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A Boy's First Piss Enema

The Saturday before last, I had an amazing watersports threesome in Hong Kong with a regular fuck-buddy of mine and a "Boy" (only 19) that he'd met. The next day we met up again (just for Yum Cha) and we talked about what we should do for our next session. They were both very much wanting to be able to try piss enemas and so they proposed that we should go bareback next time.

I contacted my partners back in Australia and asked how they felt about me not using condoms with Jonathan and Julian if the three of us got tested first. They know I'm very careful, so it wasn't a problem for them. We... Continue»
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Love Being A Cockworshiping , Bottom Feeding , Use

What low-life cock worshiper , cum swallower used , & abused faggot does NOT appreciate being used by a BIG , HARD , JUICY ALPHA COCK MASTER ??
I LOVE flirting with ALPHA males , licking my thick full lips as I stare wantonly at the HUGE bulge in their tight pants , sipping on my drink , licking the inside of the glass , & sucking on the ice cubes as I stare at them , hoping they will let me cum over to them , buy them a drink , & "talk" . As soon as they acknowledge me I walk over , still staring at their BIG bulging crotches ... Continue»
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-Lexi- chapter 01

-Lexi- chapter 01

I thought I had been so careful, but all it took was one slip up, leaving the curtains a little too open. Now here I was, looking at pictures that had been emailed to me - pictures of me dressed up like a schoolgirl slut. That particular day, I had cuffed one hand to the headboard and was wearing a bright red ball gag, as I used my free hand to fuck my own ass with a medium sized vibrating dildo, my fishnet clad legs splayed up in the air, and 6 inch black pumps with ankle straps pointed toward the ceiling as i worked to find my g-spot over and over again.
There wa... Continue»
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One story of many

I had been dressing as long as I could remember...high school presented some interesting encounters. Two of my friends and I had an on-going oral gratification club going for several years until I was caught wearing a lovely black cocktail dress with crisscrossing front shoulder straps that plunged deep down to the small of my back and sporting sexy black 3 1/2”heels. I had a hard cock in my mouth and another in my hand when my father walked in... so then I was homeless. A friend of the f****y took me in and let me stay until I finished high school. During that time she encouraged me to explor... Continue»
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Two nighs in a row

After my last night at the gloryholes, I didn't get much sl**p. I kept waking up with hard-ons that required my attention. From what I read online, the busiest times were lunch, right after work, and late at night. I decided to hit the right after work crowd and stay there for the night. I took a long, hot bath and dreamed of all the kinky things one could imagine. I thought of all the times I watched my wife get DP, loving seeing a cock sink into her holes. I loved seeing the frenzied look on her face as she was fucked without mercy, then see cum oozing from her ass and pussy and a few times ... Continue»
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The Queer pub.

The following story is true, as far as I remember it. 'The Queer pub.'

It was early 1960s I was engaged to be married in a few months, and some of my pals wanted to go for a pint. One chap said he'd heard about a gay pub in Walsall and why didn't we go there, just for a laugh. Except in those days gay meant happy not queer! So we all went to this pub, it was called the 'Fountain' and was run by a woman in her 60s everyone called aunty. When we arrived Aunty refused to let us in, saying she thought we were from the rugby club and had caused trouble there, the week before. Standing at the doo... Continue»
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Rest stop fun

I was driving back late one night in the middle of nowhere. As I was driving I began to play with my cock through my pants to help keep me awake. This edging made me more and more horns as I continued to drive, so I figured I would look to see if there were any abs's along my drive. To my disappointment, I couldn't find any, so I decided to stop at the next rest area to relieve my worked up cock. As I pulled in, I noticed alot of trucks parked for the night, but thought nothing of it at first. I parked my car and then made my way to the restroom. First I stood at a stall for a minute to releas... Continue»
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Calling his Bluff

If your not gay then stop reading now. I lived in a small town when I was in my early thirties I drank and partied there and worked there
It was quite a close community which meant I knew a lot of people and I was easy recognisable, so hiding a massive secret like my love of sucking cock and getting fucked up the arse was extremely difficult to the extent I just wouldn't search for any gay activities in my town which at times became very difficult, you see there was a lovely set of public toilets that were situated under a large department store and the access was via a subway so when I say l... Continue»
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surprise gang bang

well this started by my guy friend, that i play with, bought a spanking chair that you get on doggie style, and your hands and feet are tide to the side of the chair, giving you full access to your mouth and ass!! so he calls me up and wants to try it out, so i come over and he has it in the basement, we talk for a few and i strip naked and get into the chair, he then staps me up and i am stuck there!! he walks around me once teasing me then he pulls out a big paddle and wacks my ass pretty hard, it hurt but not more than i could handle! after a few more wacks he pulls out his cock and pu... Continue»
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My Transfermation...continued

My mind left, it was as if I was standing here watching as I sucked one then another and another. My clothes were removed as I serviced those huge pieces of man meat, sucking the tips of dick heads that was so large I would have to d9islocate my jaws to accept them.

Fingers probed my anus and I was lifted to an arm chair and positioned over the back with my hands in the seat to hold my head up as I sucked Barry and Tony's cock. Then I heard Gabriel say '...this is how you fuck tight ass pussy...' and with those words Gabriel pushed his enormous dick head and three inches of his dick shaft... Continue»
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Sissy Nancy Faggots

Talking to a friend one night in the pub the conversation came round to women sex and the lack of it after 15 years of marriage ..... don't get me wrong we both loved our wive's but the distinct lack of sex was becoming a problem. We had both been eyeing women up lately but backed out of actually doing anything other than chatting. We simply never thought about fucking other women.

Then one fateful night we got around to the subject of wanking .... not something we usually discussed but this night we had had a few bevvies and our guard had come down somewhat. Brian had mentioned he was so f... Continue»
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Tim and stepdad

Wearing an engineer-style, arms-rolled-up work shirt, Tim's stepfather was
also wearing his gray-suit pant which was now tenting and beginning to
drench with leakage from the head of his dick as he lingeringly watched his
stepson steadily mow the lawn towards the front side of their house. In
contrast with the dry, coolness of the porch, his zipper lining was getting
noticeably moist and his belt was tightening as his dick started to
gradually move upward from inside his pant leg toward the upper area of his
navel, with the process hid only by the crumpled local newspaper he was
prete... Continue»
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Once again, as Conner had been getting ready to leave, his mother, Cynthia, had stopped him so that she could say something to him. From her facial expression alone, he had a good idea what it was.

"I know we've talked about this more than a few times already, Conner, but...I am your mother, and I'm CONCERNED that you spend SO MUCH TIME downstairs on-line! It's not good, sweetheart. You need to get away from that---damned---computer! It, it's come to dominate your life."

His mother was right, this topic had come up more than once between them.

"Don't worry what I do on-line, mom. Oka... Continue»
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The Cornholing (Conclusion)

The Cornholing

Fred’s wife, Freida, retuned home for about a week. During this time, I went to their house a couple of times to clean the pool. It was different being around them as husband and wife after what I had seen Fred doing with Tom.

The day after Frieda left I went down to see Fred. I had told Fred that I would be coming down in hopes that he would not have Tom over. When I got there, he was by himself. He opened the door and let me in. We walked out to the pool and discussed when it would be time to drain and winterize it. After a few minutes, Fred said t... Continue»
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My first encounter at gay sauna, Dundee.

I was at Jock's sauna yesterday, lost my virginity to 2 guys. I had about 8 guys suck me, kiss me, alot of guys following me everywhere, wanking and sucking me in the steam room and sauna before I was led away by a really big cocked guy around 40 years old and his friend to a room where thet lay me down on the couch and started kissing and licking me all over. I was nervous but they said they would look after me. We were kissing each other and exploring each other's bodies. The guy who led me proceded to fuck the other guy, watching his cock slide in and out of the other guy's ass was hot an... Continue»
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Craigslist fun

A little while back I answered an add on Craigslist in the casual encounters section under MW4M. I was hoping to find a sexy couple to join. I had been replying to ads & posting adds looking for MMF hook ups on Craigslist for while with zero luck. Finally I got a response to an add I replied to looking for a guy to come over and suck my cock while my wife watches. The couple, Brent & Lynda invited me over for drinks to see if we hit it off. When Lynda answered the door I was blown away. She was stunning. Lynda is 26 years old, blonde hair & blue eyed. She was very short and had all th... Continue»
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Used by my nephew

I was so excited for a weekend alone. The Mrs. was going to see her
mom for 4 days. I dropped her off at the airport and I kept thinking
about the fun I was going to have alone. I got home and ran a bubble
bath. I got in and had a beer to relax me. Afterwards I did a cleansing
enema to get myself all cleaned out. I walked to the bedroom and looked
through my wife's underwear drawer. I picked out some pink frilly
panties. I slowly put them on. I was getting harder just having them
on. I grabbed one of her old bras and put that on too. I looked in the
mirror and thought not b... Continue»
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My teen hitchhiking experience part III

(It has been 3 years since I used to fool around with Mark, but I still hitchhiked every now and then even if I wasn't going anywhere hoping for some fun).

I was walking home late at night and a man pulls up and asks me if would like a ride. It is cold outside, I am wearing just shorts and a t-shirt, plus his car is super nice so I say yes. I get in and the leather seats have a heater and I feel better instantly.

“Where you headed?”, he asks me.

“Home, 4 miles straight ahead on the right” I tell him.

He starts making small talk and asks me how old I am, if I have a girlfriend, st... Continue»
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The morning after with a new cummer

The last time all my friends got together to play I had an interesting experience the next morning. I had put on my panties after play time, and like usual we all crash and normally the next morning one by one they all leave. This time I was awaken by the feeling of fingers gently caressing my panty covered cock. It was Marty, he was staring at my growing cock as it filled up my panties. He said he didn't mean to wake me but couldn't help seeing what it was like to play with a cock that's not his. You see I play the girl in our little party sessions. I asked him if he wanted to try on so... Continue»
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Mina's Muse - A Companion Story to Ethan'

Mina's Muse
MINA's MUSE – by lstorywriter

A companion story to ETHAN's RELUCTANT JOURNEY – by Mina24


I'm Ethan and this story is about my relationship with my friend Mina from my point of view. She told her story through her eyes in the audio version of Ethan's Reluctant Journey. If you haven't listened to that story I highly recommend you do so before reading further. In her sultry and erotic way she includes all the proper disclaimers and warnings and if you're not at least hot to the touch by halfway through then this story may not be for you.

I'm writing... Continue»
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