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First time anal with a huge Dom cock (real story)

I was at home alone feeling really horny, I hadn't cum for about 1 week... I started watching porn and soon after I found myself on a dating website that I used to go on at the time...I was cross dressing occasionaly wearing stockings and knickers and I loved it. I had only sucked cock twice and now I needed more...
That night I started talking to someone who was crossdressing also, we chatted for ages and the conversation was getting more and more horny. He was looking to meet the day after, I was anxious about the whole thing but I was so horny that I was ready for everything...At some poin... Continue»
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The Rebound Sex Years – Part Two

The Rebound Sex Years – Part Two
***This is chapter three of my sex memoirs following on from:
After several requests, I’ve decided to continue this in chronological order which features this unusual encounter with a sex-date site meetup***
The AFF Meet
6 interesting months had passed since my last sex session with my friend John. I had met and begun a very active, long distant relationship with a girl, Corrine, I had met on a yahoo group. We were having ... Continue»
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Glory Hole for the first time!

I had a girlfriend when I was young...
we experimented... a lot...
I can still see her, on her knees, between my legs...
her face close to mine, bend over me...
one hand firmly on my hard dick her soft breast and hard nipples moving up and down in hard jerks while she rams a nice big dildo in and out my ass...

her sweet smile while she does it, her voice telling me to take it...
her hand firmly massaging the head of my dick my fingers squeezing her hard nipples
telling her to fuck my ass with that dildo...

we had a good time together! I loved fucking her hard, she loved doing the s... Continue»
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Gay sex with dominant Pakistani

I've always enjoyed a wide variety of sexual adventures, although when I was married, my wife wasn't quite as adventurous and broad minded as me. In her eyes, the most daring thing she'd ever done was to go out with no knickers one summers afternoon, and watch me have a wank in the woods.

However, when we divorced, my sexual world opened up an endless amount of adventure.

Once I'd found a flat, my first thoughts turned to cross dressing, and I went to a local supermarket, and added a few Paris of panties and stockings to my grocery shopping. These I wore around the flat, and occasionall... Continue»
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Pizza delivery : Tasty initiation 2

(Read Tasty Initiation 1 before)

I was too much into it that I did not realize the other guy coming right beside me. That's true, it all started by me watching him stroking outside. Now he was there right beside, asking for some fun as well. His cock already looked big earlier, but now seeing it 2 inches beside my face, I realized it was huge, at least 9 inches long if I compared it to mine which is about 7 inches. It was also thick, but not too much. He started pushing it against my face while I still have his friend deep into my mouth. At this point, I was not shy anymore, but I kind of ... Continue»
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blowjob in the Theater

One evening I wanted to try out an adult movie theater. I got on my panties and leggings and a black shirt. I arrived to this place walked in to what looked like a normal porn shop with a curtain in the back. I paid the fee and went to the back into the theater. It was low lit with about 8 rows of chairs there was about 12 people in here all of them were guys. I sat down in the 5th row 6 seats in. They had a interracial porno on. A few minutes in a guy sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around my neck. I looked over and there was this black guy wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a green t-... Continue»
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The Rebound Sex Years – Part 1

The Rebound Sex Years – Part 1
***This is a true story that continues themes and relationships from my previous story “First Fuck After French Exam” ( After many very positive comments about my style of writing, I have taken a slightly more dramatic style for this entry, but have still strived to maintain the integrity of the truth of these stories***

It Begins With A Pitty Shag.

My best friend, John and I hadn’t seen each other for about 3 years. Our last time together involved very quickly dressing and running for his... Continue»
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Another White Boi Taken Gay

"Um...k**...I think I need to talk to you. Could we speak somewhere private?" I could tell by all his fidgeting that he was clearly nervous about something.

"Yeah...whatever." I pointed over towards the janitor's storage room. As I closed the door behind us, he finally found the courage to speak up to me.

"Listen, k**. You got my little girl pregnant!" For some reason, the look of sadness and despair in his eyes made me so happy.

"I bet I did, old man. I've dumped my cum into dozens of bitches at this school so far."

 I squeezed my hand tight and threw it towards his face. Even tho... Continue»
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First Cock Gay

I began sucking my friend Kadir's cock when I was 18. My luck was also my curse: his mushroom head cock was 8 1/2 inch's long, 2inch's thick. Kadir was a true man, after he cums with or without any service it doesn't take more than 5 minutes to cum for the second time and 3rd time. It was the type of cock you jump on, take it deep and let the cum flow in your ass. It was my dream cock but that dream but never achieved to take it all in.

In our first try, he tried to shove the mushroom in my ass, I screamed so loud I made him to promise me to try never and ever. He gave me one finger right ... Continue»
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Chris10, last of Chris Series

DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.

'Wanna cum in rubbers?' Cobb moaned, nearing orgasm inside Bess's hot cunt.

'No... I'm too close, gonna cum in your ass, sweetheart!' Brian shuddered. Cobb reached back and got a death grip on Brian's balls as Brian grabbed his, then the two of them cumming in hot, flowing spurts. Bess gurgled and flooded Cobb's groin with her wild squirting, and Tina moaned and started squirting herself as she orgasmed all over Brian's ass....
... Continue»
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First sexual experience

In that period I had only one close friend that we were always together no matter what.
We wanted to start exploring ourselves as we spend more and more time together,so we did that.
First we started to look at some naked woman in the magazines and we were very horny.
This was in the 90's so there was no internet and it was not easy as today to get some porn!

After that I managed to sl**pover at his house few times.
This was way more interesting cause he had a TV in his room and we were watching some soft porn at midnight.That night we started to masturbate only under the blankets,
... Continue»
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First Fuck After French Exam

First Fuck After French Exam

***This is a true story and is as much as I can remember, but seeing as it was more than 15 years ago, I might have missed out a few details***

My friend John and I had just finished our written French exam. It was barely 12.30 in the afternoon and we had no reason to remain at the school. We began walking home together as we shared part of the route and got to talking about our girlfriends. I had recently split from this dumb, fugly girl who I had only been with because she was obsessed with me and I was desperate to loose my virginity (as it happened I only... Continue»
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Daniel, Gary and I

(This story is true, just the names, places and times are changed to keep from exposing the participants other then me from embarrassment.)

I knelt before Daniel as he stood over me glaring down with a wicked smile on his lips...his words were like a knife as he spoke '...undo my zipper and kiss my dick like it's made of sugar and honey. My be you'll even get to suck some of it's honey out before and after I fuck you, now get busy...' Even tho tears were forming in my eyes my heart skipped with excitement as I noticed the huge bulge in his pants continue to grow.

I looked up at Daniel ... Continue»
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The Gravitas of Big Black Cock

(This is in honor of Martin Luther King Day. As a white guy, and who grew up during the Civil Rights Era, and witnessed King's assignation on the evening news (!), and who freely admits to his 'addiction'(?) to big black cock, I dedicate this story to all the many other BBC 'addicted' white American males!)

The scene:

An older model 'trailer house' in a long established 'trailer park', somewhere in a small, dumpy, mid-western city.

As Jason sat in front of his lap-top watching 'interracial porn', he was jacking-off. He did this quite frequently. Nearly every day after he got home ... Continue»
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Alex's Craigslist Adventures Ch. 6

Xmas shopping and public restroom blowjobs

My name is Alex, I'm a 29 year old bi guy who has finally admitted to himself how much of a pervert I am. This adventure happened while I was xmas shopping. I'm not going to reveal the location, because I want to keep my secret fuck spots for future fun! I hope to share more of my true stories in the future.


I was rushing out of my apartment early one weekday, hoping to beat the holiday rush and get the last of my shopping done. I had been crazy horny for the past week, and had hoped I could find someone to play with. I did find... Continue»
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I finally got my first black cock

Well January 14th will always be special to me. I put a add on craigslist looking for date. While I got many replies I started to talk to one guy who sounded hot. We agreed to meet in public and go from there. I was excited because I haven't been laid in about 6 months and was so horny. I got all dressed up and headed out to meet him. When I showed up at the bar he wasn't there yet. Now mind you I had no clue what he looked like just what he would be wearing. I sit there watching the door when a tall good looking black man walked in wearing the shirt I was told he would be wearing. He walk ove... Continue»
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Losing My Virginity to Another Guy

This one's True...I lost my virginity with another guy during the summer of one of my high school years.

I was young and there was another guy at school that hung around with me. We were best friends growing up in the early 80s. We spent the night at each other’s house, had fun together, laughed and we watched sports, played games and fished.

I started to have romantic and sexual feelings for him over time. I was so young that I didn’t know what to make of my urges and love for him. I was raised to be afraid of gay people and think that it was a one way ticket to eternal damnation. Yet,... Continue»
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Best Friends

I was young, healthy, and single. I had just broken up with my girlfriend Nicky (who completely turned me out) at the time and was looking forward to having a little free time even though Nicky and I would still hangout and hook up.

My best friend during this time was Jay. We went to the same school and played on the same neighborhood sports teams and a lot of the same friends. Jay and I were best friends and pretty much inseparable, if he ever needed anything I was there to help and vice versa. After graduating high school we knew we were way more than just friends. Jay and I had a se... Continue»
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100 Percent Gay with the Right Man

I'm Jack, 28 years old, 5'8", 150 lbs, and considered good looking. I've been bisexual since I was a teenager, when I first fooled around with male friends. I continued playing with both men and women into my early 20s but something always seemed to be missing from my relationships. Then, a few years ago, a girlfriend of mine and I went to see the movie "Secretary." For those of you who haven't seen it, the film tastefully deals with a S&M relationship between a male boss and his female secretary.

When my girlfriend and I were lying in bed that night she told me that she thought I had some ... Continue»
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Getting my first blowjob

I had been sucking Jay's cock and swallowing his cum almost everyday for about a month now. After he was done he would jerk me off or I would jerk myself while watching the same old porn tape. When I was done I asked him where he got the porn. He told me Gary got it for him. I knew Gary he was in the same grade we were in. I said I'll ask him for another one tomorrow.
The next day I seen Gary after class and asked if he could get me a porno. He said sure. We went to his house, he lived a few blocks from me. He said I only have a few tapes. I asked how do you get them. He answered ... Continue»
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