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My urologist

Hello guys! I'm going to tell you a story that happened to me on a Friday. I'll describe myself I'm 26 years, latin, my weight is about 85kg, I'm 1.85cm tall, shaved hair, I'm not exactly muscular from gym, but I'm basically like a "bear".
I had a problem with my testicles, sometimes I felt a pain that made me uncomfortable, so I decided to check a urologist, this was the first time I visited a urologist, I had left my work early that day to went there, I got there about 5:20 PM the consultation was Scheduled for 5:30 pm, the girl who answered me told me to wait until I would be attended by t... Continue»
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Might as well try it once, part 1.

My name is Tim and I'm 22 years old. I've been in relationships with girls all my life and am currently in a 2 year relationship with my lovely girlfriend. Over the years I've always had sudden urgers where watching a girl get fucked just didn't do for me with porn. I started watching and reading different types of gay porn. I started off with manly guys wrestling each other in small underwear that didn't really cover a thing. After that it became the sort of wrestling where they ended up naked. Then voyeur happened, dick flashing, getting caught, blackmail and straight guys sucking or getting... Continue»
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Anal slut 2016 edited

Today's date is 20/11/2016 and as im writing this post im lay on some cushions with my legs spread, exposing my fuck-hole while i slowly slide it up and down on my thick ten inch dildo. The year is almost over and when it is i will have completed 12 whole months without stroking my cock. 365 days without making myself cum the way most guys usually do. Because for my new years resolution i wanted to see if i could if i could cope with being an "anal-only slut". So whenever i was horny (which was very fucking often) i would lock my door, get my big dildo out and fuck myself with it. I get 3 days... Continue»
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Seduced by a GayMaker

He knelt between my spread thighs as I lay naked on my back. His hard cock jutted from his taut muscular body and my hungry eyes devoured his glistening flesh as he fisted his long, thick dick and looked down at me with an amused expression on his chiseled face.

"Do you want it?" He teased as he rubbed the slick wet head of his cock against my taint making me moan softly with wanton desire. I had never been with a man before. I had never considered it an option before that night but as I looked at his hard muscular body I wanted him inside me as much as I had ever wanted anything. It was a... Continue»
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Fucked For The First Time Today

I put a listing on CL today for a Alpha top that was verbal and wanted a tight boi hole. I had a few men send me messages.
I picked one with a nice 7" cock photo. I started by cleaning myself out then Lubbing up and using a toy on my hole to help loosen me up.
After a good ten minutes of stuffing my boi pussy with the toy and my fingers it was time for a shower to relax, I couldn't believe how excited I was.
I got all cleaned up took a shower, then lobbed my hole again with anticipation. I then put on a one piece fishnet outfit with cut outs at the nipples and crotch.
Went to my private ... Continue»
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Birthday party

Sean M******'s twenty-first birthday was a day Sean was look-
ing forward to. More specifically, a night. His parents had left
him in charge of the house with his hot-assed little b*****r for
over a week now, and they wouldn't be back for another week.
"Sorry we won't be in town for your birthday, son..." his parents
had said. Sean thought to himself: "Oh well. I'm heart-broken.
Really I am..."
He remembered glancing across the table to his b*****r Kenny
and their eyes met. Instantly, they thought as one, simultaneou-
sly: sex. Hot, rough, all-male sex. Sean's cock... Continue»
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Cousin Again

It had been a few months since I had seen my cousin. I was going to go spend part of a week at his house and I was really looking forward to it. I had some adventures at home with my girlfriend and with another friend, but I was really horny for what may happen with my cousin. My aunt picked me up and when I got to their house I started to put my stuff in the guest bedroom. She told me no, that I was going to be in my cousins room. I felt my y0ung cock twitch when she said that. He had a queen size bed, plenty of room for both of us. I put my bag in his room and went in to spend time wi... Continue»
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Meeting an Old Buddy After Becoming a Gurl

When I arrived at his house, he was waiting for me in the front yard. I was nice seeing Victor after all these years. His once huge afro is now gone, replaced with a glistening shaved head. His 6’6” frame is still in excellent shape plus a few pounds. Then I remembered how much I used to tease him because his was so dark, I called him “blue-black” but he looked good. Vic welcomed me in the house, and told me how embracing being a gurl suits me.

Victor complimented me on my dress, my new feminine figure and how I was “thick” in all the right places. After a couple of drinks, he leads me fu... Continue»
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My big uncle

This was my fourth week at the farm: the pale, skinny boy from the big city
had been dropped by his bearish business man father, Joseph Corelli, one
Sunday morning and was welcomed by his bearish farmer uncle, Edward

My uncle was a PhD but had decided at 40 to drop a brilliant academic
career and retire to the country, far away from the city smells, only to
turn his farm into one of the most innovative and successful businesses in
the region.

I hadn't seen uncle Ed during the past eight years, and when I saw him
again I was pleasantly surprised and aroused as I had just f... Continue»
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Dads lessons

I wasn't prepared for my chem test, so I told the nurse that I wasn't
feeling well and she let me go home. Since both of my parents work and I
like only half a mile from school I told the nurse that I would walk home.
The fresh air would be good for me.

I got to my house to see two cars in the driveway: my dad's and a car I
didn't recognize. I thought that this was sort of weird considering my
father normally came home at around six. I entered quietly, wanting to see
what was going on.

I didn't see anyone around but I heard something coming from my parents'
bedroom so I walked ... Continue»
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Blindfolded Boy Toy Gay

I arrive at your house around 11pm. I have taken a big Viagra about an hour ago as well as a lot of amps. My cock is rock hard and I know there is no way to take off the tight steel cock-ring until after I have cum, and to do that I must first submit to you and do all the dirty things I know you like.

I put on my mask which is a simple black hood with holes for my eyes and mouth and walk to your front door. I know from our emails that you expect me to undress on the landing to your apartment which I do, removing all my clothing except for my tight thong and hood. I like feeling so nervous ... Continue»
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Two Daddies to share

Uncle Jon took me camping. I guess I was dumb or something because I
didn't question the fact that my cousin, his son, didn't go with us.

"It's a chance for you and Jon to get closer acquainted" Dad told me.

He and his b*****r were very close. I liked to see them horsing around
like two teenagers and all four of us played football, tennis and
other sports all the time.

Jon and Brad, my cousin, lived across town. Dad and I lived alone too.
Our Dads had lots in common including both were divorced. My Mom and
Dad divorced when I was very little.

Jon, Dad, Bran and I were always v... Continue»
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My son, my lover

I didn't expect it to happen, but now that it has I'm glad because it
has changed my life in a way that I never thought possible. As I look
back I realize I had thought about it at some time, but then I dismissed
it from my mind. It's just not something that is done, at least not in
my world.
I'm thirty-three, black, handsome, and single. When I was eighteen I
had a fling and the result was a son who is now nineteen. His name is
Kevin. Like me, he's dark skinned, handsome and tall - six feet. He
lived with his mother until he was f******n and then he came to live
with... Continue»
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Help from IT pt 8

Chapter 8

Saturday was such an odd experience, Charlie couldn't remember the last time he slept so well, and when he woke he was full of ideas an inspiration. The morning flew by as he worked through designs, occasionally stopping to refine or adjust his work, but it felt like every idea he had was coming out fully finished. This kind of inspiration was amazing, he thought to himself during a short lunch break before jumping right back to his projects.

A few hours later his phone chirped. It was a message from Dani. A picture. His pulse quickened before he even opened it up and wh... Continue»
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A Stranger in the Night

It had been a long stressful day at work. I grabbed a quick bite and a bottle of bourbon on the way to the hotel room. I was out of town on a work assignment which proved to be more stressful than I anticipated. I ate and had a nice tall glass of bourbon. I turned on the tv and found nothing to watch. So I decided to soak in a nice hot bath to try to relax. I noticed that the hotel had provided some nice floral bath oil and decided to give it a try. I soaked until my bourbon glass was empty then got out. I went to the suit case and started to unpack my clothes. My wife had apparentl... Continue»
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Bi Male

This is an experience my wife and I had a couple months ago.

My wife Penny and I had corresponded back and forth for quite some time with a Black gentleman we met online.

First of all, let me explain that we are swingers. We have met quite a lot of good people in the lifestyle. After we had a few experiences, Penny floored me one day with the question of whether or not she was going to see me and another guy play or not. She new from numerous personal conversations, that I had been with guys also in the past. It was purely a sexual thing for me. I can't see loving a dude. Sorry. It's not... Continue»
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Will Strikes Again

(This is the second chapter of the sexual adventures started in my previous story "Daddy's First Bukkake". I would heartily recommend reading that before continuing here.)

Has it only been a few days since my 18-year-old next-door neighbor Will introduced me to his friends, when I sucked all their cocks and they blew their salty loads all over my face? I felt as if I were an entirely different person than I had been the previous week. How, at age 57, had my mind had been this truly boggled?

I was out in my yard watering the lawn when Will's parent's car nosed into their next-door drive... Continue»
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Reggie's Hung Black Cock Gay

This is how it started. It was a one of the random porn flicks one watches as a young man discovering the internet. It involved a big, tall, well built black man randomly knocking on the door of a tiny blonde girl. She opened the door with a bit of a look of fear in her eyes. She was a good actress! Whatever stupid small talk they had soon involved him putting his huge hands on her shoulders and forcing her down onto her knees. Then it came! She unzipped his fly, and had to reach almost half her arm into his pants to pull out his huge dark cock from the head. It was a monster! It must have bee... Continue»
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My trip to the Adult Bookstore...

Today was one of those days at work when I was really busy and to add to everything else I was extremely horny. It was difficult getting my work done when all I could think about was getting off. I finally finished work at about 9pm and was on my way home still horny as hell. There is an Adult Bookstore kind of on the way home so I decided to do a drive by and see how busy they were. As I drove by, the parking lot was full so I had to find a parking spot across the street. I went inside and didn't see anyone in the area where the sex toys and magazines and such are so I figured everyone must b... Continue»
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Living with b*****rs

I remember my c***dhood as a happy one. After Mom left, dad was left to raise
us four boys. That was no easy task and he managed to do it well, despite
having to run a business. You see, Dad and Uncle Pete owned a
diner/restaurant in town. We lived in Vermont and our business was seasonal.
During the diner was open just for lunch except on Friday and Saturday
nights when dad kept it open for the skier's dinner. Uncle Pete would fly
down to Florida for the winter where he owned a restaurant with his sons Eric
and Steve, who were in the mid twenties. Dad was a shade under 40 and Pete... Continue»
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