to blackpool, so far things were quite good, i had a job a roof over my head. i had made some new friends at the hotel, and best of all i was getting fucked regular by tony our hotel chef.

me: im bored i need to do something,
auntie: what do you expect you havnt let the hotel since you arrived
me: think its time for a night out.
tony: ill show you round if you like
me: why not be here for 8. i said as i finished my shift in the kitchen.

off i went shopping , some new clothes was needed,

8pm came i was stood waiting at the front entrance. dresse... Continue»
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Suck My Titties

I can't help but to enjoy getting my Tits sucked a lot. I keep letting these two guys suck them when they come over and my gf is at work. I don't know why I keep letting them do that to me. Seeing I get extremely weak when I get them sucked. This morning on 10/8/16 at 9am about an hour after my gf went to work. The door bell rang. I knew they weren't coming over to paint or fix my car. These tall black men came to my house to suck my tits and to feel up on me. I let them in. Immediately one push me against the wall and pull up my top over my tits and began sucking on them. I couldn't... Continue»
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White Sluts' Club: Bride-to-Be!

"Tonight you can't say no," Becka ordered, like the drill sergeant she often is.

"Yes, ma'am," I saluted sarcastically, already tipsy from three glasses of wine.

Jennie added, "It's your last night of freedom, so you need to make it epic."

"I'm just getting married, not going to a convent," I protested.

"Marriage is worse," Becka, the group slut, countered.

I shook my head as it was never worth the effort to fight with Becka.

Amy asked, "Are we really going to The Pit?"

"Of course," Becka said, "where else would you take a goody-go... Continue»
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